(2016-05-09) Growing Pains
Growing Pains
Summary: They take many forms and Daxton and Felicia both are experiencing them.
Date: 2016-05-09
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A massive dome overhead is completely revealing of the ocean above it. This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Ropes hanging from a section of that dome ceiling ready to be climbed are tied off to not impede on gym floor activity. Exercise equipment and weights are off to the far end. At anytime the floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played if needed. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side and opposite this are wooden bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome itself overhead.

With the student body being only about 50 or so, there are some classes that just have to be mixed up as far as grades go. One of these is PE…or as it is called at Coral Springs, Super PE! Don't let the name full you, the only thing super about it is the teenagers that have to participate. Other than that is like any other PE class in any other school, most of the time.

The 25 students that make up the class today have been divided into four teams, as evenly as possible. Right now two of those teams are on the floor playing some sort of weird amalgam of dodge ball and soccer, against each other, and the other two teams are waiting to have their turn. Of course the winners of each match with compete to get to the ultimate winning team.

Felicia is on one of the teams that is waiting on the bleachers, she has a Monster sitting between her feet and she is absently rubbing at her elbow as she watches the two teams try to tag each other with balls and get goals "This is almost like quidditch, without the brooms and snitch." she comments to whoever is sitting nearby.

Oliver is not a fan of PE. While he's happy to run around, he's not terribly into the whole 'organized sports' thing…even though he understands the reason for it. It's pretty much the only think that keeps him from being a complete grump about it. Teamwork is important. That he gets. As he sits on the bleachers with Felicia, he rests an elbow on one knee and sort of forlornly watches the game, "It would be more fun with brooms and flying and stuff. I might even get into that." Although probably not.

He glances as she rubs at her elbow, "You ok?" It's been a weekend…he's been busy with work and homework and socializing fell by the wayside so he's trying to catch up on all the news from the last couple of days.

Daxton's sitting next to her on the other side, looking slightly annoyed by the whole thing. A speedster playing dodgeball? This is going to be so unfair he feels uncomfortable. "Yeah." He's hunched over, his elbows on his knees. that doesn't stop his leg from bouncing, although it does muffle it a little so the entire bench isn't shaking…yet. "Did you see all the suits yesterday at the rink?" It's been tugging at the back of his head, but then he realized this could be very normal for having a super hero school nearby. Blue eyes flicker from the action on the floor to Fel's elbow. He can't remember if she fell skating or not.

"Just tired and achey." which could be why Felicia is chain drinking the energy drinks. "I better not be coming down with the flu or something." she answers Oliver as she switches to rubbing her other arm after sipping her drink "Suits?" she questions Dax as she thinks back to yesterday's rink escapades. And yes she fell down a few times with her skate dancing antics, but that shouldn't have the girl feeling achey or anything. She has taken worse hits and not felt it later, in this very class even "The MiB looking guys?" she hmmms "I saw a few lurking near the restrooms while I was getting food. They disappeared though between me ordering food and taking another look at them." she hasn't been here long enough to know if that is odd or not.

Oliver tenses up after realization hits. "MiB looking guys? In suits?" Even though they just said that. He glances around as if seeing if they might somehow be hiding in the school's gym, "Oh, my god…I knew I shouldn't have told anyone…" even though some of the teachers seemed to know already. In a typical teenage (and maybe not so typical paranoid) fashion he lowers his voice and asks two of the three who saw him firsthand, "Do you think they're looking for me?"

Daxton nods, "Suits." Well, that answered nothing. He'll ask around if he finds someone who's been here longer then. "Yeah, they came into the Rink, stood around in the back and talking into their sleeves or something. At least that's what Kaylee said." He then blinks, lowering his voice on instinct, "No?" He then offers, "Oliver, they could have been there protecting someone, or looking for anyone here." He licks his lips and then offers, trying to calm the other boy, "You know I'm an escaped government experiment, right?" Well, that's only partially true. But still. Could have been for anyone. Fel gets another glance, "Are you getting sick?" he heard about people farting glitter, he'd rather that not happen to him.

