(2016-05-04) Long Walks on the Beach
Long Walks on the Beach
Summary: Mushiness, mistaken identities, and confessions on the beach
Date: 2016-05-04
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Logfile from Coral Springs.

Grayson left a note for Oliver to meet him on the beach at 9 p.m. tonight. The weather is cool and the dark night sky flickers with the occasional burst of lightning, though there is no thunder yet and it isn't raining so far. Grayson is wearing a tank top with a flannel shirt unbuttoned over it, and he's in a pair of tattered jeans that are rolled up to his knees. His shoes are sitting in the sand, and he's standing in six inches of water, just off the shore, looking out over the water watching the night sky as it flashes and blinks.

Oliver already got in trouble once for being out after curfew but he figured that this is probably worth it. After all, it's hard to find time to be alone in a boarding school. He does make his way to the beach, catching sight of Grayson on the shore and while he's also carrying his shoes as he walks, he is staying away from the water. "Isn't that dangerous?" he asks as he gets close enough. "With the lightning and all…"

Grayson shakes his head, "Nah," he says. "Storm's still a ways off." He looks back over his shoulder. "Hi Ollie," he says, a wistful happiness in his tone. "I was worried you weren't gonna come out here." He sniffs, shrugging, "I know it's a little late."

"Hi…and I guess I can deal with some more detention. They don't do it on the weekends, so it just means less socializing…" Oliver doesn't seem to be too worried about it. "I got your note. Everything ok?" He glances again at the water and then at the flickering sky, "I'll take your word for it. You're the water guy."

Grayson laughs, "There's only detention if we get caught." He turns around to face Oliver, though he's still a ways away from him since he's out in the water a bit. "I um…" He shifts his weight from one leg to the other. "I kind of… I was…" He huffs, looks away, then looks back at Oliver. "I had a question. For you, I mean."

"Well, last time, we basically called them in, so…I guess that counts as being caught," Oliver smirks. He tries to take a more serious demeanor as Grayson stammers and fidgets, but it's not easy as this is the behavior he found kind of endearing before. "Sure, ask away." He looks briefly to the water, "But…I think I want to stay out of the water if that's ok." The fact that there's a storm approaching is caution enough.

Grayson swallows, and he nods, "Sure sure…" He licks his lips, inhales, holds his breath a moment with a bit of anxiety and then he exhales quickly, his cheeks blowing out for a moment as he does so. His fingers twitch a little, and then he moves his hands a bit away from his body. The air around his fingers seems to wiggle and then suddenly undulating balls of water begin to form, increasing in size until his hands are both encased in fluctuating, liquid spheres. The air immediately begins to smell strongly - the fresh, earthy scent that fills the air in the first few minutes of a crisp spring rain. "So… I was wondering…" He lifts his hands a bit, and the water around his hands stretches to come in contact with the water he's standing in. He lifts his hands skyward, and the water spouts into the air, a long, noodle-like tube of shiny water about a foot round. The two water spouts slither through the air, twisting around each as they take form. When the water finally stops moving, the tubes have formed a word in cursive, about five feet tall. The word is, "Prom". It floats there above Grayson's head, moving slightly as if the water is still moving with the waves, and he says, "Um… Would you…? With me…?"

Oliver waits patiently, watching the display, unsure if it's his fidgeting still or something else. It isn't until the water is twisted into words that he realizes that it's the 'something else'. Blue-green eyes widen some at the question that's mostly asked, "Yes, of course! I'm…actually kind of surprised you want to go, but I'd be honored to go with you." He hasn't forgotten that Grayson said that he didn't like people and there are typically people at a Prom. So he's heard. This would be his first.

There's a couple of steps forward toward the other but he hesitates with the water and lightning.

Grayson tilts his head, and his brow furrows a little. "Wait… Yes?" He seems uncertain. "So… You'll go? With me?"

"Of course I will. Aren't we," Oliver gestures between the two, "Aren't we together? I wasn't sure you wanted to go and I was ok with that too." After all, he still has another year before his own Prom.

Grayson slowly begins to walk out of the water. As he gets closer to Oliver, it becomes very apparent the smell is coming from him. "We are… I just…" He shrugs, and he smiles. As he nears Oliver, he slings the water off his hands, and as he does so, the water spelling the word drops down and splashes into the harbor water. The same moment, the scent seems to dissipate from the air. "I wasn't sure you'd want to is all." He walks up to Oliver, "I just… you want us to be around people, and so…" He rubs his left forearm with his right hand, "…I thought maybe… like… at a dance or something…" His lowered eyes slowly look up to Oliver's.

