(2016-05-04) Definitely Not Skipping
Definitely Not Skipping
Summary: Kaylee Blake arrives at Coral Springs and bumps in to Daxton, who is definitely probably not skipping class.
Date: 2016-05-04
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Entering the school's main hallway, Kaylee Blake looks a little overwhelmed. Sure, she'd been given a tour of the school before she transferred, but that was so much different than ACTUALLY being here. She's got a duffel bag on one arm and a rolling suitcase being tugged behind her. In her free hand, she's holding up a pamphlet that looks like it probably has a map of the school on it. She looks from the map, to her surroundings, then back at the map and sighs. She removes the sunglasses she had on and hangs them on her collar and then roots around in the duffel bag, pulling out a pair of glasses and putting them on instead. Which makes looking at the map much more effective, apparently, as she looks towards the stairs to the administration hub with more of a purpose.

Daxton's standing alone at his locker. Seems most of his clews is missing (ditched) and he's stuck here at school. Although with the mood he's been in he guesses he understands. Sorta. Eitehr way the speedster is doing nothing to indicate he's a speedster, instead he's got his locker open and is glaring at the books inside. The rolling of the suite case get's his attention and the frown fades as he sees a new face. "Know where you're going?" It's asked friendly enough, even delivered with a soft smile, but he's looking at her duffle back and then her shoulder, no eye contact.

"Oh!" Kaylee squeaks as Daxton calls out to her, apparently having been rather intently focused on her pamphlet. She smiles brightly back at Daxton and nods a little. "Think so, yeah! The Principal's office is this way, yeah?" she asks, pointing at the stairs. She likewise doesn't look directly at Daxton, though she does look in his general direction.

Daxton doesn't jump at the squeak, but both hands go up, showing he's not trying to hurt her. Apprently he gets squeaked at a lot? "Woah…hey. Just trying to help." But then she's not flailing and smiles back, so that's good. He smirks and nod, "Yeah, admin is that way." The lack of eye contact doesn't bother Dax, intact it seems to relax the boy(no pressure!), "Just get off the ferry?" It always amazes him that they don't assign new students a buddy for the first day or so.

Kaylee nods and adjust the duffel bag on her shoulder. "Yeah, how could you tell?" she asks, grinning. "I wasn't supposed to be here for another couple hours, but my flight was a little early, so I managed to catch an earlier bus, so I'm here a little early," she explains. "I just wanted to go and let them know I'm here early."

Daxton huffs, an amused sound, "I think we've all had that glazed look before." Well, he didn't, but he had a completely different glazed look. There's more nodding, "Cool. Well….welcome. I'm Daxton. Let me know if you need anything." Blue eyes shift in the direction of the stair case, "The heads might not be in there right now, classes and all. But you can let the secretary know for sure."

"Oh, hey! I'm Kaylee, Kaylee Blake," she responds, stepping forward and offering her hand to Daxton. "So …," she asks, her tone dropping a little as she asks a question in confidence. "How is it, here? Are people at least kinda friendly?" The worry is fairly clear on her face- high school is hard enough when you're with all your friends!

Daxton takes her hand, small vibrations can be felt racing through Dax's arm. He shakes her's and real ease quickly, not wanting to startle her too baldy. "Yeah, for the most part." He looks around, like he's making sure no one else is close enough to hear, "Almost too friendly, people will try to talk you into their team, don't listen. Just pick what works best for you. There's plenty of cross team friendships so that shouldn't matter, ya know?" He manages to glance up to her face briefly, "Everyone here has some kind of story, some tragic, some fantastical. Don't let it overwhelm you, or make you feel like your's isn't as important."

"… team?" Kaylee asks. "Oh!" she remembers. She then digs back into her duffel bag again, pulling out some more papers. She holds them out for Daxton to look at- it's her entrance packet. Among them is the team documentation, as well as a pamphlet on Prometheus. "I think I was already assigned to a team, after they met with me and my family and talked about transferring me. Something about it being so late in the term or something, I don't really get it." She pauses a moment so Daxton can look at the papers if he wants, before asking, "Are the teams a big deal or something?"

Daxton stops himself from quoting a movie, instead his head tilts and he nods, looking at the Promethues pamphlet. "Huh." But ok, "Well…that's one less thing you have to worry about then." He gives a single shoulder shrug, "It's basically your dorm room. They divide us up, not just by class but dorms as well. Kinda important, as it's who you'll be able to hang with after hours, but nothing too drastic." He passes a beat and then touches the blue tie around his neck, "I'm an Ares. There's 4 Teams. Most people wear Team colours on their ties, if you want to tell them apart. Prometheus is yellow."

"I like yellow!" Kaylee nods, grinning. Then a thought occurs to her and she cants her head to the side quizzically. "So … if all the administrators are in classes right now … how come you're out here in the hall?" And then realization hits her. "Are you cutting class!?" As if the very thought of such a thing is some sort of catastrophic event.

Daxton has an almost comical reaction to the question. Mostly because of the clear freak out implied in her voice. "Me? No. I'm just…" And then he turns and grabs a book from his locker, "grabbing some books I forgot." He smile,s a little to brightly.

Kaylee lets out a breath, visibly calmed by his response, buying it completely. "Oh! Well, that makes sense," she nods. "But I should let you get back to class, I wouldn't want you to get in trouble just for trying to help me. Admin is this way, right?" she asks, turning back towards the stairs.

Oh boy. She bought it. Dax will need to remember to be careful what he says around her then. "I'm Ares, we're always in trouble." He nods, his hair still too short to sway with the motion. "It is. Good luck. See ya around, Kaylee."

"Bye, Daxton!" Kaylee chirps, waving back over her shoulder animatedly as she heads for the stairwell.

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