(2016-05-13) Laundry Room Redux
Laundry Room Redux
Summary: More happened in the laundry room, more damage to the school
Date: 2016-05-13
Related: Dark Fire, Laundry Room stuff
NPCs: Dark Fire Imp
Scene Runner: Harold (Poseidon)

This kid is on the small side, a sophomore ready to be a junior, hopefully he'll sprout later. Harold is a touch towards wirey. Like he spent more time feeding his brain then his muscles. But he doesn't mind that, nor his hair. Its a mop of black waves, sort of swept to one side. Washed, but maybe combed with his hair, again and again, to the right side of his face. Light blue eyes have a depth to them, but the sort of depth that he could be lost behind those thick black glasses and that hair, or even lost deeper in there. Yet, a grin seems lurking at the corner of his mouth at all times.

When not in school uniforms, he favors the same old blue sweater, a decade out of date with fringe at the edges as if worn and washed too much. And its over pants that are slightly too long, they are not cuffed but the bottom behind his heel is frayed with dangling bits of string and he wears loafer shoes that have seen way better days. He doesn't seem to mind and at odds with all this, his watch is pretty high end. The sort that most kids could take a little vacation on rather than buy a watch with it.

Keakilani has no friends or family to write home to…but he did, after way too much time at the computer, send an email to the scientists who found him stating that he would like to come home for the summer. The ball is in their court now to see if they'll pay the way for his flight in exchange for…something? More research? It remains to be seen. With that done and at the gentle nudge of his roommate, Lani has brought his bag of laundry down to the Laundry Room to try and remember what order things go into the wash. He pauses when he catches sight of Harold with the ruler and his few words, "Ocean? Which ocean are you going to?"

Ah, now he remembers! Turn the machines on, put in the soap, and then the clothes!

Lynzee giggles at the ruler sword, she's seated on the top of one of the washers that's not in use, her legs dangling. She's dressed in her usual jeans and a pink shirt, a pink and a yellow flip flop on her feet. She doesn't care that they don't match. She had seen the crack before, when she was in here last, but she doesn't pay attention to it right now. She's too busy dreaming about being a pirate, like a really real one on a boat and everything. "We gotta close off the way first though, we gotta find the wizard." A smiles is given to Lani, "Ohhi!" She remembers him. "The big one, it's pink. I think?"

Harold is in oversized star wars tee and some shorts, its laundry day for him. Not as bright or ecclectic as Lynzee, but not dressed up in any sense of the word. "I'm sure we will, I know you can do it," he says about closing off the way and finding the wizard. Like its everyday business sort of things. He turns with Lynzee, "Hello." Greetings first, then a nod in agreement with Lynzee. "Yes, the Bastion Sea, near the Perilous Straights. It would be fun to learn more about where they come from as they raid the coasts."

The darkness seems to drip from the crack (alertness or senses checks welcome for those with heightened sense powers). In fact, its rolling out like a thick black fog, as if it was steaming liquid nitrogen in there, falling to the floor. Not dispearsing down there, but collecting.

Keakilani is barefoot, now that he's allowed to be and he pulls off his shirt to chuck into the washer as well. "A pink ocean? Which one is that?" He seems rather caught up in the notion that there is a pink ocean somewhere. When Harold tries to clarify, it takes him a moment before realizing, "Oh! You're telling a story! I get it!" Sometimes it takes him a little while. He then hops up onto the washing machine he just turned on to listen to the story that Harold and Lynzee seem to be telling/acting out.

"I don't know, but I will try. You're the magic one." Well, technically, Lynzee is, but she never considers herself anything super. "Well, we can do it. Together, I mean." She lets her heels bounce against the washer in that annoying tinny sound as it resounds over and over throughout the room. "You would like it there, Lani. the Roc's are.. well they like to hide, but the Frumlings! Sheesh, you won't like them. Not. At. All." She nods to Lani, "We want to go back there and go on the pirate ships. I might even get to swab the decks!" It's about then, as she turns her head to look back to Harold, she notices the black. "Oh no! Harold, look!"

A grin at the interest in the pink ocean by Lani, a nod along with Lynzee as she explains, but a slight dampening when the other boy ponders it as a story. Then Lynzee explains better. "Not quite a story, its another place. It started in my dreams, but its just another place." As Lynzee had mentioned Liking it there, Harold nods, "Yeah, you might, I'm not near the oceans there, but if you want." But look!

He follows her gaze and watches. The wispy smoke cumulates, then takes form. Small demon, large imp. Forst cloven feet and legs like a goat maybe, regular upper torso. Its mist at the moment but seems to be collecting faster, and taking shape. "Ugh …" stammers Harold, "Sword," he calls out, its the first thing that comes to his mind. He holds up his hand as if expecting it to come to him.

<FS3> Harold rolls Dream Fabricate: Success.

