(2016-05-04) Good Vibrations
Good Vibrations
Summary: Brenna and Daxton have a chat.
Date: 2016-05-04
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Training Grounds

The sun hasn't set yet, so there's still time to be outside. The speedster is taking advantage of what's left and has been bouncing around the training grounds. And by bouncing, he's been everywhere. Usually he doesn't show off, but he's run up all the pillars and parkoured his way down. The poor bleachers have gotten the same treatment, all at super speeds. He's either really focused, or really trying to not think about something. Whichever it is, the speedster is balanced on the side of the bleachers currently, eyeing the grounds to determine where to go next. His breathing is coming hard, and his leg twitching is making the entire bleacher vibrate lowly.

Brenna is just coming back from.. somewhere. Her fairy wings, gossamer and seeming traced with the very golden rays of the setting sun, are flittering as she lands on the edge of the island and she takes a quick look around to see if she had been spotted returning. Dressed in that same white cheesecloth style dress with cap sleeves and a bit of a jagged edge bottom hem, she steps barefoot through some of the branches, crackling them as she approaches where Daxton is.

Since Dax is eyeing the area, the snapping branches is easily picked up on and he turns to look down at the fairy. She said she was, but he'd not actually seen her wings. His eyes widen slightly and his mouth opens briefly in surprise (awe?). She's like some fairy tale come to life. And here he is like a creeper hanging off the bleachers. Averting his gaze, Daxton starts climbing down.

Walking towards the training area, Brenna steps over a log and looks towards her destination. It's then that she notices Daxton there, and she lifts a hand to wave, only to realize he wasn't looking her direction. She continues towards him, wearing a smile. "Daxton," she calls out in a friendly manner.

Well, there's no denying it now, she's called his name. Dax hurries downy the rest of the way, "Hey Brenna. Nice flight?" The speedster is vibrating, like he's been moving a lot recently, and his bones haven't slowed down yet. Brenna gets a brief smile and he rubs the back of his neck. His t-shirt iOS damp from the exercise.

"I did have a nice flight." Brenna blushes at being caught out and her wings flutter a little. Since he is vibrating, she reaches out a hand to touch his shoulder, just to feel it, uncaring of the dampness of his shirt. "Is everything okay?"

Daxton will make some lucky girl very happy one day. It's his entire body, bright blue eyes follow her hand to his shoulder and his head tilts. Dark bangs are still too short to flop, but they're getting there. "Okay? With me? Yeah…I'm just…" He looks away and motions to the bleachers, "Moving is just better than not for my head." Is he lying? Maybe a little, but there's some truth to his words too. He's complicated like that, yo.

Brenna doesn't really think of the vibrating like that.. just because it's never crossed her mind to. The worry remains there even after his reassurances, but she does remove her hand and lets it fall down to her side. "What do you think about when you're moving around all that fast?"

Daxton's not realised it either. It will definitely up his dating game, if he ever decides to. Her question makes him pause, "I just.." he looks past her, at the pillars he was racing up. "I don't thin, except where my next step, next hand hold is going to be. It clears my head." He then frowns at his own words, "That sounds so hooky."

"Not really. It makes sense." Brenna lifts a hand to tug a leaf from a tree, a leaf that was just turning to green in the spring warmth slowly seeping in. "What do you think about.. when you're not moving around all that fast?" It's the opposite, but she is curious to the response.

Daxton huffs, hand still on the back of his neck and it tightens slightly, "I try not to…" His tongue darts out, wetting his lips, "I didn't ask for this. I wasn't born with it….They took me. It's not-it wasn't good." He corrects himself, it's good now…right? Blue eyes are looking anywhere but at Brenna, "I have nightmares, so I try to not think about it. Tire myself out…sometimes it works." Sometimes. he shrugs, trying to change the subject, "How fast can you fly?"

"I wonder," Brenna muses idly, "If you faced the nightmares instead of running away from them, what would happen?" She realizes he isn't comfortable with it, "Sometimes it's better to just stop running, let it all catch up, and face it down and let what comes, come." The way he avoids looking at her, she gives a half smile, "I can fly kind of fast, but not as fast as you move. I usually fly because I love looking around, so I'm never in a hurry."

His vibrating increases, he's actually blurry for a moment. "No…I don't want to remember." There's honest fear in his voice, no lies. his voice lowers to a whisper, "I remember enough. I don't think I was a good person." Oh good, the change of topic! "What your favourite thing to go watch? I'd think Fireworks would be cool in the air."

As before, Brenna let him off the hook when he seemed agitated or to cling to a change of subject. For now she does again, but she doesn't look as if she will be stalled on it for long. "Fireworks are dangerous to wings. I could still get burned. I like looking at lights reflecting on the water, or in the fall when the leaves turn all sorts of colors, seeing them reflected in the water."

That makes sense. Dax nods, shifting from one foot to the other. "Yeah…I guess your wings are delicate?" That started as a statement but then ended as a question. He has no idea what fairy wings are like. "So you like flying over the water?"

"I guess in Ireland there's just always so much water, from puddles in the rain to.. well anything." Brenna muses, though she turns, offering her back to him so he can see her wings. "They look delicate, but they are really stronger than they appear. They will burn though, like skin or anything else."

Daxton's gaze returns to the fairy. He feels like he can stare now, she's turns for him to do so. "There's a girl here who's made of water, her friend called her Puddles." It's an off handed comment, he's mostly concentrating on her wings and the colours. He takes a half step closer, but doesn't raise his hand, although the urge is there. "Do you feel them, like a limb?"

"I can feel them and when they get too cold, they hurt a little, but it's not too bad. I'm not Tinkerbell or anything so fragile." Brenna gives a wry smile. "Puddles? That's kind of cute." She flutters her wings, looking back at him, "I make them disappear when I'm not using them."

Daxton's blue eyes seem much brighter, maybe it's the sunset, or maybe it's the light coming off of her wings. But they're focused on her wings and he's got a soft msiel tugging at the corner of his mouth. "Guess you can't wear wing warmers.." The fluttering his yes eyes widen more and he chuckles softly, "Shit…my sister would be flipping out if she ever met you."

He already had beautiful eyes, when they brighten, Brenna gives him a warm smile. She doesn't interrupt his exploration though, just encouraging him to explore if he wished. "I wish I had a brother or a sister. I'm an only child." She draws her hair over the front of her shoulder to make sure it was out of the way. "How old is she? Maybe I could meet her?"

Daxton can't help but smile back. "I have a sister and brother. Twins. They'd be…12 now." That thought makes his stomach hurt. 12. The speedster swallows and goes back to looking at Brenna's wings. "No….I don't think she'll ever come here." Better not. "I haven't seen them in 3 years…"

"Three years, that must seem a lifetime. From nine to twelve, that's a whole big lot of change." Brenna turns to face him more fully, the wings at her back though, once she does. "Where do they live and why so long since you've seen them?"

Daxton stills. It's rather disconcerting for as much as the speedster is usually moving. His voice low again, but now there's a hint of anger. Not at Brenna, but something in the past. He knows they've changed, 3 years. "They kidnapped me… And did ….things. I don't know if I'm safe." His nose crinkles as as he frowns and looks to the ground near his feet, "I can't…" His head shakes and the vibrating starts up again, "I don't want to talk about this…" And then he's gone, racing down a path away from Brenna and the memories she's bringing up.

Brenna reaches out when he stills, not used to seeing him that way. "We can get even with them, those that hurt you. They robbed you of your family, of a normal life. We can at least find them." She lowers her hand and nods, "We won't talk ab…"

And then he's gone and she can only watch until he is out of sight.

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