(2016-05-10) Attack on Ares
Attack on Ares
Summary: Actually it was mostly supposed to be on Daxton, but attack one Ares you attack them all.
Date: 2016-05-10
Related: All that Unit23 stuff
NPCs: Old Man
Scene Runner: Who ran this scene, NA if no-one or mutual

There was some talk amongst Ares regarding a visit to Area 51. Whether anyone skates or not is another question, but hey, no better time to start either. Derek does not have a board with him, just his hoodie, over a shoulder and hopefully the spring day remains nice and warms up even more, a faded old t-shirt and some cargo shorts. Ready to just relax. Its anyone's guess if this is actually after school or not - it is team areas and its within the last few weeks of the school year. Late in the game to affect grades truth be told, why not enjoy the day. "Okay, I'll get a board I guess, and not use my powers." To just energy float himself around like he's a brow, because more risk does equal more reward and getting cuts and scrapes would be like trophies regardless.

Unbeknownst to the intrepid teens (heroes, intrepid heroes), a blip shows from inside the vehicle as three individuals are monitoring their screens. One may recognize Shady Cove on the green screen, looks like a radar. An older man is there with grim determination on his face, he turns to the other two. "Looks like its his signature again, and far enough away from that school to get a clear reading." The school does try to protect the kids, there is a limit to that protection it would seem. "Get in, hit him, get out. Either he's coming with us or we're taking a sample for tests." A silent one, dark mask over their face, flips a few switches and nods. They hear what he says in their minds, something to the affect of recording this scenario for field observations of test subject Tempo.

"Why get a board when you can glide around on energy." Annaliesa doesn't have a board either, but she does have a bottle or two of water in her backpack. "I can surf the jumps while you ride the energy. There's no one around to see it. Felicia can jump them in her remote control car. It'll be great." She is at least wearing jeans, trekking around in a school uniform wouldn't be conducive to having fun.

Felicia is always on board with leaving the school, even if she is breaking the rules to do so. Considering she is also trying to get into enough trouble to get out of that whole prom thing, even better. Not that she has told anyone other than Daxton and Oliver about that plan. Out of her school uniform and in her usual garb of jeans and longsleeve t-shirt she "Yeah don't be a cheaterface." she says to Derek, since they all know that is something he is good at. "Because it's not a challenge without the board Anna." maybe she wants to see him wipeout. "I'm just going to watch guys." she rubs at her elbow "I'm still feeling all achey." she did yesterday too, though she leaves off the tired part.

Daxton went with, having decided to try to get his mind off of whatever internal drama is happening. He has no board either, instead his hands are shoved into his hoodie pocket. The teen is slouched over, his posture never seems to be good. He eyes the abandoned hospital as they pass, blue eyes focusing on a few of the broken windows. At Felicia's admittance he frowns looking back over at her, "Still?"

Curious about the part involving water and floating about tricky like on it, Derek grins to Liesa, "Oh yeah, could you make someone else sort of surf?" He's entirely curious on this, they may have to make a part of Paragon Island the Ares playground, for water surfing obstacles, riding remote control cars and plans, and anything else they can think of. Senior year is shaping up with this crowd. He turns slightly at the achy part, "Do we need to go take a time out?" Or a nap he means, thrown towards Daxton and Felicia, just teasing about being achey is all.

The dark masked man, seems to have a full dark suit, nods to his counterparts and the image before them is now a nearby part of Maple Drive, they step in to some cover behind some shrubs. The dark masked man nods again, two portals open, more like folded space, one behind the group, one to the side. He steps into one, the girl between them takes the last one. She herself wears army fatigues, much like the older man is in field gear. She pulls a vile from a cargo pocket and pops it in. The old man steps out, "Tempo, time to come home son."

"Oh sure, I could do that, but you'd have to manage to stay up on the surf board on your own. My dad's a pro surfer," Annaliesa rolls her eyes as if in an 'imagine that' sort of thing. "But I could give you waves you could ride," she grins at Felicia, "Just ask my roommate." Looking over at her though, she frowns, "Achy?" Then Daxton adds to it, "What do you mean still? Are you sick?" Felicia is never one to complain, so friend-radar has kicked in. She's unaware of the masked folks, too bust with her friends.

There is an eyeroll at Derek "I'll be fine." Felicia tells him blandly but when Anna is asking as well "Really. I'm fine." is said with more assurance to her bestie. "More like again." she says to Daxton, the meds helped yesterday, but of course those kind of things wear off. "If none of us have boards why the skate park?" well she has a board, but it is the keychain variety, and the wheels are a bit worn thanks to speed experiments. Any other thoughts though are tossed out as the unfamiliar make voice announces himself, with that foreboding sentence. She immediately goes into defense mode.

