(2016-05-12) Origami and Itch Lotion
Origami and Itch Lotion
Summary: Daxton locates Tabitha to thank her for helping w/ his medical issue. Learns she's having her own.
Date: 2016-05-12
Related: Plot: Creation Myths Time Fugue
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Miss Tabitha Jones has not been a happy camper the past couple weeks, and particularly not in the past few days. She's been short on sleep, long on homework, and even longer on rehersals. The commute isn't all that hard, but that's just one bright spot. The low spot is that a few days ago her burn scars, which cover roughly fourty percent of her body, started to itch and ache. The medical staff isn't sure what's happening, but they gave her an updated prescription for a topical cream to apply and recommended that she keep as much of them uncovered as possible. Which is the main cause of her lack of happy.

She's nestled into one of the study nooks now, with a few textbooks and her worn out tablet computer. Her clothes are most certainly NOT what she would wear outside of her dorm if she had a choice in the matter. Terrycloth short shorts and a loose-fitting crop top with a strap just over the right shoulder. She's wearing her hair loose and is without the knit watch cap that usually allows her to conceal her scars. She's keeping a nervous eye on the rest of the room, scooting further into the nook whenever someone else comes even somewhat close by.

Daxton walks in, a few books tucked under an arm, but those are not his intent. He's been all around the school, which doesn't actually take him that long. The library is one of the last places to look. The speedster steps in, slouching as usual. Blue eyes scan the room and he actually goes in a different direction at first, which ends up with him walking up to Tabs in the opposite direction than the door. He's not trying to conceal his approach, he'll even shuffle his feet some on purpose. "Hey Tabs." He offers her a rare un-smirky smile.

For Tabitha it's bad enough being required to have her deformity on display around strangers, but another thing entirely with those whose opinions she cares about. When Daxton came in she spotted him soon enough (the benefit of senses that extend in all directions). But when it was clear he was coming her way she seriously considered pretending she hadn't noticed him and fleeing the room entirely. Too bad that in the time she considered that option he was already here. But hey, he does seem to be in a good mood so she blinks her eyes clear of some suspicious moisture and turns around to return his smile with one of her own. Hers is a good bit more tired looking but no less genuine. Seeing a friend in a good mood helps raise her own. "Hey Dax. How's tricks?"

Daxton's got the tired rings around his eyes too, but he's actually got something good for once to do. It comes so rarely that it is bringing a smile to his face. "Hey. I'm still here, thanks to you." It really is, if they had kept him in that room, he may have never woken up. "I wanted to say thank you….I don;t really remember much of what happened, but Fel said you're the one that figured out about the watch…" His head tilts, he can tells something is upsetting her, just not what, "Did you hear something back from your social worker?" Weird how boys can miss the thing that's right in front of them.

Tabitha ducks her head and shrugs with just the right shoulder. She's standing slightly angled relative to Daxton, with her left side as pulled away as she can make it and still be facing him. "I just remembered how bad it was in the laundry room that one night. And right after that was when you got anxious about not having a watch. Then in the med bay you were all comatose or something until Felicia turned up the beeping on the heart monitor." She raises her head enough to flash him a sheepish smile. "So her fidgiting had a hand in it, too. I'm glad you're alright, though." She swallows nervously before continuing. "You had m… us all worried when you weren't responding."

Daxton nods, "I didn't realise that's what was going on, but yeah. That's why Pulse said I needed a watch." His voice gets a weird, far away quality for a moment and he shakes himself, trying to not get lost in that line of thought. The speedster moves over to sit down, "You sure you're ok?" The books are set down and an edge of something red can be seen sticking out of the top book. "I wasn't…comatose. I was in a fugue." He says this like he's repeating something that was said to him. "He sent me into a Time Fugue…it's…not a good place." He frowns, a shiver running through his body. When he turns back to her, his leg has started to bounce underneath the table. "I know it's stupid, but I wanted to thank you."

Tabitha listens as Daxton explains what happened to him. There is a flash of interest when he mentions Pulse. "That's one of the other that went through what you did?" She stays standing when Daxton sits down, because now he's on her level, although she does lean against the wall of the study nook. Her curiosity is nudged a bit at the red thing in the book but she doesn't stop paying attention. Where the mention of Pulse got her interest, the mention of the man that hurt Daxton causes her fists to clench. She's about to say something violet when Daxton's words of thanks come right after. This causes her to blush a tiny bit down her right side (she doesn't just blush on her face it seems, but normally she's too covered to to notice). "It's all good. I know you'd do the same."

She's quiet for a beat before answering his question about her. "I'm… not great, but life's been worse y'know. I just… I just want to…" she might have said something emotive or profound but then she starts hopping in place and sticking her hands under her arms to hold them in place. "Just want this infernal itching to stop!"

Daxton's lip is chewed and he looks away form her when she mentions Pulse. He has strangely uncertain feelings for the woman he only remembers seeing twice. He nods though, "Yeah…Unit 23." He reaches foreword, glancing at her as he starts to pull the book towards him. He stops though, his eyebrows lifting as she doe a bunny hop. "Itching?" He's baffles, not having been filled in on anything just yet. "Oh…uhh…" What is he supposed to offer? Back scratch? Aloe? Lotion?(No, that's creepy). "What do you need?"

