(2016-05-13) Small Gifts Not Small Talk
Small Gifts Not Small Talk
Summary: Daxton and Felicia talk. A thank you gift is given
Date: 2016-05-13
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Ares Dorm Hub

Lower than the rest of the ocean floor, the hub of Ares is sunken into the ground itself here. Windows overhead reveal the ocean remains up there, but windows on the side show the natural rock of the ocean floor as well. The room curves, with circular cushioned couches offering views of the windows or the central HDTV at the center of the half-circle room. Along the longer outer wall, there are sporadic gas fires burning, providing the ideal of warmth to the room.

There's a break in classes, before detentions and before work(Is he actually considering going back to work?!?) that the speedster finds himself sitting on the couch in the Ares Hub, folding and refolding a piece of blue paper. He's been quiet ever since the med bay, not unfriendly, just quiet. Dax is concentrating on the paper, although that doesn't stop his leg from bouncing.

Breaks in classes are always a good thing but instead of grabbing a snack and/or goofing off she is having to use this one to get the text books she forgot in her room. Those will be needed for detention. Tugging at her tie to loosen the dreadful thing she notice Dax "Hey man." she greets. She is still bandaged up in the face department, but the bruising is fading at least. Instead of heading to her room she moves to flop on the couch. No airborne antics this time. She still hasn't recovered her 1/4 ton body weight, which for her is a mixed blessing so she isn't complaining. "How's the stuffs?"

Blue eyes flicker up, and then back down to the paper. "I'm good." Sorta, kinda. It's a safe answer. "How are you feeling?" There's some more folding, he seems pretty focused on it. "Grayson cornered me the other day. Grayson cornered me the other day, did a half apology and then asked if he could help. Then Oliver cornered me yesterday to thank me for letting Grayson help….I think the dude just needs some friends. We should drag him out sometime this weekend." This is all said rather plainly, no emotion either way on all of it. Although with how he says it, it sounds like he's going to be going into town this weekend.

"My face is still sorta numbish." Felicia circles her face with a hand "But I am no longer achy and tired." which is a good thing. Her eyes start to narrow at the mention of Grayson, but then widen at the revelation that it was to apologize "Really? Not sure what a half apology is, but I guess that's good." she does nod though at the weekend "He feels left out. I was just joking when I said it. Didn't know it was really how he felt. Asto Park maybe? Or maybe a trip to Thunder Bay?" she's on board, though does look a bit worried at monotone delivery used by Dax.

So many numb faces! Dax nods about Grayson, "It's more than I expected." More nodding, "Yeah. I think any of that will work. It's the invite more than the place, I think." Maybe. What does he know? A brief smile flickers across his face when he finishes, sliding a corner into a slit. "There we go.." He tweaks the piece and suddenly it's not just folded blue paper, but able flower. "Here." It's offered up to Felicia with very brief eye contact, "I wanted to say thanks. Tabs said you're the one who turned on the monitor and the beeping." (Flower-http://www.lisashea.com/japan/origami/sales/flowers/lotus/purple2.jpg)

Felicia really hasn't been watching the paper folding, not realizing he was actually making something. She just attributed to his usual fidgeting "Yeah, I get it. Just because you don't want to go to the party doesn't mean you don't want to get invited." though she is pretty in Grayson's case he wants to do both. "Huh?" she looks at the paper flower that is being held out to her. The flower is taken with a grin "That's pretty cool." she tells him as she examines if after the brief eye contact. "Yeah, there were buttons. Buttons are meant to be pushed." despite the inherent dangers of button pushing of strange medical equipment. "Is that what got her to figuring it out?"

Daxton shrugs, "I guess so? She said I responded to it, then she get my watch." He doesn't really remember much of that night. He looks around the room, and then out the window. "I like origami, I used to be really good at it." His leg has started bouncing harder, the vibrations can be felt through the couch.

"Well score one for random button pushing." Felicia makes that 'yes!' fist gesture "Who knew that my obsession with button pushing would ever have a positive result." she doesn't really have an obsession for that, just is just being her usual non-serious self. Flipping the flower in her hands she gives a bit of a head shake "Used to be? Looks to me like you still are." at least according to the evidence in her hand. "You okay?" the vibrations kinda tell her something is up "You’re about to vibrate me right off this couch." which is an exaggeration, but still.