Felicia looks from Oliver to Dax a few times "Let's back the paranoid train up a bit Oliver." she tells him first "I doubt anyone here would have told anyone anything about you." she assures him "And do you really think they would have looked for you at the skating rink?" she doubts it. There is a nod at Dax's logical explanation of them being there for some innocent reason "Nothing happened, no use worrying about it." not unless they are seen again. "I hope not. I feel fine other than the bones aching and the tiredness. Maybe it's old age setting in." she jokes.

Oliver looks sharply at Daxton but manages to relax some, "I didn't know that. I don't think you're failed though. I mean, you freaking ran across the water! How cool is that?" The other gets a grin before he looks back to Felicia. There's a sigh when he's told to dial back the paranoia, "I don't know…there was a gathering of teenagers?" She gets a more intent look before her joke brings back a grin, "Well, then I'm totally screwed because I think I'm older than you."

All right, change of subject while they wait their turn. "So, are you two going to Prom at all? I have a sort of funny story related to that…"

Daxton quips back to Fel, "You are getting up there." An eyebrow raises at Oliver's words and Dax smirks as he watches the game. "Not failed, that's why they want me back…" The smirk fades into frown, "Well, they want any of us back." look, his shoes seem rather interesting now and his leg's bouncing kicks up a notch. Talk of prom makes the speedster sigh, "I'm trying to get a shift at work….Rosa was asking about prom. I think she's trying to find a junior to take her."

"It was at the skating rink. There is always teenagers there." especially on the weekends. Felicia shrugs she doesn't really know how old people are, that's not something she asks about really. She just assumes that the ones in her grade are around her age, and those in other grades are either older or younger. "I so am." she buries her face in her hands for a moment and then prom is brought up and lip curls at Oliver "Prom? Nope. I have to wash my hair. Wash my dog's hair. Write my autobiography…" their is a beat "Fulfill my potential!" she sweeps a hand out grandly as the throws out that last excuse.

The subject of prom actually seems a little safer to discuss, oddly enough. "Why don't you see if Grayson wants to take your shift? that's part of my sort of funny story. Maybe it's not really funny, but it was at the time. But he's not going, so maybe? Then you and Rosa can go?" Oliver lifts an eyebrow at Felicia's response, "Why don't you just ask someone? Unless you really don't want to go." There's another pause then, "Grayson actually asked me, thinking that I was a Junior. But I thought -he- was a Junior…turns out neither of us can go since we're both Sophomores." There's the funny story.

Daxton snorts at her response. He should have said that too! His hair's getting longer! Dax blinks, finally looking at Oliver. "No? I don't really want to go. I don't got anyone to ask, much less the cash to blow of a dance." His head shakes, "Sorry, you guys should have a snit-prom party or something. That’s what I told Rosa to do."

Felicia had already gotten the idea that Dax didn't want to go, and his comment about picking up the shift confirms it "I'm sure you won't have a problem getting the shift. They love you there." he's the speediest delivery boy, they certainly better! She laughs at Oliver's and Gray's obliviousness "You two clearly weren't paying attention." then she shakes her head "If I wanted to go I would have a date already." she states "Look at me. I'm hot." she gestures to herself in her Ares training uniform, no lack of confidence there, "I've already turned down a few guys asking. So that isn't the issue." she hmmms at the party idea "A prom party isn't a bad idea. you should totally do that.

"Gray doesn't want to go either," but he knew that Oliver was a social butterfly, so that's why he asked. "If you don't want to go then I guess using work is a good reason not to go. It'll probably be popular for pre-prom food anyhow." Or post-prom, depending on how late they're open. He does grin when Felicia makes her statement, "Oh, I know you would be fighting people off!" While he's curious about what -is- the issue, it's probably not something to discuss in gym class.

