(2016-05-08) Skates Alive
Skates Alive
Summary: Various students on their night off. And apparently roller skating is of interest to MIBs.
Date: 2016-05-08
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NPCs: MIB types
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Mother's Day is almost over and Dax is very happy to have had the earlier shift. The teen's super speed has allowed him to earn money at a should be alarming rate. He's spending it about as fast too, although it's at least on things most teens already have. Currently Dax is walking around the area, hands in his pockets, deciding if he really wants to attempt skating or not. Off his elbow is his book bag where he normally stuffs his work clothes.

Aidan had come to the skating rink today, but not planning to skate. As much amusement as that would surely bring the other patrons here…no. He had come for the arcade and that is where he was currently, playing away at some pinball style game. "OH C'MON! I jerked my head to the right that means you go right! What are you DOING!?" he pleads to the little ball inside with no avail. It was on it's on mission. As that game ends he pulls another quarter from his pocket, lifting a drink from the ground and taking a sip before sliding the coin in and having another go. "Alright…I'm sorry. Let's try again and this time I won't yell at you…"

Felicia on the other hand has already gotten her rental skates. That was an ardous process…well for the employee at least. Finding a pair that will hold her weight, because the new ones with aluminum wheel mounts certainly wasn't going to do it. A pair that fit the bill was found though and she is now sitting on a bench lacing them on her eyes occassionally lifting to watch the wandering Daxton "To skate or not to skate.." she starts to bastardize Shakespeare "What kinda question is that. Get some skates and come on man.

With it being her first weekend in Coral Springs and all, Kaylee /had/ planned on spending most of it curled up in her room, lonely and alone and moping about home. (Un?)Fortunately for her, there are other students like Tabitha about who won't let new students feel that way! So it is that she's been coerced out of the school and into the city and to the least-likely of all places: THE SKATING RINK! (cue dramatic swell) Kaylee protested mightily at first, but there is just no reckoning with a tour de force like Tabitha. And so, Kaylee has skates that match her shoe size all laced up and she's standing (which is, so far, a big accomplishment) next to the railing, hanging on for dear life. "Oh, Tabitha, I really don't know about this. It's sooo full in here. Are you sure I can't just watch you skate?" she frets, pushing her glasses back up into place again- they keep sliding down because she keeps staring down at her feet, trying to convince them to stay underneath her now that they have wheels on them.

It doesn't take a great deal of coercion to convince Jacob to head out this way. Just let him know that some of his friends will be there. Or that, y'know, it's a Sunday and he's done enough studying for a while. Glancing up from where he's getting his own skates properly secured, he glances over toward Kaylee and smirks. "No, that's my job," he calls over to the two of them. "Isn't that right, Aurora?" Because Aurora sounds like an actual name. Well, a more common name, Aura probably /is/ someone's actual name somewhere or other.

Tabitha was awake and out the doors even before Bev woke up, and that glowstick always woke up when the first tiny blink of sunlight had the idea of appearing. But the early departure was required, because today was supposed to be her band's first scheduled day in the studio to get their album recorded. Supposed to be. But instead they ended up unpacking the van when they got the call that the studio was having electrical issues. So back to Coral Springs she went, and in an effort to not only keep Kaylee from vegetating in her room but to also boost her own spirits she decided to give Kaylee the tour of Shady Cove.

And yes, skating is a thing that helps in all ways. She smirks over at Kaylee's complaining as she finishes putting on her inline skates, no regular 4-wheel skates for this girl. "You'll be fine. Those kid skates are as stable as regular feet. Just don't try to move too fast." Jacob's remark gets an eye roll and then a quizzical look at the name. "Aurora? Who am I, Sleeping Beauty?" She stands up and glides over to brake next to Kaylee by the railing. "Just give it a go for a bit. If you don't like it, there's the arcade."

Daxton's eyes roll as he's badgered by Felicia. "It's a poety one." His fingers twitch in his pocket as he considers and then nods, "Yeah…guess I should see if I'm a missile or not on them." It wasn't too terrible on the skateboard, maybe skates themselves won't be so bad. He'll puff out his cheeks and head towards the rental booth, his book bag quickly placed in a locker.

Felicia has to laugh at that "Hamlet on skates. I'd pay to see that." she at least gets the play were the quote came from correct. Proving she isn't a total slouch academically. Maybe. Getting to her feet she shuffles her feet forward. She doesn't remember ever skating before, but that doesn't mean she hasn't. It's one of those don't know until you try kinda moments. So far so good and she pushes off with one foot and then the other "Hey! I can skate!" she says excitedly as if this was a surprise to her.

