(2016-05-10) Time Fugue
Time Fugue
Summary: Daxton is in a coma, what's it going to take to wake him up? Beep, Beep, Beep….
Date: 2016-05-10
Related: Attack on Ares
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Med Bay

A full medical wing. There are rooms sectioned off by glass, all visible from a central medical station with monitors for monitoring patient’s status. The walls can be curtained if needed to allow some privacy for patients within. This facility is state of the art with medical equipment beyond what any other hospital in the world would have access too.

It's been several hours since the Ares juniors were all brought in. Daxton is probably the only one that wasn't yelled at, and that's due to the fact the teen appears to be in some type of comma. Or at least frozen state. After some quiet tests and monitoring, they've decide to let him rest in a quiet room. Even the beeping form the monitor has been muted to hopefully help the speedster rest. They have him in a hospital gown and covered with a blanket. He's eerily still. Dull eyes are partially open, but unfocused.

Well it appears that whatever was causing Felicia to be nigh invulnerable before has kind of broken. And part of her face is too. At least her nose, and she has the swelling and the black eyes to prove it. Not to mention to bandage on her forehead covering the stitches that had to be put in to close up the gash there. She was released a while ago, but has been in an out several times since then to see if Dax has been woken up. Much to the chagrin of the docs and nurses. This time she is hanging out, waiting for the vigilant staff to stop paying attention so she can slip into the quiet room and see if she can snap him awake. That seems like something she would do.

Oliver heard about what happened and rushed to the Med Bay, quite possibly dragging Grayson with him. He skids in and looks around, eyes widening when he sees Felicia there, looking all bruised and broken, "What happened? How's Daxton? Who else was hurt? I thought that you couldn't be hurt easily?" It all sort of bursts out. Ares has gotten in trouble before, but not like this…and he's friends with much of the team. "What did you guys do?"

Grayson begrudgingly follows Oliver into the room. He lingers near the door, folding his arms over his chest in a small show of defiance for having to be here. He sighs, giving a typical glare at Daxton. "Why am I even ON your team?" He huffs.

Daxton doesn't respond to the glare or question, as he's you know, unconscious. His berthing is shallow, hard to even see unless someone was looking for it.

When Oliver comes in followed by the recalcitrant…reticent…or is it just ornery, Grayson, Felicia is leaning right outside the quiet room door chewing on the tip of her thumb in a worried fashion. "Oliver!" she exclaims when he rushes to her. She is graced with a shushing by the nearest medbay staffer "We were attacked. He's unconscious. No one. So did I." the questions are answered with the same rapid fire in which they were asked. Grayson is given a look, not a mean one, more a neutral one if anything "You're not. I'm on yours." he was here first technically, though he answer probably isn't helping.

Oliver reaches out to give Felicia a gentle hug if she lets him, "I'm glad you're ok," and he looks past the doorway, "When will he wake up? Don't they have people who can do healing or something here?" He looks around to the medical staff as if hoping that they'll give him the answer. At Grayson's remark, he actually looks a little hurt, "Please…" is offered before he looks back. "What can we do to help?" Yes, 'we'.

Tabitha hadn't actually heard about anything happening on the mainland yet. She was coming in to medbay to ask the doctors about the way her scars have been tight and itching the last couple days. But it doesn't take much for her to forget that when she sees the group gathered. A group of Ares in medbay hugging and looking nervous near a closed off room is never good. She heads over towards them but stays off to one side so she's not in the way. She won't make herself known just yet, instead she'll listen and use her aura to peek into the room to see who's there.

Grayson rolls his eyes at Felicia's response. He tightens his folded arms over his chest a bit more. He purses his lips, and finally shakes his head. "Fine. Ollie? I'll be outside." He sighs, and he turns, stepping out the door.

One of the staffers, the one that hushed Felicia, shakes their head and will softly say, "This is something we've not encountered before." Not wanting to give away too much medical information about a student to another they just shake their head and step away to do some paper work.

