(2016-05-14) Code Blue
Code Blue
Summary: Aidan and Daxton go to fill Tabitha in on those searching for her, only to find she's got other problems.
Date: 2016-05-14
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NPCs: Nathaniel King
Scene Runner: Tabitha

Looking around for Tabitha in her usual haunts would eventually lead the searcher here. Apparently she came in late last night complaining of massive tearing pain in her back, and has since been set up in one of the side rooms for privacy. She's not on a normal bed, however, but an apparatus that's more like a cross between a massage table and an adjustable bed. She isn't so much laying on her stomach as she is sitting at a steep forward angle. Her face is sticking through a hole in the setup to allow her to breathe and to see. And they set the whole thing up so that she's looking out into the rest of the room instead of looking at the wall.

She's dolled up in a long medical gown that's open in the back but only down to her waist. A host of monitors and a few IV drips are stuck onto and into her as well. She's allowed visitors, but anyone coming in asking for her is told by the duty nurse that Tabitha is currently under the influence of heavy pain meds. As such, it's uncertain how responsive she'll be.

Indeed, after much searching and asking, Aidan eventually found where Tabitha was. Standing in the doorway he'd lift a hand and knock. "Tabitha? It's Aidan. Can I come in?" If she was drugged he wasn't sure how this would go, but…he had to try.

Daxton's also searching for the musician. He frowns, pausing at the door when he hears the nurses words. Blue eyes flicker from the nurse to Aidan going in to see Tabs. He hurries into the room, trying to catch Aidan's gaze (Must be series if he's trying to make eye contact!) If he's able to, he shakes his head, indicating no to something. Turning towards Tabitha, "Hey Tabs….I was gonna bring you some pizza later…can you eat in that contraption?" He smiles at her, tilting his head slightly as he moves over so she can see him.

Tabitha is more or less awake when Aidan comes to the door. Her eyes shift towards him and there is a hint of a smile on her otherwise slightly drooly mouth (she's got one of those dentist chair saliva suckers hanging by her head). She waves him in with her right hand (her left one being immobilized at the moment). "Yeah… I'm sorta here." She sounds somewhat lucid if a few beats behind real time. Then when Daxton also arrives and asks about pizza she sticks her tongue out at him. "You'd hafta pur…pu… blend it up. No eats except with a straw." Her eyes flick between the two, happy to have visitors but wondering why they look a bit serious.

Aidan smiles at her greeting, "Hi…heard you were in here. Wanted to make sure you were ok." That could explain the serious expression. Worry will do that. With Daxton's arrival he catches the glance and lofts a brow, but understands enough. Falling silent he looks between the two, letting Dax talk to her about pizza for the moment, leaning against the doorway.

Daxton's nose wrinkles, "Ugh…I'll just bring you some where you feel better." Cause blended pizza sounds gross. "Bread sticks too, if you want." He then tilts his head as he gets closer, "What's going on, Tabs?" Last she was just itchy. " This seems a bit excessive , unless there's something else going on.

Once closer to the bed-table-thing she's on, it's not hard to see why Tabitha is propped up and drugged up like she is. Most people here know that Tabitha has severe burn scaring across roughly fourty percent of her body. What only a few (mainly those who've seen her in the showers) also know is that in the dead center of her back there is a perfect circle of absolutely pristine skin that the burns never touched. That circle of skin is covered in an elaborate tracery of blue-black markings that at first just look like random circuit patterns, but which start to show further detail upon inspection including five ancient greek symbols and what looks to be an inward spiraling pattern of snakes eating the tail of the next snake inward.

But now that area is pulsing with soft white light at the center and angry, infectous red at the edges. The red is constantly pushing outwards against the scars, which aren't budging in the slightest.

Tabitha shrugs her right shoulder at Daxton's question, "I dunno what's wrong. Was fine few days ago, then itchy, now feels like war back there. Cinnamon sticks." That last is a slight non sequitor but then she's smiling over to Aidan. "Hi. I'm good while the drugs are good."

Aidan just smiles and gives a thumbs up "Glad to hear." He wasn't really sure what to say now, but Daxton seemed to have a handle on it.

Daxton's seen it, so he 's not being super creepy when he takes another look. He hopes, anyway. The speedster keeps his face smooth, despite the urge to wince in sympathy. "Okay, I can do that. Non blended cinnamon sticks it is." He'll reach and touch her hand in a non burned area, trying to give some comfort, "I can run and get you a slurpy or something, if that sounds good?" The teen's one of the few that could bring it back before it melts.