Jacob doesn't miss a beat after Tabitha's retort. "I don't know, maybe. If you are, do I get to wake you up?" Subtlety: it's a thing. "Yeah, what she said," he adds, nodding to Kaylee as he heads out to the rink floor himself, "you'll probably be fine."

Aidan tries again at pin ball…and again the odds are not in his favor. What was it with him today? Usually he was great at the arcade games! Oh well. Sighing he picks his drink up off the floor, taking another long drink before walking through the doors that exit out into the skating area and tossing his drink in a trash can. If nothing else, he could always have fun watching people flail on the skate floor.

Kaylee glowers and whimpers a little, but, after a deep breath, she pushes off from the wall and … doesn't fall flat on her butt! Yay! Success! Of course, rolling on the carpet sure isn't very easy, but she does manage to make it from the wall rail to the wall surrounding the actual skating surface without calamity. "Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh," she mutters the whole way, but, she's trying. And, when she makes it safely to the rink wall, she she latches on and turns to shoot Jacob a mean face. "What do you mean 'probably'?" she retorts, sticking her tongue out playfully. Now, she just has to wait for a nice, huge, great big, wide opening to get out onto the actual rink. Which, hopefully, will never come and she can ride out the remainder of the afternoon attached to the wall next to the entrance! Likely not, though. "Oh gosh," she laments once again as she watches the skaters going by her.

Daxton's nose wrinkles at Fel's words. He'd rather not see that. Or any shakespeare, honestly. //Boring.The skates are paid for, just regular old skates, nothing fancy. Fancy goes faster, and that can be dangerous. Turning back, he sees the others as well and raises a hand as he moves to quickly untie his boots (which are new to him, they appear to be army boots) and slips on the skates. Speed lacing and he's up watching all the different students fly (or not) by.

Tabitha smiles oh-so-sweetly at Jacob's response, "That depends on your thoughts about waking up someone who sleeps with a knife under her pillow." She says this in her cutest girly voice, completely at odds with her words. Then Kaylee is up on her skates and… Tabitha's expression at hearing the litany of 'oh gosh' is to cover her mouth with a hand in a look that screams 'that is just precious!'. She glides on her inline skates past Kaylee and onto the main floor, which is really big enough for three times as many folks as it's holding. She does a quick spin to face Kaylee again and beckons. "C'mon. There's plenty of room."

The rink is fairly busy. Busy enough that adults stepping in aren't really noticed. Even when those adults are dressed in suits and sunglasses. At night. They hang back against the walls, watching the activities.

Pleasantly unaware of the Men in Black who just rocked up, Jacob leans into the turn and waves to Kaylee again. "Yeah, seriously. Come on in, the water's fine!" Hopefully someone doesn't run over her foot right at that moment. "And thanks, I'll grab a trash can li on the way out." Would a knife actually hurt him? Better to let the villains think so, either way.

Aidan eventually finds a spot along the side of the rink, leaning forward with his arms on the ledge area. As he watches, Aidan notices a few familiar faces from the school and some not as familiar faces grouped with or near them. Watching them skate for a bit he can't help but chuckle a bit at Kaylee's reaction to skating. However, after awhile of watching the other students he turns his attention back to the rest of the skaters. Yep. Definitely not going out there.

Kaylee grimaces and shakes her head as she watches Tabitha, hunching her shoulders way up. But, she agrees, "Okaaaay … here I come …." Very cautiously, she moves out from around the barricade and puts one skate, then the other on the low-friction surface. Once standing still is accomplished, she pushes herself off from the wall and rolls in Tabitha's direction, arms out to the sides to help balance as the 'oh gosh' train leaves the station once more. However, her very small momentum doesn't take her very far, so it's not long before she lifts one foot up and steps forward, rolling awkwardly a little before she repeats the motion with her other foot. … it's not skating, but it's also NOT FALLING! Once she's managed a few of those, she looks up from her feet and gives Tabitha a big, iif bemused, grin.

Felicia's busy doing…something. Is that dico? Either way, Dax just shakes his head and pushes off onto the floor. He's not doing anything fancy, no tricks. It's almost he he himself is getting used to it again. Just like riding a bike, indeed. Even taking it slowly he's quickly next to Kaylee. "Hey…you ok?" He sounds slightly amused.

Tabitha is having a hard time keeping from commenting on the stream of 'oh gosh'. There's just something overly cute about the whole thing. But she manages to keep a (mostly) straight face. Instead she continues to skate backwards to keep an eye on Kaylee's progress, offering advice about how to progress from skate walking to actual skating. "Just shift your weight from one foot to the other while leaning forward a bit, not too much. That will get you going." She's paying too much attention to Kaylee to notice anything unusual about new arrivals.

