(2016-05-06) Happy Birthday Felicia
Happy Birthday Felicia
Summary: Pizza and Ice cream cake
Date: 2016.05.06
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Lighthouse Pizza
Arousing the senses, the aroma of fresh baked pizza is strong and the popular music that plays from a jukebox in the corner adds to the ambiance. Checked white and red tablecloths cover all of the tables and lining each of the walls are black covered booths. On each table there is a selection of crushed red pepper, Parmesan cheese, napkins, salt and pepper.
The floor is carpeted in muted tones, a dark green with varied other colors woven throughout. There is a counter for ordering togo orders and waitresses walk around in jeans and a t-shirt, the latter in blue with Lighthouse Pizza in white writing. The kitchen is behind the counter and a long, rectangular opening for the cooks to pass the food through. Furthest from the kitchen and entrance are the doors for the game room with many, many games and marked bathrooms for each gender off there.

It was Felicia's birthday today but Annaliesa had not mentioned a thing about it all day. She'd made arrangements with the local pizza place though for a spot reserved for a small group. Food, drinks, music, lights, CAKE. And of course presents. It was a birthday party in style. School was out for the day and she'd tried to find a way to get Felicia to go, and so everything is set up. Balloons, a sign.. it's a big deal! Annaliesa is already there, overseeing the preparations, just waiting for others to arrive. Team Ares, their friends, everyone.

Oliver sidles up to Annaliesa as she's making the preparations, "Want me to pretend to be someone else? Trick her into coming back here or something? I mean…I can do some hiding if you want it to be a surprise." He's more than happy to be there, helping to celebrate his friend's birthday, even if he's -not- on the same team as she is.

Dwayne flicks his cigarette away as he opens the door to walk inside. The final exhale of smoke is carried away by the wind before he sets foot inside the place. In his left hand, he carries a small wrapped gift in a square box. He looks over towards the group and nods as he makes his way over. Not noticing Felicia, he pockets the gift into his inner coat pocket. No sense in walking around holding it, right? It was too colorful for his attire. He moves to the others and says, "Hey."

Daxton can be a decent liar when he wants to be. he usually just doesn't say anything, and gets away with stuff. But today he's put on his pants on fire pants (Or his jeans, t-shirt, and hoodie) and haws been talking about picking up his check from work to go look for a new phone. That's all very true, he'll just go looking tomorrow. Felicia doesn't need to know that part though as he pushes the door open to the pizzeria. "So…do you think I should get one of those fancy phones, with all the touch screen crap, or just something simple?"

If Felicia knows something is up she is totally playing dumb. Unlike Daxton she is a terrible liar, but can also manage it as look as she doesn't say anything. She is totally on board with shopping for a new phone though, she is genuine in that one, so maybe she hasn't caught on. "I don't know. Do you want people to say to you "Hey my grandpa has that phone." or "That's an awesome phone!" she asks, using the appropiate tones of voice to convey the emotions that each comment would be said in "Your choice." she gives a grin as she walks through the door inhaling the scent of pizza as she gives a cursory glance around.

There are several wrapped packages on the table, a few from her, maybe something from Daxton since he had to sneak around to get her here? (maybe!) Annaliesa grins at Oliver and nods, "Catch her at the door and bring her back here." A grateful smile is given as she begins lighting sixteen candles. Too bad Derek wasn't here yet! As Dwayne approaches, she grins, motioning to the gift table. "I got her a remote control plane that she can fly in." She grins, excited about that. She's wearing a pair of jeans, a sweater and boots, herself. No hoodie this time.

<FS3> Oliver rolls Acting: Success.

Oliver already gave Felicia her gift, so it's not on the table. Grinning and nodding, Oliver soon shifts into someone who looks like they could be a host at the Pizza place. He then meets Daxton and Felicia and, with a bored monotone, asks, "How many?" Because he's apparently been asking this all day and his shift isn't quite over yet. Damn teenagers!

Daxton blinks at his unknown fellow employee, but then catches on, "Oh, hey Tony." Cause everyone's name at a pizza place is Tony, right? "I'm picking up my check." He didn't think that far ahead to get her into the room. "I could go for a slice though." He glances to Fel, never knowing the girl to turn down food. "Hungry?"

