(2016-05-01) Beginnings of Paranoia
Beginnings of Paranoia
Summary: Events of April 29th have had an understandable if pronounced effect on Tabitha.
Date: 2016-05-01
Related: Plot: Creation Myths An Intersection of Agendas
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With it still being the weekend the school is pretty much a ghost town. Not many students around and those that are are probably heading out soon as well. Of course this makes the commisary dead so getting in and out of it is pretty easy to do. At the register is Felicia, she looks to have just came up from the gym, she has on '80s Flashdance inspired dancing/workout clothes on, sans the legwarmers…she has her limits. Guess no one has told her those are back in style now. On the counter in front of her seems to be every Monster drink that was in the cooler as well as a few bottles of water. "Take it out of my account." she tells the cashier as she begins to bag up all the beverages.

A ghost town school worked just fine for Tabitha when she flew back. Ever since she left Augusta on Friday, she's been feeling skittish with the unshakable sensation of being watched. Once she returned and tossed her bags onto her bed she's been wandering the grounds without going back outside. Now, despite not really having an appetite, she's up here poking idly through the shelve putting almost random things into her basket. Bottled tea, sleep aids, a Coral Springs can coozie, beef jerky, batteries, pens, and a novelty straw are in there already and she tosses in a few random magazines as well before her wanderings bring her up in line behind Felicia. She not so far out of it that she doesn't note Monster Mountain, though. "Heh. Finally ran out?"

Felicia rescues one of the energy drinks and the pops the tab on it. "Of my pocket stash." she answers glancing into the handbasket that Tab's carries "That's some party you are having." she gives a wink to the other girl. "Jerky, batteries and a drink coozie?" she sounds amused if anything "Count me in!"

Tabitha blinks slowly at the remarks about her purchases, then looks down into the basket and actually sees what's inside. "Huh. Guess so." She finds enough energy to smile at Felicia, "Alright, but you have to wear the can cooler thing. I'll braid the jerky into my hair and we'll be set." Set for what she has no idea, but when in doubt crazy is the way to go. She looks back at the basket and shrugs. "Was really just here for the sleeping pills, but what the hell."

There is a hmmming noise as she studies the coozie a moment "It's really not my color but you're on!" yeah Felicia is one of those that is up to just about anything. There is a nod "What the hell pretty much sums up my life." the epitome of an Ares. "Well…." she takes a sip of her drink "yesterday was it, wasn't it?" while it is a question, she already knows it was. This small a school it is hard to keep anything a secret.

Tabitha's smile this time has a bit more pep to it. "Well, you are an Ares. And one of what, two or three people who actually can wear that thing in one way or another?" She sets her items on the counter, then starts to count out some cash from her pocket. She shrugs at the question about yesterday. "It was Friday, actually. I spent yesterday catching up with friends." And staying away from crowded places and open windows, too but she doesn't add that bit in.

"And I would totally work it in that thing." there is a quizzical look when Tabs mentions others that could wear it but whatever she was thinking gets blown away by the information that the meeting was on Friday. "Oh!" Felicia says in a bit of surprise "And?" she asks, doing her best to curtail her insatiable curiousty, which doesn't work all that well. She isn't one that can hide her feelings.

Tabitha finishes paying before she answers, although the way her shoulders slump downwards doesn't likely mean sunshine and puppies. "And… I won't be moving to Hawaii. The meeting was a bust." She takes the bagged items and moves out of the way of anyone else that might need the register. "Worse than a bust, because there was never any family in the first place. It was some kind of system hack, a con job to get orphan records or some bullshit like that." She pulls out a tea with her aura, opens it and takes a swig.

Felicia winces "I'm sorry." she says with sincerity "I know you didn't want to move and all, but knowing that a family wanted to meet you an all…" she steps forward to give Tabs a hug not bothering to finish the sentance "Well we still want you around here. As far as family goes, the one here can't be beat."

Tabitha's aura keeps hold of the tea bottle while she is more than happy to accept the hug from Felicia. She even squeezes back harder than she would with most other people, because she knows that Incredible Shrinking Woman can take it. "Thanks, 'Licia. You're not wrong about that family thing. Here doesn't suck." When the hug ends she takes another small sip of tea and asks, "So what happened around here while I was off and away?"

Felicia can totally take it, "It doesn't." she agrees "I've barely been here for two months and my team is more family to me than my actual family." but she has quite an unusual family dynamic so that's hardly surprising really "Here?" there is a bit of a shrug "Anna and I rescued a beached whale yesterday." she treats it like no big deal.

Tabitha has a different take on the idea of family, growing up in an orphanage with a lot of 'siblings' but no real single parental figure. Not before Master Nathan, anyway, and he's more of a 'cool uncle'. She nods to Felicia, "Yeah, I know what you mean." And then she's being told of a beached whale and how it was saved. "Wow! First the Burger Barn challenge and now rescuing large sea mammals? You two are quite the impressive pair."