Good good. Nothing unusual here. The men seems to fade into the background doing nothing to draw attention to themselves. Their sunglasses gazes are attentive, but at what?

No one's going to confuse Jacob for a pro any time soon, but he's gotten comfortable enough, between this and the last time some of them were here. With Kaylee's coaching taken better care of than he would, he puts on a bit more speed along the straightaway, testing at the next turn how much more lean to put into it.

Well, Kaylee looks to be okay. For now. She's staying near(ish) to the wall and taking Tabitha's suggestions very seriously and every several seconds looking down to make sure her feet are still underneath her where they're supposed to be. She's old enough and coordinated enough that it appears the basics are coming to her fairly quickly. But, she does tend to flinch a little when people come too close by her, an 'Oh Gosh' escaping a little louder than average on more than one occasion. She's obviously focusing too much on her regular eyes and skating to see them coming, and is really not used to being surprised anymore. But! At least she hasn't wiped out! … yet, anyway! "You … you don't have to babysit me," she offers to Tabitha. "… at least, I don't think you do. If you want to go skate, I'll be okay. I'm just gonna eeeease on around the outside, here …."

Well so far everybody seemed to be doing pretty well. Except one guy who does a royal butt plant coming around the bend. Ouch. Stepping away from the border now, Aidan heads over to the snack stand. Getting in line, he looks at the selection and thinks about what he might want to get. Nachos? Pizza? Both? Soda? Gross.

Daxton blinks and the shrugs. Seems Kaylee's ok enough. He's not gonna hang around if Tabs has it. Speaking of, she gets a grin as he skates away from Kaylee towards her, "Hey Tabs." And then passes. He's not gonna get in the middle of teaching skating if Kaylee will listen to her. Slow for Dax isn't really slow and he's already zipping around the corner. Not quite fast enough to get yelled at, but close.

Tabitha grins at Daxton as he comes up to her and Kaylee, raising her hand for a passing high-five. "Hey there, Pizza Boy!" She spins on her heels as he goes past, then again just because. Kaylee gets a smile and a shrug. "I'm good right here. And you might actually do better if you tried closing your eyes. Let your other eyes do the work. It works for me."

There's some low exchange, unheard by anyone but those with special ear pieces in. One of the MIB lifts his hand , touching his ear and speaks something quietly into the cuff of his sleeve.

Kaylee shakes her head adamantly at that suggestion. "Oh gosh, no! There's … there's way too much … stuff," she says. "I … I can't even leave it on, right now. I wouldn't be able to handle it all. I'd get so dizzy. And there's NO way I could try and skate while I was doing that!" Speaking of, apparently talking and skating has just become too much for her- or she hasn't checked on her feet in too long- and sure enough! The 'whoa-whoa-whoa' chorus starts. There's a bit of flailing, a bit of falling, and in a matter of seconds, Kaylee's wiped out in spectacular fashion. Though, she does manage to catch herself a little, not banging any bendy-places too hard. Just falling. And flailing. And then she's pushed back up onto her hands and knees, looking up and laughing at herself. "See?"

Spotting the wipeout off in the distance, Jacob leans his weight the other direction, heading back out closer to the rail and reaching out a hand to catch it. "Yeah, see? Nothing broken, and now you know something to watch for." Speaking of which, he glances to one side and puts on some more speed again as he spots a couple of the other kids gaining on him.

Aidan finally decides. Pizza it is…and a water. Getting his food he turns and heads back to the floor area, setting his water on the ledge and leaning with his back against the border now. Facing away from the skaters and out towards the crowd, he takes a couple bites of pizza. His head turns as he hears Kaylee's wipeout, making sure she's ok before turning back and taking another bite of pizza.

Tabs gets a high five as he passes. He doesn't smell particularly pizzaish tonight, thankfully. Daxton kicks up the speed, testing to see what the wheels can handle, the crash behind him doesn't make enough noise to make his turn and check it out. He'll see in a few seconds when he laps them.

Felicia has been skating around blending her own hip-hop dancing skills with skating, with mixed results. There has been a few spills and she hopes she didn't crack the floor. It's to dark to tell. She didn't hurt herself at least…or anyone else. Like the others the men in suits have gone unnoticed, Kaylee's spill does get noticed and she winces in sympathy, but is to far away to do anything about it.