As Grayson comes closer, Oliver moves to try and meet him. He reaches out a hand towards the other, "If you don't want to be around people, I get that. I think I understand why you don't like to be around them, but I think that maybe you just need to see that people can be awesome. Even if they're in small doses." He smiles then, trying to be supportive. "Do -you- want to go to the Prom?"

Grayson shrugs, "I don't know what I want." He sniffs, and he lays his hand on Oliver's shoulder. "I just like spending time with you." Looking down again, Grayson purses his lips, thinking. "Sometimes I miss being normal." He quickly turns his gaze out at the city lights over Oliver's shoulder. "That's stupid," he scoffs, shaking his head as he rolls his eyes at himself.

Oliver reaches out to put his hand on Grayson's shoulder…it's almost a hug. His smile widens, "Here, though, we -are- normal. Isn't that kind of cool? Sure, outside…in town and at our jobs we have to pretend, but here, we can be who we are and that's really and truly -normal-!"

Grayson shakes his head, "No. I'm not." He swallows, and he lowers his hand, withdrawing it from Oliver's shoulder. "I'm not like all of you. I'm-" He grits his teeth, and he turns, walking a few steps away from Oliver. "Look, can't…" He looks back at Oliver, "Can't we not like, ruin this? I mean, we're like, having a moment or something, right?" He looks like a kicked puppy, "Can we forget I said that, Ollie?"

There's a tilt of his head, "Why aren't you? I'd like to know…Grayson, I want to be able to help you, to help you feel comfortable and learn more about you. We're still new at this and…" Oliver smiles gently, "I think this is kind of a cool moment, actually. Not just the Prom thing, which was pretty awesome and I was totally surprised. But…opening up to each other. Talking." He walks to follow him, "I don't think this is ruining anything."

Grayson sighs, and then he just sort of flops down onto the sand, sitting criss-cross applesauce like a grade schooler. He rugs the bridge of his nose and he sighs AGAIN. He bites his upper lip and looks off at the lighthouse out in the bay. "Remember… Remember when I told you I was adopted?"

Oliver sits down, a little more slowly, across from Grayson so that they can look at each other. "Yes. And I told you I was kind of jealous." He still smiles, but it's a little sad for just a moment.

Grayson continues to stare out at the lighthouse. "My adopted mom and dead are both dead." He swallows, it's a loud, heavy swallow against the sound of the lapping waves nearby. "A few years ago, I was out mountain climbing… I um…" He glances at Oliver, "I grew up in Utah," he explains. He picks up a little wad of sand and begins fidgeting with it, letting it move through his fingers as he talks. "There's this super villain. She's in the Terror Legion. Her name is Squall."

Oliver lets out a gasp, "What? Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't know…" Mirth has fled and he just listens, nodding, encouraging Grayson to continue."

Oliver lets out a gasp, "What? Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't know…" Mirth has fled and he just listens, nodding, encouraging Grayson to continue. "Go on…"

Grayson closes his eyes for a second, then opens them. He picks up another handful of sand. "Squall murdered them both to incite me into a rage. She beat me. She held me underwater until I would have drown, only… Only when my lungs finally gave in and took in the water, my powers manifested for the first time and I breathed the air from it." He looks at Oliver, then looks away again.

Oliver lets out a breath, "Oh, my god…Grayson, I'm so sorry. I can't…" he shakes his head, unable to comprehend all of that. It might help explain a lot. "I'm glad that you lived through that, but…I…I'm not even sure what else to say to that." He falls quiet again, waiting.

Grayson licks his lips, and he sighs. He sits there quietly for a long time before he quietly delivers the final piece of information. "Squall is my birth mother."

With stories like these, Oliver may be rather glad that he doesn't know who his parents were. He's quiet for another moment before he offers, "And? You're not her. Is that it? Are you afraid that because your birth mother is a villain that you're…that you're different?"

Grayson finally looks away from the lighthouse, dropping his eyes to the sand between them, which he wipes off his fingers. "We are who we are, Ollie."

