(2016-05-03) Where do we sign?
Where do we sign?
Summary: Alexandra and Mabel visit the Metis, and Aviva gives them the spiel.
Date: IC Date (2016-05-03)
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The Consortium of Metis has a large, comfortable dorm hub, warm and filled with soft chairs and couches with plenty of light during the day and a wonderful view of the ocean floor. Just now Aviva is settled in one of the armchairs, her back propped on one arm and legs slung over the other, her head hanging back and a pencil balanced on her upper lip and holding a large biology tome out above her head.

Waiting till classes for the day are over, Alexandra and Mabel are finally poking around the team dormitories. See, they - or maybe it's just Alex - have decided that they've learned enough about the teams to make a decision, but it's still a good idea to talk to someone about how things actually /are/ — as opposed to how it's written in a brochure. Still in their school uniforms, Alex, as usual, leads the way into the Metis Dorm hub and immediately sets to glance around the place. But wait, she spots Aviva, who is at least a somewhat familiar face. "Hello!" She calls out a greeting.

A 'wonderful' view of the ocean floor, she says. Sure. Suuuure. As soon as Mabel comes in, following after Alex like a lost puppy, her eyes go to that 'view', and she pales. "… whyyyy?", she mutters to herself, but then takes a breath. "It's safe. It's safe. It's safe.", she murmurs, repeating the mantra to herself a few times until she's calm, and then hurries to catch up to Alexandra. Her smile is a little shaky as she looks to Aviva, and gives a little wave. "Hi."

The Italian blonde jerks her head up and peers over at the girls, causing both her pen and Rossini, who was strutting around on her belly, to go flying. The latter croaks irritably. The pencil just hits the floor with a click.

"Rossini," says Aviva, slowly shifting herself into a seated position and pointing toward the pencil. "Fetch."

The undead raven does as he's told, flapping down to pick up the pencil and returning it to her open palm. She tucks it behind her ear. "Good afternoon, ragazze. Can I help you?" Her brown eyes are warm, and there's a light smile on her lips, but her brows furrow at Mabel's worry. "I hate to tell you this," she murmurs, "but the whole school is underwater, and to my knowledge there isn't a dorm without such windows. But be glad you have not gone to Ares. They have a girl who turns into a fifty-foot frog. And can't control it so well all the time."

Ah, Mabel acting scaredly again. Which means Alexandra will do her best 'protective big sister' impression and reaches for Mabel's hand. "It is safe, now shush." The blonde tells her, then turns her attention back to Aviva, along with a tilt of her head. "Well I know where to look for a toady then." She deadpans, but is otherwise already moving forward to join Aviva. "We've been talking to various people about the… recruitment qualifications of each of the teams here, and it sounds like the Consortium of Metis may be the most suitable. But you can only trust the printed word so much, so we thought we should come here and talk to someone, find out the truth about what the team is all about."

"I'll take a 50-foot frog over an ocean view *any* day.", Mabel mutters, then smiles weakly. "It's ok. I'm just.. I'm adjusting.", Mabel says to Aviva, but when Alex offers her hand, Mabel takes it immediately and without hesitation, clinging tightly and taking comfort from the contact. "OK Alex.", she murmurs, smiling a bit more contentedly, even when she's told to shush. Hero worship much? She giggles a little at Alex's mention of a 'toady', but otherwise keeps quiet, happy to let the blonde take the lead.

"Suppose the giant frog were to accidentally break the ceiling," Aviva says, a wry smile on her lips. She glances at Alex, but chooses not to comment on the pun. She gets it — but American humor is frequently not her thing. "Well, I'm not sure that qualifications are the right word for it. It's more a matter of whether or not you feel that you would fit in. I can tell you why -I'm- here. My family has a history of involvement in the superhuman community. It's a rite of passage for us to find powers for ourselves. Mine happily lend themselves to subterfuge and spying. I am, frankly, a bit more likely to take things head on than many Metises, but I still see the value in coming at things from an oblique angle, and how politics and subterfuge have value."

Alexandra moves to step around the couches, dragging Mabel along, so they can all be within polite talking distance. "Oh, right." She nods to Aviva's words. "You mentioned you are associated with the Masters clan." Oookay, so Alex evidently knows about that too. "I suppose our question is… twofold." She pauses to spare a sidelong glance at Mabel. "Puddles' unique gift has great potential for subterfuge and spying, but she doesn't have that mindset." At least, not yet. "As for myself, my abilities are more… direct, maybe even flashy, definitely less subtle. But I prefer to think my way out of trouble and problems, rather than rely on brute force."

Mabel blinks up at Alex. "I can spy! I'm good at being quiet. Just flow in through a crack, and then, boom, I'm a chair. No one ever notices an extra chair. And then I spy, like whoa.", she says, nodding firmly. She then looks at Aviva. "But, yeah. I mean, I'm not a fighter or anything. But I'm good at shapeshifting into, well.. anything. And Alex says you guys would be able to help me make the most of that."

"Not everyone need be a spy," says Aviva, "and really, it takes more than one mindset to make a team." She tilts her head at Mabel. "I think you might do better to slip into a ventilation system or the like, but certainly, hiding in plain sight is a good plan if you can make yourself look the part." She steeples her fingers as she considers the girl. "Could you, for example, mimic the appearance of the floor? Or the wall?"

<FS3> Mabel rolls Shapeshifting: Good Success.