Tabitha winces as Kaylee goes over, but she's too far away to help catch her without using her aura and that's tucked away nice and neat just below her skin's surface. She does skate back to her friend to help her back onto her feet, however. "Yeah, I see what you mean. Start small, right? Although that's probably something you can work on back at school." Once Kaylee is back on her feet Tabitha will link her arm through Kaylee's. "Okay then. I'll hold us up and you keep an eye on our feet, alright? We'll do a couple laps tandem, then grab a snack. Sound good?"

Kaylee had started crawling for the wall when Tabitha rescues her. Jacob, for his input, gets another tongue stuck out at him. It's still playful, though. Tabitha's suggestion brings a small chuckle from her. Kaylee shrugs, "I'm still pretty brand new to all this stuff. The whole vision thing, it's really kinda frustrating because it's all the same to me. But, I know that the more that's going on, the less I can see without actually 'looking,'" she explains to Tabitha. Speaking of which, as Tabitha starts helping her skate, Kaylee blinks and then reaches for Tabitha's arm. She whispers something to the girl, her brow furrowing.

There's more quiet whispering into sleeves and several of the suited men make there way out of the building, having gotten what information they needed.

After a few more laps around and a thumbs up to Dax in one of the passes, Felicia slows as she is about to pass her fellow Ares again "Hey Dax," she calls to be heard over the music. "I'm going to get some food." he may have eaten at work but she wasn't so lucky. With that she head to the snack bar to get her nomnom on.

Daxton eats at work. And at the dorms. And on the way to both of those places. But he nods, giving Fel a scouts salute as she heads off. He slows as he comes up to the younger students, "Doing good, Kaylee." Not particularly, but he's trying to be supportive.

Tabitha nods her understanding as Kaylee explains how she's still getting used to her powered sight. "Yeah, I get that. I'm still getting used to all the different layers my extended senses have." Then the pair of them are arm linked and skating slowly but a bit faster as they move. Then she listens to Kaylee's whisper and frowns before looking around at the people around them. "Who do you mean?"

And there Tabitha goes, whispering to someone again. Jacob is starting to get used to it by now, deliberately hanging back to give them some distance. It might not be teasing anyone this time around.

"Eeee! Don't LOOK!" Kaylee squeals and squeezes Tabitha's arm again. She whispers in her ear and gestures with her head towards the black suits that have begun to file out of the rink, now, stressing, "THEMMMMM," though hopefully quiet enough that nobody but Tabitha can hear. "They were watching and talking into their sleeves and collars like the secret service," she says, trying to speed up a little so that they can get to the other side of the rink and away from the subject of their conversation. With Tabitha's support, the skating does happen to be going much smoother.

Daxton blinks. Ok, maybe he does smell like pizza or something. Instead of saying anything to the girls he just shakes his head and picks up the speed again, silently cursing Felicia for telling him to come out here then leaving him.

Saying 'don't look' is the cheat code for 'look all the places'. And that's what Tabitha does when Kaylee says just that. She scans the crowd, then spots the suits as they're exiting the building. "Secret Service? I wonder if someone important is here." She doesn't continue to look around, though. Because of the agents are leaving then there's no one here to protect. But she does try to reassure Kaylee as they're working on their second lap. "I doubt they were here because of us. That's just a bit too X-Files for my thinking."

"Maybe your thinking, but not mine!" Kaylee argues, very pointedly not watching the black suits leave. As Daxton goes whizzing by again, Kaylee calls after him, "Show off!" She then smirks back at Tabitha. "Thanks for helping me, though. And for making me come out. Way better than sitting in the lounge and watching movies."

Daxton shoots a look, half annoyed half eyebrow raised at the yell. This isn't showing off at all. He's not even using any powers. As he starts to turn back, his hand goes to his jean pocket, touching where his phone is. The teen isn't used to having a phone, much less to it ringing. It's barely audible with the rink music playing. It's whatever tune was on it when he got it, some generic ring. He's frowning down at it as he eyes the screen and his speed slows.

Tabitha shakes her head at what she views as Kaylee's paranoia. "Well we're in low key mode, so nothing to worry about. The only thing that sets us apart from every other person in here is our tragic levels of cute." As they come around to one of the gates after another lap she leads them over to exiting the skating floor. "How about that snack, now? I could go for some lemonade something fierce."

Since she's attached to Tabitha, where Tabby goes, Kaylee goes. So she just nods as they exit the rink, finally releasing the other girl and making her way shakily to a table. Stopping is accomplished by grabbing the table and hanging on. "I'm pretty okay, but yeah, I could definitely use a break," she agrees as she slides into the seat.