Oliver thinks for a moment before he reaches out to take the hand, "We are who we decide to be. If you never knew who your birth mother was…and this power manifested, would you think the same thing?" There's another pause, "Have you talked to anyone about this? Like…a counselor? Because…this is a lot to have to carry inside of you. Thank you for trusting me with this."

"No! That's not what I'm saying, Ollie." Grayson shakes his head and then drops backward to laying in the sand. The sky flashes again. "I'm just saying the last thing this school needs is some whack job sophomore whining about his evil mommy."

"But that's what the people at school are -for-, Gray!" Oliver grins and leans over to go rest his arms on the other's chest. He looks up as the sky flashes…they're not in the water, at least. "They're not going to tell anyone, but it's their job. To listen." But wait a minute. Oliver blinks before he turns to look at Grayson, "Wait, aren't you a Junior?"

Grayson shakes his head, "I'm fine, Ollie. I don't need to talk to a teacher." He huffs. He moves one of his hands to lay on Oliver's arm that's on his chest. He kind of absently mutters, "No, dummy. I'm a soph."

"Not a teacher…" Oliver continues, but he'll let it drop for now. He'll bring it up again another time. At Grayson's answer though, he actually begins to laugh.

Grayson scowls and gives a dumb glare at Oliver. "What?" he asks flatly. "Don't laugh at me. It's not funny."

"I'm not…I'm not laughing…" Oliver chuckles and even giggles, "At you." He manages to take a few deep breaths and calm himself long enough to say, "We can't go to Prom. It's for Juniors and Seniors."
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Grayson continues to glare at Oliver. "I know. You're a junior," he says with a bit of anger.

"No…" And Oliver dissolves into laughter again, burying his head against Grayson. "I'm a Sophomore too!" That's why he was laughing! "I mean, we could try to crash it? Or I could…look like a Junior? Might get tricky if they actually show up…"

Grayson doesn't find it funny, which is almost even more funny. "You're not a junior," he repeats. "So, all of that, and I don't have to even go." He furrows his brow again and looks away, thinking. Then he looks back at Oliver, and it's like a little light comes on in his head. His brow quirks, "Really?"

Oliver's laughter fades, "You didn't want to go? All of -that- was really nice. No one's ever done anything like that for me before and I liked it…" he was really touched, actually. "Really what?"

Grayson shakes his head, "I don't like people," he explains. "I like you. So yeah, I mean… I wanted to go so you could." He drops his head back onto the sand with a thud. "I'm an idiot…"

Oliver adjusts his position so that he's better able to look at Grayson, "And that means a lot to me that you'd do that for me. So thank you. But you're not an idiot. What were you thinking about just now? You looked interested in something…"

Grayson shrugs, "I don't know." He sighs and focuses his gaze on Oliver. "I'm sorry I unloaded on you tonight. I didn't mean to do that. I um… Thanks, man."

Oliver tilts his head, "It's ok. I like that you feel comfortable talking to me. You can talk to me about anything, you know." He remains where he is, resting on Grayson's chest. "I'm sorry that we can't go to prom this year. Maybe next year? Or…if you don't want to go, that's ok too." Oliver can go with friends if he -does- want to go then.

"How about we decide next year," Grayson suggests softly, a little upturn of the corner of his mouth showing some sympathy for Oliver's having to date a guy who doesn't like people. "Can I ask you something?" The lightening flashes again, blinking the beach to daylight for an instant and then back to darkness. "What's your favorite color?"

Oliver gives a start as the lightning flashes so close. He's trying to stay outside with Grayson even though he's getting a bit nervous about the storm and their proximity to the water. "Favorite color? Oh. Uhm, blue. Like… blue-blue. Electric blue. What's your's?"

Grayson smiles, "Don't laugh, but… beige. You know, that off-white, just a bit of yellowish brown color of a rock face." He sniffs, "So… Now that you know you weren't born an animal… Can I buy you a hot dog?"

"Why would I laugh at that? I get it…" he's friends with Felicia, so understands the rock-climbing thing, at least on a cerebral level. Oliver does grin though, "I knew I wasn't born an animal before, but I can turn into them, so…you can buy me a tofu dog?"

Grayson sighs. "Lame." He smiles, that closed lip, goofy boyish smile of his. And that's when the sky opens up. One drop. Then another. And then suddenly it's a downpour of large, cool drops of rain. As the rain quickly drenches Grayson, he smiles wider and then laughs. "You're wet," he says loudly to Oliver to be heard over the rain.

