(2016-05-12) Peacemaking or Being Nosy?
Peacemaking or Being Nosy?
Summary: After hearing that Grayson and Daxton had a talk, Oliver seeks out Daxton to find out what happened.
Date: 2016-05-12
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Ares Dorm Hub Coral Springs

Lower than the rest of the ocean floor, the hub of Ares is sunking into the ground itself here. Windows overhead reveal the ocean remains upthere, but windows on the side show the natural rock of the ocean floor as well. The room curves, with circular cushioned couches offering views of the windows or the central HDTV at the center of the half-circle room. Along the longer outer wall, there are sporadic gas fires burning, providing the ideal of warmth to the room.

Just after classes, Oliver was on the hunt for someone. He realized, just as he got to the Ares dorm, that he probably should have checked Detention first…it does seem to be the second home of the team. There are a few moments of pacing before he takes a seat and just waits. He may get a few strange looks as he's not a team member, but they're just met with friendly smiles.

Daxton did have detention, but after his heroic (Not that the school rumour thinks it was) helping of Kaylee yesterday they let him go a little early to do some laundry. Seems like that would be a flimsy excuse, but the teen is often found in the laundry room. Dax steps into the Ares dorm hub and immediately sees Oliver. He's still got a scab on his hand from ripping out the IV the other day, but no other visible damage can be seen. "Oliver." He nods to the boy as he passes, assuming he's here to see Felicia or Grayson.

Oliver would normally be here for Felicia or Grayson, but Oliver stands when Daxton enters. "Hey. So…do you have a minute? I won't be long, I promise." He tries to offer a friendly smile to go with his tone, but he's actually a little unsure. Maybe he's butting in too much, but…well, live and learn.

Daxton's eyebrows draw together. "Sure?" He sounds unsure too. The books in his arms are shifted to his left, which leaves his right hand to start fidgeting against his leg. He's still not making eye contact, but manages to get his gaze to about Oli's shoulders. Improvemment from the floor yesterday.

The hesitance to look him in the eye isn't quite noticed yet as Oliver is still pretty much in his own headspace. "Grayson told me that you and he had a talk. I just…wanted to thank you. I know you and he don't get along and I have my thoughts as to maybe why, but…thanks. I think he really wants to feel a part of the team."

Daxton's jaw works itself, like he's chewing on what to say back to the alien. "No need to thank me. He's an asshole, not a bad guy." Apparantly that's better to Dax? "He was part of this team before i showed up, I win;t looking to push him out or anything." Quite the opposite. His head tilts, and blue eyes blink before flickering up briefly to steal a look at Oliver, "Why do you think he's being like this?" Which part?

"No, I know you're not. I think he finally realized that in pushing people away, it means that he doesn't get included. I know he feels protective of his team…" as one should. Oliver gives a sigh and moves back to sit on one of the chairs in the public area. "I think he's scared, honestly. I also think you and he have a lot in common, which is why you two probably don't get along." There's a slight smirk at that before it fades.

Daxton hesitates a moment but then follows Oliver. A soft nod, although his gaze shifts from Oli to glancing at the exits. The speedster's leg starts to bounce when he sits down as well. A doubtful look crosses his face and he even shakes his head slightly, "I don;t think we're much alike at all. But, whatever." He's not going to argue it. "Why is he scared?" Beyond they're his teammates, he's not really close to any of the Ares that have been involved with Dax's drama.

Oliver isn't going to dwell on their similarities. At the question, he gives a sigh and looks at the fabric of the sofa for a long moment before answering, "I don't know how much I should say about it, but…I guess…I think he's afraid of what he could become. Because he thinks there's some…genetic disposition that might cause him to be something he's not. To hurt people that he doesn't want to hurt."

That's….uncomfortably similar. Daxton knows a little bit, but just nods. There's a hint of worry and maybe fear in his voices when he responds, "We all worry about things like that." His leg bouncing increases and he shifts the books over so he can wind his wrist watch.

Oliver glances at the bouncing leg before he looks back to Daxton, "Yeah, but…I guess that he worries more than some of us. And in order to insure that he doesn't hurt people, he pushes them away. But I think he realized that by doing that, he isn't going to be trusted or welcomed as a teammate. He was really upset that he wasn't there when you were hurt." Oliver runs a hand through his hair, "I told him that you weren't on a team mission. That you were hanging out as friends. I think that sort of hit home."

Daxton groans, he's never been very good at fixing things like this. His hand raises and mirrors Oliver's action. His hair's almost long enough to get mussed up. Almost. "I'll try to get them to invite him next weekend if we go out." Unfortunatly, he's going to need to earn skipping classes. He's put most of the team through the verbal ringer enough times that that's not gonna fly. "I don't really plan these things, I'm usually just drug along." Is that guilt that flickers over his face, mixed with worry, "Felicia's the one that got hurt, I was just…" He gives a small shoulder shrug. Stabbed with a needle and knocked out sounds bad, but his face wasn't broken.