"Is it a real place or a pretend place?" Lani's at least learned the difference with those! He tucks his legs up on the washing machine and continues to watch the two…until Lynzee points out the shadows coalescing. Hsi brows draw down in concern before he hops down and prepares…for something. Nothing happens yet, but he asks the other two, "Is this bad? I can try to blow it away?"

As the sword comes to Harold, a simple long sword that is some sort of solid blue color, he holds it defensively. It doesn't like metal, more like a polished stone maybe. "Yeah, yeah, maybe that will do the trick." The other kid is going to blow, so Harold moves up a little, "Give it a blow." He holds up his other arm then, defensive like, "Shield." He calls out, hoping it works. Just to create a block for that thing.

It seems a little more solid, its head with horns now visible and wings out of its back. It is probably 4 to 5 feet tall even, big as some of the kids in the school. It moves its head around as if trying to see the room, or as if seeing for the first time.

<FS3> Harold rolls Dream Fabricate: Good Success.

<FS3> Keakilani rolls Force Of Nature: Great Success.

Keakilani gives a nod to Harold when he says that he should try and blow it away. It was smoke…maybe it can be dispersed like smoke? Despite the fact that it's a pretty enclosed room, it gets a bit windy, thanks to Lani doing…whatever it is he does! The wind is then aimed at the shadowy, smoky demon in an attempt to try and disperse it back into the smoke that it was.

The wind is effective, it seems to blow at the dark forming mists, but they seem to fight back. Like a small fire that is fed oxygen. Torn between blowing out and growing stronger. The winds prevail, but the shape under the mists is more visible, the mass of creature that is the solid form of that mystical mists. Being blown back towards the crack it came from, its clawed hand goes up to push against the wall, a brace to stay where it is. "Enough," it crackles in a raspy voice, bringing up its other hand, sending black smoke rain fire at the three students. (rolls coming for each, one sec)

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dark Fire Beast=6 Vs Harold=Mystic

< Dark Fire Beast: Good Success Harold: Failure

< Net Result: Dark Fire Beast wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dark Fire Beast=6 Vs Lynzee=Mystic

< Dark Fire Beast: Success Lynzee: Good Success

< Net Result: Lynzee wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dark Fire Beast=6 Vs Lani=Mystic

< Dark Fire Beast: Success Lani: Failure

< Net Result: Dark Fire Beast wins - Marginal Victory

<OOC> Harold says, "its magical fire, it burns, Harold takes the blunt of it, (his shield did not go up), Lani takes some, maybe his wind helps, Lynzee deflects via her mystical abilities somehow"

Harold doesn't get a shield up at all, and is defenseless it seems, the dark fire hits him and he drops to a knee with a cry of agony, "Ahhhh!" He tries to stand up against it, but can do little other than try to protect himself from the dark fire.

Keakilani does try to blow the attack away by keeping the wind going, but some of the magical fire does get through. Pain. That's kind of a new experience. It takes him a moment as he looks at the 'fire' burning him before he frowns, "Ow! I don't like this!" Well, what puts fire out? Water! It's going to rain in the Laundry Room.

That can't be good for the electrical equipment.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lani=energy Vs Imp=7

< Lani: Success Imp: Good Success

< Net Result: Imp wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Harold rolls Physical: Good Success.

The imp remains pushed to the wall, the will of Lani pushing back against it, its own mystical dark fire assailing the students in the laundry room. Harold holds up his sword against the fire, the shield didn't come, its only the sword. Against the sword the fire does nothing, and the boy makes it to his feet once more. The imp seems locked for the moment. While it remains standing against Lani's wind and rain, its body reacts instead, a slight shiver from the cold. A new physical sensation. As the dark fire storm stops for the moment, it leaps away from the wind and rain, trying to move around and perhaps past the students.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Imp Flight=6 Vs Keakilani=Energy

< Imp Flight: Good Success Keakilani: Great Success

< Net Result: Keakilani wins - Solid Victory

It seems to struggle even in this.

Keakilani lets out a sigh of relief once the pain stops. That wasn't the most enjoyable of experiences and he'd rather not repeat it. As the Imp tries to fly away, he tries to follow with the blast of wind. The rain may have a better chance at keeping the thing chilly at the very least.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Harold=Physical Vs Imp=4

< Harold: Failure Imp: Success

< Net Result: Imp wins - Marginal Victory

Harold, Lynzee, and Lani have found reason to do laundry today, its after classes for the students and a good time for that. That isn't all that's going on. Lani is shirtless, having tossed in his last shirt with his load, waiting for just that last moment to get laundry going. Lynzee was weaving magic of some sort and has gone to investigate the crack left by Daxton. Harold has a sword drawn, something like blue obsidian in nature, and is holding it both hands as if to deflect something off.

