(2016-05-17) Just Stop Talking
Just Stop Talking
Summary: Sometimes Felicia should not even open her mouth, especially when dealing with Daxton
Date: 2016-05-17
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How long has it been since the argument? Two hours, maybe. And in that time Felicia has reached her usual level of calm, all while wandering from one end of the town to the other and having something to eat. But now she finds herself stuck in town. She's looked around for both Anna and Dax, whom she arrived her with, with little luck. Even called Anna, no answer, and does Dax even have a phone yet? She hasn't gotten quite desperate enough to call the school yet, because the staff would ask questions, and she'd rather not have to explain any of what happened. So here she is wandering past the old abandoned hospital, eyeing is creepy edifice as she once more looks for anyone, she would even take Derek at this point. Maybe her third time around will be the charm.

Daxton's sitting in the abandoned building, on the dirty floor. One leg is propped up so he can rest his arm on his knee, the other is dangling down the elevator shaft. Certain Death indeed. He’s tossing bits of debris down the shaft, listening to the pieces break up she they hit bottom. It's just destructive enough to make his head feel a little better, not enough to make him feel guilty about breaking anything. The sounds echo loudly through the building and into the street outside.

Hearing strange noises where there shouldn't be any is enough to grab even the distractible Felicia's attention. A lot of her believes have been challenged lately, magic, aliens, fairies, elves that don't like to be called elves, and now ghosts, well why not that one too. While most would probably have second thoughts about going into a creepy, abandoned hospital, she doesn't even have a first one. Except let's go check out strange noises in said building. So in she goes, she's expecting it to be just a wild animal or birds or something, so she doesn't bother with the whole sneaking around thing. "Hallo?!" she even calls out as she wanders through the front door, eyeing the floors and then ceiling to make sure neither is going to cave in on her if she goes in further.

Another chunk is tossed right as the familiar voice calls out. He winces, hoping she'd not been wandering around looking for him this whole time. He clears his throat, it's dry in here, "I'm over her, Felicia." His voice is rather calm. Almost too calm.

"Huh." Felicia says at hearing the unexpected yet familiar voice "Dax?" it's more confusion than surprise and the name probably echoes around a bit. She heads in the direction the voice is coming from and finally spies him sitting at the elevator shaft "Well you are no ghost." she stops beside him, leaning into the elevator shaft to look down into its depths. "How many sublevels did this place have? And why?" because it's small town and she wouldn't think a small town would need a hospital all that big.

Daxton doesn't bother looking over, if it's just someone that sounds like the half ton girl, well…he'll deal with it. Or fall to his death. Something. "You sure about that?" Maybe he is a ghost, that would explain so much. Another piece of plaster is tossed, it bounces off the side of the elevator this take, making an even louder noise. "It's probably the morgue." Aren't the always in the basement?

"Pretty sure." Felicia tells him she is about to lean against the wall, but gives it a dubious look and thinks better of it. "I have seen you phase through a thing and person or two, so you could be!" she is quite a moment as she counts how long it takes for the piece to hit bottom "Probably. And storage rooms and stuffs." she looks down at the speedster "Did you get your mon…tux?"

Daxton nods slowly, hand searching for the next tribute to toss. There's a good piece, part of the trim to a door it looks like. There's even a nail sticking out of it. Tetanus city! He nods again, "Yeah, just had them give me the cheapest thing they had that wasn't pastel." There's deftly no eye contact happening. "Did you want to go back?' He does realize he's her ride. That is unless she was coming to tell him she was going back with Derek.

"No powder blue suit with the ruffles? Suckage." maybe she was really looking forward to seeing that "Though maybe you will get one of those three piece brown ones and be all Napoleon Dynamite." now that's a prom theme she could get behind. "We probably should start heading back that way. But I'm in no rush."

The wood is tossed, the nail scraping against the metal wall briefly as Dax stands up, "Sorry, nothing fancy like that." His hand is wiped on the seat of his pants, not that that really helps as his jeans are pretty dirty from the floor. "Let's get you back then."

"I wouldn't say his was fancy. It didn't even have a bow tie or one of those bandie things that goes around your waist." Felicia has no idea what those cumberbund things are called "I don't see the point of even having a prom. There is what, only 25 of us juniors and seniors…" she is about to continue when is wording of going back gives her pause "Me? What are you just dropping me off and going to China or something?”

Daxton let's her talk about prom not interrupting. His hands are now wiped on the front of his jeans, that works a little better to brush some of the dirt off. "No, I'm coming." He forces a smile, still not looking at her, "I don't think I can run that far."

Felicia steps back giving him room to get up if he wants to "I wouldn't blame you if you didn't." she tells him "Though if I was the prankster Oliver was I would pick up some liquid nails on my way back and glue Derek's dorm room shut with it. But then I would be punishing his roommate as well, and that's hardly fair." she hmmms "Not with that attitude you can't." of course she is just joking about the attitude thing. "Probably better you don't. That whole language barrier and all."

Daxton's head shakes, "All my stuff is there." It's said as a joke, but there's some truth in it. Not that he couldn't just pack up and carry it all with him. "His roommate is Grayson." So is that a yes or no? He snorts, shifting and stretching his leg a little. "Seems like my attitude is most of my problems."

Felicia pats herself down, mostly pockets "As much as I would like to. I can't say the same…well not /all/ of it at least." he's seen some of the stuff she has pulled out, who knows what it is he hasn't seen. "Grayson…than maybe?" she is still on the fence about him now that she knows what his issue is. "Not just yours." she parses that sentence "I mean we all have attitude problems, not that yours is all of the problem." she isn't sure if that is better, but lets it stand.

Daxton glances towards Fel, not exactly eye contact but at least in her direction. His eyebrow raises, at Fel's comment, but she then clarifies. He snorts, head shaking. "Mine seems to be causing the most waves." He starts to walk towards the exit.

As they cross to the exit the floor creaks in protest a few times under Felicia's weight. She eyes it a bit, but seems otherwise unworried of falling through. She can't help but chuckle at his assertion "And I thought I had an ego." she shoves her hands in her hoodie pockets, for the moment leaving them there and not pulling anything out. "I don't know. I'm pretty sure you are evenly tied with Derek and Grayson in that department.

Daxton doesn't seem to notice the creaking. "Great. What a category to be in." The D-bag group. He swallows, a hand raises to rub the back of his neck. Blue eyes scan the road as they approach the door.

Felicia knows sarcasm when she hears it and she gives a shake of her head "I didn't mean it like that. Never mind." she isn't as paranoid about things as he is so she does bother looking around or anything, just heads right on out of the doors "Sometimes I wonder if that little filter that tells most people to shut up is broken too."

Well, he was almost kidnapped and attacked. So Dax is a little justifiably paranoid. Fel's question though has him turn to glance at the girl's shoulder, "What?" His shoulders sag, "Look…I'm sorry I said anything. I'm just gonna keep my head down from now on. I'll not cause any more problems."

"That filter in my brain…broken like some of the other bits." he asked so she explains. His apology has her looking confused she was talking about herself but doesn’t realize that her words could have been misinterpreted. The follow-up statement has her shaking her head again "I'll believe that when I see it." she then leans over a bit to look at the watch on his wrist "We have less than five minutes until curfew. We gonna make it or is it another detention for us?

As they walk Dax shoves his own hands into his pocket, "It'll come back. Or you'll relearn it." He scoffs, the only thing that seems like the speedster, "We'll be there in three." Speed is the only thing he doesn't question anymore.

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