(2016-05-03) Everybody Loves Kung-Fu Fighting
Everybody Loves Kung-Fu Fighting
Summary: Working out at the Gym, food is discussed, angst rears between teammates
Date: IC Date (2016-05-03)
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Well, if Derek had a choice of where to go flying, it would be away from school to check out more islands, or the coast, or something that isn't school. But, ugh, detention, and detention work. He's collecting things like dirty towels, and other things, for cleaning. With a cart on wheels, half full of things, he's making his way around the gym, near equipment and such, to find school property to have washed. Secondary, of course, to throw away any trash left in the gym. Unlike others, he can't even work out here. Or can he? The faculty in charge is out of the area, so he's let his wings out and is more flying around a little, as if 'looking' for linens and such. That flying around involves gym ropes and the rockwall, and going back and forth from wall to ropes, to swing on them and such. It seems more like goofing off for the moment, but he lands with a grin, to catch his breath. The cart knocked over at some point, linen spilled on the floor. "Yeah, if only real life had ropes dangling all over the place," he expresses to no one in particular, or is there someone else in the gym?

There wasn't anyone else in the gym… and then there is! There's some unexpected rumbling and cracking (one can only hope that's not the sound of the walls cracking, and about to let in tons of ocean) - and look, the rockwall moves! As the various rough rocks turn and grind, a massive humanoid form coalesces, with its frighteningly inhuman face looking down at Derek. And then? It shrinks to something more human in size… though still massive by human standards, until it's nothing but Koa-the-second-year-freshman, sitting against the rockwall. "'Sup man?" He asks, yawns and stretches, in that order.

One would think you get used to odd things like that, especially if they're returning freshman, freshaman returning as freshman even. But noe, Derek startles a moment, a tinge of orange about him, one of those energy types. Then a bigger breath, of relief. And a chuckle, that's a good one, the wall, coming out of it. "Sup," he says, then moves closer to the other. "Damn, you are big." Even if he'd seen the other boy around the school, its hard to forget that there and there he is. "So, you thinking you fit in better on Ares?" That's completely out of the blue, and brash, but so is Derek, in a manner of speaking.

"Huh?" The big fat dude gives Derek a quizzical look at that question, then shrugs both massive shoulders. "I fit in anywhere. Like ninja." He nods sagely. And before he can climb to his feet, he frowns and looks down at his belly, flicking off one pebble, two pebbles, three… oh wait, is that a jellybean? He picks it up, squints at it, then pops it into his mouth before taking on the monumental task of getting up. "Didn't think they let you change teams just cuz."

Derek, who is here on detention to handle cleaning up the gym and gathering laundry for washing of sweaty stinky school property has taken a break as the faculty monitor has stepped out somewhere. So much of a break, the linen cart has been knocked over and some linen is spilled on teh floor. He is near the large Koa, who has found a lost jellybean and put it to use as food substance. Grinning, then a laugh at something the other said about a ninja. "Totally, you're the super man of ninjas." See, the boy from Ares agrees, giving a pause to his grinning at he eating of the jelly bean. "Maybe not, we could put in a request I bet. I'm just thinking out loud here, you'd probalby be awesome at Arena Fetch." That our fearsome as an opponent … need to cover all bases.

Koa's face scrunches up as he stretches, cuz he's totally been sitting (and hiding) as a pile of rocks for hours. "Proms are cool. They all relaxed and don't do much." He points out, one big mitt reaching up to scratch at the side of his nose. "You guys keep gettin' into detention, that's like your team motto or something. 'I live for detention.'" The big dude chuckles a bit. "That's way too much work, man."

Daxton doesn't have detention. Despite what everyone thinks, he doesn't set out to break rules(It just sometimes happens). The speedster's free period has been used to do some jogging around the entire island….a few times. But he's moving indoors now to finish up. He's becoming a regular in the gym for his morning workouts, the afternoon one is always just sometimes. He jogs into the gym at a normal human pace, glancing around to everyone there and giving nods. Dax stretches his arms, blue eyes landing on the tipped bin, "What's this detention for?"

Grinning just the same, then faultering in grinning, Derek considers that, "Proms, yeah, I guess. Have to put on the tie I guess. Or I do this year. I'll rock it." Half a pause, then a grin, as he is speaking to Koa when that came out, fitting. A startled look of shock at the detention coment. "Hey, we could print those on t-shirts. If school wasn't so full of rules, we'd be detention free. Still, you don't have to do detention to be with us." He is aobut to go on, then Daxton shows up, jogging nearby. "Oh, I was flying near the windows last time you guys were in detention, to show off for having my freedom." That day at least. "Professor Weald caught me." A shrug.
Speak of the devil, in comes the furry green professor. "Derek, less yaking, more cleaning. The longer you're here, the longer I'm here!" The guy has his priorities too.