Even injured (broken nose and bandaged forehead, slipped in for Tabs) Felicia has no issues with free hugs. "I don't know." she has no answers for Oliver and Grayson's departure is meet with a bit of confusion, but she isn't going to chase after her emo cactus team member. "Help?" she has to think about that one for a few moments and the staffer making vague comments isn't helping "I don't think this is something that a slap in the face or a splash of water is going to fix." though she would try it if she thought it would. When the nurse steps off finally to do some paperwork she strikes…slowly…sliding open the door to the quiet room so she and the others can slip in.

Oliver looks after Grayson as he steps out and gives a sigh, looking torn to see if he should follow or come in further. This is sort of what he was afraid of, this sort of choice having to be made. He just didn't think it would be so soon. Blue-green eyes look back to Felicia and past her to the comatose Daxton, "Is it a medical thing? Or magic? Not that I can do anything…"

Tabitha is torn, and not enjoying the sensation. On one hand it's Daxton in there unconscious, but on the other he's been quarantined for some reason. On the other there's Felicia sneaking into said quarantine room and that's got 'Ares Trouble' written all over in bright neon signs. Then there's the actual reason she came in, but that doesn't seem so important just now. She hesitates briefly, then frowns at herself for even trying to balance getting in trouble against Daxton in trouble. She slips in through the door that Felicia opened, creeping in behind the Quarter Ton Girl as quietly as a tiny wisp of a girl can manage.

It's been a few hours since the quartet of Derek, Anna, Daxton and Felicia were dragged back to the school. They were cutting of course. And of course rumours are flying since Daxton returned uncounsious and the supposedly nigh invulnerable Felica was bleeding copiosly from her face. The rumours range from it just being an accident, to some kind of fight with local kids, to there being fight amoungst the teems about prom or something.

Dax is laid up in the room set aside for quarantined individuals, but it doesn't seem to stop Felicia and Tabs from going into the room now that the nurse is busy with other things. "Neither of those things Oliver." she whispers to the teen as she tugs him into the room with the rest of them.

"What else is there besides medical or magic?" Oliver asks, but he doesn't follow Felicia into the quiet room. Not yet. He looks back out in the direction Grayson went and gives a sigh. "I'll…be back later. Let me know if anything changes?" He then moves to follow Grayson back out of the Med Bay to check up on him as well.

Violet had a habit of visiting quarantined individuals. Maybe it was because her healing factor tended to keep her on the up and up, and kept her thinking she was invulnerable. Maybe it was because… well, that was probably it, actually. Regardless, she had her leather coat on over her school uniform, slacks and all - her eyes flickering towards the nurse briefly.

She was busy. That was good, cuz Violet could be sneaky as well.

So she follows the rest into the increasingly fullish room, giving the rest of those inside a wicked grin. "Hey," she says in a whisper. "What's up?" She had heard the rumors, of course, but it was always good to get the information from the source.

Does the school have a habit of /having/ quarantined individuals? Jacob hasn't been around long enough to have a personal sense of it. Still, as long as he doesn't get too close, he should be fine, right? He hangs back somewhere behind Violet, just peeking his head in and waving. Hi there, guys, have some silent moral support.

Because she made an effort not to intrude when Felicia, Oliver, and Grayson were talking, and she snuck into the room behind Felicia she hasn't actually noticed that the other girl has actual injuries quite yet. She doesn't /try/ to sneak so much that Felicia doesn't notice her, but she also doesn't take any action to ensure that she's noticed before she pops up on the opposite side of Daxton's bed to ask, "What happened?" She's not in her usual concealing attire tonight. Because she was here to have her scars examined, they're fully visible. Her light tank top and shorts do nothing really to cover them and she's got her hair pulled back from her face and neck.

She looks over at Felicia and her eyes widen at the sight of her injuries. "And what happened to you? More to the point, /how/?"