Oliver nods, "I'm going to talk to her about it too." He's not surprised to hear that she's the ringleader in these events. "I know he works, but…I think even the invitation will be appreciated." Oliver thinks a moment befoer offering, "I'd say that I'd be happy to come along too as a buffer, but…it may be something that the team needs to do. I know he likes rock-climbing…and the beach." Just a few ideas there. "And thanks. I'm not sure he knows how to show it yet, but I think this will mean a lot to him."

Daxton's not sure if Fel's their elder, but he'll not argue it either. He just shrugs, he doesn't plan any of that stuff. His leg hasn't stopped bouncing and the teens blue eyes finally drift over to glance at Oli again, landing on the other teen's chest. "It's the right thing to do, not a charity thing. Don't thank me." He sounds tired, not cranky about it.

Oliver gives a little smile, "I know it's not a charity thing. But still. It means a lot to -me- then." He watches as Daxton still can't seem to look him in the eye, "Is everything ok? Do you…not like me much?" Blunt as ever.

Daxton nods, his head turning to glance out the window at the ocean. At the questions he turns back, eyebrows drawn together, "Is everything-no?" Duh. His head shakes and he seems more confused, "I don't even know you Oliver, why would I not like you?" He really is unaware of the meeting people's gaze issue. The speedster shifts, uncomfortable with the direction the conversation is going. "It's not you." Does that help?

Oliver's eyebrows lift, "I don't know? You don't really look at me…I mean, you don't look me in the eye or anything…so I just wanted to check. I don't know you much either, Daxton, but you're pretty cool." But then again, he tends to like most people. When it's mentioned that it's 'not him', he asks, tilting his head some, "Is it because I'm seeing Grayson? Or…the alien thing?"

Daxton's frown deepens, It's starting to be his natural look, "I do." He even forces himself to now, piercing eyes land on Oliver's, "I don't care who you date or what you are as long as you're not trying to hurt me or mine." Just who mine entails, even Daxton doesn't know just yet. He shifts, but clearly forces himself to keep the eye contact and adds, "I'm not homophobic." Despite what Oli and Gray have both said.

Oliver raises his hands in a sort of defensive gesture, "Whoa, I never said you were. I just know you and Gray don't get along and who can this schmuck be who's actually dating the guy, right?" There's another hint of a smile there. "I don't want to hurt you. I don't want to hurt anyone. I don't even want to hurt spiders or ants or chickens or anything." Vegan.

That gets Dax to break his gaze, but he nods, looking back to the window. He's not going to judge(at least out loud) anyone's dating preferences. Well, maybe he's judged Anna's. "Spiders are cool. I don;'t get why they have such a bad wrap." Complete change of topic? Yes. But Dax is just tired of drama and tension and angst, even if it's himself that does most of it.

Oliver thinks a moment when he gets that response. "I guess I saw this lonely guy who needed someone. It didn't hurt that he was kind of adorably awkward around me. Never snippy or grumpy. But now I know where that grumpiness comes from, it kind of makes me want to help him more. Maybe he won't need me once he opens up…but…for now, I feel like he does." There's a shrug then, "Spiders -are- cool. Kind of creepy…I can't turn into one, sadly. Although even if I did, I'd risk getting squashed, so…"

Daxton's not sure that's the right reason to date someone, but his last relationship was over 3 years ago, so what does he know? His legs bouncing slows, but doesn't stop and he rubs an eye again. He's exhausted, but sleep is currently his enemy. that's where the memories lay. He's happy with the spider topic, that's safe. "Wouldn't you just be a giant one then?"

Oliver tilts his head in thought, "Maybe. Although I can turn into things or people smaller than me…but insects just never worked. Even though I saw them, I just couldn't do it. I can turn into a small bird, but not a tarantula. It's weird." Leaning back now that the conversation is more relaxed, he rests one foot on the seat cushion and wraps his arms around a knee. "Maybe if I saw a giant one…not just a CGI one in the movies. I wonder if that counts as an insect still then? Probably. But it's probably more in line with the magical creature thing and I just don't know about that yet."

Daxton nods, he guesses everyone has limitations. "Can you go bigger than yourself. Like Rosa's frog?" Maybe that would calm the frog down, having someone to do frog things with. A frog date!

Oliver doesn't really know Rosa, "How big is Rosa's frog? I mean, I can do a bear or an elephant or a gorilla…they're all bigger than me. I kind of want to see if I can turn into a dragon, but again…need to see it in person." The limitation can be so frustrating!
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Daxton smirks, it's the first positive facial expression he's had in this whole encounter and he leans back a little as well, "50 foot? Big. way bigger than a bear. You should talk to her." Casue frog play date. The back of his neck is rubbed like he's got a kink in it. "Are there dragons?" He wouldn't be surprised anymore.

