(2016-05-02) Lunch is never just Lunch
Lunch Is never just Lunch
Summary: Lunch time at the cafeteria, students interact.
Date: 2016-05-02
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At one time this served as the crow's nest and lighthouse of the fort. About the size of a small land based lighthouse, the bottom floor has been converted to a modern glass structure that serves as the seating of the cafeteria of the school. There are a dozen tables, enough to seat the entire student body of the school. Each table has four or five aluminum chairs around it, each with a view out of one of the glass walls. The stairwell up to the light and crow's nest is in the main room but is marked as off limits to the student body.

It hasn't even been a week since they arrived, but here they are, already in proper school uniform and coming out of classrooms and stuff. Right now it's lunch time, and Alexandra has just finished collecting her lunch of roast beef sandwich, chowder soup and an OJ (c'mon, growing girl needs her vitamins) piled on a plastic tray. Being a small school means finding a table should never be a problem, so she heads for a random table, presumably with Mabel in tow.

Mabel is indeed in tow- she doesn't need to eat, her diet basically consists of maybe a glass of water to counteract any natural evaporation, and her weekly dose of crazy super-science chemicals poured into her sleep-bucket. But sometimes she'll pretend to eat in order to make people more comfortable around her, and since she's still getting to know people and doesn't want to be known as 'that girl who never eats, she's probably got a complex about her weight', she's picked up a couple of things from the cafeteria too. Sitting across from Alex, she smiles. "So.. how were classes? I mean.. you're like super-smart, so I'm guessing it's been pretty easy, right?"

The tray is carefully put down, followed by the everpresent tablet that she kept under one arm before she pulls out a chair to sit. As she sits, Alexandra gives her long blonde hair an idle brushback with one hand, while her violet eyes look up at Mabel briefly. "Oh Puddles, not you too." She replies with a light sigh, and doesn't continue until she's properly seated, where she can pop open the cap of her OJ bottle. "My mother is super-smart; everyone expects me to be just like her, but I'm not." Maybe that's why she's so… organized, because hard work can partly compensate for intellect. "I will manage though. Are you more convinced the school won't collapse on you yet?"

"No, I mean, you're not like, 'super', super-smart, like, superpower smart. But you're still *smart*. I mean. A lot smarter than me.", Mabel replies, grinning. She is a bit scatterbrained a lot of the time, and she doesn't remember if she was like that before the accident or not, so it's impossible to tell if it's a side-effect of her consciousness effectively being an emergent feature of the networked psychic field of the microbes that give her her abilities, or if she's just like that naturally. She leans back, and takes a breath. "Well.. A little more convinced. I mean.. it hasn't collapsed on me *yet*, but.. it's kind of instinctive, y'know? The fear of something that could kill me? But.. the more I get to know people here, the easier it is to sorta.. push it back? Like I feel people would try and keep me safe if the place sprung a leak, so.. that helps a lot."

Alexandra bobs her head, half-distractedly while she sticks a straw in the OJ. What? She's NOT going to just pour it down her throat! That's just rude. "I found a gas bottle in the lab which I think will work in an emergency. Those things are designed to hold gas under pressure so the valves are air-tight; if anything goes wrong, you just need to flow yourself into the tank and someone can close the valve after you." Alex reveals her plan before sipping on the juice. "With that in place your chances of surviving a catastrophic flooding of the facility are far greater than most of the other students here." She points out morbidly.

Mabel smiles weakly. "Trapped in a bottle. Just what a girl always dreams of.", she deadpans, then her smile widens. "But it beats dying, so, I'll take it. A friend suggested maybe someone with like super-engineering could build me, like, a super-suit for emergencies, too. Though I'm guessing a bottle is probably easier and cheaper.", she says, pushing her food around her plate aimlessly, a bit distractedly.

"Like I said before, it's one of the projects on mother's to-do-list. She just needs to get to it." Alexandra points out. The juice is put down in exchange for a spoon, which is dipped into the chowder soup. As she prepares to taste-test the soup, Alex notices Mabel's distracted food-pushing. "I know pretending to eat bores you, but you seem more distracted than usual." She tilts her head curiously. "Something else on your mind?"

Mabel blinks, and blushes faintly, ducking her head. "Actually.. uhm.. yeah. There was something, and I've been wanting to tell you since the other night but I didn't know how to.", she admits, then bites her lip. "You remember Sierra, from the other night? At the gym? The pretty girl with the dancing?", she asks.

Alexandra nods as she takes a sip of the chowder soup, because she can easily multitask. "Of course. The Mexican girl who shares her body with the Aztec Fire God." She recounts what she knows of Sierra, then stops to peer at Mabel. "I hope you didn't attempt an unplanned interaction experiment with her. Between your respective abilities, the results can be unpredictable."