Felicia isn't surprised by Violet's, Tab's or really anyone else's appearance for that matter. Even Jacob, who she really doesn't know all that well. The question from Vi and Tabitha has her hrming, wondering how much she should say. "How much do you know of Dax's background?" she whispers to the girls. As for herself, she looks kind of embarrased and just answers the how "My powers get stuck sometimes, apparently the one that makes me invulnerable decided to unstick." at a very bad time even. Since Jacob isn't in the room with them she waves in response "Keep an eye out for the nurse. If she is coming this way warn us, okay?"

Violet pauses a handful of moments. Her eyes flicker towards Tabitha briefly, and she gives the other young woman a little grin - but she kinda glances towards Jacob as well, that little grin lingering.

A beat. "I try not to really pry into people's backgrounds too much," says Violet to Felicia. Bringing up a hand, she kinda scratches at the side of her neck, tossing a bit of her blonde hair over her shoulder. "Does he have like…" her voice draws lower, her eyes flickering towards the door. "…supervillains in his background then?"

Jacob glances over toward Violet, offering a friendly little wave back. Hi. "Oh, don't talk about his parents that way, they're doing their best." He's gradually making his way inside, trusting that if he's not supposed to then someone will let him know. Uh huh.

Tabitha, however is a bit surprised when Violet and Jacob arrive. She has a powerful flash of wanting to show only her good side but shakes it off. She returns Violet's grin with a smile of her own, then shrugs to Felicia's question. "Something about him being found tied down in some kind of lab? And that there are others out there in similar situations?" She shrugs her right shoulder while shifting her primary focus back to Daxton. "We never really talked about anything that happened before he got here." Jacob's crack about Daxton's parents cause her to turn and glare at him. She'd say something scathing, but they're trying to be quiet.

Daxton lays there very still.

Yep, she has a problem keeping her hands to herself, so it shouldn't be surprising that Felicia has started messing with the monitors that are hooked up to Dax in a 'what does this button do." sort of way. The first button pushed just makes the machine print out a short little EKG thing of his heartbeat. The next button does nothing as far as she can tell. And the third turns up the volume so the steady beep, beep, beep of it fills the room where it once was barely audible "Yes." she says after a moment of thought "Though whether they are actual supervillians is up in the air. They aren't good people though," she gestures to the laid out Dax "that much is obvious."

Jacob gets a scowl as his comment. It hits a bit too close to home for the protective Ares "Careful you." She seems to agree with Tabs's that is was an inappropriate comment.

"Yeah, I…or rather, we found him." we being select Ares members "Whoever put him there wants him back. That's what happened today." not to much information, but enough to hopefully satisfy curiosity.

Violet did double Tabitha's glance towards Jacob, canting her head to one side, as if not understanding. But the edge of her lips play upwards. A step to one side to bring her a little closer to the bed, and she gives the very, very still Daxton a glance over. "Sorry to hear about your powers unsticking, Fel, that's gotta be kinda… nervewracking. Even if you're in a bad situation, you're not…"

Fel starts pushing buttons, and Violet glances up towards her, giving her a long look - the smile on her lips tugs a little upwards.

"Are the teacher's gonna do much? Or are we gonna have to go wreck their business ourselves?" she asks Fel, a beat passing before her eyes flicker back down towards Dax. "I know about bad parents too. I think a lot of us here do," she says, her voice - and features, edging towards the serious now.

This keeps happening when Jacob tries to bring the funny. You'd think he'd take a hint and quit trying. "Hey, that's not what I meant!" he protests, though still keeping his voice down. Mostly. "I just meant how a lot of people /feel/ about their parents on a bad day—" He leaves off there, though, glancing over toward Violet. "Um. Yeah, seriously, I /didn't/ mean anything specific. Sorry. Shutting up now."

Tabitha goes from glaring at Jacob to giving Felicia a 'Mom' look that she's had ample chance to hone on her younger 'siblings' at the orphanage. She looks over to see if the louder beeping draws the nurse's attention, then a tendril of aura reaches over and gives Felicia a light smack on the back of her hand. "Bad Shrinky-Dink! No cookie!" She doesn't do anything further if more button pushing goes on, however. Instead she floats a bit more off the floor so she can reach over to brush Daxton's hair out of his face with her scarred left hand.

