(2016-05-05) Something Happened
Something Happened
Summary: Chase doesn't crash a pillar, Tabitha and Kaylee watch on as Dwayne asks Brenna to prom.
Date: 2016-05-05
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Training Grounds

Suspended a few inches above the ground, an impossibly black disc is zipping along at a remarkable pace. Riding the disc is a corpulent young man who looks like he is trying very, very hard to enjoy himself, but can't help flinching each time the ground rises up to meet him. The disc, it seems, does not rise and fall with the ground but maintains it's own height and as small hills bring the earth closer to the black sled the boy scrunches up like he's going to pull himself upwards by dent of clinching.

Chase starts waving his arms in front of himself as his path looks to intersect with one of the pillars. "Damn, damn, damn, damn…turn, turn, turn, turn…"

Having been encouraged to not just sit in her dorm room once school is out for the day, Kaylee has wandered aimlessly around the school for the past half hour or so, simply just exploring her new surroundings. Having already made use of the gym last evening, the training area seems to hold some promise of activity, so she heads in that direction. She is not disappointed as she enters the area just in time to hear Chase testing out the new voice controls on his hover disc. Or something. However, she's terribly confused as to what's actually happening, since it can take her a few seconds to parse new surroundings. So, with little else she's able to do at the moment, she calls after Chase, "Are you okay???"

Bathyscrythe walks into the training area holding her right arm outward. "Come." she commands and a sword flows into her hand, winking into existance suddenly. A katana - light and fairly long. Holding it out to the side as she walks further inward her tails sway behind her as she walks, but roll upward as she looks up to find the out of control disc-rider. "Tch, tch, tch.." she offers eyes following.

With gossamer wings, Brenna is arriving back at Paragon Island. She flitters to a smooth landing, before taking a look around. The urgent words are heard first and she looks in that direction. When she catches sight of the person.. about to crash, she calls out, "Something is happening!" Maybe he'll get it, but maybe he won't. Still, she approaches, offering a smile to the others that seem to have gathered to watch.

Chase hurtles through the air towards the pillar then, he just stops, and nothing happens. The black looking board isn't there anymore, and there is no earthshattering kaboom. His nose seems to be touching the pillar, and the curious way he's hanging in the air certainly seems indicative of a high speed collision, but he just sorts his limbs out, straightens up, then looks at the pillar for a moment before turning to look around at three young women who are looking more or less in his direction. His pale skin shifts several degress towards Halo issue light red armor. "Oh, uhm…" He puts his hands behind his back, "…hello. Eh, don't worry, nothing happened."

Kaylee blinks several times as she tries to figure out exactly what happened with Chase, her brow furrowing as she jogs over towards him a little, concerned for his well-being. "Are you sure? I heard you swearing …. What were you doing?" she asks, canting her head to the side as she looks Chase up and down, inspecting to make sure he doesn't have bones jutting out of his skin somewhere or anything.

Bathyscrythe stares up at Chase "Mr. Church should be fine Ms. Blake. It seems disaster has been averted." The sword in her hand disappears with a soft flash. Afterwards she gives a slow clapping of her hands. "Congratulations however Mr. Church, you seem to have set girl's hearts aflutter with your daring feat of near-disaster. Banzai."

Brenna doesn't look too surprised when nothing happens. "Something happens, up until nothing takes over." She gives Chase a laconic smile then looks to the others. The group is gathered nearby one of the pillars at the training area, Chase has barely avoided disaster.

Chase rubs at the back of his neck, then tugs at the front of his collar to get it away from his throat, "I, oh, uhm, sorry. I mean, I thought this was kind of the place to try to, you know. Things. So, I was uhm, turning off gravity, I mean, not really, but sort of, and uhm…we're moving really fast but I couldn't figure out how to turn, you know, like, the way I wanted?" He drops his hand back to his side, "Uhm, and, you know, it's Chase. Mr. Church is my dad." Aside from continuing to shift up the spectrum towards red under the continued attention Chase seems to have suffered not the slightest effect from his sudden stop.