Whoa, where did the professor come from? Even Koa is startled for a moment. He blinks and glances at Derek, as the Ares kid is dragged back to his detention duties. What's he to do? Apparently, that would be lifting his big mitt to wave at Professor Weald. "'Sup, teach?"
Fortunately the prof is more focused on Derek, so Koa takes the hint and starts to wobble away from the teacher's radar, towards the exit. Three hundred pounds of Hawaiian manliness barreling down on Daxton's position at low speed.

Well, most everyone moves at slow speed to Daxton, so he just shifts to the right slightly, giving the Rock space. "Hey." It's friendly enough, although his eyes are currently closed as he stretches out his other arm.

/Extra/ slow speed. "Hey man." Koa returns the greeting, but hey, once he gets near the exits, he comes to a stop next to Dax and peers back at Weald and Derek, as one cracks the metaphorical whip to get the other working. See, Koa just wanted to get out of the teacher's radar. And then he'll peer at the little guy next to him. "You guys have lotsa girls on your team?"

That gets Daxton's attention. "Dude." He looks up at the large guy,an eyebrow quirked, "Man, that's not the reason to pick a team. Trust me, there's plenty of interactions with all the teams. Just pick which one matches you." When dod Dax become the voice of reason? The island is doomed!!! He stretches his neck before shifting off a little bit more, not to get away from loa, but to a mat to start his push ups.

Koa makes another scrunchy face at Daxton's reply, eyeing him as he starts his workout. He ponders the words for a few moments, considering them like he considers the meaning of Life, and finally cocks his head to one side. "So that's a yes?"

Daxton's a few push ups in when Koa reiterates the question, "I guess. Why, are you picking your team based on female to male rations or something?" The brunette turns his head to look at Kao and starts to do more push ups. They're very precise, military style. Matches his growing out haircut. "There's nice girls on every team."
GAME: Save complete.

"I ain't picking nothin', already got a team." Koa blinks his beady eyes a few times, and starts rubbing one eye with a thick finger. "Derek-the-meister was just askin' me to think about Ares, but puttin' in a request and all that is too much work." He stops to peer at Dax. "Y'know what you can do to kick it up a notch?"

Daxton pauses, holding the push up half way and blinks himself, "Oh…sorry man. The way you were asking I assumed…" His head shakes and he starts moving again. "Only change if you want. Everyone here is pushy about that stuff. Be where you want, not where everyone else wants you to be." Still moving his glances at the large boy, "Don't say putting rocks on my back." There's a hint of a smile there though.

"Aww." Koa shrugs his massive shoulders as his idea is preempted. Is he that transparent, he wonders to himself? But he decides, naw. "Why you doin' pushups?" He asks instead. "You don't want no big muscles, they just slow you down. You wanna exercise, do this." The big Hawaiian adopts a wide stance, and starts flailing his arms in vaguely Taichi-like movements. "Everybody loves kung-fu fight-Ting." He even sings along.

Daxton pauses again, blinking in amusement this time at the singing and dancing (?) teen. "I'm…familiar with them. It helps me focus." He starts up again but talks as he does so, "I do sit ups and push ups every day." Ususaly twice a day. He chuckles, still moving, "And I don't think anyone wants to see me try kung-fu." Or whatever that is.

That doesn't stop Koa's kung-fu fighting, although he moves more like a sumo-wrestler than Jackie Chan. "Those kicks was fast as lightning." And the singalong continues too. "Da, da, da something something… frightening." Then finally stops. "Okay I don't remember the words, but I don't speak Chinese anyway. Why not? Kung fu's not just good exercise, it looks cool too. I bet you can do the tornado kick better than I can." Uh-oh. Now he looks like he's going to give that a WHIRL. Literally.

That has Dax laughing, it's a warm sound. An unusual noise from the teen. "I don't really care all that much about looking cool." His eyes widen slightly as the big guy prepares to attempt a kick, and while he's still push upping, he's ready to roll out of the way.

Not just a kick! A SPINNING TORNADO KICK. Lifting a thumb to flick at his nose, Koa channels Bruce Lee (in a super wide angle shot) with a cry of "Hiiiiiyyyyaaaa!!" His thick trunk of a right leg lifts slightly off the floor, and he spins approximately fifteen degrees to the left. Not exactly a stunning display of martial prowess there, big guy.

Daxton can't help it, he lowers to the ground and snorts, his forehead touching the mat.

Short but sweet, finally Prof. Weald goes off to sleep or read or something. He's laid back, one may guess he's just having a blast getting Derek to do all sorts of things that do not seem fun. He probably sniggered once he walked out of the gym, and shook his head. Its fun, and lesson learned, at least for most teams, Derek it probably rolls away like water on a duck. Still he comes back. To the amazing display of a foot moving. "Nice, immobile mountain, I like that. YOu'd be great at defense." For the game, he's still on about the game it seems like. He nods impressed how immobile Koa seemed with that display, or what he assumes was such a display.

Well Koa impressed /somebody/. He stands down from his martial-art stance as Derek approaches. "Oh dude, the teach rode yo ass!" He points out with a laugh. And when he laughs, his muscles, skin, and blubber all shake. "He totes enjoyed it way too much. You must be his fave student around here."