Mabel blinks, and blushes. "N-no! Nothing like that, definitely nothing like that-", she says, then pauses. "Unless by 'unplanned interaction experiment' you mean 'we kissed', because.. uhm.." She ducks her head, cheeks flaming red. "… we totally kissed."

Okay, that gets a pronounced brow-quirk from Alex. "Kissed? As in, on the lips, kissed?" Yeah, the blonde actually sounds and looks surprised. So much so that the spoon is held mid-air. And here's the more poignant, yet odd question. "Why did you two kiss?"

"Like, on the lips, and with tongue, kissed. Well, I mean, not *immediately* with tongue, but, there was definitely tongue after. I didn't know tongue was a thing. It's totally a thing. It's a *nice* thing.", Mabel says, and smiles sheepishly. "Well.. I mean, after you left, right? She.. asked me how long you and I had been a couple. And I told her we weren't, because, I mean, we're not, you're my best friend and I love you, but, I mean, we're not like that. So she thought that meant I had a boyfriend, and I told her I didn't have one, and she asked if I liked girls, and, well.. I'd never really *thought* about it much before, but then I thought about it, and… turns out I guess I do? I mean, it's not like I had a lot of experience.. or.. uhm.. *any* experience figuring that out before, well.. the accident and all that. But.. I guess I do like girls. Because I told her that and she got all happy but then she got sad because she has a girlfriend. And that made *me* a little sad, I'm not sure why, I guess.. I got my hopes up because she seemed to like me a lot and I kinda liked her because she's really pretty and nice and.. well, anyway, so I got sad, and she was sad, and she looked at me and said not to be sad, because her girlfriend had another girlfriend and that meant maybe it was ok, and I said, like, ok for what, and then she *kissed* me!", she blabbers, excitedly, and then bites her lip, smiling sheepishly. "It was a really nice kiss."

Alexandra listens with brows furrowed. Probably not so much mad or unhappy, but more trying to make sense of Mabel's stream of words. Finally, she holds up a hand to stop Mabel… in case she has any more to say. "I actually don't know where to begin." Rare thing for Alexandra to say that! "She thought you and I were a /couple/??" Okay, let's start with that one. "And I hadn't considered that you may be interested in human companionship… /that/ way." Beat. "You like girls?" Another beat. "How? When?"

Mabel probably did have more to say, she was being a bit gushy there by the end, and she blinks. "Well, 'cause we spend a lot of time together and hold hands a lot. I guess. And I do smile a lot when you're around. So… I guess I can see why maybe she thought that?" She ducks her head. "If it bothers you that people might think that, I can keep my distance a little more, if I have to… I know I can be a little clingy.", she admits, looking down, but then quickly looks back up. "I didn't know I'd be interested in that stuff either!", she says, and bites her lip. "I mean. It's not like I have *hormones* or anything to worry about, right? But.. I mean.. I'm still *me*, and.. I can still fall in love and stuff. I mean.. I'm not human, but.. but I'm still *human*.. aren't I?", she asks, sounding a little unsure suddenly. "And… yeah. I guess I do like girls. I mean.. I'd sort of assumed I liked boys, but I never really.. like I never really got *excited* thinking about kissing boys or anything like that, so, I figured maybe it was because of the whole.. y'know.. puddle thing. Like, well, I guess I'm just nto wired that way anymore, because, like, water and microbes and that's it. But, I mean, humans are mostly water and microbes too, aren't they? Just in different proprortions. And also they have bones." There's all that Biology knowledge she's been studying. "But then.. looking at Sierra that night, watching her dance, and the way she looked at me and smiled at me, and realizing that she… she *liked* me, that way! It made me feel like.. well, I'd never felt that way when a boy looked at me.", she admits. "So… yeah. I guess that's how. And when." She pauses a moment, and looks at Alex unsurely. "Is… is that ok? You're not, like.. upset with me, are you?"

Alexandra lets out a sigh and reaches up to brush her blonde hair back, even though it falls right back into place. "No, I'm not upset with you." She states as coolly as ever. "That's just a lot of unexpected developments to take in such a short time. The lab reports did theorize about how your biology and physiology would respond to a social environment, but they didn't talk about /this/." Finally, the spoon is dunked in the soup and left there, and Alex leans forward and folds her arms on the table. "I hold your hand because I know it comforts you, and because you are my friend. I don't care how people interpret or misinterpret that." She states decisively on that. "When we get back to our room, I want to run some bioscans to make sure the synaptic activties of your component microbes are still within optimal range, but… if that's really how you feel, I can only advise you to take things slow." She tilts her head. "You haven't kissed a boy, you don't know if you might like that, too. And even if you don't, I don't think you should get involved with a girl… who by her own admission already has a girlfriend. That won't end well." See? Logical.