Not being employed here, Felicia doesn't know the staff as well as Dax does so in this regards she is oblivious. With her friends being at the back and probably not in her line of sight they go unnoticed by the teenage titan. "I could eat." she says unable to keep the amusement at the question out of her tone. "Probably a whole pizza, but I'll start with half and go from there." there is no such thing as just a slice for her. "Lead the way Tony!"

'Tony' looks up and blinks at Daxton for a moment before he shrugs, "Oh, yeah. Sure. Go on back and get it." Because he's not going to be helpful. Not at all. When he's told to 'lead the way', he rolls his eyes and gives a heavy sigh before grabbing two menus, "All right. I guess I can sit you guys over here…" and he begins to lead them towards the gathering at the back.

Daxton glances to Fel and rolls his eyes. Coworkers. "We can split a pizza. I get a discount." Is he talking a bit louder? Maybe. "We'll eat then go check out the phones. I want one I can get Facebook and all that on." Look at him, alerting everyone and telling the truth!

Felicia gives a 'whatcha gonna do' shrug to Dax at the apathy of Tony and follows him back to wherever they will be seated. "Then you are going to want a smart, touchie screen phone." she pauses and pulls her own phone out "Siri, what are the hottest smart phones." of course Siri answers with a snarky "You're kidding right?" before providing links for phone shopping "We can get some reviews, see what deals are being offered and stuffs."

Annaliesa glances in and notices Felicia had arrived, she grins nodding to 'Tony'. Everything was ready for them, for Felicia to discover, and she does a last minute check. Daxton and Oliver were doing Awesome. Dwayne could possibly be lingering around and Derek was expected anytime now. It wasn't a big, big party, but it was going to be fun. Music, the stuff Felicia liked, was playing, and the candles were lit. It was time.

As soon as she walks in, Annaliesa and anyone else will/can yell out, "Happy birthday Felicia!"

'Tony' is no longer 'Tony', but is Oliver, shouting 'Happy Birthday!' along with everyone else! Yup, he totally did that, tricking his friend. The menus are tossed on the table as he no longer needs them…surely the restaurant will forgive some random guy grabbing menus, right? He's going to make sure to get a hug in there somewhere though!

Daxton doesn't shout, he's right next to the half ton girl and would rather not have to dodge any fists throw his way. Instead he smirks over at her. He steps backwards, letting th birthday girl's best friends have at her first.

After the big surprise, in walks Derek. With something in a paper sack, the sack reads Mug Shot, and its clear, one can see the mug in it, with coffee in it. One can see a card tucked into it. That's his idea of wrapping a surprise birthday present. Devious, she'll never know what it is. And walking in, he realizes he was late. He hangs back a moment, as literally it is her moment and similar to Daxton, he's not getting in the way of all that. Same with the surprise folks, they got there on time to yell surprise, he doesn't want to be a bigger jerk to get in the way of that moment either.

For as exuberant and cheerful as she is, Felicia doesn't really do surprise or shock, but she knows not acting the part will hurt feelings so there is a gasp, with eyes widening and hands fluttering…she's really hamming it up "A party! You guys did remember." not that she would let the forget, as shameless as she is. "So no phone shopping?" she glances at Daxton and then to Anna and Oliver "Thanks guys." she looks at the cake and candles "I guess I should blow those out before they become a fire hazard.

Oh you bet Annaliesa shouts, grinning at her friend, then laughing when Derek shows up behind her with the Mug Shot, mug. A wave is offered to him, and a smile, but she looks towards Daxton and Oliver, "That was great, thank you." Getting her in there and all. She motions to the cake, "You're so old and all, you should blow them out before they rival the Chicago fire." Hey, it was a saying or something she had heard, she knows nothing about any Chicago fire.

"Or you could just let it burn and see what happens? Will the cake melt? Will the frosting smother the flame? Or will it explode?" Of course it's going to be Oliver to tempt her. But then, they might not get cake. Decisions, decisions.