Daxton thought the display was funny, he's smiling (a rare sight!) as he starts up his push ups again. He doesn't say anything while the two smack talk.

Derek is nodding, then shifty eyed, as Koa points out the obvious. "Yeah," he says skeptical, or annoyed. "Too much pleasure in that for him. Oddly, I think I miss the Enigma's detentions. He's taking this gym as the place to work out way too serious. Like I'm Daxton or something." Who is actually using the gym for its intended purpose. That is meant to tease the other, jokingly, not meanly. As Derek himself is known to actually use the gym too, just now its detention time. "See what you're missing, Team Ares, the breakfast of Champions." Cause, it would still be cool to have Koa on the team, one track mind and all.

Oh yeah, Derek's still on the team thing. "Gotta fill out a form, make a request, move my stuff. Too much work, man." Koa shakes his head slowly before shrugging his shoulders. "Lemme think about it." A finger comes up to idly pick at his ear. "You guys hungry? I'm hungry." By contrast, Koa has a very multi-tracked mind.

Daxton doesn't mind. He likes it when the gym is used for what it's meant. Makes working out easier for the speedster. With the two of them gibbering above him, Dax picks up the speed of the workout. Not quite going at inhuman speeds, the push up come very fast. Is he just doing them till he's tired, or is he mentally counting? "No…Full stomachs and working out…don't mix."

The secret words spoken, paperwork. Right there, Derek groans slightly, paperwork is too much like homework. Koa was onto something. "Yeah, way too much." He throws in his lot with that, not thinking about it for now. Just, at some point, his mind will wander back to fielding the 2x Freshman as an immobile wall against other teams, which is easier than pondering how to get around him for now. Fod now, he does follow Daxton, "Yeah, I can't leave, Weald will come back probably." Then a pause, "Unless, recon food mission." Because somehow, sneaking out makes it worth while. More so than simply being hungry. A double take at what Daxton said, a slow turn to him even, "Is there a time you don't work out?" Cause the other boy did leave during the Ares movie night event, to work out …

"Yes! Recon food mission!" Koa is all excited now, beady eyes widening. "I'm totes food ninja. Sneak in, sneak out, no one will ever know." He even does a little karate-hands jig. And then he'll tip toe his way out the door.

The bit of cheerful Dax had going on smooths out the speedster face into a more neutral expression. "It keeps my head focused." He keeps telling people this, why don't they believe him? Koa's tiptoeing ninja has him stopping mid push up again to watch the big dude 'sneak' out. It makes him smirk again before he starts up with the exercising.

There is a grin from Derek, he lets the big guy sneak off. Side commenting to Daxton when he's out of earshot, "Five bucks says his food ninja is walking into the cafeteria and grabbing something, and everyone just stairing at him wonder what he's trying to do. I'm not going to complain if he comes back with something though." Then he moves to actually grab linen left near where Daxton is, from a prior gym user. "Anything else you need to do to keep focus?" Says Derek, who half the time seems at odds with Daxton, "Work out partner or something?"

Daxton just nods, he'd not waste his money on that bet. He's pretty sure that Koa is probably doing just that. The serious question has the speedster stopping again, studying Derek to see if he really means it or not. Finally he'll answer truthfully. "Steady noise. My head doesn't like silence. I get all antsy." That would explain why he's always in the laundry room.

"You know," ponders Derek, "You could probably get an ear peice." He is demonstrating with hands, he just has to move hands, not that he needs to move at all - no restless leg syndrome. But his hand goes over his ear, showing it like FBI style ear piece. "Sync it to your phone and it could make some noise like that?" Sounds all nifty, so his mouth runs off to spoil it a little, "Just go get like special learning needs thing from the office to wear it in class." See, everone wants to be told they have special needs.

Daxton gives up on the push up, bringing his knees under him to squat briefly before he sits down and stretches. He's fairly limber for his size. Always moving probably helps that. 'I don't have a phone yet, but that's not a bad-" He stops as soon as it goes from something helpful to an insult. While he usually avoids eye contact, he's getting good at keeping it when angry or annoyed,. Meaning Derek's probably seen more of his gaze than anyone else. "Oh for fuck's sake, Derek. Go bug someone else."

Derek may just be more insensitive as it is, a slight brow raise at the sudden change and the eye contact. "Dude," he says, with the not cool bro attitude. And then, he doesn't press that either. The boy was in that state, even if he tried to ignore the gaze, he was meeting it just the same. Turning a shoulder towards the boy, the half look, as if should Daxton pounce, there is that shoulder to contend with. Not guard, but potential guard. "Fine, enjoy your work out. Just a thought." He leaves it there, thinking to help, he is a teammate, but now not caring for the moment. He can brush it off on one of the girls maybe. Get them into the idea of it. Good thing he didn't bring up Prom yet and the note he slipped into the office for nominations.

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