(2016-05-13) Have You Seen This Girl?
Have You Seen This Girl?
Summary: A missing person hunt.
Date: 2016-05-13
Related: Plot: Creation Myths
NPCs: Adama and Evelyn Morris
Scene Runner: Tabitha

All around Shady Cove today, various public areas and high traffic businesses have played host to a pair of new non-touristy faces. A man and woman, blonde and fit, similar enough in features that most peg them as related. They've been spending about an hour in each location, asking questions and showing a picture around. Now they've made their way back to Mug Shot for the second time today. They're currently talking to the night manager off to one side of the counter. It doesn't take long, with the manager nodding and saying, "Good luck. I hope you find her. Just work it like you did this morning, stay off to one side and don't bother anyone who doesn't want to talk, yah?"

The pair nods and splits up. The man gets in line to place an order while the woman stands over near where folks stand to wait for their drinks. She pulls a well worn and folded photo from her jacket.

Aidan was set up at one of the smaller tables in the coffee shop, earphones in and his attention seemingly on some homework as a textbook lay open on the table in front of him. A cup of something is also in front of him, top on to conserve as much of the heat as possible as he continues reading and scribbling the occasional notes in a notebook.

Grayson has just gotten off work, so he's headed over to the coffee shop to count his tips. He's wearing a pair of tight black slacks and a white button up shirt that's untucked and open, a wife beater on beneath it. He's carrying his satchel as he gets in line behind the blonde man. He sighs, and waits his turn.

Daxton's decided to swing by for some caffeine before his shift starts delivering pizzas. He's tired, but is already in his Lighthouse Pizza shirt. An eye rub as he steps into line to get the juice he needs to make it through his shift.

The line moves steadily if not too rapidly at this time of night with both folks ending their day and those starting their nights coming in. The blonde man doesn't bother people in line, not wanting to hold things up. He orders quickly when it's his turn. A pair of large hot chocolates, two muffins, and two extra strong espressoes. The blonde woman has staked out one of the stand-up tables near the front, and when the man gets there she starts making her way around the tables.

She stops at each one, politely gets the attention of the person or people there, then says. "Please excuse the interruption. Would you mind looking at this photo to see if you know or have seen the girl in it here in town?" If there's a positive response she'll show them the picture and continue. "She's our sister, Lily. Our family got separated a long time ago and we're just trying to pull everyone that's left back together."

The blonde man follows a similar routine with those who are waiting for their drinks. Since Grayson was right behind him he'll introduce himself once Grayson has placed his order. "Hey, name's Adama. Mind looking at a picture I've got? Trying to find our sister and we think she's ended up in these parts."

The photo they're showing is of a young girl with dark red hair, a bit under four-foot. Her features are an almost perfect match for Tabitha's except for the difference in age and lack of burn scars. The photo has been cropped from a larger one. A man's arm is draped over the girl's shoulders in the photo, the visible hand is extremely pale like that of an albino.

Aidan continues working on his homework, glancing up for a moment to rub the bridge of his nose. So. Much. Reading. It is at that moment he sees the woman going from table to table. Probably somebody wanting some petition signed for some cause or another. Either way, his interest is peaked and he removes an ear bud from one ear. Anything to distract from reading. When she approaches his table he nods to her "Hi…" Seeing the picture he furrows a brow, leaning in and getting a better look. "Uh…sorry…can't say I have seen her." Returning back to his chair he looks at the woman "Separated a long time ago? That sounds awful…what happened?"

Grayson looks at the blonde man. He studies him a moment -why not, he's a good looking fellow. Finally, Grayson furrows his brow a little, "Seriously? I meet Adama in a Starbucks, so what am I? Apollo?" He rolls his eyes, not looking at the photo at all. "Not interested." He takes the hot chocolate he ordered and walks over to the condiment counter where he adds cinamon to it.

Daxton folds his arms, waiting his turn to order. A double something or other shot mocha. He's got a lot of running to do tonight. The speedster eyes the room, shifting from foot to foot as he waits. He seems to be trying to be aware of what's happening, eyes going to the two people flashing a picture around.

At Aidan's table, the woman's shoulders slump when he says he doesn't recognize the person in the picture. "Our home was attacked. Burned. Our parents and our brother, Samuel were killed. Adama and I made it out but got separated. I found him again a few years ago. Then last year we learned our little sister might have also lived through it. Managed to track her here, but we're not sure if she's with a foster family or just going to school in the area. Could you look again, please? She'd be older, of course. And possibly have some scars from the fire."