Tabitha's arms clamp down on her hands to keep her from digging in with her fingernails and just ripping until it stops. She nods to her bookbag next to the chair when Daxton asks what she needs. "I need to dive into a two-hudred degree jacuzzi to get my scars to stop itching, but they already feel like the worst sunburn I've ever had ten times over. In my bag… there's a bottle of prescription skin cream in there. Grab it out and squirt a bunch onto my hands so I can take care of this without tearing my skin off?"

Daxton nods and will have the bottle out and standing next to her ready to squirt in a blink of an eye. Super speed to the rescue! "I'm sorry…this sucks….Can I.." He trails off, not sure what to offer so he just squeezes the cream onto her palm. His little surprise does;t seem all that happy now. The speedster stands there, clearly upset at his friend's discomfort.

Tabitha has her hands out a good bit more slowly than Dax has the bottle ready. She's got insane Jet Li reflexes, but that's just on a mortal scale. Once the cream is on her hands she's rubbing it on every inch of scar tissue she can reach. Leg, side, chest, neck, arm, face… she's even flexible enough to get it all around the parts of her back that have the scars. Of course this involves a lot of contorting around in clothing that basically amounts to not much more than a loose bathing suit. She puts her hands out a couple times for reloads, but finally is lotioned up and stops hopping about as the lotion's numbing agent kicks in.

"Oooo, that's the stuff!" Her expression is one of pure bliss as half of her skin goes numb. She leans forward with the intent of her head ending up face first on Daxton's shoulder. "I'd call you a lifesaver, but I don't want to cheapen what you just went through. Thanks, though." She'll leave her face there for a few beats then stand up again. "Now that's over for the moment, you sure you're doing alright?"

Daxton blinks and then politely looks away. His cheeks only tint light pink briefly. No need to stare. He already had a squirmy freshman in his arms last night, which was awkward. He'll do his job as keeper of the lotion, squirting when she needs it (Ewh!). He stills and the laughs. It vibrates through his whole body, but rumbles in his chest the longest. "I can be a life saver." It's one of the nicest things anyone said about him, he'll take it! He stays still, letting her lean till she pulls away. Instead of answering her he steps back to the book and opens the cover. There'sa something inside, a folded up piece of red paper that he lifts up. it's vaguely oblong, until he tweaks two edges and pulls and it suddenly forms into a red mini origami guitar. "Here. Thank you."

Tabitha would give Daxton a hug before she stands up, but she's got lotion on her hands still. Lotion that is also a fast acting topical anethetic, no less. So she's nodding at his remark on how he'll take being called a lifesaver when he reaches over and opens the book. Origami isn't something she's seen before, so the whole 'oblong shape becomes a guitar with a tug' thing has her gasping and covering her mouth with a hand in surprise and delight. Even having her lips and lower face go numb doesn't take the smile out of her eyes.

"Daxb ib's derfeb! Banng you!" Is her numb lips way of saying 'it's perfect, thank you!'. She starts to reach for it with her hands, but absolutely does NOT want to ruin this gift so instead her aura extends out from her arm and gently takes the origami guitar. She turns it around in the air so she can look at every side and detail. "I'll geem ib phoreber!"

Yes, please let's not cut out one of Daxton's senses. No experimenting today to see what he needs to not be in the Fugue! He laughs, her mumbling is cute. "Careful. Don't swallow only of that!" The piece is let go into her aura and he watches her with a happy smile. He likes making his friends happy. If the other day has taught him anything , it's the time he has, he wants to make smiles. Because he honestly doesn't know how much time he has. A head tilt and an eye squint as he tries to dysphyer her last sentence, "Good…I'm glad you like it."

Tabitha snorts at the warning not to swallow. She gives Daxton an arch look at that one, then goes back to admiring the guitar. She doesn't seem quite as tired when she's looking at it and just nods once at Dax's words. "Yeah, I luf ib, banng you." She looks from the guitar to her books and stuff then back again. From her expression it can be infered that she's decided she's not getting any more studying done tonight. She's got a cool thing to look at.

Daxton didn't mean it dirty! That pink is back in his cheeks, "I mean, your tongue could go numb." Yikes, ok, he's just dropping all of this topic. He blinks, trying to not laugh at her words, so he nods, "I'm glad. I just wanted you to know that i appreciated you even coming to check on me." He didn't mean to interrupt her study though, "I can go, if you need to get back to the books?" He even hooks a thumb over bios shoulder, indicating he'll leave.

Tabitha shrugs and her aura start putting her stuff back into her book bag. She indicates her decision to give up on study and head out by shaking her head and using the universal pantomime for going to bed; tapping the watch on her right wrist, then putting her hands palms together and then resting her tilted head on them.

Daxton chuckles, "Okay. Sleep well, Tabs." He hopes one of them does.

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