(2016-05-03) Delinquent
Summary: A page from a book introduced a pair of students.,, and not in a good way.
Date: IC Date (2016-05-03)
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Alexandra is still comparatively new to the school, but she's been making the rounds and mapping the school facilities. And today she's spending her after-class hours in the library, specifically in front of a research computer because OMG 21st Century. The spot she chose is on the main floor, and given the size of the school, the place is probably vacant enough that she has free run of the place.

Grayson makes his way out from between a row of bookshelves. He's carrying a thick old book. Making his way over to one of the tables near where Alexandra is working on her computer, he sits the book down and begins flipping through it. It's an old book of poetry, and he runs his fingers over the verses as he pages along, looking for a specific book. He sighs, sniffs, and flips a few more pages.

Alexandra's violet eyes shift abruptly upwards at the unexpected appearance of another student. Instinctively, she jiggles the mouse and flips the browser window she's been studying, to the default google screen. There, all safe now, and only then does she spare another look at the guy with the book. And the book gets a curious glance, because in her mind that always tells her something about the reader. Poetry? "Hello." She calls out politely, in that stranger-greeting sort of way.

Grayson keeps flipping pages. He glances at her, then back at the book. He turns a few more pages and then finally stops, reading for a moment. He nods to himself, smirks a little, and then looks around. Seeing no one but Alexandra, he tears the page out and folds it up, shoving it into his pocket. He closes the book, and then looks at Alexandra. "You saw… Nothing," he says sternly, pointing his finger at her, before he then begins to walk away, leaving the book on the table.

Alexandra quirks a brow, first at the page-tearing, but even moreso when he speaks that way to her. "I know what I saw." She states simply, and tilts her head at him without moving from her chair. "Vandalism of school property. Attempt to intimidate a material witness." Beat. "I can tell by your wanton disregard of the consquences, that you're no stranger to detention."

Grayson slows to a stop. He stands there, back to her for a moment, before he turns to face her. "So," he tosses his hands to his side, "What? You're gonna blackmail me then?" He takes a step toward her. "Over a fucking library book that hasn't been checked out in a decade?"

"Don't be silly." Alexandra shakes her head slowly, along with a roll of her eyes. "Blackmail requires a potential outcome far more undesirable than some detention class. More importantly, it requires something that you have, and I want. Neither of those conditions exist in this case." She pauses, tilting her head to the other side as she regards the boy. "But I recognize a delinquent when I see one. You tell me your name, then put the book back, and I'll pretend I didn't see anything."

"I'm not a delinquent," Grayson says flatly. He huffs, and then he walks over to the book, picking it up. "Grayson," he offers with little enthusiasm. With a rather angry gait, he marches back down the row of bookshelves he came out of. It takes him a minute to find where the book went, shove it back in with a thud, and then march back out. He pauses, brow lifting, "Happy?"

Alexandra leans back in her chair to look, making sure Grayson's not just chucking the book in a corner somewhere. When he returns, the blonde girl turns her chair to face him, and in her hands she's holding up a tablet at him. "Almost. I assume you have a surname, Grayson." She asks as she focuses the tablet on his face. Unless he really doesn't want it taken, the girl is going to quickly snap a picture of him. "I'm also assuming you are Ares."

Grayson furrows his brow, and he tilts his head. "What are you doing?" he asks her, his hands slowly balling into fists. She takes the picture, and he takes a step toward her. "Delete that," he commands her. "Now."

Alexandra peers over the lowered tablet at the boy's step forward. "No." She replies firmly. "I have a picture of everyone I've met on file here." She adds, and slipping the tablet inside a backpack made of some sort of black mesh, the blonde girl rises to her feet to face him. "Congratulations, you are the first delinquent on file." Beat. "I can tell you are contemplating the use of force to get your way; I'd very strongly suggest against it, because that would very much work against you in the end."

Grayson snarls a little at her, "Delinquent is an awfully strong word for tearing a piece of paper, girl." He takes another step toward her. "Don't threaten me," he warns her. "Now delete that photo."

Alexandra may not act very afraid, but she does instinctively take one step back. "You are the one threatening me." She retorts, as the backpack is moved behind her back for protection. There is a momentary spark that flashes across her violet eyes, but it's quickly suppressed. "You need to step out of my way, or I will scream."

Grayson tilts his head again. "You'll scream." He repeats it like it's the silliest thing he's ever heard. "Wow." He slowly smiles and then laughs at her. "Whatever, kid." He turns and starts walking toward the door.

Alexandra still watches him as he laughs and turns to go. But the situation, as it seems, is resolved one way or another. Remembering to quickly log off from library computer, the blonde then proceeds to leave as well.

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