Kaylee's eyebrows shoot up as Bathyscrythe identifies her and Chase by their last names, and then accuses her heart of being 'all aflutter.' "My heart wasn't fluttering! I just heard him shout and wondered if he was okay," she says, glowering a little and folding her arms across her chest as she turns her attention back to Chase. "But I'm glad you're okay. I think you're right, though, this is the training area, so I think it's where we're supposed to practice. … I think?" she offers for the third time, since she's brand new and not really sure about that.

Bathyscrythe shrugs softly "That sounds like your heart was certainly aflutter to me." she tosses evenly. Looking back up to Chase "If you are altering gravity you have to do it on a multi-tier axis. This will allow you to turn and modify direction. The other option would be to change the focal point of the gravity manipulation. Keep working at it - I've seen you do it before." She begins walking back out - Seems a bit busy in here today to do any sword training today.

To say that the next five weeks are going to be incredibly busy times for Tabitha would be a massive understatement. Homework, studying for finals, band rehersals, the upcoming weekend in the studio to record the master of their first album, practice for the performance competition at Downtown Funk in June. All that on top of keeping her social life from stagnating because of it all. But with it getting late, nearly curfew, it seems that Tabitha was pushing her luck by only just now flying in from the northeast. Her approach is hearalded by a low rumble, the bow-wave of a sonic boom caused by her mach 2 flight.

However this time when she nears Paragon Island's concealed location she slows down gradually so she doesn't cause any damage (unlike her last high speed approach, which ended up removing a few maple trees from the island. The rumbles die off before the glow of her airborne stingray aura-form appears over the island. Seeing that there's some people around, she angles her now almost sedate flight in their direction.

Brenna looks at Bathyscrythe in surprise, "Some of us are new, we've never met several of the others." She looks curious as to how names and last names and powers are known, her own wings notwithstanding. "I'm glad you're okay, Chase." She smiles at Kaylee, "I'm Brenna."

Chase says, "Oh, uhm…well that's good, I mean, I don't remember doing it, but…if you say so." He looks fairly lost in the exchange, but then there's a thing glowing in the air and he just sort of stares in that direction. "Oh…"

Kaylee blinks at Bathyscrythe again as she explains how to manipulate gravity to Chase and then looks back at Chase with her eyebrows raised. "Can you both manipulate gravity or something?" she asks, surprised. And then there's a loud boom, which causes Kaylee to duck instinctively as Tabitha approaches. When she realizes she's not in mortal danger, Kaylee ducks her head and turns a little pink, embarrassed at not being used to such things yet, and offers Brenna a little wave. "Hiya. I'm Kaylee," she replies.

Tabitha 'wings' down a short distance from the group. Her aura doesn't flap, but it does fold inwards as she descends until when she's just a foot or so off the ground it's held to just a few inches from her skin. She floats in closer so she can see who all is there, then her tired expression brightens into a grin as she spots Kaylee and Brenna. She gives them a quick wave, then drifts over so that the security camera on the entry to the school tunnel can catch sight of her. She gives it a wave as well, "Hey, hi… I'm back. Barely, but in time."

Then she relaxes a bit more and returns to the small group. "So what's going on out here? Little late night party?"

Brenna looks back at Chase with a curious look, "Is.. everything okay?" So things just went really odd, a look is cast to the departing new girl, but then she breathes a sigh of relief as that seems to be over. The smile she gives Kaylee is more genuine. "It's nice meeting you, Kaylee." About that time she notices Tabitha and she lifts a hand to wave enthusiastically. "Tabitha!" Her roommate! "I was so worried about you," she looks over her, making sure she was fine, doing a circle. "Are you.. okay?"

Chase says, "Uhm, I think, so?" His tone indicates he most decidedly doesn't think so, at all, but lies are what all good relationships are based on. "I was, uhm, well, so, you know." He looks down at the ground, "Sorry." He steps back scooting a little to the side then a little more until at least his shoulder is hiding behind the pillar and the rest of him seems inclined to shelter there too.

Kaylee waves at Tabitha, her arm going straight up in the air as she waggles her hand back and forth at her first 'friend' at the school. "No, not a party. I was just exploring some more of the school before curfew, and heard Chase shouting, so came to see what was up. And then people!" she explains to Tabitha, smiling. And then she notices Chase trying to hide behind the pillar and frowns a little, canting her head to the side as she moves towards him. "Why are you sorry? Are you actually okay, or did you actually hurt yourself and you just don't want us to know?" she asks, this last bit sounding a bit more stern. Because you'd better tell her if you're hurt, or else! … or something.