"An Anti-Prom party? That could be fun, even though I'm not anti-prom. I'd go. Help you out, if I could. I can at least get coffee…"

Daxton blinks and then head shakes, "No no. I'm not…No Dax parties. Those turn out poorly." Just ask Fel. It's just a suggestion if others want it. I'll be hiding at work or in my room." Cause that's very hero like. Felicia gets an amused look at her self praise and he just smirks and shakes his head before looking back to the game.

"No, no Oliver. The Anti-Prom party would be for Freshies and Sophies only." Felicia explains to him "Or else it would be just a party. You gotta ban the people that banned you sorta thing." she thinks a moment "You can have yours in the cafeteria or maybe even someplace in town." she gives a shrug only throwing out the two suggestions. "What?" she questions the amused look Dax gives her "You suggesting I am not hot?" the question is not at all serious of course.

Oliver gives a snort, "I don't feel banned from Prom. It's something for upperclassmen. And if an upperclassman asked me, I'd be able to go so…besides, I don't want to plan a party." He then looks back to the game for a moment before he glances at the two on the bleachers next to him, "You both -do- realize that you're up for Prom Prince and Princess, right?"

Daxton's head just shakes and he points to the gym competition, "I'm just watching the game." The game, which is much more interesting than prom. Oliver's words connect with his ears, but hat doesn't mean they actually register. Because that's crazy talk. The speedster frowns softly, eyes staying on the balls being dodged. Oliver is clearly talking about someone else. Or maybe just Felicia. He could see her secretly liking being a princess.

"Ask Anna. She would probably love to plan a party for you guys. Even if she couldn't go." Felicia suggests to Oliver "She has tried to talk me into going, but I've stayed firm. I don't want to have to witness her and Derek all night." cause gross. There is an outright laugh at Daxton "I'll take that as agreement." to her being hot. Of course she is going to take it that way. Then Oliver is dropping bombs and she blinks at him, actual surprise on her face "Wait…what?" she is in a state of disbeleif as well "We were nominated for Prince and Princess?" there is a pause "Dax and I?" she needs to hear that again.

Oliver looks between the two, "Didn't you see the list that went out? Yeah…you two are on the list and I'm -totally- going to vote for you!" He actually grins at their surprise at this. "You two are popular! Why wouldn't you be? I mean…heck, I'd go with you if you wanted…Gray might kill me, but I'd go if you wanted."

Damn it, no. Don't say it again. That makes it real. Blue eyes dart over and glare at Oliver, the bearer of bad news. No, clearly they hadn't. The speedster's leg stops bouncing, which for those that know him is usually not a good sign. "This is bullshit." And with that Daxton stands, like he's going to be able to do something about it.

"That must have been that thing they handed out in first period. I didn't bother looking at it, just shoved it in my satchel." Felicia never reads hand outs. She has reasons, that only a few know about. "I'm not popular Oliver, everyone just knows my name." mostly for her troublemaking antics "How did the faculty even allow that. I'm not a student in good standing." grades only average and she still has detentions to serve "This is total bullshit." she is in agreement with Daxton "Girls like me do not get nominated for prom stuffs."

Oliver just blinks between the two of them, "You guys are upset about this? Really? It means people like you!" At least, that's what he always assumed it meant. It's all a big popularity contest, after all. "If you don't really want to be considered, you can probably talk to someone and have your names removed? I think it's really cool."

Daxton turns and looks at Felicia, not sure if this is a agreement time, or argue. She is popular, just not the fluffy type. His jaw is tight, "People don't even know me, Oliver. It's a joke. Someone did it to be mean." At least about him, anyway. His hand twitches and then curls into a fist, "If they don't take us off, maybe we can just skip out…Or detention?" He looks to Felicia to see if she's in agreement.

It's PE class and since the student body is so small its a mix grade affair. The 25 students that make up today's class has been divided into four teams. Two teams are on the floor playing what is an amalgam of dodgeball and soccer, while the other two teams wait for thier turn. The ones waiting are sitting in the bleachers. Amoung them and Felicia, who sits between Oliver and an irate looking Daxton.