Tabitha's hand squeezes back weakly when Daxton touches it. Then she makes a face at the mention of a slurpy. "Cold bad. Hot chocolate good, though. Biiiiiiiiiig one. Bigern' me. With melty mallows." She just keeps thinking of more things to add to the drink. Might be a good idea to split before she asks for it to come in a platinum tankard held by Vin Diesel and Charlize Theron.

Daxton chuckles, "Okay…biggest hot chocolate I can carry." Good thing he's already done his push ups for the day! "You want anything else? From your room?" Not that he'd go into her room, but he could ask another Athenian.

Tabitha shakes her head, the action's delay making her look a bit drunk. "Nah. 'M good. Got my tablet so I'm all hooked in." The device in question is set up where she can see it and reach it with her free right hand. And when Daxton returns she's got it turned on and is apparently skyping with someone. She's looking at the camera and shaking her head. "Nah, Trin, I'll be all fine in time. 'M sure of it." Then she'll shift her eyes to Daxton again upon his return. "Hey… set that where I can suck it down and get your face over here." If she understood why her head's feeling more clear with the morphine drip still active she might be concerned, but she thinks it's a good sign so she's chipper.

Daxton actually has the hot chocolate in a thermos, easier to not spill when he's running on water. The speedster's chows are a little damp, along with his jeans from the ocean spray. For once he doesn't smell like pizza (That comes later in the day). When she asks for it to be set up, he'll sip out and get a paper cup with a straw and lid from the cafeteria. Being fats has it's advantages. As he sets it up, his eyebrows come together, "For what?' What does his face have to do with anything? Maybe he ran into something gross and didm;t realize it? He'll move over though as requested.

Tabitha waits until Daxton is setting up the drink before shifting the tablet just enough that he's centered in the camera. "For introductions, goof. Say 'hey' to Trini, Talia, Terrance, Tony, and Tom. T's, say hey to my bud Dax." There's a chorus of greetings from the other side of the video link, along with a couple of wolf whistles from the two girls. Tabitha turns the tablet back so the camera is facing her at that point. "Hey now, behave." She winces as she moves her face to meet up with the straw to sip up the cocoa, then sighs in pleasure. "Oh bless you, Prom Prince."

Daxton's suddenly center stage, which makes him blink dn wave kind darkly before he shakes his head, eyes turning to Tabs, "Seriosly, you only hang out with people who's first name starts with T?" He ignores the whistles, bout his cheeks go a little pink. Thankfull she moves the camera. He winces, shaking his head, "God…I hope not."

"That's my band, ya dork. And technically Trini's name starts with a 'K', but we went for a theme." She's putting the tablet back into its stand and about to take another sip of the cocoa when her right arm spasms, her eyes roll back, and the heart monitor goes from a steady rythmic beep-beepbeep-beep to something more random and fast, then cuts out alltogether for nearly ten seconds before starting up again in the mad random kind of way. On Tabitha's back, the red edge around her markings is actually starting to push outwards but not smoothly. The scars are still resisting in some way, but now they're starting to tear at the edges where they meet the redness. Blood is starting to slowly seep out like a moat between the two forces.

Naturally the medical team comes running in seconds after the heart monitor goes flatline. Daxton is politely but firmly pushed out of the way while voices can be heard from the tablet all yelling over each other wondering what's happening.

Daxton Snorts, "Good. I was afraid you were going to start calling me Taxton or something rediculois." Because his name isn't butchered enough. As soon as the erratic heart beat starts Daxton's bellowing for the doctors. Fear sets in, but it's not paralyzing and he'll zip around the pushing hands to grab the tablet before he concedes and lets the doctors push him towards the door. Wide blue eyes take in the blood and he pales. He's not squeamish, but a friend's blood is very different. It's a few seconds, an eternity to the speedster before he looks down at the tablet, "I…I don't know what's happening, but the doctors are here." He definitely doesn't turn the tablet around for them to see, cause that would be horrible of him.

In the room, cut off from most sounds now that one of the nurses has closed the door, the doctors are lowering Tabitha down so she's lying flat. A nurse is knelt down by her head to shine a penlight into her eyes. Vitals are checked, blood is mopped up, and the scene is generally one of ordered chaos.

On the tablet, Trini is holding whatever device as the camera at their end so she's the only one in frame. She's not looking at the camera just yet, though. She's talking to the others in a voice of authority. "Tony, haul ass down the street. Let Old Man Nate know what's going on. Everyone else, start packing up. Obviously rehersal's over. Then we'll follow Tony to the big house so we're all in one place for this."