"That's a good question. Do we know if the staff has done any looking into the group behind all this?"

Jacob's disclaimer gets a sigh and a shake of her head. "You called his parents supervillains. If that sounded good in your head, you need to hire a better script editor." She doesn't sound angry at him, just mildly annoyed.

The print of Daxton's heart beat, if anyone knows what to look for, shows his heart beat is slow. Slower than it should be, but steady. Their talking is starting to get less whispery, but it's the steady introduction of the beep beep beep's of the machine that has his pupils starting to dilate. His short bangs aren't hard to brush away, and Tabs may feel the beginning of a vibration. Maybe. Or is that her imagination?

There is a nod at Violet, but they aren't here for her, so Felicia doesn't harp on the subject of herself, her powers or her injuries. "We caught one of them. I don't know what faculty is going to do with him if anything. Old guy probably has powerful friends to get him out of stuffs." just the thought of the guy getting let go without answering for what he did raises her hackles.

With Tab's admonishing Jacob and him apologizing she lets that go. Tab's smacking her on the hand though has her shaking it and sticking her tongue out a her. So mature. "I have my own cookies." she pays her pocket, and anyone who has seen her empty her pockets can attest that she carries cookies. She does leave off pushing buttons to look at her team mate "Wake up already dammit." she isn't close enough to notice the signs that he is, not with low light of the room at least.

"Some parents are supervillains, Tabs, it's kinda…" Violet begins, pursing her lips. "The way things work, sometimes. And technically, I kinda started that," she says with a shrug, leaning forward to kinda frown down at poor unconscious Daxton, looking up towards Tabitha as she brushes his hair out of his eyes.

"Naw, dude - you can say what you want, cross my heart and hope to die," says Vi.

Fel draws her attention last. "You mean - you caught the guy that helped do this, and we can't do anything about it?" asks Vi, her features turning down into a frown. A beat still, and she glances towards the monitors again. They meant nothing to her.

There's a moment where Jacob is visibly considering going back on his word and arguing the finer points of wording and intent some more. He thinks better of it, though. "I'll probably wind up making you regret that," he says to Violet instead. Note to self, catch up on things with Vi after they get out of here. And as for Felicia's comment? "Yeah, if he's got friends in high places, that could get to be a mess in a hurry. That's a whole other brand of hero, dealing with that sort of thing."

A small frown appears on Tabitha's face as her fingers trace across Daxton's forehead. She holds her hand just a breath over his head then, spreading the aura there out into almost a fine mist and sitting steady not paying attention to the more recent comments. Then she sits up straight with a look like she's been hit on the back of the head with a 2x4 and starts to pat herself down… chest, sides, thighs, butt… before cursing under her breath. "Of all the times to be half naked!"

Then she spots the spot where the nurses put Daxton's clothes and personal effects when he got be-gowned earlier. Her aura reaches out with a dozen or so tendrils and starts searching through it like the Watcher in the Water trying to grab the One Ring off of Frodo. "Where is it… where is… ew! (underwear)… ah-ha!" The aura retreats back to her, Daxton's watch (bought to replace the one he borrowed from Tabitha) in its grip.

She takes it in her hands, checks that it's wound, and holds it up next to Daxton's ear. Her other hand starts to tap out a beat in counter-rhythm to the watch on his chest. "C'mon, Gonzalez… get your ass back out here."

Why medical would have him going commando should probably be questioned later. But for now, with the sound of the machine going and the watch against his ear, and the physical tapping on his chest….his head turns, barely, towards the watch. His yes are trying to focus, but it's like he's seeing something else and can't latch onto anything in the room.