Replying to 'I'm a girl who likes to kiss other girls' with 'we should perform tests on you to make sure you're not broken' is the kind of thing that might make many people upset or angry, so it's a testament to how much total and absolute trust Mabel has in Alexandra that she just nods quickly in agreement to having the tests performed. "Of course, definitely!", she agrees- and keeps nodding as she says to take it slow, but then pauses, looking hesitant, at the last bit. "… weeelllll. About that.", she says, looking bashful again.

And Alexandra would probably do the same to everyone, because she's behavior blind like that! Yet she's not blind to people's reactions, certainly not Mabel since she's so familiar with the water-girl's emotional states. When the latter goes hesitant and bashful like that, Alex narrows her eyes suspiciously. "What did you already do?"

Mabel blinks. "I didn't do anything! It just happened!", she protests, and ducks her head. "I.. ran into Sierra's girlfriend. A girl named Stefanie. Who, by the way, is also very pretty. And tall and blonde like you. Which I thought was kind of funny that Sierra and I are both short and dark-haired and we both have tall blonde girls we care about but that's beside the point.", she says, and clears her throat. "Aaanyway, when I found out who she was, I… I didn't want to get Sierra in trouble so I told her about what happened and promised her I wouldn't get in the way with her and Sierra and I wouldn't try to steal her away and that I was sorry, and I thought she was going to get angry at me and I was ready for that, but.. she didn't. She said that she didn't have any claim over Sierra and that if we wanted to keep kissing that it was fine.. in fact she seemed really happy for us.", she admits, blushing.

Alexandra shakes her head in obvious disbelief. "So these people are happy to go around kissing everyone. I don't know how they view relationship commitments, but I'm very concerned about this place's public hygienic practices." She mutters the last bit, which oddly seems to be the thought that bothers her the most about this whole conversation. The spoon is picked out of the soup, which is then peered at skeptically. "I hope nobody kissed this spoon." She grumbles quietly. "Puddles, I'm serious. You don't want to put yourself into a relationship minefield like that. If this Sierra girl likes you, then let her pick you. She can't just pick all four multiple-choice answers and expect to get full marks."

Mabel bites her lip, sighing a bit. ".. I know. And if it helps, I'm self-cleaning and I'm pretty sure I'm immune to most diseases?", she says, with a weak smile, which then fades as she leans back in her seat, perfect image of a sulky teenage girl. "I mean.. maybe it was a one-time thing anyway. I haven't seen Sierra again since, so.. maybe she just wanted a kiss and now we're all done. I mean…. it was my first kiss ever, so I'm sure I wasn't very good at it, and she's obviously kissed other girls before, so maybe it was a bad one and she won't want any more.", she says, quietly. "I was just.. it was nice to be wanted like that. She made me feel special and normal at the same time.", she says, with another quiet sigh. "And it was a nice kiss. Even if she didn't like it."

It's still lunch hour, so the cafeteria is busy if not crowded (because small school). Unsurprisingly, Alexandra and Mabel are seated at their own table, with the former halfheartedly dipping her a spoon in a bowl of chowder soup, an OJ bottle with a straw coming out, and an untouched sandwich. Whereas Mabel's lunch is entirely untouched. "I know /you/ are." Alexandra replies to Mabel, to whatever the other girl just said. "It's the rest of the population that needs vaccinations. Anyway, like I said, take things slow, and keep me posted."

Mabel is looking a little sulky as she sits across from Alex. She sighs a little, and nods. "… okay.", she says, a little reluctantly. "Of all the things I thought I'd have to worry about when I came here, 'kissing' wasn't one of them.", she sighs, and leans forward onto the table, continuing to push her food around aimlessly before glancing back up at Alex. "You should eat your soup before it gets cold. Or, well, colder." Because even when she's sulky she still worries about her best friend's nutrition.

Aviva entered the cafeteria a few minutes earlier, her zombie raven fluttering in after her and perching on her shoulder with a croak. "Hush, you," she told the bird as she got into line for food. "I'll make sure you get a proper lunch later."

But that was a few minutes ago. Now she's managed to retrieve food for herself and is looking for someplace to sit. Her brows furrow when she spots the blonde and the blue-greenhead sitting together, neither one of them looking terribly happy with the world. She makes her way over to the pair, still holding her tray — she's not going to intrude if they don't want her — but she'll ask all the same. "Is this seat taken?" she asks, pressing one of the empty chairs with a toe.

The raven croaks on her shoulder once more. "Shush, Rossini," she says absentmindedly, her attention on the two younger girls.

"I have been planning to." Alexandra answers back at Mabel. "Before you started telling me about this local communal kissing practice, and now I'm very aware of the potential health risks it comes with." She takes another unhappy look at the spoon, as if looking for lipstick or something like that on the utensil, before finally scooping up a mouthful of chowder for devouring - just in time to look up at Aviva and her bird friend with big violet eyes. "No, it's not. Please." She points to the empty seat with the end of her spoon, then studies the zombie(?) raven some more. "Your pet looks somewhat… unwell."

