(2016-05-04) An Ever Brighter Glow
An Ever Brighter Glow
Summary: A first day meeting of the glow auxiliary.
Date: 2016-05-04
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For a first day, it hadn't been too terrible. Kaylee hadn't gone to any classes, but had spent most of the day in this office or that office being given rules and regulations and clothes and chores and … yeah. Made for a very long day. So, at the end of it? She's decided to go and do the one thing she always got to do at home that hasn't changed given her new locale: shoot some hoops. Of course, she should have expected that the school would /have/ basketballs, but that didn't stop her from bringing her favorite one from home. And now, there she is, mostly by her lonesome, hitting baskets from the free throw line and then shagging her own rebounds.

It's a comfort how many normal, day to day activities take place here in a school where no one is in any way normal. Things like going to the gym to get a workout in while everyone else is busy. Tabitha comes into the gym from the locker rooms, dressed in loose sweats and her everpresent black knit watch cap with the hair pulled down to hide the left side of her face and neck. She pauses in her contemplation of normalcy to look up at the roof of the imense room, watching the darkening ocean above and the darker shapes of marine life moving about.

It'd be hard to miss the new face shooting hoops across the floor, so she starts to make her way in that direction at a casual pace. Her aura is held close but loose, a gentle gold-amber smear of light held a few inches from her skin. When she's close enough to not have to speak too loudly she offers a greeting. "Hey there. You've got the look of a brand new face, yeah?"

Smiling over at Tabitha when she arrives, Kaylee nods and stops shooting, instead just resting the basketball on her hip. She's wearing a faded (probably intentionally) retro-style Star Wars shirt along with some black gym shorts. "It is kinda easy to tell when people are new here, huh? I had thought nobody would notice me when I first showed up, but so far? Pretty much eeeevery body's noticed me," she says. "I'm Kaylee Blake, and yup. I'm new."

"Tabitha Jones. Good to meet you, Kaylee." Tabitha offers her right hand (the left is kept with the hand in her sweatpants pocket) in greeting. She has to look up to look Kaylee in the eyes, but that's nothing new to her. She grins about being noticed by everyone. "Yeah, that'll happen. We're a small school, under a hundred students all totaled. So fresh meat tends to stand out. I've just been here a couple months, myself." As a fellow New Englander, it's possible that Kaylee might notice the distinct sounds of Maine in Tabitha's speech, although she enunciates more than most coastal types bother themselves with. She nods to the basketball Kaylee is holding. "Brought your own from home? I'm guessing that hoops are a favorite pasttime of yours?"

Kaylee reaches out and shakes Tabitha's hand, still smiling. She cants her head to the side, looking at Tabitha's aura. "You're shiny," she announces, because it's the truth. She holds one of her hands up and is almost about to try and touch the light, but she holds back at the last second, realizing how rude that would be without asking. "Sorry, can I … touch it? I shine, too," she says, her smile turning a little sheepish. Except, she's not shining right now.

In order to shake Tabitha's hand, one must reach through the aura. There isn't much to feel, but there is a subtle but distinct warm static sensation at its edge. She smiles at Kaylee's comment. "Yep, almost all the time. I can concentrate to invert the event horizon, make the whole thing invisible, but mostly I just let it stay in this relaxed state with the glow. The reaching, pulling back, and sheepishness draw a further grin. "Yeah, go ahead. Just be careful, please. I'm ticklish." To make it easier for Kaylee, she allows her aura to extend outward a bit further so that it forms more of a sphere around her. "We've got a lot of folks here that glow. Apparently it's the 'in' thing with this year's incoming students."

Kaylee is fairly fascinated by the aura, running her fingers along its edge. And, while most people may not be able to touch it like its a tangible object, Kaylee's fingers can trace its edge fairly accurately. After several distracted moments, she returns her awareness to the conversation and blinks down at Tabitha. "… really? … that … that happens? I thought- I mean, I guess I didn't really know what to think. I guess I thought there wasn't gonna be anybody like me, here. But, maybe that was silly of me," she admits, frowning just a little as she contemplates.

Tabitha grins while Kaylee is checking out the aura, occasionally she'll put a bit more juice into it to make it less ephemeral and more solid. Easier for Kaylee to touch, yes, but this also alters how her own senses work through it. In other words, it makes her less ticklish. She nods at the questions about glowing folks. "Yep, and as far as I can recall, all of us are girls as well. There's you, me, Bev, and Stefanie. I might be forgetting a few, though."

She watches the contemplative frown, "So… besides glowing what's your schtick? Mine is energy absorption through my aura." She reshapes it again so that it's closer to her body but with thin tendrils around her shoulders and out from her hands. "I use the energy to empower myself in various ways." She floats up off the ground to demonstrate the most obvious empowerment.