But then the present clicks, unfortunately not that he's safe, and the speedster makes a rather terrified noise that's full of fear. He's moving , despite Tabitha being in front of him. In fact, it's rather unsettling, he's in bed one minute, the next he's outside the quarantined room, not the door side. Like he went through the wall.. Blood is dripping from where he ripped out his IV and the speedster is crouched in a defensive position against a far wall. Wide eyed and scared.

Felicia just has normal, good people for parents, though she isn't all that close to them and really doesn't think of them that way…so stays silent on the supervillians for parents topic. She is quite disgruntled about the Old Bad guy situation though "Yes. He was taken into custody." there is a beat "We aren't /supposed/ to do anything about it." though the troublemaker may take matters into her own hands…or at least it sounds like she could be thinking about it. 'High places, deep pockets, both. I was at the place he was kept…the deep pockets one for sure.

Felicia is about to continue but the is nothing like the words naked, even if half is in front of it to gain her attention "Who's naked?" it comes out without being processed by her brain of course and she just watches Tab's curiously and her rifling through Dax's clothes, "What?" but then she understands and she hurries to the other side of the bed so as not to crowd Tab's, and watches to see if it works.

And it works a lot better and quite a bit differently then expected. Felicia is to slow to stop him even though she tries and she ends up grabbing air and sprawling out onto the now empty bed.

The sudden appearance of Daxton in the middle of Medical and not in his room has Doctors and Nurses running. If the teens that snuck in weren't noticed before they are certainly noticed now and the head nurse steps into the room "You all shouldn't be in here." of course the nurse knows that they are probably responsible for the state the speedster is in but she doesn't chide them for it. "I'm sure you have places to be. I know you want to help your friend, but this is nothing we can't handle." she gestures for the trio to leave so the staff can calm Dax and wrangle him back into bed.

"We're not supposed to do a lot of things. But sometimes, Fel - you got to," says Violet, kinda rolling her shoulders in a shrug. But her… further arguments on the matter might be interrupted by the motion of Daxton. Taking a step back towards the other girls, she lifts her hands as if surrendering - as far as friends went, she didn't know Daxton so well, but she tried to make herself look threatening.

She lifts her chin, however, towards Daxton's arm, to indicate it.

"Your arm, Dax," she says. Of course, the nurses and the others arrive, and Violet has… well, she's really good on taking on this smooth sort of, 'Well, I might have done something wrong, but aren't I just too cool to punish?' sort of vibe that didn't really work. A cheeky grin, a certain sparkle to her eyes, and a confidence to her demeanor. She was so doing that right now. "Hey, absolutely," she states. "Just wanted to check up on him, you know?" she says.

And Jacob? He was keeping his head down already, just to let the other kids get distracted and forget about his foot-in-mouth incident earlier. He winces when Daxton wakes up and panics, even as the same time as he's relieved to see the guy is at least conscious again. And when the staff shows up and goes easy on the lot of them, he just nods meekly and heads out with the others, before they have a chance to change their minds.

Tabitha notices not this nurse who is speaking to them. First she's getting her brain to restart after it realized that a person just passed /through/ her. After that, in true almost Ares fashion she just flies past the woman, pausing next to her long enough to sneer at her and make the crack, "He needs constant sensory input. All you did was put him further under!" Then she's out the door and flying over to Daxton, staying at his eye level. She's the his watch in her hand and is holding it out to him then deadpans. "Dax… I think you dropped this, dude."

The detention queen has already earned her detentions for the week, if not longer, so when the nurse steps in, well Felicia isn't there anymore…at least no where she will either be seen or found at least. She doesn't care what other people say, shrinking…Best Power Evah!

Daxton's is vibrating enough that the cabinets against the wall he's plastered against are shaking, the tools rattling inside. It takes the speedster a long moment to acknowledge Tabatha, maybe to recognize her. He frowns, head jerking from side to side to look round the room before he takes the watch from her. No words, but he gives her a rather scared, confused look. At that the med bat staff rushes everyone out, they’re going to have their hands full trying to calm down the speedster enough to clean up his arm and get another IV in.

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