"I'm pretty sure they wash the spoons, Alex. I mean, I bet there's someone with like super-washing powers in the kitchen, even.", Mabel replies, smiling a little at Alex's concern with how sanitary the silverware may be. "And I don't think *everyone's* kissing everyone!" She blinks. "Are they?" It's a school full of teenagers with super-hormones, after all. Maybe they are. She looks a little worried about this for a moment, before Aviva arrives, and she blinks in surprise. ".. oh wow. I didn't know pets were allowed. Hi!", she says, mostly directed at the bird, waggling her fingers at it a little.

Chase trudges up the stairs to the cafeteria, small plastic shopping back clutched in one arm. He's wearing the school uniform, poorly. The shirt is at least two sizes two large, leaving the collar loose. The knot in the tie is a flat out affront to the boyscout community. His belt is too tight making the shirt and pants bunch in unflattering ways around his already unflattering middle, his shoes squeak, and one of the laces has already worked loose to trail behind him. He keeps his head down and points the top of his nose towards the food service, then follows his nose.

While she wasn't close to feeling normal, Tabitha did allow herself to be convinced not to 'call in' sick today and actually go to her classes. Now she's coming to lunch in the caffeteria by choice rather than give in to the urge to run away back to the Athena common room where she has food and it's quiet and not visible from the outside and highly unlikely to be hiding kidnappers or other crazies. She's still working on having an appetite again, but she grabs some of the chowder and a sandwich. Then at the drinks section she grabs up one of the large pitchers of lemonade. With that in her hand she looks at it, then at the limes stacked with the other fruit, then at the pitcher, then her aura reaches out and scoops up about a dozen limes.

Looking about at the tables, she starts towards one then another but each one that satifies her current desire for not being overly exposed is already occupied. Except for one. There's still enough empty seats at that one. Only possible snag is that every person sitting or standing by it is an unfamiliar face. But she still goes over there, because honestly if she's not safe here… So she goes over to the table a few beats after Aviva sits down and nods to one of the other seats. "May I?"

Rossini ignores Aviva's commands, croaking at Mabel when the girl wiggles her fingers at him.

The blonde Italian takes the seat she was toeing, and Rossini remains perched upon her shoulder, his balance fine despite his undead state. "Do not mind him. He used to be my hand, and thinks that entitles him to special attention. I can assure you both, there is no epidemic of kissing going around — I have not kissed anybody in at least…" She drums her fingers on the table, counting, grimaces at the number she comes up with. "Four months. And now I feel somewhat pathetic. New Years Eve at the Masters Homestead.

"And before I forget to introduce myself, I am Aviva Maestroianni. Pleasure to meet you both." She glances toward Tabitha as the Athena comes close and asks to sit, then gives the girl a brief smile and nod.

Alexandra tilts her head and furrows her brows a bit at Aviva's explanation, and the raven gets another peer. "I see. I'll remember not to randomly ask you to give me a hand." The blonde deadpans without the slightest hint of a smile, and whatever else she's going to say is aborted by the arrival of another. "Of course you may. This will make things more efficient." She nods agreeably to Tabitha's request to join their table, at the same time she's putting down the spoon so she can pick up her tablet. A couple of taps and it's on, and then it's held up to point at Aviva for a picture, followed by Tabitha. "Aviva Maestroianni. M-A-E-S-T-R-I-I-A-N-N-I, correct?" Alex asks for spelling confirmation as she types in the name, and a glance over at Tabitha. "What's your name?"

Mabel giggles a little at Alex's comment about the hand, and smiles over at Tabitha. "No, please, sit! The more the merrier.", she says, poking lightly at her otherwise untouched food. "I'm Mabel MacAlister. It's really nice to meet you both. And don't mind Alex's tablet. She likes to stay organized. And she's a good photographer.", she adds. Then, after a pause, "So… are pets that *didn't* use to be part of your body allowed? 'Cause I was thinking maybe I could get a pet. Like maybe a hedgehog."

Chase stuffs a bunch of carrot sticks in a big cup. Settles up his account, then starts trudging towards the stairs again. He stops, sets the cup down, then crouches to deal with his errant shoe lace. Bunny-ear, bunny-ear, round and round and knot! He sticks his fingers in the back of his shoe and rubs at his heel before standing up.

Tabitha smiles her thanks and sits down, subtly scooting the chair so that there's some space on either side of her. "Thanks. Good to meet you to, Mabel." She sets her tray and the pitcher down, then starts to arrange the stack of limes into a square bottomed pyramid with her aura. When Alexandra raises her tablet and starts spelling out names and taking Aviva's photo she ducks her head down and tugs at the black knit watch cap she almost always wears, making sure the hair covering the left side of her face and neck is still in place.