Daxton swallows nervously and slops against a wall near the food court. He stares down at the phone till it stops ringing, unsure. The hand now holding then device is tapping against his leg, faster than humanly possible. He licks his lips, nervous and then glances around, maybe trying to find someone he knows.

Tabitha grins as she and Kaylee find seats at one of the spool chair/tables near where the food is. "Yeah, a break is good. You want anything for snacking?" She'll wait for Kaylee's response then slowly skate towards the counter. On the way she passes Dax and notices that he is not the happy teasing Dax of just a few minutes ago. "What's up, speed demon?"

"Um … just a water would be fine," Kaylee responds, flopping down on the table with an exaggerated sigh. She takes her glasses off and rubs her eyes, closing them for a little bit and doing a little more thorough analysis of her surroundings, the black suits having made her far more paranoid than Tabitha. If something's up, she wants to know in advance. Unfortunately, with the high-content area she's in, picking out the details is very difficult for her and after a few seconds of trying, she just shakes her head. She groans a little and pinches the bridge of her nose, sitting back up as her head hurts from the concentration. Stupid uncooperative powers.

Daxton's not quite frowning when he looks up at Tabs, "…Nothing, I guess." The tapping fingers stop and he flashes the phone a second, which says, 'Unknown Missed Call'. "Does this happen a lot?" He's had a phone for like 2 days, he doesn't really know what's normal.

Tabitha looks at Daxton's phone and the message on the screen, then nods. "Yeah, that can happen. Phone numbers get reissued a lot, plus it's an election year so the robocalls and survey takers are out in force." She gives him a quick pat on the shoulder, "I'm sure it's nothing. We don't need you /and/ Kaylee having paranoia nights." She takes a minute to place her order and pay for a water, lemonade, and basket of onion rings. On her way back she asks, "Want to join us over there? We're taking some time off the wheels."

When Tabitha makes it back to the table (perhaps with a Daxton in tow), Kaylee will have her glasses back on and be bopping her head and singing along with whatever music happens to be playing, because it's probably something she likes, anyway. And, as they make their way back over to the table, Kaylee will offer Daxton a big smile and a wave and then scoot over so either he or Tabitha could sit down next to her. "Heya, Daxton. Sorry I didn't say hi, earlier, wasn't trying to ignore you out there. I just … well, did you see me fall? I struggled."

Daxton's head tilts and he does frown now, "I only have like…two numbers. I just wanna make sure it's not my mom." Cause that's just kinda sad on Mother's day. His blue eyes flicker towards Kaylee as he skates over with Tab, "Paranoia? About what?" The phone slips into his pocket. He shrugs, "Don't worry about it, Kaylee."

Tabitha hands Kaylee her water, then puts the onion rings in the middle of the spool table between the three of them, a quiet offer for folks who might not know they're hungry until a food item is within reach. "Kaylee was worried about some suits that came in." She shrugs as she starts to munch on the rings and sip at her lemonade. "I didn't see them, really." She doesn't make any comment about Mother's Day, for obvious reasons.

"There were a bunch of guys in black suits and shades that came in, didn't take their sunglasses off, and did the whole 'touch their ear, talk to their watch' thing, like the secret service or something," Kaylee explains, making a face at Tabitha. "And I wasn't being paranoid, that's what happened. Maybe you guys are used to it, but where I'm from? The Men in Black are movies with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in 'em."

Suits don't sit well with Daxton. Anything government doesn't. He looks around the rink, like he'll be able to spot them (He doesn't). "Really? How many? How long have them been gone?" He hand starts drumming against the table, but his mind is clearly on what/where those men are. "It's not paranoid Kaylee…always trust your instincts."

"I never said it didn't happen, I just seriously doubt it had anything to do with us being here." Tabitha rolls her eyes back at Kaylee's face-making, then give Daxton an 'are you serious' look when he starts asking questions about the suits. The onion rings become very interesting at this point.

Kaylee shrugs a little and reaches up to touch the stem of her glasses behind her ear, waggling them up and down. "I dunno, I was looking at them, and they were back against the wall. More than two or three, less than ten?" she offers, shrugging. "They left before me and Tabitha stopped skating, so … ten minutes or so?" she adds. Then, she cants her head to the side, curious. "Why? Do you know who they were guarding? Is the president coming!?" That has her excited and looking around.

10 minutes? That's been too long. Daxton frowns, eyes still scanning the area. Tab's look is ignored. "No…I mean, I don't know." The speedster sighs, head shaking ironically slow, "I doubt the president will be coming to a dollar rink." But who knows anymore. Maybe. His jaw works and he'll reach for an onion ring. He stays mostly quiet, letting the girls discus whatever.

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