Felicia ughs at Oliver "I don't need a princess nomintation to know people like me. Hell I don't particularly need to be liked." though it is hard /not/ to like the friendly and exuberant teenage titan. She looks to Daxton an his comment "But who would do that? It's not like anyone knows you well enough to dislike you that much." and all of Ares likes him well enough to not do something like that out of the mean factor "You mean get into so much trouble that we get banned from prom?" she starts to get that mischivious look on her face, oh yeah she is so on for that.

"Don't shoot the messenger, ok?" Oliver holds up his hands as if in defense before he just gives a sigh. "I don't think the people here are mean like that. I think you're probably better liked than you let on…even if you try to be grumpy." He can't help but offer a grin at that last bit. As Felicia starts in on a troublemaking plan, he just rolls his eyes and sighs.

This may very well be why he's not on Team Ares.

"I still think you should go and if you win, be gracious and charming. Because that's just cool."

Daxton's kinda the opposite. It's very likely folks don't like him. Grumpy indeed. The hand that's not clenched raises to run across his growing out military cut. Not quite messy, but getting there. It makes him look younger, well, closer to his actual age anyway. He's agitated for sure, but that always seems to help his ability to keep someone's gaze, "Do you really want a list, Felicia?" He knows two different Ares off the top of his head that would do this. Blue eyes dart to the gym floor, maybe trying to locate the teacher. "I don't know. Maybe. I need to think on this." The speedster looks back to Oliver, "I don't like being forced into things."

Another one of the students that were just hanging out was Violet.

In spite of the school uniform she wore - she was forgoing her typical rings and jewelry, with it being P.E. and had her hair pulled back behind herself in a thick single ponytail. A beat, and she kinda brings up a hand to kinda brush that ponytail over her shoulder.

Consorting with the enemy? She didn't matter any. She still wore that makeup that some people considered awful, though - the thick eyeshadow around her eyes. She liked the 'dramatic' look. "Don't get banned from prom, Fel, you've got my vote for Princess," teases Vi, straightening back up against the bench behind her.

"And being forced inito things is part of the fun of high school - how else are psychologists going to make a living, right?" she asks Dax.

"Try?" Felicia has to laugh at that. Dax doesn't try to be grumpy, he succeeds at it. And since he has a lot to be grumpy about she puts up with it, patiently even, which doens't seem like it would be natural for her, but strangely it is. "We aren't upset at you Oliver." at least she isn't "But it would have been nice if whoever put my name in the hat would have asked first. Now I have been handed a commitment that I don't even want. And if whoever it was thinks that this will get me to go…well they are wrong. I doubly don't want to do now."

Under normal circumstances Felicia would answer that 'yes, she does want a list but after a moments thought she "I don't think Grayson would have put your name in." she getures to Oliver "He has other things on his mind at the moment." she brow waggles at Oliver. When Violet joins in the conversation Felicia looks over to her "Your not helping Westwood." she tells the other teen girl "And my psychologist already is making a killing of me and my brain, let's not give her more that she can mine for.

Oliver grins back at Daxton, "I'll go with you if you want! I'll even be a girl for it if that'd make you more comfortable." He then looks back to Violet, "Well, are -you- going? You're nominated too!" He looks back between Felicia and Daxton, "Are you and Grayson not getting along?" He hasn't heard about that, but wouldn't be too surprised. "Is there anything I can do to help? I don't want my friends fighting and I kind of want him to feel like he's welcome around my friends…although I know it's hard."

"Maybe, it's someone who wants to dance with you at prom, but is too shy to ask you out," says Violet, waggling her brows with a goofy manner. "Like one of the prom kings! You should go, come on - I hate proms, and cr… stuff like that, but… I dunno," she says, sticking out her hands and leaning back against the bench with them.

Violet makes a gesture, kinda open-handed, and otherwise. "I'm not dressing up for it, but I'm going - everyone at school is goin', right?" she says.