Not far from the crack, pressed to the wall is a 4' tall demon being, cloven feet, claws for nails on its hands, furry legs, horns on its head. Its dark though, not quite a blackness, and flickers as if a flame. Just hints of the flame, it currently is pressed by strong winds and a rain storm summoned to fight the beastie.

Harold sees it pressed there, leaping forward with his sword to try and hit the beast, but it moves to the side, still pushed back by Lani.

Keakilani looks to Harold and Lynzee as he tries to keep the Imp pushed back, "What should we do? What is it? It looks…weird." He may not even have the right words to even describe it. "I didn't like getting hurt!" is directed at the Imp, as if that's going to really do anything.

The poor Laundry room is getting soaked, thanks to the indoor rainstorm.

Wandering near the crack, weaving at the fabric of magic, Lynzee explores where the critter seems to have come from. It seems complex and arcane and just as her fingers glow with mystical energies, she reaches over to touch the wall.


And she is no longer there, no trace, nothing left.

Classes are over, detention is over and with a busy weekend ahead of her, it's best to get laundy out of the way. Especially if she wants clean clothes to wear tomorrow. When it comes to laundry Felicia is a bit cheaterface, with all her clothes shrunk down they only partially fill one of those reusable grocery bags so that is what she is carrying when she wanders into the laundry room downpour and the shenanigans that are taking place. The teen girl looks at the two teen boys, by then Lynzee has poofed, but the imp gets noticed. She does't bat an eye or look the least bit shocked or surprised "What, you threw a party and didn't invite me? How rude." that's about as serious as she comes "You two need an assist in exorcising this Imp?" she knows what the thing is, she watches fantasty movies.

The imp remains pinned by the attack sustained by Keakilani, but grins as Lynzee seems to go .. somewhere. It raises a hand agains the attack of the wind and rain, a mystical energy heat wave that shimmers as it pushes back against the onslaught of Lani's energy attack. It will attempt to start moving back to the crack at least now.

Harold nods, "Yes …. help. Keakilani has it cornered, it seems to suffer from actual pain." Physical that is, real pain, the real world isn't its best friend in some regards. Having missed in his prior attack, Harold regains his stance to refocus for another swing of his sword (next turn).

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Imp=Energy Wave Vs Keakilani=Energy

< Imp: Success Keakilani: Great Success

< Net Result: Keakilani wins - Crushing Victory

This isn't training. This isn't class. This is…real! Keakilani's face scrunches up as he tries to keep the Imp from moving with the wind, the rain probably coming down stronger at his continued attack. "Where did Lynzee go?" is asked before he turns a rare, serious face to the Imp, "Bring her back! Now! Or…I'll…zap you!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Felicia=physical Vs Imp=4

< Felicia: Good Success Imp: Good Success

< Net Result: Imp wins - Marginal Victory

Felicia still may be sporting the nose splint and the forehead bandage from the fight she was in on Tuesday but she wades into the fray with what is probably considered wreckless abandon. She isn't sure how this new unlocked power of hers works, but if it works like her other one she should be invulnerable…or at least harder to damage. Felicia won't know of course until she actually gets hit or what have you. Rushing forward, the teenage titan attempts to grap the Imp to grapple with him but he is a bit to fast for her an slips to the side and a fist goes through the wall instead. Poor wall. It just can't catch a break.

Or it catches a lot of breaks…

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Harold=Physical Vs Imp=4

< Harold: Success Imp: Good Success

< Net Result: Imp wins - Marginal Victory

Now with Felicia there, the Imp is between the two. It seems want to rush for that hole too now, clearly outclassed, even if slippery enough to avoid being hit by fist and sword. Harold hits the wall too, not as impressive as Felicia's not even a chip, of wall or sword as it is. The imp screeches at the three students, sending a mystical impulse to cause drowsiness (rolls coming).

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Imp Magic Drowsiness=6 Vs Harold=Mystic

< Imp Magic Drowsiness: Great Success Harold: Success

< Net Result: Imp Magic Drowsiness wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Imp Magic Drowsiness=6 Vs Keakilani=Mystic

< Imp Magic Drowsiness: Great Success Keakilani: Good Success

< Net Result: Imp Magic Drowsiness wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Imp Magic Drowsiness=6 Vs Felicia=Mystic

< Imp Magic Drowsiness: Success Felicia: Success

< Net Result: DRAW

<OOC> -2 die reduction to dice pool to Harold and Lani for being drowsy

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lani Lightning Drowsy=7 Vs Imp=7

< Lani Lightning Drowsy: Success Imp: Great Success

< Net Result: Imp wins - Crushing Victory

He didn't bring the other student back! He didn't want to do this, but the rain stops as Keakilani grabs the energy to throw lighning at the imp, as threatened. Of course, right before the bolt leaves his hands, he's hit with the magical sleepiness and sort of slumps up against one of the now-wet washing machines. The bolt does leave his hands, but it goes wide of its target, hitting the already cracked wall.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Felicia=physical Vs Imp=4

< Felicia: Good Success Imp: Failure

< Net Result: Felicia wins - Solid Victory

Felicia doesn't give up that easy, if she didn't she would be dead by now, ya know. Not knowing why this Imp is here or what summoned it or anything she still goes after it instead of asking pertinent questions. And with her schoolmates swooning, and not it a good way she is that much more eager to get her hand on the thing. And she does, once more grabbing for it as it makes it's way toward that crack in the wall. This time her grab is good and she easily lifts the creature off it's feet "Uhm, guys, I have it now what do I do with it?"

