(2016-05-14) A Changing Talk
A changing talk
Summary: Oliver and Diego talk about shapeshifting
Date: IC Date (2016-05-14)
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There are coffee shops and there are Coffee Shops. The former are corporate, standard, and expensive. The latter are quirky, independent, and still expensive. Both tend to attract hipsters. The Mug Shot in Shady Cove is no different and it has hired a few students to work there.

As he is sixteen and it's a weekend, Oliver was able to take a double shift to cover for someone else who needed the time off, so he's pretty much been at the cafe all day. With the weather finally turning towards Spring, he does seem to be wearing jeans and a t-shirt in deference to the weather. In order to fit in some more with the atmosphere and for hygeine, he's wearing a knitted beanie on his head.

Coffee drinks must be made. Food must be put on a plate and brought to tables. He may have had a few of the drinks and snacks to help get him through the day.

Diego probably has been working earlier on in the day as well, at the roller rink. Having gotten off a bit early he has finally decided to try and find something to eat and drink, and while he's at it try and meet up with Oliver. Ending up at Mug Shot and about to order. Glancing about to see if Oliver is here.

Oliver was clearing and wiping down a table when he catches sight of Diego. A wave is given to the fellow student before he brings the dirty dishes to be cleaned, washes his hands, and comes back to the counter to help there. "Hey there! I didn't expect to see anyone from school here today…"

Diego does offer a wave in return to Oliver. Letting Oliver take care of the dishes first. "Ah, hey. I was walking by and figured I could use some food. Toast and milkshake?" He offers, a small smile on his lips. "Also, wanted to try and meet up with you, unless it is too busy at the moment?"

There's a blink, "Toast? Sure…any particular kind of bread and do you want butter or jam or anything with that? And what kind of milkshake? The coffee ones are good. We have a cherry chocolate coffee one that's new for spring that's good." Oliver glances up at the menu before looking back, "You did? Uh…sure. I think it's almost time for my break…"

Diego nods, "Butter, with cheese and ham." He offers and smiles. Nodding about the milkshake. "Sounds good. Go with that." Another nod as the other boy seems to have some time with break coming up. "Perfect. Just wanting some pointers."

Oliver lets out a laugh, "So a ham and cheese toasted sandwich. Got it." Oliver rings that and the milkshake up before he puts the order into the kitchen. "That'll be $9." He leans in some, "I gave you my 'family' discount," before he straightens back up. "Pointers? Ok…" he's not sure about what, but it'll have to wait a few more minutes. "Kessa's going to make your drink and it'll be up soon. I'll time my break for then and we can sit outside or something…"

Diego grins and pays up. "Thanks!" He offers and smiles. Nodding about pointers. "I'll explain when you get your break." He assures the other. Once having paid he shifts. Glancing about before trying to find somewhere to sit.

Once the food and drink is made, Oliver brings it, a plate of some veggies and hummus, and a flavored soda, out and gestures with his head outside. There are usually places to sit there, even on nights like these. After all, people don't like the thought of bugs being out and there tend to be many so close to the shore.

Grabbing a table, he sets the food, drinks, and some napkins down before he asks, "So, what's up? Everything ok?"

Diego nods and does move on out with Oliver. Trying to find somwhere to sit. Which isn't too hard. Finding a nice table and settling into a seat, nodding to Oliver's words. "Indeed. Everything is quite fine. I just figured I'd get some help from you. Powers related." He offers. Taking his things and the drink. A moment of closing his eyes before tasting the drink and then the food. "Tastes great. Compliments to the chef and barista." He says and grins.

Oliver chuckles, "I'll let them know. I didn't do much but work the register, but I'm glad you like it." He takes a bite of his own snack before he tilts his head, "Powers-wise? Ok, sure. I don't know if I'll be of any help, but ask away!"

Diego nods and smiles. "Great." He offers about Oliver letting them know. As the conversation shifts, Diego does as well. Sitting up a bit straighter. "Perhaps not, but perhaps it will give me an idea. How do you control your shapeshifting? I know that I can do it, but I am not certain on how. I can mimic all kinds of things though. Those two are quite similar, so just trying to give myself some ideas on how to work on it. We both have similar skills, so figured you'd be able to help out."