Tabitha smiles at Brenna as her roomie does a circle around her. The concern is heartwarming, and she's quick to nod then reach over and give Brenna a quick hug (being careful of her wings of course). "I'm doing better, Brenna. Not quite as paranoid as I was over the weekend. Sorry you had to put up with it." She gives her roomie another quick squeeze, then lets her free again. Kaylee also gets a grin and then she's flitting over to give the newest glowing lady a hug as well. "Hey, you. Have you started classes yet?" She follows Kaylee's gaze over to where Chase is half-hiding and gives him a wave. "Hey there. Have we met yet? I think I've seen you around a few places."

Brenna may catch on a little to the sincerity, or lack thereof, from Chase, and she studies him a moment. "Yeah," she finally tells him with a cheeky grin. "Just.. be careful, please?" Hey, that's what friends are for, right? Looking back at Tabitha, she grins as the hug is given, and she hugs her in return. "Good, I'm glad you're doing better, and please don't be sorry, that's what friends and roomies do." She looks between her then and Kaylee, then to Chase, "Oh this is Chase, he's new. Chase, this is Tabitha." They are all gathered near one of the pillars near the training area.

Chase says, "What? No, I mean, I don't think I can get hurt, I mean, not easily. Nothing ever really happens to me, and I was just, I mean, you all seem to know each other and, I didn't want to bother you, so I was just, you know, going to practice a little more doing what uhmmm she said…focal pointing, you know. Gotta keep those focals pointy."

Kaylee gives Tabitha a one-armed squeeze before she attends to Chase. And then his response has her laughter bubbling out again, as she covers her mouth, shaking her head. Pointy focals. "You're not bothering anyone, silly," Kaylee tells Chase, grinning. "If anything, we're the ones bothering you, since instead of practicing, you're trying to hide behind a pillar," she teases him.

A sharp sound of friction emits as quickly as it dissipates. It is followed by the hiss of hungry flame consuming the fuel. The flame licks at the tip of the hand rolled cigarette dangling from Dwayne's lips. Bright embers burn as the tip glows hot from the sudden caress of flame. With a flick of the wrist the flame is extinguished with the aid of wind. There weren't any grown ups here to bug him so that was a bonus. Dwayne pockets the stick match before moving to find a cozy place for a loner to lean and watch the others from a distance. The occasional fog of smoke drifts from his nose before dissipating into the air and creating a pungent scent of tobacco around him. He licks his lips once after he lowers his smoke and tilts his head curiously as he looks to the others. He watches them as though they couldn't actually see him, as though they were part of a play and he was in the audience. A small upward curl of his lips at the thought, though he it's apparent by the mischievous look in his eyes that he knows they'll notice him soon enough.

Tabitha lets Brenna and Kaylee take the lead with Chase since she only just arrived. When she's introduced she gives him a quick wave but otherwise takes a moment to catch her breath, something she hasn't had time to do since she first dashed out of her and Brenna's dorm at 'fuck this o'clock'. She decides to take a seat on the bleachers near the pillar Chase is attaching himself to. The tiny but bright spark of flame to one side catches her eye and she turns her head to put her primary focus in Dwayne's direction. Yeah the school is a 'no smoking' kind of place, but she's the kind of person that doesn't try to convince others to follow the rules to the same extend she does.

Brenna just watches Chase a moment, concern flickering in her eyes, but she doesn't mention it more, not wanting to embarrass him further. Just a reassuring smile is thrown in his direction before she pads barefoot to a tree, her wings slowly disappearing as she does. She looks at the trunk, then the ground around it, and with some weird movement, an ivy starts growing from the root area and twining about the tree, growing upwards. Once it's covered the trunk, she turns back to the others, and she hasn't noticed Dwayne yet, she doesn't say anything else yet, preferring to listen.

Chase scoots around the rest of the way to the far side of the pillar then he makes a black spot in the air, sits on it, and starts moving away.