Daxton's looking at Felicia and nods, taking her work for it. That has his attention, not any portals appearing. The speedster's stomach drops at that voice, much less the words. He knows that voice, somehow. Using the speed they gave him he also drops into defensive stance next to Felicia. Probably one that was taught to him by them ironically. His voice is low, and there's a definitely tremble that's not vibration caused, "No, no….Anna , Derek, fall back!" The man speaking is stared at while his fist clench, he's fighting the flight or fight response, hard to say which he's fighting though.

Fall back, words Derek doesn't understand, not just cause military, but an advance to the rear doesn't seem fitting either. "The fu…" he is saying, raising his hand even, to summon orange energy while he's wings come out. The shot heard around the world, proverbial like.

The girl, now feeling energy running through her body from the vial, grins and waves her fingers from her vantage point, a run down building covered with ivy, near the park maybe. Derek stumbles and rubs his eyes a moment. Then summons his energy like warclub thing and starts swinging like he's fighting something off. May want to back away from him, like that's he's as dangerous to the team as he is the one's calling for Tempo. He's walking in that fight against the unknown, advancing towards the park, away from everyone else all together, making noises of exertion as if really fighting.

Dark Mask sets up one of those wall portals, if the team turns around, they're looking at themselves, as if, running back will just put them where they started. "No time Tempo, just come along, your friends here won't be hurt." He grins a little, the old man, wirey thin in a physically fit sort of thin way, stepping forward with a nod. "The easy way or the hard way Soldier, you're Duty bound." A slight snap in there, infliction on duty bound, watching Daxton's reaction.

"If you need something though, Felicia, just let me know, okay?" Annaliesa tells her friend, though everything on that front comes to a stand still as the voice registers and she turns to face the threat(s). "Oh no," she pales visibly, her backpack with the water held like a lifeline. When Derek just goes crazy, she realizes she can't fall back with him at all, in fact, she backs away from him and turns, only to confront .. herself. A squeak emits and she turns back around, realizing there's nothing she can do. Cornered, she sort of panics, lacking the confidence in herself and the abilities to be that 'superhero' thing that her friends are. "Just leave us alone!" she calls out, fumbling for a bottle of the water. It could be a missile if she needed, and she grabs it, looking as if she is just going to throw it at the nearest person, or anyone who threatens her.

Okay, so this is happening…though what /this/ is, is still an unknown to Felicia. So far there is an old guy in a suit giving orders and another girl whom she may or may not have noticed yet. And then there is Derek fighting air, odd yes, but it gets him out of the way so the real heroes can deal with the problem. Of course Anna freaks. Felicia is really going to have to work with the mermaid on that. Glancing over her shoulder she snorts in amusement at seeing the backside of herself, there maybe a comment about how nice her butt is. There is quick realization that the guy is here for Daxton and she glances at him, planning to take a cue from him on how to deal with this, and of course ready to grab him in case that is necessary as well.

Daxton's vibrating, anyone close enough can feel that, but his stance changes as the man speaks. He straightens slightly, the terror on his face fades a little into confusion. His blue eyes dull slightly and his head tilts, "There's always time…" he sounds like he's quoting something back at the man, although the confusion deepens, so maybe he doesn't know what he's quoting back. That seems to shake him enough to focus more on the situation at hand, "Leave them alone…I'm not going anywhere with you." His fists ball up, he's not going back. Not alive anyway.

Derek is off in his own world. Something about Demons he says, fighting off towards the rusty old playground equipment in the park there, covered in lots of ivy. Must be a really warm spring to be that overgrown so soon. A clank resounds as he swings at something and hits the bars of the swingset.

"Ah," grins the old man, "But we're almost out." Of time. He steps forwards as if he's no threatening, that smile to his features (as done by Scott Glenn), that just rubs slightly threatening despite how passive he seems want to act. "Two ways out Tempo, my way or," a shrug, as if the other way is certainly worse. Those looking back see that folded space field sort of waver. Splitting the image of the group in two. Its confusing, (+roll mind or psychic or other ability if applicable). The masked man stays behind, controlling that field for the moment. The girl that sent Derek off to the playground turns her attention towards Annaliesa, noting the bottle in hand. "I don't think so," she says, twisting her fingers and pulling a hex to hurl at her, to jinx her in some manner.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Specialist Lopez=5 Vs Annaliesa=Mystic

< Specialist Lopez: Good Success Annaliesa: Good Success

< Net Result: Annaliesa wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Felicia rolls Mind: Failure.