Over by the counter, the man rolls his eyes at Grayson's response. "Yeah, never heard that one before." He shakes his head as Grayson moves on. "This isn't even a Starbucks." Then Daxton comes out from making his order and he tries again. "Hey there. My sister and I are trying to find our little sister. Think she might live around here. Mind taking a look at her picture, see if it rings a bell?"

Aidan listens "Yeah sure…I'll take a look again but…" He leans forward, looking at the picture, frowning and shaking his head. "Yeah I don't know a Lily. Sorry, ma'am." At least he was polite? Leaning back in his chair he rubs the back of his neck. "I tell ya what though. I can at least help spread the word right? Mind if I take a picture with my phone? I'll at least spread it to my friends and see if any of them know her? Maybe seen her at school or in their neighborhood or something…" Ah the power of social media!

Grayson glances back at the man, "You ain't no Edward James Olmos, either, blondie." He looks over at Daxton, taking a drink of his hot chocolate. He sighs, and then heads for the door. He'll count his cash somewhere else.

Daxton frowns slightly as he's approached. The speedster is paranoid and watches the man more than he watches the photo. But of course he recognizes the pic, but…his head shakes, "No…sorry man." That doesn't mesh with Tabs story. She said 7, not 10. His gaze flickers to Aidan, seeing the teen doing something with with his phone. Hopefully not telling them about Tabs. He locks eyes with Grayson briefly, but then back to the man in front of him.

The woman smiles at Aidan and nods, setting the photo down. "Of course. It's a really old photo, so it might not turn out all that great. And don't forget to snap the back as well. But if it doesn't work, here's a site where I've uploaded it." She pulls out not a business card but a 3x5 notecard with a website URL handwritten on it along with 'Evelyn Morris, Flickr page'. Once that's all handled she flashes Aidan a grateful, if tired smile then stands back up and continues around the tables.

Over with Daxton, Adama lets out a sigh as the picture strikes out again. He has the look of someone who's been repeating the same question for long enough that it's the only words he knows. Well those and, "No, that's alright. Thanks for looking, though. Think you could ask around? Maybe show a copy to anyone we might miss? I've got it on file." He taps the phone in his shirt pocket.

Aidan nods "Sure thing." Taking out his phone he'll snap a picture of the front and back of her photo. His phone wasn't the latest model, but was up to date enough that the picture could turn out well. Handing the photo back to her he takes the notecard, looking it over. "Alright. I'll add this info to my post when I shared it. Thanks and I'm sorry I couldn't be more help," Aidan says with a frown. Watching her walk off he looks back to the card, pocketing it and setting the phone on the table. Attention going back to the book in front of him, he continues reading.

Daxton gives a small shrug, "Maybe put up a poster or something?" With all the weird in his life, he's not handing over his phone number to some unknown. He raises an eyebrow, "Dude, you got a business card or something?" His phone stays firmly in his pocket. His cappa cappa triple mocha shot thingie is set down and he reaches over to get the caffeine bomb. A long sip is taken as he looks back to the man.

Evelyn makes her way around the last of the tables, getting much the same range of responses. She sends a few files, hands out a few more of the handwritten note cards. Eventually she walks back up to the front, passing Adama and going to the counter. She gives the manager a quick wave, "We're ready for our order, now. Thanks" Then the manager starts making the order that Adama put through earlier.

Adama taps Evelyn on the shooulder once she's done with that, "Hey, got more of those notecards you made?" He smirks a bit at the poster idea. "Yeah, can't afford something that pricey. Print shops are the new cartels." He hands Daxton the 3x5 note card that Evelyn hands him with the website URL and 'Evelyn Morris, Flickr page' written on it. "But here you go. Thanks for your time."

Daxton shrugs again, what would he know about print shops. Cartels, maybe. Print shops no. He looks down at the card as it's handed to him and he nods, "Okay. Thanks." a long slip of the awake juice for him, "Good luck." The card is folded in half and shoved into his pocket with his phone. He needs to head to work…and maybe make a discreet text one he gets there.

The pair continue to ask those waiting for their orders about the girl in the photo. Since they've already asked the people who were sitting down when they arrived they don't have to move very far. Their drinks and muffins are barely touched between asking the same question and getting variations on the same answer. Once the customers start to thin out they'll finish their drinks and take the muffin remains out with them to an old truck with a tarp draped tent-like over the bed.

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