From the background it looks like she's taking the camera into another room, then she looks down into it to see if Daxton's there and tries to get his attention. "Hey, Dax was it? What the hell trouble has my girl gotten into over there?"

Daxton's started vibrating as he does when upset or nervous. But thankfully he's vibrating at the same speed all around, so he stays in focus while everything else around him blurs on the screen for Trini. He swallows, he shaking, "Don't know. They shoved me out of the room." He doesn't look at the screen, his gaze focused on Tabs and what's happening. "Docs aren't saying anything yet, but…" He glances to the machines to see what he can make out, "She's got a pulse." It's not normal, but she's got one.

Looking into the room doesn't last long, as the same nurse that was checking Tabitha's pupil response starts to close the curtains. Another nurse comes from deeper in the med bay with a cart of equipment and a cooler with units of whole blood. Once he's inside the room the last curtain is closed, but the door is open long enough to hear the medical team making the usual noises about getting her stable. Then as the door is closing there is a pause and the last thing that's heard before it closes is, "That's not blood."

Trini hasn't been looking at the camera too much to notice any bluring background on Daxton's end. The background on her end has been in constant motion as she's been on her board skating down the road. "Good. A pulse is good. Hold on a minute. Traffic." Her end must have been a phone that she's put into her pocket with the camera facing forward. The view isn't too terribly different from Shady Cove to be honest. She weaves around traffic like a pro and heads down a long driveway to a large victorian three story house at the center of three much more modern two story wings. A sign at the start of th driveway reads 'Bar Harbor Orphanage'.

As she gets closer, the front door opens. Tony comes out along with a somewhat grizzled man that has to duck down a foot or so to get through the door. He's watching Trini get closer then hop off of her board. His voice is deep and calm but tightly controlled, "Any news, Katrina?" "Yeah, she's still kicking. We were on skype and the link's still active." She pulls the phone from her pocket and turns it to face her. "Dax. I'm handing you off to Old Man Nate."

The camera changes hands and the giant is now looking into the lens. "Dax, is it? I'm Nathan. Tabitha might have mentioned me. Can you tell me anything about what happened to put her in there?"

Daxton's lips purse, annoyed. He's only glancing briefly at the screen, but then back to the pulled curtains. He could just phase through, but doesn't want to get in the way. Oh no. That's an unfortunate nickname. So very, very unfortunate. Daxton's already upset, and now someone with the same nickname as the man that just stabbed him and tried to kidnap him This past week? Not going to fly. At least not straight. The speedster frown, well, almost glares down at the screen. "No, she hasn't." To be fair, she hasn't. "She was itching yesterday, her scars, and now…" His head shakes and he looks up at the curtain again. "I don't know."

Nathan's eyebrows lift up in a calm expression of disbelief. "I know she was annoyed with me when I enrolled her there, but she hasn't mentioned me at all? She calls me Master Nathan these days. 'Old' is just what Katrina calls everyone older than thirty." He doesn't seem to think that the vibrations on Daxton's end of things are anything noteworthy, and he seems to be using the banal small talk about his name as a way to establish a connection with the speedster. Once Daxton has filled him in on what details he has, Nathan lets out a long breath then nods slowly. "Her scars were itching. All of them or just around the glyphs on her back, do you know?"

Daxton's paranoia has kicked in. Making connections with old people isn't high on his list. Blue eyes flicker to Nathan, and then back to the curtains. It's like he's trying to will them to open eh door so he can at least hear what's going on. He doesn't fill him in on much of anything beyond what he's already said, but then something clicks, and he turns to look directly at the screen. "All of them. What the fuck does that mean?" Cause he's got a feeling the man knows.

Nathan has put the phone down and is taking a jacket out of his closet with the Coral Springs patch on the shoulder. "I'm not sure. I've been trying to figure out what those glyphs mean for years without much luck. They kept changing every time I thought I had them pegged. Only the greek symbols have stayed constant, and my sources don't have anything useful to say. I've tried to contact a specialist, but these days it's damn near impossible to contact her."

He's pulled on the jacket and taken a pair of huge duffels out from under his bed. He shoulders the duffels and picks the phone back up. "I know she'll get through this. She's damn tough, and the doctors there are the best at treating supers. Hold tight, Dax. When she pulls out of this fit, tell her she's going to have a visitor a few days earlier than I'd planned."

They change? Does Tabs not know this?The speedster raises a hand to rub his face, fear and annoyance mixing together and he just nods to what Nathan says. He can't do anything else but wait now.

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