<FS3> Annaliesa rolls Psychic: Success.

The bottle considered, all within the few seconds she has as the other person twists the fingers and tosses.. magic at her? What. The. Fuck. Annaliesa doesn't take an attack to herself so easily, opening the bottle and flinging the contents in the air and raising her own hand to control it in a rush at the eyes of the women, something to distract her, but will only gain her a moment or two. The other bottle of water is removed and she goes for the cap, already thinking about what she can do with it if needed. Seeing the shift behind her, then the man trying to separate them from Daxton, she spills the contents and goes after him with the water, if possible, even if only a deterrent.

<FS3> Annaliesa rolls Mystic Vs 4: Good Success.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Alertness: Success.

Felicia quickly takes stock of the quickly degrading situation and the threat that has come out to play with Anna, who despite her freak out is handling well enough. The portal splitting is noticed though the teenage titan isn't sure what it means, but it can't be good. Especially since they seem to be converging on Daxton "Standing still.." she says in a low tone to Daxton beside her "Not a good idea. Run." she tells him as she does the same, toward the old man while Anna hopefully has him distracted with her water attack,

<FS3> Daxton rolls Physical V 7: Success.

Daxton's face crunches up and he shakes his head, like he's trying to clear it. "No…that's not right." There's always time, they made sure of that when they did this to him! Tempo- Daxton's breathing is picking up, anxiety starting to pull at him. The speedster is being pulled in several directions, and he's not one for being cornered. One fisted hand goes up, touching his shoulder where a certain patch used to be. The order from Felicia though, that's something he's glad to do. Although seeing her move towards the man triggers something else in him. Maybe it's his time fighting with Unit 23, but he knows that running away isn't going to work. Not if they want to all get out. Fel has the man who's name Dax swears he knows, if just given time, and Anna's got the woman, which may shake Derek free. Right now, the biggest threat is the masked portal dude. His intent is to speed punch him right on the side of his masked head. Jerkface.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Physical V 7: Failure.

So, Derek is off, going to town on the slide, which is some ice demon currently to him. Liesa gets off some water at the girl, enough to prevent the attack directed her way, but that doesn't change Derek's condition. The water she doses towards the masked one does distract him. Those angled planes of teleporting waver and change to odd angles, one rotating up towards the sky and showing the ocean somewhere, the other rotates down and seems to be a building top. Confused, those planes finally shatter when Daxton rolls up on him with a speed punch. Portals lost. He instead opens one beneath him to near the vehicle they came from (Dax can try a speed roll to swing at him before he goes).

Felicia runs for the old man, who is there one minute and just not. Rather 10 yards away, he smirks, "You'll have to try better than that Missy." More snug in the thought, as if he just knew that would happen. "Tempo, little time for the games son. Time to pay the piper." He moves forward, drawing a syringe, headed for the speedster. After Felicia's attack, they can see his form waver, as if displaced from where ever it is the old man is actually standing.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Old Man Blood Draw=7 Vs Daxton=Physical

< Old Man Blood Draw: Good Success Daxton: Success

< Net Result: Old Man Blood Draw wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Daxton rolls Physical V 7: Failure.

It's a swing and a miss for Felicia, who put enough strength into the punch that the ailing teen girl's momentum keeps her going, which in itself isn't right, she should be heavy and dense enough to be solidly grounded enough to not face plant. Which she does, right onto the concrete and it hurts a lot more than it should. Of course she misses all that other stuff in the process.

The water strikes the man in the face and distracts him, but it's not enough, he teleports away, leaving her fighting the woman, if the woman is going to continue fighting her. She uses the water to surround the other girls neck, tightening it in a noose sort of thing, tighter and tighter.

It's almost as if these people know Tempo's training and know what he'd do next. A growl escapes the speedster as he moves to kick at the disappearing man in the portal, but he misses as he's suddenly grappled from behind by the old man Felicia was dealing with . Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but the man whispers something into Daxton's ear as he jabs the syringe into the teen's side. Something happens that's not been seen since Tabitha yoinked the speedsters kinetic energy in the laundry room, Dax completely stills.

The continued control of the water on Specialist Lopez finally seems to help. Derek is free, he is between some rusty playground equipment. He uses his energy to push clear and takes flight, spending the moment trying to recall what's going on.