Blue-green eyes widen, "A 50-foot frog? I…well…I don't know? If I saw one, maybe? But I'd basically be her mirror image…unless I knew enough to make it a different frog?" Oliver notes Daxton's gesture, "Are you ok? And I don't know about dragons. I've never seen one, but I've never seen a mermaid either but Annaliesa is one…" so they tell him. He has yet to see for himself.

Daxton nods, "Yup. It's pretty impressive." 50 foot impressive. He shrugs, not knowing what Oli knows about frogs to be able to answer. "Talk to Rosa about it." He manages a quick glance at the alien before admitting, "Sleeps hard, I carry the tension in my neck and shoulders from it." He's not actually seen Anna as one either.

Oliver nods, "I will. I don't really know Rosa." Speaking of the girl though, "Why don't you ask her to the prom? I mean, if you're nominated and if you decide to go…" since he did mention her earlier. He does look again to Daxton's neck and gives a little wince, "I'm sorry. I'd offer to give you a shoulder massage, but…" that might not be the best thing. "Did you talk to the people in Med Bay? Maybe they can help?"

And it's back to being awkward. "She just wants to go to prom. She doesn't like me." Dax sighs, shifting to sit a little more upright, "I don't think it would be fair of me to try to date anyone right now anyway. For all I fucking know there's a trigger word that will make me go all Rambo and murder everyone." Yikes! Paranoid? Or just being cautious? He also doesn't mention he's been told by staff that it would be good if he went, that they would be dissappointed if he didn't show. And Dax knows what that means. So now it really is a rock and a hard place. His hand goes to the back of his neck again, squeezing it hard, "No…they want to put me on sleeping pills, but that's the problem. Sleep is just…" He's not looking at Oliver, and does't finish that sentence.

Oliver ohs. "Well, I'm still working on Gray to see if he'd let me go with you…I mean, if that's what you still want." He's sort of teasing. "You and Felicia could go together…as friends. No one says it has to be a date." Always the peace-maker, this one. When he's not being too curious for his own good. The mention of the trigger though has him sobering a little, "If…if that were to happen, I think that those here could stop you before you hurt too many people. That's the good thing about this place. It's what I told Gray. We're hard to hurt." Well, some of them. "I get that's a fear…Gray has something similar. But…if you live your whole life in fear of it, what good is that going to be?"

The mention of sleeping pills has him wincing. "Ugh. I heard you get weird dreams on those. Oh. Is it the dreaming that's not letting you sleep?"

Daxton blinks and frowns again, "I don't think that's going to endear him to me if you keep pushing that." he gives a small shrug about Fel, "I don't know. Maybe." His leg slows and then stops and he looks at Oliver, "Could they?" Dax's not sure, he can go very fast, and the things he remembers having done. He shivers with the echoes of bones breaking in his ears. He breaks eye contact to look away, "Yeah…the dreams aren't good."
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"I bet they could. Maybe not immediately, but there are so many of us here that I think we could. I mean, you're superfast and all, but…some people just won't be budged, you know? Or…yeah. But I think that if there's any place that could stop you if you lost it, it would be here." Oliver seems pretty emphatic about that. "I think you should talk to Felicia about it. But that's just my opinion."

The talk of dreams gets another frown, "I don't know how to stop dreams. I'm…I'm sorry. Maybe…talk to one of the counselors?"

That's not comforting, "Not immediately?" that's not good enough. that means he'd hurt someone, and he definitely doesn't want that to be someone he's dating. Dax shakes his head, "Like Felicia's supposed to be unmovable? Have you noticed lately? She's pretty… lightly." It's upsetting, honestly. Soemthing's wromng, and he's worried that they did something to her when they stabbed him. His fault…again. A bigger from, he's a 15 year old, who wants to talk to a councillor? Not him. "They'll pass. Or something. It's fine."

Oliver shrugs, "Well, maybe they could? I mean, they've been running this school for a while, they probably have stuff in place in case anything happens, right? They've probably had other speedy types come in." He's just guessing, really, but it makes sense. The mention of Felicia has him sighing, "I heard. And then she got beat up. I…I don't know if she'll talk about it, but I'll try to see what's going on." He's been talking to counselors all his life…he doesn't see the stigma.

Daxton's an army brat, so there's double stigma. He just shakes his head, trying to let the topic drop. He's suddenly standing, "See if you can get her to talk to you. If not…I'll try." Poor Felicia. He rubs the back of his neck, "I need to go do laundry before the teachers have a fit I'm not in there."

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