Daxton shrugs, "I do need to get one. But cake first." And she doesn't actually have to hand hold him through it, although having someone with would help. She gets a grin as he moves to grab a seat, letting those closer orchestra whatever comes next.

The wave returned, and something like duck lips made in the direction of Annaliesa, then Derek moves closer, throwing in like he was there all along. "Yeah, I'm going blind, its so hot in here." All those candles. "Happy Birthday Felicia." He offers, moving to put the mug down, maybe to get in line for cake. "Congrats Daxton." He offers, setting the present with the other presents.

There is a laugh at Anna "So says the ancient one." since her bestie is older an all, "As much as I would love to see a cake go all explodey, I don't want it to be mine. Don't want to be wearing it either." Felicia grins around at her peeps and then with a deep breath blows out the candles. Did she make a wish? Did she not? She isn't telling. Taking a seat herself now that her job is done she rubs at her elbow "Cake always comes first." which she lets Anna cut just because it'll be more even slices that way.

Annaliesa gasps at Oliver's suggestions. "It would melt, there's ice cream in there with the cake." She hears about the phone thing and nods to Daxton, "I think that an iPhone 6s plus would be best, those are so amazing. I love mine." She sets about cutting the cake but only after the candles are blown out and in a quiet moment, as she hands the first piece to Felicia, she smiles, "I hope your wish comes true."

Oliver oohs, "An Ice Cream cake? Nice!" Oliver then moves to take a seat, watching as Felicia blows out the candles. "I hope it does too, whatever it was." Glancing up at Daxton, he offers, "I have an Android…and I like it." It was also cheaper than the Iphone, which was an important thing.

Daxton looks over at Anna, nodding but not certain. that sounds expensive. And then Oliver gives an alternative. "I just need to be able to make calls and check Facebook and crap. Maybe a good camera." He misses taking photos. He shrugs, "Maybe there will be a deal, who knows." The cake is eyed, it's been…years since he's had birthday cake. Once he gets his piece the speedster smiles, "Let me know when you guys want the pizza."

Felicia ooos ice cream. She happily takes her piece and digs in. "Any free phone that comes with a contract can get you that. Mine is an old hand me down i-phone." she has a Monster habit to support she can't be buying expensive phones! And she doesn't do the social media thing anyway, just texts, calls and pics. "As soon as we walked in the door.

"I got mine with a contract. It's like…2 generations old, but it works and I can use it to get onto the web and take pictures and stuff," Oliver offers. He doesn't really have anyone to call or text that isn't at the school. Maybe his Social Worker. "Ice cream and -then- pizza. I like it." He'll just pull the cheese off his pizza anyhow…just like he'll give his ice cream part of the cake to someone else. "So…you should open your presents too," he grins and nods to the pile on the table.

Annaliesa lights up, "I just discovered Facebook after coming here. I love it, but I'm careful about what I post. Mom said I can't post really personal things." Ice cream cake is handed out to everyone, she just doesn't think about the cost of a phone, her parents had hers covered. "I am older," she sniffs, trying to appear older, but giggles. "I've never had an Android phone, Oliver, but maybe Vinny does." She doesn't know. Taking up a piece of the cake, she has a bite, "Pizza anytime, yeah. Bacon pizza. Or even bacon cheeseburger pizza. Or barbecue." Too many good choices. As tempted as she is, she doesn't play cutsie with Derek, she does stand beside him though.

Daxton agrees, he'll just have to see what's offered phone wise. Instead he shoves another mouth full of cake/ice cream into his mouth and stands up to go tell them they want the pizzas anytime. Working here does have it's advantages. Ove his shoulder, "I just want it for people here and my siblings."

"Old phone is better than no phone." Felicia says around her cake. It's her party she will talk with her mouthful if she wants to! "You need one. We tried to find you the other day and well…no luck at all." though he was probably in class, unlike her that day. "Get one with no cheese on half and veggies." she suggests as a consideration to Oliver, cause that's the kinda friend she is. Cake is eaten, pizza too all with the usual teenage talk about whatever it is teenagers talk about, music, how much school sucks, etc. All in all a good time is had by all…and no one gets into trouble! GASP!

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