The old man didn't get his full target, but has something just as useful for now. "We'll talk later, old friend." He says, leaving Daxton in the completely still state he is in, torn between pulling him along, but the dead weight is too much. He tucks the blood away though. "Fade … get Lopez, we're en route in 60." To which a portal appears above the girl and starts moving down to pull her someplace else, perhaps free of the water which is choking her for the moment.

Annaliesa doesn't want to let the woman go, the water keeps surrounding her, choking her, and the mermaid doesn't let up. It takes the others taking her away for her to realize she was about to kill someone. Shaken, she stumbles back, the water just goes in a warm rush over the woman as Anna lets go of the spell. Her foot finds the tractor tire used as a sandbox and she falls back into it, finding herself seated on a pile of sand and dirt that has been packed in over time from unuse. "Daxton.." she calls out, worry dripping in her tone.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Physical Vs 7: Success.

Owwww is going through Felicia's head as she peels herself off the concrete and looks over to see the Old Man has a grip on Dax, she can't she the syringe in his hand, so to her it looks like the Old Man is punching him. The teen girl sees red and strangely tastes iron, or maybe that is the blood flowing into her eyes from the gash on her forehead and the blood on her lips from her busted nose. She is unaware of both at the moment. There is once more rushing to attack the Old Man, trying to grab him from behind and pull him off her teammate.

Daxton sinks to the ground, unaware of anything being said to him. Or really anything at all. His eyes have dulled, but are still open. The speedsters breathes shallow, shallow enough it looks like he's not berthing at first.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Fade Teleport=7 Vs Gravity=5

< Fade Teleport: Good Success Gravity: Good Success

< Net Result: Gravity wins - Marginal Victory

Before the Old Man can completely get away, a Felicia has grabbed him to pull him off. "Fade, target inbound." Is called out. With Lopez in the clear, Fade turns as the Old Man drops the vial of blood, not fighting against Felicia. A small portal opens to the inside of that vehicle. But not before it hits the ground to open. A fair amount of blood and broken glass go to the ship, joined by Fade and Lopez. "Too late Missy," says the Old Man. He tries some martial arts to trip up Felicia to get away himself, but the vial must of been more important (roll coming).

Derek swoops down to the group, broken a little with Felicia bleeding and Daxton zoned out on the ground. He doesn't say anything.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Old Man=7 Vs Felicia=Physical

< Old Man: Good Success Felicia: Great Success

< Net Result: Felicia wins - Solid Victory

Annaliesa is unhurt, the water doing the trick to protect her from whatever the woman threw at her. She stands out of the sandbox, feet finding the ground, looking between Daxton and Felicia. The blood from her roomie was an immediate concern, but Dax looked like he wasn't breathing. "They shot him with something! They killed him!" It's time for her to freak out all over again. She runs to his side, sliding in to kneel beside him and reach for his wrist to feel for a pulse even as she tries to lift his head a little. There's anger in her eyes as she watches Felicia attack, even all bloodied. Now there was a score to settle.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Physical Vs 7: Failure.

Felicia is focused on the Old Man and keeping her grip on him solid, so that despite his fancy moves he can't get away. Unfortunately to keep a firm grip on him she has to sacrifice her own ability to attack him so her attempt at knocking the guy out is ineffectual, if it even connected at all.

Daxton's head is dead weight, Anna gets no help lifting it from Daxton. Depending on how freaked out she is versus how observant she may pick up on the shallow breathing. Maybe. His pulse is slow, weak, but steady. Strangely slow for him to have just been running.

The man tries moves, they fail, he avoids her fist in the process. "Carry on Fade, fly home bird." Said to the two in whatever ship they have. Thrusters fire distantly, the ship takes off. The man is fine being captured it seems and he settles down, lips zipped.

"What, Dead …" Derek moves close to Liesa and Daxton, not to crowd too much, he can't really help, but concern is there. "I should call faculty …" Even if it could spell more detention, but a cautionary look at Felicia. Can they have a prisoner for staff to do something with, he has no clue.

"No wait, he's not dead." Annaliesa feels the trace pulse, not really sure on the shallow breathing, but he wasn't dead. At least not yet. "Yes," she is resigned, "Call the faculty. We'll probably miss prom now." It wasn't her goal, but they had a prisoner now. She remains there holding on to Daxton, "He needs some help, something happened."

Try to hurt and kidnap her friends! Felicia thinks not. She is hulking over there with her grip on the Old Dude shifting to a sleeper hold, dealing with him while the others deal with Daxton. The Old Dude eventually passes out, but she keeps a hold of him until faculty shows up, just in case.

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