Mabel grins at Aviva. "Watch me.", she says, and lets go of Alex's hand, stepping back to give herself some room. And then, in the blink of an eye, her solid-seeming human body becomes completely see-through, a Mabel-shaped column of pure transparent water, which then splashes onto the floor and spreads out- but it doesn't leave a wet spot, instead, she turns into a solid, dry, just about perfect piece of floor. Some of her splashes up against a wall, where it then becomes a piece of wall, nearly indistinguishable from what's around it. She stays like that for a moment, then part of the 'floor' lifts up, goes watery, and then turns into Mabel's head. "How's that?"

Aviva nods. "Very good," she says. "You could easily spy on somebody if needed. An extra chair could be noticed — particularly in a conference room or office that a person knows well. But if you blend in with the floor, it's very unlikely they'll notice that it's a tiny bit thicker than usual." She purses her lips. "But there is your friend's concern, Mabel. How do you -feel- about spying? About political intrigue?"

While Mabel does her demo, Alexandra finds a seat on a nearby couch to sit and watch. Sure, she acts all smart and efficient and mature, but when people's attention are not on her, guess what she's doing? Hands idly braiding her long blonde hair as it hangs over her right shoulder. Totes teen-girl-like. And she looks just a bit proud at Mabel's display, although the way her head sticks out from the floor like that makes Alex's brows furrow a bit.

Mabel flows back into her human shape smoothly, and dusts off her shoulders. "Uhm. Well, I mean, I don't *mind* it? I'm not going to be wading into a fight swinging fists and stuff, so.. this is what I'm good at. And if it's so I can help others, well, I can do anything.", she says, and nods firmly, then looks to Alex.

Aviva's brow furrows. "You won't be waiding into a fight because you can't? Or because you won't?" she asks. "I ask because there are fine differences to be considered. If my understanding of your power is correct — that you must retain mass when you transform — I still see plenty of potential for you to do a lot of damage in a fight. If you wanted to." She leans back in her chair. "I am not trying to talk you out of joining Metis, Mabel — I just want to be sure that you will be happy here." She glances toward Alex. Something tells Aviva that Mabel will go where Alex does — which might produce some heartbreak down the road.

"She won't. Not yet." Alexandra speaks up before Mabel can, shifting her gaze from her friend to Aviva. "You have to understand that Mabel is relatively new to all this. Her life experiences never prepared her for a real need for violence." The gaze goes back to the watery-girl. "I hope she never finds the need to do violence, but that doesn't mean she can't learn to defend herself, and to fight for things she cares for."

Mabel blinks at Aviva's question, and seems about to say something before Alex answers for her, and she nods. ".. yeah. I mean. I know I could probably be pretty badass in a fight. Change my fists to iron, or something like that.. and I'm *really* hard to hurt. I mean, you can punch water all you like, it'll just flow around you. But.. I've never really trained for it. And… yeah, what Alex said.", she says, and moves to sit next to Alexandra. "I just want to be helpful… and I think I'd be more helpful doing the sneaky thing."

"I'd surmised as much," says Aviva, nodding. Privately, she gets the feeling that Mabel would be happier with the philosophies of the Prometheans, but there is no true dilemma there, in her opinion. Metis and Prometheus work together as well as any of the dorms. "That's fine, then. The school will train you in spycraft and sneaking. I just want to be sure you'll be content. Now, Alexandra." She turns her eyes to the other blonde. "It sounds like you already have an understanding of what we do here."

Alexandra nods to Aviva as the junior addresses her. "As much as I can tell from the printed word, yes. Reliance on intelligence, smarts, cunning. Get things done through careful planning and forward thinking. They all sound like everything my parents have always taught me." Beat, along with a curious tilt of her head. "But is that all true?"

Mabel leans a little closer to Alex. "I'm sure I can be content here.", she assures Aviva, then smiles. "Alex knows me better than anyone, and if she thinks I could do well here, then I know I will.", she adds, then bites her lip. "I mean.. I know how I come off. I.. I get excited easy. But.. I'm smart, too. Not as smart as Alex, but.. if you're willing to give me a shot, I can prove it."

"The truth is, a lot of the team is new to the school," says Aviva. "I've been here three years, and I don't know many of the team members terribly well. But in the past it's been true — and as long as I'm here, it's my goal. I hope to be a team leader next year." A Masters should be at the top of everything, after all. The family has come a long way from the days when they took their name from the idea that they were 'Masters of the World', but they still like to keep their fingers in all the pies they can. "If you two join us, we will have a good core to work with, and help to aim things in the right direction."

Alexandra's further visual study of Aviva, along with that slight lift of her chin — may just hint at approval. Approval that the girl is willing and ready to take on a leadership role. Because knowing Alexandra von Zeiss… she absolutely /hates/ a lack of organization. "I think…" She spares another sidelong glance at Mabel, then her violet eyes are back on the Italian blonde. "…we are prepared to make it official." Her lips widen into the first hint of a satisfied smile. "For both Mabel and I."

Mabel watches the two gorgeous blondes curiously, fidgeting a little. She is so very much not leadership material, but at least she's eager to prove herself, and that's something. She nods at Aviva's words, smiling a little, and then her smile widens more as Alexandra makes her decision. "Mmhmm! Definitely. You won't regret it.", she assures Aviva.

"I'm glad to hear it," says Aviva. Her own smile is open, plain on her face. Nothing says that a Masters cannot be cheerful. "In that case, you need only alert the school staff and they'll set you up with a room — I'm sure you two will be allowed to share one."

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