When Chase decides to just go back to practicing insteada of respond to her, Kaylee's brow furrows and she troubles her bottom lip. And suddenly, she's standing by herself! When did everybody walk away!?!?!? Kaylee turns in a full circle before she gets bearings on where everybody went and then holds both her hands up and out to the side. "Am I just scaring everybody away tonight?" she asks, pouting her lower lip out.

Dwayne holds out the cigarette once it burns down to near nothing. He holds it out in front of him and lowers his hand. With eyes fixated on the object, the cigarette remains suspended in mid air. He watches as it slowly burns out and turns completely to ash. His eyes lower then and the ash is carried off by the wind. Tucking his hands into his coat pockets, because it's after hours and he's wearing his 'greaser' style outfit, he makes his way towards Brenna. The sound of his feet scuffing the ground beneath him may alert those to his presence. He's not one to want to startle people with super powers. That could be bad.

Tabitha watches as first Brenna then Chase split off and start landscaping or vanishing altogether respectively, then looks at Kaylee with a deadpan expression and voice. "Yes. You are so utterly terrifying that a wide berth must be given to your sheer terrifying… terror." She holds the affectation for a beat before winking and pointing to the bleachers next to her. "I can't speak for anyone else, but I had to sit down. I've been on my feet for almost a full day, spent the last five hours in full rehearsal mode, then flew about two hundred miles in three minutes. I. Am. Pooped." She watches Dwayne get up and head in Brenna's direction. It's good to have a way to watch people without actually looking at them.

Brenna hadn't gone too far, just to a tree and grew some ivy around it. Landscaping! About the time Chase moseys off, she hears Kaylee and offers the girl a grin, as well as her roommate, but she leaves the two to talk as she realizes Dwayne was approaching her, once she had heard the steps in her direction. She turns to face him, a welcoming, friendly look worn. "Hi, Dwayne." Though she can still hear Tabitha and she glances over, concerned about her. As Dwayne gets closer, she grins, taking a few steps towards him. "This is your favorite place, isn't it? Paragon Island?"

"Oh yeah, SO SCARY!" Kaylee exagerates, sticking her tongue out at Tabitha before walking in her direction, swinging her arms a little. "Practice? For your band? Why all the hard work?" she asks. And then she stops as her brain does a little (very little) math for her. "Wait … 200 miles in three minutes? That's insane!" she gawks, eys and mouth open wide as she stares at the small girl.

A small smile shows on his lips before Dwayne replies to Brenna, "Maybe. Or maybe I was hopin' to catch you while I was out here." he looks around for a brief moment before adding, "We do tend to run into each here more often than not right?" he crosses his arms then as he looks downwards. "So.." he says quietly, "Bein' that we both got here at the same time and all.. F.N.G. and all that.. I was.. kinda hopin' you'd be open to doin' me a favor…" his foot kicks at the ground a few times: nervous? He looks up at her and asks, "If no one's asked you.. you know.. to Prom.. I was wonderin' if maybe you'd go with me? I mean.. If you already been asked, it's totally cool.. and if it ain't your thing, I get that too.. I never thought I'd go for it either.. but I figured, turn over a new leaf and all that.. may

Tabitha grins at Kaylee's reaction to her taunting, then pauses in the act of scooting over for her when she gapes at the travel time. She grins and nods, "Yeah, it's exactly as cool as it sounds." Then she nods again about the rehersal question. "We're busting our asses because we have just over two weeks to finish recording the master of our album, then another two weeks after that we're going to be competing against other bands on stage. Plus school, finals, parents and alumni week here, prom… the list goes on." And speaking of prom, her eyes widen and she ducks down in a (most likely futile) attempt to be less obvious to Brenna and Dwayne. Her eyes widen as she looks at Kaylee in a 'did you hear that?' sort of way.

The smile from Dwayne easily echoes on Brenna's features, a blush stealing into her cheeks at the hinting that he was looking for her. They did sort of bump into each other a lot out here and the realization shows on her features. The way he was acting though was so far from his usual cocky self that it makes her take notice, and when the question comes, she opens her mouth, surprised, but no less delighted because of that, and she bobs her head up and down, not even once stopping to think about playing it cool, or suave. "I haven't been asked, and I would love to go with you, Dwayne." There's only a margin of uncertainty in her eyes, "If you're sure. I mean I wuold really like that." Like a lot, her demeanor seems to say. The rambling is endearing and she bites her lip but she can't tamp down the smile that blossoms anyway. "Thank you," she says softly, "Thank you for inviting me." She steals a glance to Tabitha and Kaylee, the excitement pretty easy to read despite the distance, but she looks back to Dwayne to see if he was serious.

