(2016-05-17) It Hits the Fan
It Hits the Fan
Summary: A simple trip to go tux shopping turns volatile when Derek opens his mouth
Date: 2016-05-17
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Main Street

Main Street is built with sidewalks lining each side and a residential area at each end. In the center is the heartbeat of town, with a courthouse square and the road going around each side of it with old fashioned lamp posts lining the sidewalks in front of the businesses and a sporadic stone bench placed for shoppers. Several side roads lead off to other businesses and more residential areas.

After permission was given, Dax agonized over who to ask to help him. Anna made the most sense, and that means Fel comes along. Passing on the ferry, the speedster ran both girls over after Fel shrank them. It's bouncing and vibrates a lot, but the view is awesome! The teen is dressed down, in jeans and his usual t-shit goody combo. He's not happy about needing to rent a tux, but the teacher were pretty adamant about him going. No thetas he could pin point, but they were there. Now they find themselves on main street, during the week. "I just need the cheapest thing they have, ya know?" Hands shoved into his pockets, he's definitely not making eye contact with either girl. Anna's going to be way too excited and Fel's going to make fun of him. He just knows it.

She has been zipped around by Daxton before, but not enough for the novelty of going at such pace has worn off. So of course Felicia is still up on the adrenaline rush when they get to the shopping district of town. The Monsters she's had throughout the day probably doesn't help "I'm thinking powder blue, with ruffles on the shirt." she gestures to her chest where the ruffles would be on said shirt "Very retro." and the teasing commences.

Shaking around by Daxton kinda tickles, but there was shopping to be done. Once they are out and unshrunk, she grins at Daxton, "I can't believe you're going to go," she does seem uber excited, excited at the idea. Of course she had asked Derek to meet her there, because he could fly and all, and he had to get something to wear too. It was something she was insisting on! She is dressed in jeans, casual clothing, hair back in a messy bun and she looks at Felicia. "Afterwards, we should get you a dress. I nominated and voted for you for Prom Princess." Because she adores her friend like that.

Daxton frowns, and points at both of them, "Don't make me regret asking you for help." He arches an eyebrow at Anna's admittance about Fel, "If I find out who nominated me, they're getting a sock on the mouth. Anyone that knows me knows I wouldn't like this." He has his suspicions, but doesn't say who out loud. Fel's already heard them anyway. "It's not like I have cash to blow of a damn tuxedo." That is fair, he's not exactly rolling in money.

"You mean you don't already regret it?" Felicia was pretty sure he already did, so her teasing wouldn't make things worse. These is a bit of a lipcurl at the mention of going to buy her a dress "When did I ever say I was going?" she hasn't, in fact she did the opposite. Then it clicks what Anna just admitted to. "Wait?" her tone is disbelief "You nominated me…and voted for me too?" she gives a shake of her head "Why would you do that?" besides the whole adoration thing, "I'm not prom princess material." she isn't even sure why the staff even allowed it. Finding out it was Anna that did, well that gives her mixed feelings about the whole situation and it clearly shows, "I think the store is that way." she points down the street "Which is why I am still wondering why you are letting staff talk you into this Dax." she tells him as she begins to head that direction.

Of course Derek flew over, and he thought it was only Liesa, so he was even early. How embarrassing to already be near where they are supposed to meet for him. There goes his casual late rep and everything. He'll hug Liesa warmly, grinning, as he moves near her. "Hey coincidence," he says on the heels of Liesa's words, "I nominated and voted for Daxton." See, they can be besties too. Then there is putting a sock in it, he looks disappointed, feigned disappointment that Daxton would be opposed to the idea. "You're golden, you're a shoe in. I told some other slackers that the role of Prom Prince is to determine what food gets stocked in the corner store." Book store, spirit store, whatever it is. "So we're going with, 'If you're Asking, I'm voting Daxton.' I think they got some freshman to help make buttons, so we can get Slim Jims sold in the store there." Freshman, good to believe anything. If only he could apply himself to school like this. Bah, school is too serious, this is more what friends are for. Or his friends, from back home, they're probably all jerk faces. A look to Felicia, "We can work up a slogan for you, I'll get my hooligans on it …" That would help the situation surely, make everyone's feelings less mixed on the subject.