Kaylee's eyes go wide when Tabitha lifts off of the ground. "Oh! Neat!" she exclaims, thoroughly impressed. When asked about her own 'schtick,' she grimaces a little and shrugs. "I don't know. I glow? Um … I can make, like … a flashlight? Also, I've started kinda seeing in three-sixty degrees, now, too," she offers. She also just holds one of her hands up and makes it glow brightly for a few seconds as a demonstration.

Tabitha listens as Kaylee tries to explain what she can do. As she tends to do at times when she's mainly listening and thinking, she brings her legs up so that she's sitting in lotus position while floating. She smiles at the mention of all-around sight, nodding. "Yeah, I've got that too. Well, whenever I don't have my aura tucked away. It takes a lot of getting used to, yeah?" She thinks about all the rest and nods to herself. "I'm guessing you haven't been active for very long? That it's all fairly new to you?"

Kaylee nods at that last bit, several times, reaching up to tuck some of her hair behind her ear. "Yeah, pretty much brand new. You know all those blizzards, yeah? I was in New York with our choir during one, and the hotel lost power. I right freaked out, I did. Lit our whole room up and cried and cried …. I didn't even really know I was that scared of the dark, either. All came out at once," she admits, obviously still pretty embarassed about it.

Tabitha's demeanor shifts at this revelation. "Oh, Kaylee, I'm sorry. That couldn't have been fun at all." She slips out of her midair seated posture and floats over with her arms in the universal gesture of 'do you want a hug'. If it's accepted she'll wrap Kaylee in arms and aura, the hug holding a hint of carefully restrained strength. "Well, I can't promise it will be sunshine and rainbows here but it will be better than that first night by far."

Kaylee's always up for hugs! When Tabitha moves closer and offers, Kaylee smiles happily and welcomes the hug, snuggling right back. "It … well, it was pretty horrendous when it happened. My friends right ignored me for a week. But, they got over it, and I got over it, until the counselors came to talke to me and convinced my parents to let me come here. Which … are we the only school like this? You're the first person that I've met that sounds like they're from anywhere even remotely close."

Tabitha keeps the hug up for as long as Kaylee wants to, being not the least bit adverse to them herself. She listens and nods her understanding. "I know what you mean about it being horrendous and friends having issues. Thankfully I also know about the good friends coming to terms with it." She listens to the question that follows and shakes her head.

"I'd be very surprised if Coral Springs were the only place like this in the world, but I don't know about any others myself." She nods about being from close by. "I'm from Mt. Desert Island, up in Maine. It's not too far from here, really. I sometimes go to visit on the weekends, mainly for rehersals with my band. Practicing over Skype just isn't the same."

Kaylee cants her head to the side at the last, pulling away so she can look at Tabitha again. "You have a band?" she asks, disbelieving. Kids where she's from aren't that cool. "What kind of band? Is it, like, for real?" she asks, totally curious now.

Tabitha nods a bit at the first question. "Yeah. Me and five of my friends from home. Started up a couple years ago. We do mostly rock, a bit of metal, and some softer stuff." She grins and shrugs one shoulder at the last question, though. "Are we for real? Well we have ever intention of being real, but we'll know for sure in a month or so."

Kaylee grins and offers Tabitha a high-five. "That's awesome! I've never known anybody in a band before! What do you play? Have you only been playing for a few months, or have you played like, your whole life?" she asks. Definitely gonna ask a million questions about that.

Tabitha laughs good naturedly and returns the high-five. She makes a head gesture towards the bleachers at courtside, then drifts in that direction to sit down. "I've been into music for almost as long as I can remember, which is about eight years. I play… everything I can get my hands on. Guitar, bass, synth, drums, flute, violin, trumpet, saxaphone… I'd love to learn the bagpipes, but they're a bear to find in the States." Her excitement about the topic is plain to see from her tone and expression.

"But my main instrument is my voice." She pulls a water bottle out of her sweatshirt's front pocket and takes a drink from it. "All of the band members can play at least two or three instruments and sing to some degree, but it's Terrance and I that are lead vocals in almost all of our songs. We've been playing together for a couple years now, and we've got a few songs posted online."

Kaylee follows Tabitha towards the bleachers, dribbling her ball a few times before holding it in her lap while she sits on the bottom row- so she can be more eye-to-eye with her new friend. She listens intently, nodding as Tabitha explains. "Wow … 8 years? That's amazing. … how /old/ are you? 8 years ago, I was fighting with my friends over whose Barbie got to wear which outfit."

Tabitha giggles at the Barbie comment, then shrugs. "I really have no idea how old I am. The doctors guessed I was about seven when I was left there, so working from that I'm about a month shy of fifteen." She shrugs again. "No records of me have been found prior to then, so I just have to go with best guess. And in case you're wondering, I named myself."