"Um… being organized is good, but could you please not take my photo? I'm fine with telling you my name, but I just found out that I was targeted by some kind of creepy hacker-slash-kidnapping thing on the mainland. So… yeah." While she's saying this her aura is solidified in front of her face so that if a picture is taken it will just show a gold-amber oval in front of her.

Aviva corrects Alexandra's spelling — just an I that should be an O. And given the fact that it's twelve letters, spelled quite differently from the way it sounds, and in another language, Aviva concludes that the other blonde did quite well for herself. "It's nice to meet you too, Mabel. I have never looked into the school's policies on pets, but I imagine that a small animal that lived in an enclosed habitat would be alright." She breaks a small piece of beef off the hamburger on her tray, passes it up to Rossini, who quarks and snaps it from her fingers.

Tabitha's notice of her kidnapping experience causes her to peer at the other girl with some concern. "You have dealt with this creepy hacker?" she asks. "And informed the staff, of course?"

Alexandra frowns as she puts down the tablet after making a correction of the spelling, evidently not pushing her agenda of taking photos. "The yearbook of this school is going to be a sad, desolate pile of pages." She mutters and instead picks up her sandwich for a bite now. No, she hasn't actually given her own name, but now's not the time anyway, as her attention follows Aviva's towards Tabitha's menton of a hacker-kidnapper. That is, after a sidelong glance at the chubby Mr. Chase near the stairs.

Mabel's eyes widen as Tabitha recounts the whole hacker/stalker thing. "Ohmygod. Are you ok?", she asks, then nods along with Aviva's words. "Is it taken care of?" The pet thing forgotten for the moment (or maybe permanently, she can be a little scatterbrained).

"The yearbook will be fine. I'm just feeling less photogenic than usual the last few days." Tabitha shrugs and starts picking up limes from the top of the pyramid with her aura and peeling them by shaping the aura into a blade and taking the skin off in a long spiral strip. "I'm fine, thank you. But whoever is responsible is still unknown and out there. It wasn't just me, but every twelve to seventeen year old female orphan on the eastern seaboard."

She starts to squeeze the lime into the lemonade by pulping it in a single squeeze then starts on the next one. "My caretaker, Nathaniel King said he's going to look into it along with the FBI. And before I forget, my name is Tabitha Jones."

Sure, the aura-thing is curiously peered at, but Alexandra is currently busy munching away at her sandwich to ask about it. Even the revelation that unknown person is targeting orphan teens doesn't get too much of a reaction out of the blonde. But the name-dropping? That'll get Alexandra's attention, at least enough that she leans forward to put down the sandwich. "Nathaniel King is your caretaker? Are you officially affiliated with the King's Cavalry?" What is with the sudden interest, anyway.

Mabel nods, wrinkling her nose. "… oh wow. Y'know, I'm suddenly glad I'm legally dead. And also not human.", she murmurs softly. "… and technically German." She takes a breath. "Anyway.. I hope they find the gu-", she begins to say, but then Alex is going on about the King's Cavalry, and she blinks, then tilts her head curiously.

Tabitha gives Alexandra a confused look at what she decides is interesting enough to ask questions about. "Yes, one of my guardians is Nathaniel King. He helps run the orphanage I grew up at and was my combat instructor before I came here. King's Cavalry doesn't ring a bell. He has a sailboat named King's Chariot." She frowns in confusion, then shrugs and starts eating. Sandwich is dipped into chowder while her aura continues to peel and pulp limes into her lemonade. She gives Mabel a questioning look when she mentions being legally dead, but decides not to pursue. Instead she looks back to Alexandra after taking a few bites. "So is 'Alex' your full name? And how do you know Master Nathan?"

Alexandra gives Tabitha an odd look at not knowing about King's Cavalry, studying the girl some more as she picks up a napkin to dab at her lips. "Of course not, silly." She answers Tabitha's question about her name. "My name is Alexandra von Zeiss; my mother is the one who knows Nathaniel King. He never told you about the organization he belongs to? King's Cavalry? Queen's Favor? Nothing?" The blonde girl peers at a bit, looking for any signs of recognition. "Maybe he was waiting for the right time to tell you all that."

Mabel looks completely lost- certainly more lost than Tabitha, since she didn't even know who this Nathaniel person was. Then again, living in a test tube for a year or two meant she wasn't really up on many current events. She watches Alex and Tabitha curiously, before glancing over to Aviva with a little 'do *you* know what this is about?' kind of look.

Tabitha isn't looking much less confused about things than Mabel, really. Even the lime pulping has paused halfway through the stack. "No, I've never heard of any of that. To me he's just always been Mr. Nathan then later Master Nathan when he started training me. Just the man in charge of the orphanage." She resumes her actions again, tasting some of the now highly citric drink. "Not enough." More limes are pulped. She doesn't show any recognition of Alexandra's name. "He is the reason that I'm here, though."