A beat more. "A good time to hang out, laugh, meet friends, get annoyed at loud music, stuff like that," she says. "Aren't you two guys in line to be prom kings or something," she says with a grin.

Daxton's angry frown turns towards Violet. "No. Just…no." At some point the school really needs to get him to talk to a shrink. But that reminder isn't helping either. Dax turns back to just evenly look at Felicia. That's totally something Grayson would do. or Derek. His hand goes to his head again, he's feeling the beginnings of a headache coming on. "No, Oliver. i don;t need Grayson pissed at me more. I've finally gotten him to not glare at me when i walk ingot he back room at work." Fingers go through his hair, "No. I'm not in line for anything. I'm supposed to work Friday night." See? Excuse. Boom. Done.

Oliver arches an eyebrow, "I'm a Sophomore. I'm not allowed…" even though Grayson asked him and he accepted, each thinking that the other was a Junior. So oblivious at times. "Besides I think Prom Kings are the Seniors." He looks back to Grayson, "Why was he pissed at you before? I mean, I guess I can see you two possibly baiting each other to see who explodes first…" which could be interesting, but he's not sure he wants to see that, "So…that's good that he's no longer glaring? I wish I could get him to figure out that people don't just hate him on sight or something."


"If I went as a girl I don't know that he'd be upset. Although he might be. I'm not sure. Huh. I should ask him about that…"

At the offer from Oliver Felicia looks between the pair of guys, thoughtfully humming at an idea that is slow in forming. It will come to her, she just needs more time. "We aren't not, not getting along." she really has little contact outside of team trainings and meetings with Grayson, so she can't really say one way or the other if they are getting along or not. "And I haven't gone out of my way to be antagonize him." though she hasn't really reached out to him either. Her money would be on Derek putting both their names in.

"I've seen all the movies and tv shows about how those things go. All the drama and angst. I'll pass." this is Felicia's first high school experience, at least that she can remember, so all her ideas of the high school concept come from TV and movies. "It a guy isn't brave enough to ask me up front than he really isn't my type." any guy that is going to have to go on a date with Felicia is going to have to have a backbone and be able to speak their mind or else they will get railroaded at every turn. "I can do all that at the burger or pizza place. I don't need a special dance for that.

Oliver arches an eyebrow, "I'm a Sophomore. I'm not allowed…" even though Grayson asked him and he accepted, each thinking that the other was a Junior. So oblivious at times. "Besides I think Prom Kings are the Seniors." He looks back to Grayson, "Why was he pissed at you before? I mean, I guess I can see you two possibly baiting each other to see who explodes first…" which could be interesting, but he's not sure he wants to see that, "So…that's good that he's no longer glaring? I wish I could get him to figure out that people don't just hate him on sight or something."


"If I went as a girl I don't know that he'd be upset. Although he might be. I'm not sure. Huh. I should ask him about that…"

He then looks to Felicia, "I thought it was a chance to get dressed up and celebrate the end of the year and stuff. I watched those movies too, you know…"

"You should come, Daxton. It'll suck if no one from the school decides to go, you know? And as some of the older kids, we should…" Violet had a slightly teasy tone to her voice, holding up her hand like a girl scout swearing an oath. "…set an example for all the wee kids around here," she says with a wryness to her voice.

"Eh, prom kings, queens, princesses - it's all the same," she says.

Oliver was given a bit of a look, curious, by Violet, but her eyes flicker back towards Felicia proper. "Drama makes everything fun, Fel. Life's too boring as superheroic teens otherwise," she says with a grin. She was picking up that vibe from Felicia about her type of guy.

Or maybe Violet was just trolling the group of friends at this point, it's a mystery.

Daxton's head shakes, not wanting to get into a Grayson is a jerk face conversation with his boyfriend. That's just not needed. "It's fine…we're….fine now. Just let it be." He blinks, his fist finally relaxing, but it then moves to start thumping the side of his leg quickly. "Yeah..ask that before you offer." Blue eyes roll, "You are all screwed if you're using me as any kind of an example."