… huh? Color Kaylee Confused! She blinks a few times, head canting to the side as she regards Tabitha. "… what do you mean, you don't know? And when you were left where? And why did you name yourself?" she asks. And then, after all those questions, she quickly realizes she's probably being rude again and her hands fly to cover her mouth so nothing else escapes. She grimaces and wilts, drooping apologetically. "I'm sorry! I shouldn't ask so many questions, it's none of my business. You don't have to tell me anything you don't want to. … they warned me about being nosey," she admits.

Tabitha reaches over and gently pulls Kaylee's hands down from her mouth. "It's okay! I think I got ahead of myself. And you can ask me anything. If I don't want to answer, I'll say so." She gives Kaylee a moment to collect herself again. "Now, there are some folks here that aren't as open with their stories as me. So yeah, be careful but I can't think of anyone that would bite your head off, literally or figuratively, if you ask too much.."

She waits another beat, then answers Kaylee's quesstions. "I'm an orphan. I was left as a hospital in Bar Harbor when I was, at best medical guess, seven. I named myself because they kept calling me Jane Doe and I hated it. So I looked around at everyone there, mixed their names up in my head, and picked the one I liked best. As for not knowing, a lot of people have tried to figure out where I came from using the available information. But no luck so far." Then she smiles and locks gazes with Kaylee, "So how about you? You said I sound like I'm from nearby, so which of the colonies are you from?"

"Connecticut," Kaylee answers, shrugging a little. Not much exciting there! "I lived just outside of Milford, but you probably don't know where that's at. And I'm really sorry, that sounds pretty awful," she adds, reaching out to rub Tabitha's shoulder comfortingly. "But, at least you're here, now, right? So far, everybody has been pretty cool, that I've met."

Tabitha does have to think about it for a minute, geography isn't something she actively thinks about too often. "If I've got the right place in mind, it's near New Haven and is about as far southwest of here as Bar Harbor is to the northeast. The school is roughly halfway between our homes on an almost straight line." She brings her own right hand up to set on the hand Kaylee put on her shoulder. "Thanks. The start wasn't the greatest, but I've had a good life with very few downsides. And yeah, now I'm here and most everyone is cool. We've got a couple bad grumps and one junior guy that thinks he's Casanova, but despite all that this is a good place."

"Uh-oh," Kaylee says at the mention of a Casanova wannabe. She lets her hand fall down to rest on the basketball in her lap. "Really, there were only a couple boys back home who were trying to date a lot. Most of us- since we all grew up together- none of us really wanted to 'date,'" she says, making the quotes with her fingers. "It woulda just been too awkward. They all knew my brothers, we've all been to each other's houses …. Just woulda been weird!"

Tabitha nods sagely at the 'uh-oh', "Yes, indeed. Fortunately for those like our two selves, he sticks to juniors and seniors." She listens to Kaylee talk about the dating prospects, or lack thereof back home. "Yeah, it was like that between all of us at the orphanage. Just felt too odd because we were more like siblings, which is a non-starter for certain." Then she grins and maybe even blushes on the visible right side of her face (the left being still hidden behind her hair). "Fortunately, that is not a problem here. So many hotties for the harem!"

Kaylee laughs (because she isn't really the giggling type), covering her mouth again, when Tabitha starts talking about a Harem. "Oh no! You shouldn't say THAT!" she scolds Tabitha playfully. Then, she shakes her head and laughs a little more. "I … told my dad I'm not ready to date, yet. And I'm pretty sure that was the truth. Besides … I've got," and here, she puts on a more serious face as she imitates her father, "a lot more things on my plate to deal with besides young boys tomfoolery." And then she's laughing again, as it sounds rather absurd coming from her.

Tabitha grins at the mimicry, then gets a sly look in her visible eye. "Well… what about tomboy foolery, is that covered?" Her grin broadens to show the complete lack of serious in the comment. But then she shrugs and affects a very airy and haughty expression and vocal tone. "Darling, what's wrong with a harem? It's like a potluck… everyone brings something different and you can sample from every dish." She holds the attitude for a few beats, then can't keep from laughing.

Okay, that one was too good. Kaylee actually tips over backwards laughing at that, holding her stomach, because that was hilarious. No, for reals. "Ohhhhh gosh," she finally says, when talking is (almost) possible again. "Ohhhhh man. Ohhhh gosh. You are too funny, Tabitha."

Tabitha's laughter is fed by Kaylee's laughter and it's a recursive feedback loop of control loss for a while. Once they've regained their senses (and ability to breathe more or less normally), Tabitha sits back up with a small smile on her face. "Glad I could help." She gives Kaylee a quick light one arm hug, then uses her aura to scoop up the basketball while flying off the bleachers and back onto the court. "So now that you're maybe feeling a bit more settled in…" She gives her aura a flick to bounce pass the ball back to Kaylee. "Want to play some before curfew?"

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