Alexandra reaches for her spoon to eat more of her soup, but pauses as Aviva seems to remember something and must make a hasty retreat along with her undead bird. Thus leaving the three freshmen at the table, Alexandra resumes tasting her chowder soup. "I'm sure he has his reasons not to clue you in on all of that. I probably shouldn't say any more in case that contradicts his plans." A sidelong glance is spared at Mabel upon noticing her confusion. "It's nothing you need to worry about, Puddles." Then back to Tabitha. "What is that… aura thing that you do?"

Alex's reassurance that Mabel doesn't need to worry about seems to be enough for the little metamorph, she nods and smiles. "Alright Alex. If you say so.", she says, contentedly. It's almost a little creepy, the complete unquestioning trust, but there it is. She looks down at her food, still not having eaten anything. "Ugh, I'm full.", she murmurs, pushing the tray away, then looks over at Tabitha. "And what's with all the limes?"

Tabitha shrugs at Mabel's question after taking a brief moment to ponder the kind of relationship the other two have but deciding that it's not something she should jump to conclusions on. "I really have no idea. I've always loved lemonade, and always a bit on the sour side. But the last day or so I've craved more sour, more citrus." The aura finishes pulping the last of the limes, then on a whim stirs the peels into the pitcher as well.

She takes a moment to gather her thoughts before answering Alexandra's question about her aura. "It seems to be a lot of things. It's a kind of event horizon that absorbs a wide range of energy forms. That energy enhances me physically. Makes me stronger, tougher, expands my senses, allows me to fly, and heals my wounds. It's also a field of nonspecific energy that I can control like extra limbs." She shrugs and takes a long drink from the pitcher, smiling softly. "Perfect."

Alexandra turns a look at Mabel. It's not an angry look, but one that kinda says 'why?', as in 'why would you ask about limes?' when the power thing is that much more important. Along with a questioning palm up at the green-haired girl. Then her attention is back on Tabitha. "Interesting set of abilities; mindbogglingly difficult to come up with a descriptive code name though." The hand with the spoon lifts to prop up her chin, as the blonde regards Tabitha thoughtfully. "Nathaniel King must have taken note of your gift, and decided that he would groom you to be a future recruit for the King's Cavalry. But not till he feels you are prepared for it." Beat. "You said there is some unknown person out there kidnapping teenage girls from orphanages? This person, or persons, might be specifically targeting you?"

Mabel blinks innocently at Alex, the look she gives her back just as clearly saying 'why *not* the limes? I mean, seriously, that's a lot of limes- maybe she needs limes to activate her powers! I'm helping!'. Well, either it says that, or it just says 'huh?'. It can be hard to tell with her. "Huh. Weird." She's probably talking about the limes, not the power. She shudders a little at the idea of someone targeting orphan girls. "Ugh. I hope they get whoever it is."

"My team just calls me Aura. It's simple, but you're right. It's a lot to boil down." Tabitha drinks more of the pitcher's contents, then finally sets it aside with it half empty. She watches Alex watching her, taking a few bites of her lunch in the meantime. She shrugs when Nathaniel is brought up again. "I don't know. When my powers became active, he helped me get basic control. Then a week later he told me about this place and arranged my enrollment. We haven't had much chance to talk since then. Just details about upcoming stuff for my band and a bit about those hacker freaks on Saturday."

She smiles to Mabel, "I hope so, too." Then back to Alexandra, "That thought has crossed my mind, yes. It's the reason I haven't gone out in public since I learned about it. And why I'm a bit paranoid about having my picture taken at the moment." She shrugs at that part, her expression attempting to show that she's aware of how little sense that might make.

"That's a wise precaution, but not necessarily the most effective plan." Alexandra opines, dropping her hand to scoop up more soup. "If he is putting the resources of the Cavalry behind it, I have no doubt these people will be rooted out soon enough." She's in no hurry, so eats a bit more of the soup before reaching for her OJ to sip. "Think about it: this place is probably as safe as you can get. No one is crazy enough to risk coming in here to nab you, with so many superpowered individuals around. But if they /are/ that crazy… this is the perfect place to lay a trap."

Mabel smiles back at Tabitha, then watches Alexa as she starts to scheme, eyes widening in admiration. "Oooh. I could disguise myself as a door or something, and then when they go past me.. bam!"

Tabitha shrugs about the whole King's Cavalry thing being brought up again. "Somehow I doubt that sending me here had anything to do with the creepy hackers. I've been here nearly two months. The hack happened just two weeks ago and I found out about it on Friday." She looks between the two of them as they start talking about traps, then quirks her right eyebrow (the left being hidden behind her hair). "You two sound like an episode of Scooby Doo."

