(2016-05-01) No Man Is An Island
No Man Is An Island
Summary: Stefanie runs into Chase in the laundry room on an early Sunday morning.
Date: 2016-05-01
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Chase is standing in the laundry room. In his hand a school uniform and work out suit fresh from the dryer. No color bands indicate a team. He pulls at the clothing he's holding a few times watching it stretch then says, "They're messing with me…" He sounds unsure about this and looks a bit nervous.

Stefanie makes her way into the laundry room with a duffle full of clothes. She typically takes these early weekend mornings to either workout, dance, or do laundry. Today is laundry. With most of the student body either sleeping or gone to the mainland, she takes the opportunity to get into the laundry room when there's less people around. She's currently wearing a t-shirt and yoga pants. Her hair is up in a high ponytail and there's no makeup as she heads to an empty washer. She looks over and smiles. "Oh Hey." She chuckles. "Yeah.. You'd never think they fit, but somehow they do. Not the most flattering of garments, but it works."

Chase turns about to look at Stefanie as she talks, his eyes just barely graze her then get pegged to the floor. "Oh, uhm, yeah…I guess." A few seconds tick by then he adds, "Hi, I'm Chase. I'm not in your way, am I. No one else was in here so I thought I'd… uhm." He spreads his hands, then glancing down he startles and tucks his hands, and the undergarments they're holding, behind his back.

Stefanie chuckles. "Hey Chase. I'm Stefanie. And you're not in my way. There's plenty of room." She smiles. "And I know.. I do the same thing. I like it better on the weekends when everyone's left." She opens up the duffle and starts tossing laundry into the washer, attempting not to show her unmentionables as well. She tosses in a uniform with red stripes. "I'm in Athena. How new are you?"

Chase says, "I got here on Friday." He shoves his clothing into a bag then gets his eyes back to the floor. "I met another Athenian, Annaliesa, when I arrived. She can talk to whales."

Stefanie grins. "Anna's in Ares, but it's all good." She says. "Welcome to Coral Springs. With a name like that, you'd think we'd be in Florida." She smiles, starting up the machine. "So you haven't decided where to go yet?" She smiles, not about to make a sales pitch. "It's all good. You'll find the place that you fit in with most."

Chase says, "Oh…" His face falls noticeably on hearing he got it wrong. "Yeah, no, I mean I haven't. I only found out I should go here a few weeks ago, so, I didn't really know to think about it."

Stefanie :nods and smiles. She notices his discomfort. She doesn't approach him, figuring it will make him more uncomfortable. "It's all good. I know how it's like. Not all of us had a happy, shiny emergence into our powers." She says. "I'm not gonna force you. You seem to be pretty uncomfortable being in here, but I'll listen if you want to talk. I seem to find all the shy ones."

Chase says, "What? No, shy? Me?" He shakes his head, "I'm not shy, i just, you know, don't want to do something wrong." He glances at the bag of clothes then says, "Or look silly or you know…." He rolls his hands around in front of himself, "I mean, like nothing ever happened to me before now."

Stefanie raises a brow. "Do what wrong? We're talking. There's nothing wrong in that." She giggles slightly. "My girlfriend was shy at first. I was able to break her out of that shell." She blushes, thinking about it. "And you don't look silly. Everyone around here is different, but that's great." She hops up onto an unused washing machine. "So… what happened?"

Chase says, "Huh? No, I mean nothing ever happens to me." He stops to think for a bit then says, "I'm a sink…thing. So a few weeks ago I got hit by a car and nothing happened."

Stefanie nods. "You absorbed the kinetic energy of the car." She says, understanding. "Do you change the energy to potential and store it for later, or do you just absorb it?" She asks, curious. "We've been studying different kinds of energy in class." She holds her hands out, palm up a flash of light and flame emitting from eahc one before she puts them away.

Chase says, "I think it just goes away." He had flinched back from the display of flame, but then looks down at his hands. He holds then palms up and the air above goes cloudy, then crystalizes. He moves his hands out of the way and the solidified gasses fall, steaming and evaporating. "See."

On the floor the frozen air finishes thawing back to gas leaving on condensation on the chill spot on the floor.

Stefanie watches intently. "That's… something. I'm sure you'll learn how to control it and do something with it." She smiles. "So, are you gonna wash those or just pretend to hide them from me? It's alright. I'm not scandalized." She stage whispers: "People wear underwear. Stop the presses." She giggles. "So.. Are you afraid of hurting someone?" She asks, turning serious.

Chase says, "I guess I could, but I haven't so far. I mean I have to try pretty hard to have anything but nothing happen…" He looks at the bag, "They're already washed, didn't they look clean." He pulls part of the uniform out to check it. "I uhm wear boxers and the uniform doesn't uhm…. go with…." He flails a little, "The … uhhh …" Nope apparently explaining why boxers don't work with stretching outfits is beyond the capability od Chase's young mind and he just goes info


This exact problem is why many superheroes wear their undies on top.

Stefanie laughs and nods. "Yes, I get it. Us girls have been talking about the cameltoe-induction powers of the gym outfits." She chuckles, using the word to see the boy's reaction. "I get it. It's all good. I don't mean to be keeping you behind, then, if you're looking to head to the shore for one more day of freedom."

Chase says, "Oh." He colors a bit, "Sorry, I wasn't thinking about how bad it must be for girls." He looks at her again for a second. "Yeah, sorry, I'll, uhm…do that thing. Thanks, sorry, bye

Stefanie blinks and hops off. "Wait.." She says, reaching out to grab his arm gently. "You don't *have* to leave.. I just meant that if you wanted to, you didn't have to stick around for me. Don't be sorry. You've done nothing to be sorry for."

Chase says, "No, hey, it's fine. I mean, you've got like things to do, right. Thanks, though." He tugs his arm away a little, "I mean, I'll figure it out, right? You all did and, you know, don't look, you know… like…uh…I'll do the thing, right?"

Chase says, "I mean, who wants to be trapped here…right?"

Stefanie looks, letting go of the arm. "We figured it out, yes, but together, as friends and teammates. It's why you're here. Nobody wants you to go through this on your own." And she looks. "Nobody's trapped here." Well, not *entirely* true. "We're here to learn about ourselves. It's not a prison." She turns back to her laundry. "I'll see you around. Try to have fun. You're not going to be alone here."

Chase doesn't exactly flee through the doorway, but the little spin his shoulders do as he fails to navigate the exit indicate 'out' rather than accuracy was the motivation. Curiously there's no sound from the apparent impact and Chase doesn't seem to register that he hit anything.

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