The response brings his nervousness to an end. That uncertainty melts away from him and Dwayne grins boyishly afterwards, "Cool." he says with an approving nod. He tucks his hands back into his pockets as he takes a step towards her before turning sideways. "Yeah I'm sure.. I don't think I'd fit in well with any of it, you know? Not exactly the most …" he shrugs and adds, "..socially acceptable person. In a group of people, I still tend to feel alone, you know? Maybe it's in my head, who knows.." he looks at her sidelong and says, "But with you, it don't matter, you know? No matter how outta place or weird I feel in a place.. I don't feel alone when you around.." he nods once to her and says, "Thanks for sayin' yea.. I'll be wearin' blue and light blue I think.. if you wanna match an' all that.." he smirks, "I'm sure most wear black tuxes and shit.. but I wear black on a normal day.. may as well be a little different on special days an' all that.. right?"

Okay, so one girl can fly 200 miles in three minutes. Another girl is getting asked !!!TO PROM!!!??? Kaylee had only just begun moving again when Dwayne started his long-form question. So, she had just reached the bleachers as he finished, so instead of gaping at Tabitha, she can now gape at Dwayne and Brenna. She immediately starts tapping Tabitha on the shoulder as she watches, wide-eyed, waiting for Brenna's response, and then she grins and shakes her fists in front of her and stamps her feet a little! It's a date! This is the first time Kaylee's seen anything like this in person! SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE MOVIES! Just ignore the bright yellow glow that is now surrounding her. … it's probably a good thing that nobody else can see the shining armor Dwayne's wearing, or the unicorn and pixies that are circling around in Kaylee's imagination- definitely overly fantastical.

Tabitha has never really been a girly girl. She loves heavy metal, dirt under her nails, and adrenaline rushes that last hours. But she's been holding her breath since Dwayne asked Brenna to prom, right there next to Kaylee's more… energetic reaction. And when Brenna says yes and Dwayne responds it's a fight to keep from letting out a squeal of joy that she eventually loses. She lets out a soft but high pitched, "Eeeeeeee!" She quickly slaps her hands across her mouth to cut it off and tries to duck down out of sight.

It's one of the first smiles Brenna has seen Dwayne wear and it just endears him to her all the more. She finds herself reaching for his hand, even if it's in his pocket, and lacing her fingers with his as she draws it out. "I don't want you to feel alone, Dwayne, I'm here with you. For you." She hesitates, at a loss as to how to word it better. She's soo not good at this! "I'm really happy to go with you." The color scheme brings a thoughtful look, "Blue and light blue. I think I can find something." A look to the other girls at the squee, "We have to go shopping!" she calls out to the pair. "This weekend!" In case alterations are needed. She looks as if she's barely containing her excitement. "We will find something pretty."

Oh, man, and shopping! When Tabitha squees, Kaylee grins more and reaches to hug Tabitha and share the moment. And then Breanna is reaching for his hand and everything? Are those wedding bells Kaylee can hear? … well … no, probably not. But, fantasy-land is so much better, so Kaylee just grins and nods to Brenna, though she doesn't say anything out loud, since she's just on the sidelines. Can't interrupt the romance!

Dwayne's eyes widen slightly at the feel of fingers lacing within his own. He suddenly looks uncertain again, though if she were to draw her hand away from the reaction, he'd grip the hand more firmly. He doesn't appear to be used to positive contact but he isn't exactly minding it either. He smirks as she announces that they're going shopping and he says, "That should be fun.." though the look on his face shows that he couldn't be any more blase about the notion of spending time shopping.. probably not his thing. His thumb idly brushes over hers as their hands are clasped and he adds, "I gotta get back to my dorm room.. Need to read up on some War and Peace before goin' to sleep." he winks at her as if she'll know what he means by that. "Thanks for that by the way." he grins. "And.. good night."

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