"I mean /you/ can use this place and set up a trap. Nothing to do with Nathanial King." Alexandra heaves a sigh after he sips her OJ, then narrows her eyes at Tabitha before saying rather cooly, "Are you seriously calling us a joke because we're trying to offer you a potential solution to your problem?"

Mabel pouts a little at Alexandra. "I'm sure she didn't mean that. Scooby Doo wasn't a joke. I mean, they always found their guy, right?", she says, and grins. "And Velma.. Mmm. Yum.", she adds, grinning goofily.

Tabitha pauses with the last bit of her sandwich inches from her mouth. She gives Alexandra a long stare, then nods towards Mabel. "What she said. I was commenting on the enthusiasm and improbability, not trying to insult you." Then she looks back at Mabel's other remark and goofy grin. "Eh. I wouldn't kick any of those four out for eating crackers in the bed. Or all four, for that matter." She finishes her sandwich and the last of her chowder before continuing. "You've given me a lot to think about, Alexandra. And I will, but how about a subject change? I'm curious about why the pictures and full names and all for your tablet. And of course I'm very curious about you two since you're brand new faces."

Alexandra can be really hard to read, as she seems to consider Tabitha's reply for an equally long moment. Then she reaches for her sandwich again, giving her long blonde hair an idle toss before taking a bite - chews and swallows, all done unhurriedly. "I'm just keeping an active profile of everyone in this school." She explains as if nothing at all is amiss. "It's a new place, with lots of new faces, and everyone has a different power set. It's difficult to keep track of who's who, but more importantly how everyone relates to one another. I see this as a social experiment of superegos in action, and I want to keep a record of it." Beat. "It'll take some time to complete the profiles for the entire cast, and I'm sure things will need to be updated along the way, so it's very much a live document."

Mabel giggles a little at Tabitha's words about the Scooby Gang. "… wow, that's pretty ambitious.", she says, grinning, then turns to watch Alex as she explains, then adds, "And it's useful to know who can do what in case of an emergency. Like, say, the school gets attacked by Doctor Magnethands but we know that someone has, like, anti-magnet powers, then, boom. Problem solved. Pretty useful!", she adds, cheerfully. "And we're just trying to find a place here. I mean, we don't even have a team, yet."

Tabitha thinks about Alexandra's response about her files and information gathering, then nods her understanding. "Yeah, that all makes sense. I'm still trying to keep everyone straight in my head sometimes, and I know I haven't really met everyone despite the small total student body. I mean, there's fewer than a hundred of us here." She tilts her head to one side in a questioning manner at the experiment part, though. "Not sure I'd call it an experiment, really. I mean, this year's graduating class will be the school's twentieth. The teams do sometimes get taken out on training missions, but they're not mandatory."

She grins over at Mabel with a bit of a blush appearing on the visible right side of her face. "Yeah, well… I'm a budding rock star. Gotta get that whole groupie thing down, right?" Then she blinks about them not having a team. "Well, have you learned the basics of what each team's general theme tends to be? I could fill you in if you want." Then she looks down at the tablet and lets out a breath. "But first… let's get that entry in your database finished. Fire up the video camera on that thing."

Alexandra quirks a brow at Tabitha's change of mind. "I have noticed there are a lot of students here with aversions to having their photos taken." She notes, moving to pick up her tablet and switching it back on. "I find it worrying that so far you're the only one who has a valid reason for not wanting their picture taken." She adds, and then the tablet is held up. But Alex also turns a questioning look towards Mabel. "Doctor… Magnethands? Puddles, when they start assigning code names, you absolutely need to remember one very important thing: Do NOT make any suggestions." She deadpans!

"You're a *rockstar*?!", Mabel exclaims, bouncing in her seat a bit. "Ohmygod. Do you sing? Do you have a band? Have you played any shows? Can I go? Can we go?", she asks, and then looks to Alex. "We should go, Alex. To her show. We should go." She beams as the blonde uses her pet name for her, and shakes her head. "Hey, Doctor Magnethands is a perfectly valid supervillain codename- he was a brilliant surgeon, who suffered a horrible accident. They had to perform emergency surgery on his hands to save his life, but they didn't have any spare hands, so instead they put *magnets* where his hands should be. He was saved, but at what cost? Consumed with grief and desire for vengeance, Doctor Magnethands uses his evil powers of.. uhmm.. having magnets.. for hands.. to, uhm.." She trails off. "… okay, maybe I didn't think this one through completely. But you'll be glad we have our database when he attacks!"

Tabitha shrugs at the remark about how many here don't want their picture taken. "There's a fair amount of unhappy stories here, that might be part of it. But I realized that I only had two reasons to object; my current paranoia and my scars. The paranoia will fade, so I might as well start fighting it. And the scars… those will always be with me. And anyway… in fourty-one days if all goes well I'll be getting interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine with my band."

