(2016-05-03) Carrots, Conversation and Cover
Carrots, Conversation and Cover.
Summary: Chase, Daxton, Vinny and Annaliesa have a bit of conversation. Anna asks Vinny to cover for her for after prom.
Date: 2016.05.03
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At one time this served as the crow's nest and lighthouse of the fort. About the size of a small land based lighthouse, the bottom floor has been converted to a modern glass structure that serves as the seating of the cafeteria of the school. There are a dozen tables, enough to seat the entire student body of the school. Each table has four or five aluminum chairs around it, each with a view out of one of the glass walls. The stairwell up to the light and crow's nest is in the main room but is marked as off limits to the student body.

Chase pokes his head up above the rim of the stairwell, much like a frog pokes his eyes above the surface of a lake full of herons.

Annaliesa is seated at a table with Vinny, she's leaning her elbows on the edge and confiding something to him, "And so, I've nominated Derek for Junior Royalty for the Prom!" Because that's what girls do.

Chase shuffles up the last few stairs, then makes a move for the service tables, gathering up bunches of carrots and celery stalks in a cup.

Annaliesa has already finished her meal, she's just talking to Vinny. Kind of. When she hears the shuffling, if indeed there was sound, she looks up and smiles, offering a wave, but not calling out or anything yet/

If the shuffle wasn't audible the protest of Chase's stomach as he only selects a few veggies is certainly loud enough to raise a dead raven. The big kid gives his belly a prod to get it to shut the hell up, then he settles up his account and heads back for the stairs. A sort of toast / hide behind his cup is offered towards Annaliesa when she waves.

Vinny offers a brief grin to his sister as he hears that. "Ah. Have you told him yet?" he asks, otherwise not saying much about the prom at all. Looking around as he sees Annaliesa waving to someone, he looks towards Chase, studying him for a few moments, before he offers a polite nod.

"I haven't told him yet, but I nominated him." Annaliesa grins when she notices the gesture from Chase. "Come on over and meet Vinny, I bet you two will get along well together." She looks at Vinny, "And you can meet Chase, he's nice."

Chase says, "Yeah, but…uhm….ok." He alters his heading and navigates his way towards the open seats nearby. "Hi. I'm Chase, like she said." He pushes the seats around till he's got one free, sits and puts his cup down. Then picks it back up and holds it just below the level of the table.

Vinny offers a smile to Chase. "Hello," he says, before he adds, "I'm Vinny. It's a pleasure to meet you." Looking back to Annaliesa, he grins, "It will be… interesting to see how he reacts, then."

"I guess so." Annaliesa gives Vinny a smile, then looks back to Chase. "Vinny is my little brother. He's.. he's not like me, he's different. What I am seems to only run in the women in our family." She reaches a hand out to ruffle Vinny's hair affectionately. "So, Vin, Are you going to try and get a date for Prom so you can go?"

Chase nods, "Yeah, that'd be a little Ranma." He picks up one of the carrots from his cup. "Hi." He directs the first to Annaliesa, the second to Vinny, "Is prom a big thing here?"

Vinny blinks a little as he hears Chase's words, but if he's going to ask something, that stops at the question from his sister, although he doesn't react to his hair being ruffled. But it's that question. "I… don't know," he replies to her, glancing around briefly then back to her. "Should I?" A brief pause at Chase's question too. "Not sure," he replies.

"Yeah but she has to be a junior, since it's junior and senior prom. Or something." Annaliesa smiles at her brother and reaches for a drink she has on the table. "I don't know, this is my first prom ever. I'm just a junior and was home schooled before coming here. So it's a big deal to me even if not to someone else."

had to leave for a bit here

Chase nods, "That's cool, what's your thing?" He points a carrot stick at himself, "I can make nothing happen."

Food was important and Annaliesa had gone back for something. Oh look, another fruit cup. Approaching the table, she has a seat back beside Vinny, opening it and dipping in the spoon. "Vinny is awesome." But she doesn't elaborate what all he can do.

The speedster is late. And for Daxton to be late, he must have been really late. He's just stepping out of the dinner line now, tray stacked high with whatever it is they're serving today. Blue eyes scan the room, maybe for someone certain , maybe for an empty space. Which there is one next to Dax's roomie….which Anna takes. Well, he's already mostly there anyway. "Hey…room for one more?"

Pausing for a bit a the question from Chase, Vinny pauses a little as he hears his sister's words. "I am?" A brief pause, before he adds, "I have strong senses. And good reflexes…" Spoken a bit quietly, before he grins at Daxton as he hears the question. "Not as fast as Daxton here, though," he offers to Chase, before he offers a grin to his roommate. "Of course."

Chase says, "Oh, uhm, hi Annaliesa." He looks around to spot Daxton, "Cool, cool. And are you all Ares?" He picks up another carrot and crunches it as he looks between them.

"Hi Chase," Annaliesa greets him as she eats some of her fruit cup. "Yeah, I think you are, Vinny, so very, awesome and such a wonderful brother." Something's up, but she just grins at him before looking to Daxton, "Oh of course, have a seat. You know Chase?" Just making an intro. "We're all Ares, yeah. One day you can meet Felicia too."

Daxton's eyes roll (normal speed), "You're pretty fast, Vin." His tray is set down and he gives Chase a nod, "Hey. I'm Daxton." He sits, and immediately his leg starts bouncing as he reaching to start in on his food. Seems food is the main goal, then talk.

Vinny studies his sister for a few moments longer at that grin, before he shakes his head, "What are you plotting this time?" Sounding a little amused as he looks to the others, with a smile. "Thanks."