Oliver blinks a moment at the question. "Control? How do you mean? How do I change forms or how do I keep from changing forms randomly?" He takes another bite of the veggies and a sip of his Italian soda. "Do you shift randomly?"

"Both, I suppose. I haven't really changed form since I originally did it as a baby. Though if I do not know how to change of my own will, I might not know how not to change. When I start losing grip of myself, I'd prefer if I don't turn into a dragon and kill everyone." Diego offers and grins. "It might also give me a way of understanding how my powers really work, as new skills slowly surface."

There's another blink, "You haven't shifted since you were a baby? But…" he looks over the other, "Is this your original form?" Another bite of carrot, "When you lose grip of yourself…what do you mean by that? Do you have to hold onto yourself or you shift into something else? And if you -do- shift into a dragon, can I see so that -I- can shift into one?" He can't help but grin at that.

The grin doesn't last long though and he looks to his drink for a moment before giving a sigh. Lowering his voice, Oliver then admits, "You…do know that I'm not human, right?" He doesn't know if the rumor's gotten about yet.

"Not that I can remember at least." Diego answers, shrugging a bit. "I'm not sure what the original form is, per say. If there is one. If I am to believe the trees, I am human and I am a tree. Though technically I suppose my soul is me more than any specific form. It's weird." He admits and let out a chuckle. "If I get weakened I can kind of lose my sanity. It can get dangerous." He admits. Though about dragons, he grins. "I've been trying to mimic a dragon's firebreathing. I haven't worked that out yet." He admits before taking another bite and a sip. Raising a brow. "No? Well, I suppose that it also all depends on the definition of human. Some would probably say that none of us are." He points out. Tilting his head. "If not, then what are you?" Seems his claircognizance hasn't given him such an answer about Oliver. "I mean, I might have heard whispers, but it is hard to know what to trust and what not to."

"You're a human and you're a tree…" Oliver echoes, taking all of that in. "Losing your sanity…that…yeah. I mean, I don't know that I lose my sanity, but if I'm in one form for a long time, like…days, then I sort of begin to slip too. Well, a form that's not human. Humans I can still mostly stay me." A finger lifts to scratch at his nose, "A fire-breathing dragon without being a dragon? I wonder how they get that fire in their bellies? I wonder if they really breathe something like…magnesium and then they blow it out and it ignites with contact to oxygen?" Hooray for science classes!

"Oh, I don't think I'm any definition of human. I'm…pretty sure I'm some sort of alien. I'm still working on confirming that, but this," he gestures to himself, "Isn't my base form."

Diego ahs and nods, "That sounds like a pain. But yes, I kinda am." He offers about his own origins. Nodding slowly about how they do it. "That or magic. Though I think they could probably have some sort of container that is indeed able to be flammable. Thinking similar to animals that spit venom or similar. That have poison glands. They might have something similar. It should mean that they are adapted to fire as well." He offers, seeming quite fascinated. Blinking about alien. "Alien? That's weird." He admits before laughing. "Know any cool language?"

Oliver nods, "It could be something like that, yeah. Makes sense. Although we won't know until we meet a dragon! Dude, if I ever get to turn into a dragon, I will totally tell you what's going on with that." If. Big If. He pokes some at the hummus with a celery spear, "Yeah, it's weird. I just found out a few weeks ago myself, so…no. I'm still not even sure that it's really Alien, but it sure isn't human."

"I will do the same if I found out. So it's a deal." He offers and chuckles. Nodding again about Oliver not being sure about what he is. "Perhaps you could show me some day. What goes through your mind when you shift?" He asks, tilting his head then. "What if you aren't sure about what you are because you were a human for too long and actually did slip into that?" He suggests, not really certain on the details about Oliver and his origins.

"Show you…what? How I shift? Or my base form?" Oliver tolts his head again, "Ok, that one I can answer. What goes through my head…I think about the form that I'm trying to shift into. I focus on it. Then once I've shifted, I can think of other things." The food gets some more attention, "I didn't slip into it. It's…kind of a long story. But…found some Alien tech and it sort of showed me. The Infirmary sort of confirmed it and my roommate did too. We just don't know what kind yet. But…I mean, I never would have 'slipped' into a form like that. For one, I've never seen anything like it and I can only turn into forms I've seen. Mostly."