She winks over to Mabel, "Yeah, I have a band. No we're not actually rock stars just yet. We're recording our first album this month and our first live performance will be at Downtown Funk's battle of the bands June tenth and eleventh. We do have some songs already posted online, but no videos yet."

She gives Alexandra a smirk as she remarks on Mabel's codename idea. "Is Puddles so much better?" Once the tablet is set up and its camera facing her she looks straight into it. "My name is Tabitha Jones, at least that's the name I gave myself. I'm the smallest student at the school, at least when figuring everyone's natural forms. My powers are energy absorption which fuels an array of self-enhancing abilities, primarily strength and flight. I am a trained martial artist, but not the best by any means. I'm a fan of adrenaline rushes, tropical temperatures, and damn near any form of music ever thought up by humanity." Then she smiles so Alexandra can get a still frame shot and looks away from the camera back to Alex. "That enough for your files?"

"That makes no sense. How does he shave? How does he go to the bathro…" Alexandra asks Mabel incredulously, but abruptly cuts herself off when Tabitha starts going with her video, and focused on holding up the tablet. Yeah see, Mabel always brings out the worst in Alex! Once it's done, the recording is paused and Alexandra checks the replay to make sure she's got the footage. "Perfect, thank you." See? The blonde does have manners too. "Puddles isn't a codename. That's Mabel's nickname." She points out instead, and puts down the tablet with a thoughtful look on her face. "A live performance in a month? If I were a kidnapper, that sounds like a perfect opportunity to strike."

Tabitha smiles to Alex, "You're welcome." Then she shakes her head in disagrement, "No, the perfect time to strike would've been on Friday when I was basically alone and at least fifty miles from my nearest comfort zone or support structure. It would've even taken me time to use my powers, as I had them supressed while in public because I was there expecting to meet and have a heart to heart with total strangers. It's a perfect storm of variables." But really her main reason to argue against getting kidnapped at a concert is that she doesn't need any more reasons to be petrified of that event, thenkyewverahmuch. She sighs and takes a long drink from the pitcher, draining the last of her citric acid with a satisfied smile. "That's good stuff." She sits back in her chair while her aurs arranges everything on her tray in preparation of taking it to the dishes drop-off.

"Then maybe this person isn't as frightening as you imagine." Alexandra points out, letting her gaze scan her tray of mostly finished lunch. Except the OJ, which is taken and the remaining juice sucked through the straw. This is when Mabel jumps up and panickingly announces that they'll be late for the next class; nonetheless Alex is far less concerned and takes her time finishing up the OJ, before pushing back and rising to her feet. "Well we are curious about how this kidnapper situation develops. Will you keep us updated?" She asks as she picks up her tray, while Mabel is practically hopping from foot to foot behind the blonde, eager to run off to class.

Tabitha floats out of her chair as the other two get up for class. "It's not the people behind it that has me spooked. This is the first time in what I know of my life that I've been threatened with something I couldn't face down and possibly punch or stab if needed. It's the not knowing that's the bad part." She nods about keeping them in the loop. "Sure thing. And I am appreciative of your input." She grins at Mabel's excitement, then looks like she's had a thought. "Oh, if you're curious…"

She tears off a scrap of napkin, then a pen from her pocket and writes out a webpage URL which she offers to them. "This is my band's soundcloud page. The band name is a work in progress, but the songs are polished." Once her dishes are deposited in their spots she gives them a wave. "It was good meeting you. See you 'round."

Of course Mabel is going to be excited and gushes at the napkin with the URLs on it. "Thankyouthankyouthankyou! It's nice meeting you!" But since she thinks they'll be late, the greenhaired girl runs off to drop off the tray before rushing out of the cafeteria. Alexandra is far more composed, only peeking at the napkin for a second before it disappears with the fleeing Mabel. "Don't mind Puddles. She's… excitable like that." She offers to Tabitha as she drops off her own tray. "I'm sure we will see you around." And with that she turns to follow Mabel. To class!

<OOC> Tabitha says, "Here are links to the RL versions of the songs that are listed on the soundcloud site Tabs gives you the link to after this. The first one is listed as a cover (because no way am I going to claim that Tabitha wrote 'Losing My Religion'), although she is listed as the writer and composer on the rest. She's the female vocals and the male vocals are listed as Terrance Miller :P No videos ICly, just audio tracks. https://youtu.be/JPq_Ueo92zA .. https://youtu.be/_4ybHljWiYk .. https://youtu.be/G1E5OP6S4-E .. https://youtu.be/zwbXfUonNms .. https://youtu.be/-uakxkjYMDI .. https://youtu.be/nPctSyi87ms .. https://youtu.be/4MLVfa8VfX4"

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