Chase crunches the carrots, he considers for a moment, then starts eating them again, but this time they don't make any sound at all as he bites them. "How, uhm, fast is fast for you guys? Like bullet fast?"

"I am going to prom with Derek, soooo, after, he wants to fly me to see a place. I need you to cover for me with mom and dad." Annaliesa grins at Vinny, though she looks between Chase, then Daxton and back to Vinny. "Well, he's fast, but Daxton is run on water fast."

Good thing Dax has taken the time to shove food into his mouth, so nothing mean slips out about the flying boy. At least not yet. He gives a half shoulder shrug, not one to really brag, "Fast, I guess."

Chase says, "Oh, cool." He takes a few more bites of his silent carrots. "Good luck with your thing."

Vinny raises an eyebrow as he hears Annaliesa's words. "Hmmm… All this covering for you is hard work…" he remarks, before he adds, "I'll think about it?" It's said with a straight face, at least, as he looks between the others.

"I will pay you a weeks allowance." Annaliesa tells Vinny, a pleading look on her face. "And I'll even clean your room. Once." She definitely wants his support. Looking at Daxton, she smiles, then at Chase. "What thing?"

Daxton ignores the talk about Prom, he's going to be working. His head tilts and he looks to Chase, not sure what thing he's referring to either. More food. Yum yum.

Chase says, "Your thing, with the flying…thing." He looks around, "I mean, it sounds like the kind of thing you'd want good luck on, right? Like, uhmm…you know, sneaking out and doing stuff."

"Once?" Vinny asks, raising an eyebrow lightly. "So, why would you want to go flying off like that, anyway?" A brief pause, as he looks between the others, before he looks back to his sister finally. "Done."

"Oh! Yeah we were thinking about going somewhere, I'm not sure where yet, he wanted it to be a surprise." Annaliesa grins, offering it to Chase. "Thanks for the good luck." A odd look is given to Daxton when he is so quiet, but she goes back to Vinny. "Just… after prom."

More food is shoved into bios mouth, not his place, not his sister. It's probably a good thing his siblings aren't going to this school. It would just be bad. Daxton's gaze drifts around the room, eyeing who else is here and where.

Chase finishes off his silent carrots then stands up, "I'm going to go, you know, practice and stuff." He waves, "Be, uhm….heroic?"

Vinny nods as he hears that, "Of course," he replies. A brief pause as he offers a grin to Chase. "It was nice to meet you," he offers, before he adds, "Have fun practicing." He then looks back to both Annaliesa and Daxton.

Annaliesa also finishes up her fruit cup, but she doesn't get up. She offers a smile to Chase though, "It was good seeing you again, you have fun, I'll see you later." Still, Daxton's silence gets him a curious look, but again, it's Vinny she studies. "So, you agree?"

Daxton's chews and waves to the non Ares that's leaving. He ignores any looks from Anna, instead, he takes a deep breath and stretches before reaching for one of the cartons of milk on his tray. Does a body good.

Nodding slowly, Vinny smiles, "I agree." He suspects she was sure of it from the start, but there it's said. Looking to Daxton, he offers a brief grin. "So, how's things?"

Annaliesa impulsively throws her arms around her brother in a big hug. She even gives him sister cooties by kissing his cheek. "Thanks Vinny, you're the very, very best!" She smiles at him as she rises. "I've got to go, I'm going to look online for a prom dress. See you both later!"

Daxton wipes off his milk mustache with the back of his hand. "Me? I'm good. I think I'm gonna have enough cash saved after this weekend to get a phone." That will make things easier. Anna taking off to look for prom dresses just has him waving and then shaking his head. Once she's out of ear shot, "Man, you got way more patience than I do. If my sister was talking about going out to some unknown location with Derek?" His cheeks puff out and his head shakes again.

There's a brief pause as he's hugged and kissed on the cheek, the last one causing Vinny to look around a bit quickly. "See you…" he offers to his sister, before he looks to Daxton, offering a brief pause and a sigh. "I suppose it's a weakness of mine," he says, quietly. "She knew from the start that I'd say yes, didn't she?"

Daxton's head shakes, "That's not good, man. You need to toughen up. Being a brother is serious stuff." Says the brother who's not spoken to his siblings since he was saved. Blue eyes lower and he frowns down at the remains of his dinner. "It's a brother's job to protect."

"Hmm… What should I do, then?" Vinny looks a bit thoughtful, before he adds, "I never asked you, do you have any siblings?"

Daxton lifts a shoulder, a very Dax move. "I know what I'd do, but it's up to you. If you're ok with it…then you're ok with it." Anna's gonna kill him. Ah well. He takes a deep breath, reaching up and rubbing the back of his neck, "Yeah…I have a brother and sister. Both younger." There's a touch of worry in his voice when he mentions them.

Vinny nods a little bit, frowning a little. "When was the last time you spoke with them?" he asks, after a few moments of pause, as he detects that touch of worry.

Daxton's tongue dart out to wet his lips, "It's been…3 years?" A frown and he shakes his head, "I can't….I can't talk to them yet. Not till I know…I'm safe to be around."

"Hopefully that will be soon," Vinny offers quietly, before he adds, "Or maybe you could call them, or something? I'm sure they are worried about you too…"

Daxton's definitely not making eye contact, "It's why I wanna get a phone. I can get on Facebook or something…they'll be on that." He takes a deep breath, hating the pressure that's building in his chest whenever he thinks about them. Like he's let them down. "I just…have to be sure, ya know?"

Vinny nods again as he hears that. "If there's anything I can do to help…" he says, offering a quiet smile. "I should be going right now, though. Got to finish some homework…"

Daxton just mods, "Yeah, sure. I'll catch ya later." He'd rather not think about this at all.

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