Daxton inhales, but forces his leg to slow, "Yeah…I'm fine. It's just been a stressful week." Now that she's really looking, he's got a little bit of dark circles underneath his eyes. Not sleeping will do that to a person. "Any thoughts on where they're keeping the old man? If it's here on the island, it's got to be in the faculty restricted area." Got to be, because he's looked //everywhere else."

"Yeah." Felicia drawls, she gets that too, and she is pretty sure it's been more than a week really. "Will definitely have to blow off some steam this weekend. "He is being held in a high security cell in the faculty areas of the school." she drops that like she has actually been in there and seen him. "They got guards and cameras all over that place. It's almost like Quantamino up in there."

Daxton's jaw works as he takes in that info. Finally after a few long moments, Grayson says he's going to try to get to him, One of the teachers might help." His fingers start to drum against his chest as he looks out the window, "I need to talk to him…The old man." Talk, and possibly neutralize him. But who's keeping track? He debates something, glancing over at her again before dropping his eyes, "Unit 23 should be contacting me soon…They need to know they're being hunted too." He's assuming, anyway.

"Grayson is willing to risk getting into trouble to help out?" so many things that actually surprise Felicia today "Getting in isn't going to be easy." she tells him and that isn't an exaggeration at all "I only managed it because I can be tiny." she lifts a hand holding fingers apart "I might be able to get you in, but I would have to shrink you to do it." her brows furrow a bit "Did Grayson say which teacher?"

Daxton was surprised too. "I guess so. No, not which one. I didn't ask, he was being weird enough, I didn't want to push it." The drumming stops on his chest and he squeezes his hand into a fist briefly. She didn't flip out about the mention of Unit 23, that's good. Back to drumming. "They got part of what they wanted…I don't know why they needed my blood, but….they have a sample at least." Well, a broken vile, but he's going to assume they got enough and it wasn't contaminated. "I don't want them doing this to anyone else." He's started getting flashes of needles and pain searing through his body. No one else needs to go through that.

Felicia nods, there is a little disappoint in not knowing who it is on faculty that could be helpful. "I'll just let Grayson deal with that side than. He is in better standing with faculty anyway." it’s very doubtful that she will be able to convince any faculty member to help out, not with her record. There is a bit of a grimace "Maybe you shouldn't think about the whys with that one." because that just leads dark places "But yeah, no one should have to go through what you did." whatever that was, but if the end result was being strapped to a table in order to neutralize him, it couldn't have been good.

Too late, Dax lives in the dark place now, unfortunately. Memories can be a bitch. His eyes flicker up to her and then dart away. "If…IF this happened again, if they send more people…I might be too much a liability for the school." Grayson was right with that rant, he hates to admit it. Dax takes a deep breath and then grimaces, "I wasn't a super before, but I don't know what they could do to one of you." Or what those pills would so. He doesn't want anyone else hurt, so says the guilty glance to Fel's bandages.

"I'm sure none of the faculty will see it that way. And none of us see it that way." those in Ares at least, except maybe Grayson, she can't speak for the other teams. "Strategically speaking this is an island. We would see them coming with plenty of time to do something about it." she does note the guilty glance "I broke my face when I faceplanted the ground. Concrete it hard. And my invulnerability is kinda broken at the moment…or unstuck, however you wanna call it." yes she is a bit embarrassed by it "But that's between you and me. I have a rep to uphold."

Daxton frowns and shifts in his seat uncomfortably. This whole convo is uncomfortable, so he changes it. "Any plans this weekend?"

"Really?" Felicia asks at the abrupt change of subject, especially since they discussed that already "Oh big plans," she says after just looking at him for a long moment "I might even take over the world…not Canada though, I have no need of that much maple syrup."

Daxton's eyes roll, "Shut up." He's tired, it's the best he can come up with. The speedster rubs his eyes and then scoots down into the couch more, "Who's detention with today again?" Maybe he can doze through it.

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