Diego nods and smiles, "Ah, I see. Just thought that perhaps if you were an alien hiding as a human. Being the only one able to shapeshift, acting as a spy. Ending up staying as a human without realizing that you are actually an alien." He suggests, grinning a bit. "That sounds like a book or movie plot." Nodding again about the other boy's last words. "Mostly? And yeah, show me your base form." As for how he shifts, he nods slowly again. "So, I will try focusing on the form. Perhaps it works for me as well."

"Oh, god…" Oliver buries his head in his hands, "What if someone thinks that? That I'm some sort of spy? Even though I didn't know?" That…could suck. That could do more than suck. That could be dangerous! "I won't show it to you here…not in public, but when we're back at school I will." Oh, man, one other thing to worry about!

He looks back at the other through his fingers, "Yeah. If I don't focus then…if it's a person then it doesn't really work well but if it's an animal, I can't shift at all. I mean, the more you practice the focus the faster it is, I guess…"

Diego grins, "Even if you were, you're not now." He suggests. As for the form, he nods. "Well, of course not. Show me at school." Listening quite intensly as he hear the words of the other. "Sounds like it might work. As long as I don't accidently leave my own vessel. Cause apparantly, that's a thing."

"I'm not. As far as I know, I'm actually my age and actually grew up and everything…" could he be a spy as a baby? Maybe he shapeshifted into a baby and was one for so long that he became one? Maybe he -was- a spy before? But how would he know??

There's another sigh before he looks back to Diego, "Leave your own vessel? How do you mean?"

Diego nods, "Perhaps that's how your parents lost you? You shifted on accident and couldn't be found? That's almost Shakespearian." He offers. Giving a bit of a shrug. "Possession, I suppose. No clue how I do it though."

Blue-green eyes watch Diego for a moment after his statement/question about his parents. "I…never thought…I might still have parents out there." It's not even something he should really think about for now. There's a little shake of his head as if he shakes it off. Diego was asking him about shifting. Right. "Possession? So…wait. When you shift, is it your body doing the shifting? Or…do you even know?"

Diego nods slowly. "I know what you mean. Uncertainty, I mean." He offers about parents. As he then hear Oliver's question, he shrugs. "Not sure. I apparantly can move my soul to inhabit others. From what I was told about as a baby, I shapeshifted though. So perhaps I can do both? As I said though. The only thing I've done so far is mimic others. Gaining animals' abilities. Perhaps the shapeshifting would be my soul recreating what it inhabits? Rather than my body changing." He suggests, not being completely certain.

Time to focus on Diego. Right. "Is there a safe place to try? Maybe at school, where if something happens, we can get you back? I mean, you should totally try, so that you know what you can do, right? So that you don't accidentally shift some time? I mean…right? Wouldn't you want to know if you were suddenly feeling yourself shift?"

Diego nods and seems to agree as he smiles. "You are right. It would help. Tried it a few times, but now it might be easier." He replies, finish the toast and continuing to drink. "At school, at some point. Then you can show me your true form." He suggests. Draining his drink as well.

"Sure, I can even be there if you want. Not that I'd be able to do much to help, but I'm happy to be there for moral support. To let you know what I see. To help, if I could." He finishes off his snack plate and works on his drink some more, "Sure. I can do that. It's…weird."

"Sounds like a plan then. I'd be happy to have your help." As for Oliver's form, he grins, "I believe you." Putting his hands into his pockts as he leans back. "However, for tonight I should probably get some rest."

Oliver finally finishes off his own drink, "All right. Next week sometime then. I'm working all weekend…" he has to save up as much as he can, of course. Standing, he goes to clear the plates and glasses…it's his job, after all. "I should get back and help them close." He balances the dishes and pauses, "Thanks, though. For seeking me out to ask me about this. I don't know if I can help, but I'll try."

Diego nods again, "Great, next week." He agrees. Pushing to stand up. "See you back at school. And thank you, I think you probably did help out a bit at least. Offering clarity." He suggests. Giving a small wave. "See you later." Then turning to leave.

Oliver offers a nod since his hands are full, "See you later." There's a little bit of renewed energy along with the new information that he may still have a family…or that he may be seen as a spy. All the more reason to figure out the truth.

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