"I've only been here two months. What exactly would I be celebrating." That logic confuses the girl a bit "Though it that is the case, maybe I'll go next year." Violet gets a laugh "I'm the last person anyone should be using a an example. Unless that example is how to get a detention with the least amount of effort. Prime example for that one. "I get enough drama in my life already, lets not add that to it." between Anna, Derek, Daxton and Grayson, that is the truth. There is a nod at Daxton "You and me both."

Violet can't help but grin at that. "So, it's settled - we need to find the girl and boy that are the best examples, and vote them into office or whatever," says Violet with a flick of her wrist, the sound of dodgeballs and pain exploding in the background. "Do we know who the candidates are? Who would you guys choose?" she says.

A beat.

What Oliver says seems to draw her attention - and she brings up her hand to kinda flick a lock of her hair over her shoulder. "Maybe we should do it as a team thing. Vote for each other, as these attributes. Kinda ruin the way the prom is set up, but… I'm really okay with ruining those silly popularity contests, anyways."

Yup, this is definitely a headache. There bridge of Dax's nose is pinched. "I don't like attention drawn to me…" His blue eyes flicker to Oliver, but he doesn't answer. This isn't a shrink session, and they certainly don't have the time to get into any of Dax's real issues. Dax gives a one shoulder shrug, he didn't even know he was on the list, bunch less who else is. "I wasn't going to vote at all, as I'm not going."

"Just cause I don't want to be prom princess doesn't mean I am down on myself. It just means I don't want to be prom princess. Felicia looks at Violet quizzically "I'm not sure I follow. How is voting for each other going to ruin anything? And why would I want to ruin prom? My freinds are going, I wouldn't want to ruin thier good time just because I don't want to have anything to do with it." another nod "Not voting, I approve of this plan."

Oliver just shakes his head and looks out at the teams still playing against each other. "I don't get it. I just don't. We're at this school where all of us can do…stuff. Cool stuff. And the few attempts this school makes at giving us 'normal' High School experiences is met with all sorts of scorn." This might be the first time that Oliver has actually seemed upset at something. "I'm just trying to enjoy the fact that I have a place that is trying to let me be a normal kid as long as possible before I have to go fend for myself. Sorry if I don't agree with your weird, random rebelliousness over something as doofy as Prom nominations and a themed dance." And with that, he stands up, gives a stretch, and moves to head down towards the court. Maybe he'll actually ask to get tagged in.

"I mean…" Violet kinda waves a hand dismissively. And she pauses a beat. "Nevermind. I have this grand, complicated plan in my mind, but, eh," she says.

A beat though, as Oliver says his piece and storms off, and Violet lets her blue eyes kinda soften on him, clicking her tongue against the roof of his mouth. "He's got a point," she says. "Not sure I feel the need for high school experience, but he's got a point," she says.

A handful of moments more, and she clicks her tongue against the roof of her mouth. "Anyways - catch you guys later? I think I'm gonna tag out, and go… look at the ocean or somethin' a while," she says, kinda turning away from the group, and lifting up a hand to wave in farewell.

Daxton saw Oliver after he touched the thing he shouldn't have touched. Dax has seen him upset. He frowns, his leg starting to bounce again. " What the hell…" He looks over at Fel as Oliver stomps off. "Did either of us say we didn't want the others to have a nice time?" He starts to stand up again and tells Violet she she's leaving too, "I'm not normal. I don't ever get to be. Pretending doesn't make it better." He takes deep breath, "I'm gonna ask if they'll let me have some aspirin."

Felicia has a low guilt threshold about certain things and Oliver just pinged hers with is monolog and moving off to take a moment to cool down "I still have another year, I can have that high school experience next year if I really want to." right now though she just isn't feeling it. A wave is given to Violet "Later Violet." she then gets to her feet "Wait up Dax. I could go for some aspirin too." she was complaining about being achey and tired earlier, and that hasn't changed any. And as much as she hates medbay she can handle the trip better if she isn't alone.

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