Oliver looks up at the sky at the first couple of drops, but then there's the deluge. So much for getting inside before it starts! "Well, so are you! But I can turn into a duck and enjoy it!" Or ignore it. Or something. But he doesn't. "I won't melt…"

Grayson :laughs, "I can just make the water move away from me. So, we're even. Except, you'd still be a duck." He slowly pushes up so he's sitting up once more. "So, why does it have to be ELECTRIC blue? Why not ocean blue?" he asks, playfully, closing one eye as the rain runs down his face.

Oliver lifts a hand to try and push some of the rainwater off of his face…which does nothing as the water keeps coming down. They are going to be soaked and covered in sand. "It's true. I would still be a duck…even if you weren't getting wet." He grins back and shrugs at the question about the color, "I don't know. The ocean isn't always blue, but I've seen pictures where it's this great blue-green. I like that. I like the bright colors."

Grayson shrugs, just as another flash of lightning flickers all around them. This time, there's a rumble from the sky as well. Grayson looks upward. "I'm just not a fan of electricity, I guess." He rises up to his feet with a grunt and then extends his hand to help Oliver up. If Oliver takes his hand, Grayson doesn't let go of it once they're both standing. "We should get going," he suggests.

"And yet you stand in water during a thunderstorm?" Oliver teases some before he takes the offered hand and stands. He doesn't let go either, and even gives the other hand a squeeze. "How about…Cobalt blue then? I heard it called that too. Royal Blue? And -now- you want to get going?" They're probably not going to be able to sneak back in that easily since they'll be dripping water.

"Your'e REALLY bothered by this water, huh?" Rolling his eyes, Grayson lifts his free hand. He turns his palm upward and tightens his extended fingers. That smell of fresh rain returns, and the air feels like it actually shimmers around them. An instant later, every drop of water on both the boys leaps outward, coming out of their clothes and hair. At the same moment, the rain parts just above their heads, falling in a curve. They're now standing in a sphere of dryness in the center of the storm, and they, too, are dry. "Better?"

"Not really bothered, but…wet and cold…" Oliver grins. When Grayson does his water magic, however, he blinks at Grayson, "So cool. That is so, freaking cool." He looks up as the rain falls around their invisible 'forcefield', "Thanks. I…can't do anything to affect you in recompense, however. Unless you want me to look like someone in particular."

Grayson smiles, "Thanks," and he blushes a little at the compliment. "It's okay. I like you how you look just fine, Ollie." He sniffs, and then notes, "Sorry about the smell. I don't know why my powers do that." As long as he's moving the rain around them, the petrichor continues.

Oliver sniffs at the air, "I don't mind it. It smells clean. New." He looks back at Grayson and says nothing for a moment until, finally, there is a quiet, "Thank you. I think…a lot of people might want me to look like a crush or something."

Grayson furrows his brow a little, "Weird." He moves to stand in front of Oliver. "You DO look like the guy I had a crush on." He smiles, and then he leans forward and gives Oliver a kiss. It's simple, but just long enough to be more than a peck. "You should take me to see Captain America this weekend."

It's about time they got in a kiss! Oliver returns it in kind, "If I can. I have to work this weekend…" every weekend, really. "Maybe a later movie? But not too late…" because people who need coffee are often up very early. "How late are you working at the restaurant?"

Grayson shrugs, "You just tell me when you can go. I suspect I have a cold coming on from being in this rain that will probably leave me home sick whatever night you pick." He gives a little devious smile.

"Where's the fun in that then if you catch a cold and can't go?" Oliver glances up at the rain again, "I guess we should get inside and get warm then so you -don't- catch a cold."

Grayson stares at Oliver for a moment. "Wait… Seriously?" He slowly smiles, "Dude." He starts to laugh, "I meant, if I have to work when you can go, I'll just lie and call in sick so we can see the movie. Dork."

"Oh. Oh!" It takes a moment, but Oliver gets it. "I…sure! But maybe we can find a time for us both. Are you working tomorrow night? It might be sold out, but maybe we can try?" Instead of going to the Prom.

Grayson nods, "I don't remember. I'll have to look at my schedule back in my room." Clearly, he takes his job VERY seriously. "Come on. Let's go before someone sees what I'm doing with this rain, eh?" He laughs, and then begins leading Oliver off toward the ferry.

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