Annaliesa is surprised by Daxton's reaction, but still slightly amused. Just a lil bit, if the quirk to her lips is any indication. Probably the ruffle thing Felicia mentioned. She walks with the others, towards the store if that's the direction they are going, but she frowns a little at Felicia, "You're my best friend, besides toy sort of get like prizes and stuff for winning, I think. I thought you'd be amazing, you know everyone." It doesn't surprise her that Felicia wasn't happy, she knew better, but.. still. As Derek walks up, she hugs him in return, nothing too mushy, because she doesn't wanna gross out her friends with lovey dovey. As he makes the confession, she does the shhh thing, the hand cutting the neck, trying to get him to cut it off before confessing. Too late. She looks at Daxton for his response.

Focusing on Anna at first, "They said they'd back off pushing the counciling." Lord knows he'll do just about anything to not talk about his feelings. And the Derek shows up and is babbling, admitting to doing this. The speedster's hands do ball up, ready to sock him. "Do either of you ever think of anyone but yourselves? What anyone else wants?" Dax does not look happy at all.

Felicia "Huhs." at the explanation and then shakes her head "I don't see that happening." she doesn't think that is something staff is going to let up on just for agreeing to go to prom. But that's the only thing she is going to say about that, especially considering what Derek just admitted. Her brow furrows and she looks at Derek "Seriously?" well there goes Dax's theory that Grayson did it. She kinda figured it wasn't, but had no idea that it would have been Derek. The teen knows what could be coming, this has been eating at the speedster for awhile now, so she is torn. Let Dax throw his punches and get it out of his system or stop him, considering Derek is hardly worth the time and energy that would take. At least in her mind. Considering the fact that Dax is faster than her, she might not come to that decision quick enough, but she does finally make a move between the two "He's not worth the suspension Dax." but does she come in to late?!

He's a jerk, and he thought it would be funny, Derek will not deny this, one could say that to him and he might nod, sure, he does. Or that he thought it would be funny. The anger in Daxton's voice could roll off him like water/oil or water to a duck. But accusing Liesa of not thinking first is another issue. "Hey now," he raises his voice a hair, looking at the anger rising in Daxton, stepping forward a little. "She totally thought her friend might like it. If anyone did it to be funny, well," …well, the shoe fits Derek, he is wearing it. He shrugs, then rolls shoulders forward, like, what can you do about it?

Annaliesa just looks hurt at the question from Daxton, scuffing her shoe on the ground, looking anywhere but at him. "I didn't do it for selfish reasons," she tells him quietly, subdued. "Well, I didn't nominate you, Daxton. I nominated Derek." She shrugs, trying to just let it go, but it bothers her, it's obvious it bothers her, what he had said. When Derek and Felicia both move in, but for different reasons, she takes hold of Derek's arm and just touches him there, she doesn't tug or try and restrain him. "It's fine, Derek, he's mad, he can take it out on whoever he wants. We came to get a tux, we should just go get a tux."

Daxton's lip curls, he's having no issue currently glaring and making eye contact now. "Anyone that knows Felicia would know that that isn't her thing." His head shakes, "You both talk the big game, but when it comes down to it, this 'team' is only a group effort when you want it to be. A team should make you feel safe, not like this. You think this is funny?" Derek's dismissal of the problem, that shoulder roll has Dax's fists tightening. "Fuck you." Dax's eyes are sharp when they swivel towards Anna, "No." Anger and annoyance drip from his voice, "We aren't going to go get anything. I'm going to go get a damn tuxedo, so your boyfriend can laugh it up at my expense. You go get coffee or do whatever it was you really came for." He's vibrating again, visibly.

Felicia hates being in the position, she is totally on Dax's side when it comes to Derek, but she has a harder time being mad at Anna, maybe it's a girl thing. Despite that she doesn't refute what is said, Anna really should have known better. It's impossible for her to look daggers at Derek and just look frustrated at Anna, so she just goes with the frustrated, shutting out Derek completely for the moment. The teen titan isn't sure if she is part of that 'We' that is mentioned but she is going to assume she isn't unless she is told other wise. A hand is put on the vibrating speedsters arm, assuming he isn't making any moves yet, "So not worth the suspension." she repeats "Let's go get that tux." before he vibrates a hole in the cement, she isn't pulling him away just yet but she is ready to if necessary.