"Teacher's Lounge," exclaims Harold as an idea. The good news for now, is that in her hand, it seems anchored. It struggles and tries to escape, but when Felicia is solid, she is .. solid. It struggles to no avail. If that were Harold it would get away for sure. The hand on the large imp causes it to screech a little though, as if cold iron to some supernatural entity, it wants way from the contact but can't escape.

Harold did his useful part, now he lets realization come over him, "Lynzee!!! No!!!" He goes to the wall, to pound on it, "Eryaog!" He calls. It will take time for the later to answer, but he's closer than Lynzee it seems.

Keakilani is actually struggling to stay awake. The washing machine is apparently very comforting with its 'whirr' and 'swish' of cleaning the clothes. He;s trying to fight the magic, but it's not something he's experienced before; much like the pain that the magical fire caused.

Felicia is even more solid than she usually is, durability wise at least, though she is no slouch in the strength department either. The Imp isn't going anywhere though unless she wants it to "I don't follow." she tells Harold, totally not getting what the younger kid is suggesting. His pounding on the wall as her looking from Harold to the demon and she is smart enough to put it together "What did you do with Lynzee?" she gives the demon a shake.

"She went somewhere," says Harold with a hint of hysterics in his voice. He might be tired, but its mingled with worry too. He turns from the wall, dark circles under his eyes. If he paused for a moment, he'd probably join Lani in thinking this a good place for a nap. There might be a tear in the kids eye even. Then a sniffle even, "The teachers lounge, maybe a teacher is there … to take the … monster thing?" See, he explains everything clearly enough, through that panic in his voice.

Keakilani is struggling to stay awake, he really is! But he's usually not much of a fighter in these instances. When he's tired, he sleeps. When he's hungry, he eats. "She went into the wall," is offered even as he closes his eyes. Just for a moment.

Yeah like Felicia is going to walk through the school to the teacher's lounge carrying an Imp in her hands. That isn't happening. She walks over to an open washing machine and begins to shove the demon into the thing, slowly shrinking herself and the Imp at the same time as she does so. There is a mighty struggle going on there. The imp clawing and kicking ineffectuly at the teenage titan (well someone use call her that already!) while she tries to shove him in. "Little help here!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Harold=Physical Vs Imp=4

< Harold: Good Success Imp: Good Success

< Net Result: DRAW

Coming over with his sword, Harold tries to stab the thing, it made Lynzee disappear. Literally, he points the pointy part at it and thrust with deadly intent. "Sure," he says, to come and help with the imp. Slightly darker Harold than normal, "Keep it still." Cause the sword will be very helfpul, just for now the squirming Imp manages to avoid the point end of the sword.

Felicia spends 1 luck points on Get in the washing machine you stupid Imp! *shove* *shove* shove*.

<FS3> Keakilani rolls Lani Mind Vs 4: Good Success.

It takes another moment or two but with the Imp subdued, Lani is able to shake off the sleepiness and get back to his feet. He has to rub at his eyes before he also moves closer to the washing machine. "I…I can go get someone if you want." Since he's not really helping to keep the thing down at the moment.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Felicia=physical +50 Vs Imp=4

< Felicia: Amazing Success Imp: Failure

< Net Result: Felicia wins - Crushing Victory

Get in there you big furry oaf. I don't care what you smell." Felicia says as she is shoving the Imp into the washer. Trust her to quote Han Solo while she is putting the smack down on some demonic creature from another plane of existance. That's how she rolls. The Imp of course is putting up one hell of a racket and fighting but she's smaller, which equals stronger and more durable. Finally though she gets him in, slamming the lid down with a clang and then leaning forward putting part of her immense weight into the washing machine, it sorta buckles outward a bit, and there is a lot of clanging around inside from the Imp, but he certainly isn't going anywhere, but that washing machine just isn't going to be the same anymore.

Harold looks ready to run the sword through the washer, but he stops when Felicia seems to have it. Instead he goes to the wall to stick the sword into the crack if at all possible not that it accomplishes anything. "I'll figure out where Lynzee went," he seems determined. Then of course, everything finally done, the door opens. In walks Eyroag, "Where is cat?" Possibly some link to Harold, he knew why the boy was calling for him.


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