"Yeah, fuck me," says Derek, "You don't like jokes. Don't worry Daxton, the ass hats show up to draw blood again, I'll put my neck out there the same. I'll just remind myself, we're only the family that stays together when its convenient for Daxton too, but no playing, we're all moody and grumpy now I guess. And you can hate me, stop thinking Liesa had any bad intentions with this." He'll turn then, ready to go do tux rental someplace else, or get coffee as the town is limited on rental options, and check them later. Back towards Daxton at least, he says to Liesa, "I thought he had siblings."

"It doesn't hurt anyone to be nominated. Besides, that's my choice, who I decide to nominate. It's a free choice, and I thought the best person for it was Felicia. It's why it's a democracy and I shouldn't be judged or made to feel guilty for my choices. Who you voted for is your own choice, and I wouldn't dare to try and make you feel bad over it." Annaliesa is hurt by the tirade, the dressing down Daxton gives her over a vote. When he so graciously uninvites her, she looks between him, then to Felicia as Felicia says she is going to go ahead with him, and there's a soft sigh. "I came to be with my friends, my team, and don't you dare challenge my efforts on this team. You're the one that goes off all on your own, Daxton, without us, so you have nothing to stand on there. It's a group effort when you want it to be. You won't even join us on movie night." She crosses her arms over her chest, "You just go, Daxton, you go pout and throw fits and be all emo." She looks at Derek and motions away, anywhere away. "Let's just go." She waits for no answer, she stalks off towards.. anywhere.

"No playing? Do you two even hear yourselves? You both did something, on purpose, to make two of your team mates uncomfortable." The speedster may make a hole in the ground, the amount he's vibrating. He swallows, trying to control his emotions and glances down at Fel's hand. "No…you should…" But then the comment about his siblings and family registers and Fel can feel Dax's arm tighten. "Maybe Grayson's right. I'm toxic for this team." He turns and steps away in the opposite direction as Anna.

So many valid points being thrown around from both sides has Felicia looking back and forth between the two sides like she is at a tennis match or something. It doesn't help that it is dawning on her that they have gained a bit of an audience. They are in the middle of a busy section of Main Street where people shop at stuff. "GUYS!" she finally shouts having had enough of this and she slams a foot to the ground, causing her own type of groundshaking and pieces of concrete to fly up into the air "ENOUGH!" there is a pause to make sure all eyes are on her, "Derek is thoughtless. Anna is sorry. And Daxton, you aren't toxic." she looks to each as she talks to them "If you guys want to fight fine, but take it back to the school, at least there you don't risk hurting anyone."

"Something on purpose, yes …. you're adding the intent of it being personally vindictive. If that was my intent …" Derek has plenty of vindictive ideas, until Felicia speaks up of course. He shuts his lip, he feels slightly stupid thanks to Annaliesa even, who took prom as serious fun. Making prom feel uncomfortable he might of wanted to do on purpose, his eyes look her way, he has sorry there at least. "Mostly …" Offered to Felicia, "I'm mostly thoughtless, sometimes …. I get one, then lookout." Just cause he had to slip that in. "If Daxton knows what he wants to feel like part of the team, he just has to say, I'll stop trying to include him on my own." Poorly, on his own, poorly. "Sorry Liesa," cause this does sort of mock prom, squaabling over actual real votes for persons thought deserving and Derek's nonsense.

"I'm done fighting. I got yelled at for something I didn't even do," Annaliesa calls back about Daxton. "I'm tired of all his emo drama." She looks back, walking backwards briefly, "I am sorry to you, Felicia. Who else would I vote for, you're my best friend?" She catches the look on Derek's face, "What you did should only be between Daxton and you. He's the one being an asshole to everyone else cause of it."

Flying concrete and a yelling Felicia has Daxton spinning around back at everyone, in a slightly defensive posture. He doesn't seem to believe Fel, as the situation is only kinda proving that he is. The tiniest of head shakes and Dax gives Felicia a hard to read look at the other two Ares' words wash over him. Instead of responding, his eyes get a far away look and his hands go up, the fists finally releasing, in a not going to fight anymore motion before he turns again to leave.

Felicia just gahs as Anna and Derek continue with the talking. At least Dax has the sense to shut up. "I can't believe this." she pins a look on Derek "You couldn't just shut up and keep it to yourself." yeah she is blaming this big scene on Derek. It would have been fine had he not admitted what he done. Maybe. "I'm going…I don't know where the hell I'm going but it is away from here." she is off then too, she may catch one of them later, once everyone has had a chance to cool down.

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