It's late morning and besides the cashier, Tabitha and Felicia are the only two that are in the comissary today. No surprise, with it being a weekend the school is pretty much a ghost town.

Looking like she just recently finished a workout…or maybe going to have one, Felicia is dressed in her Flashdance inspired dance gear, sans the legwarmers. She also seems to have bought out all the Monster in the store, she has sack in her hand full of it and is drinking a can as well "We do okay." she says to Tabs, but her modesty there is all feigned, "Have to do something to balance all the detentions we get." so many detentions. "I still have a week of those left for leaving school on a weekday."

Tabitha is dressed as usual when not in one school uniform or another. Worn jeans, flannel shirt, work boots, and her everpresent black knit watch cap with the hair pulled down to hide her scars. Her sack seems to be filled with a very… random assortment of goods ranging from magazines and bottled tea to a noveley straw and batteries. She gives Felicia a mildly confused look, "You got detention for being out on a weekday? But… staff gives permission for that all the time." Then her mind ticks at that for a few seconds and she gets a sly expression. "Not that any self respecting Ares would ask for persmission, yeah?"

Daxton's been looking all around the school (Not that it takes him that long) for Tabs. Meeting before going to the mainland was a great idea. Not having an actual time or place…not so much. He's dressed in jeans and his hoodie, a small beat up book bag with his work t-shirt inside (there's a faint lingering odor of pizza on the bag). "Oh, hey Tabs. There you are." She gets a smile and he then looks to Felicia, "Hey, stocking up?" Is this where she gets all her Monster? Her attire is eyed, "That reminds me, apparently there's an Athena girl, named Gabrielle. She's a dancer and I think wants in on whatever you're compiling. You should ask her."

"This is me we are talking about here." Felicia starts out. When Tab quickly picks up the whole Ares and asking permission thing though she nods "And with my record lately they were bound to say no, so why even ask, when just asking for forgiveness is easier." She totally lives by that particular motto. Her nose twitches a bit "Do you smell pizza?" oh its Dax, of course "Hey Dax!" she greets exuberantly "Yep. I ran out of my pocket stash." though she probably has more hidden other places only a teeny teenage titan could find them. "Gabrielle? Blue hair? Hides anytime you look in her direction?" she questions "I didn't know she danced." she grins "I'll definitely ask her." that's pretty much as good as done…if Gabrielle doesn't run and hide at Felicia's outgoing, energetic personality at least.

Tabitha rolls her eyes at Felicia's 'better forgiveness than permission' line, "And people wonder what the difference is between Athena and Ares." She inhales when the question is asked about pizza smell, then smiles as Daxton arrives. "Hey there, I was just going to look for you." She listens while he tells Felicia about Gabrielle and nods, "Yeah, she's a shy one. Haven't done more than exchange quick nods with her in the dorm so far." Then after that she floats over and a bit upwards so she's more eye to eye with the other two. "Hey, Dax… could I ask if we could do the whole 'welcome back' dinner thing here instead of in town? I'm… really not feeling the whole 'crowd' thing today."

Daxton gives his half shrug and nods to Fel, "Looked like ballet or something." He told Gab he'd set her up, poor girl. Blue eyes study Tabs and he nods, "Sure, whatever you want."

Felicia's eyebrow arches at Tabs "They do? I figured that part was obvious," there is a beat "it's the color of our uniforms." she can't do straight faced when she is joking, so the chuckles come out and the wink follows. "Ballet? I know that word." implying that it isn't one of the styles she knows "But dance is dance, she'll be more than welcome to join us. You think I would have better luck catching her in your dorms Tabs?" she glances between the pair, of course she isn't surprised about the plans the two have, she was told "I'll let you two get to that. I need to go get changed anyways. Burger Barn day with Anna…and then I am sure she is going to drag me shopping for prom dresses." she is /so not/ looking forward to that second thing.

Tabitha grins at Felicia's crack, nodding with mock serious expression, "Indeed. How could they not tell?" Then she shrugs about how to best pin down Gabrielle. "I know she's usually in the gym at odd hours, but outside of classes yeah, I think she's in her dorm a lot. Like I said, shy and skittish." She then nods about Felicia's plans with Annaliesa. "Good luck with that. I'm so glad I'm just a freshman and don't have the whole prom thing to worry about." Then she smiles at Daxton's agreement to her request. "Thank you. I… things didn't go well on Friday, and they didn't go well prety hardcore so staying in is a good thing for now."

Tabitha give Felicia a quick waves as she heads out, then shrugs to Daxton. Her bottle of tea is brought out again with her aura so she can take another sip. "We could do that. I've got the leftovers from Thursday down in the Athena kitchen. Wouldn't take much to heat it back up." She's not sure if Dax has been to the Athena commons, yet. "It's pretty comfortable, too. Has one of the best views into the water, and a huge olympic style fire pit in the middle."

Daxton's not been, but he nods, "Sure. That sounds fine." he desc even gets a small grin, "Sounds way better than Ares." Maybe he should switch! He motions for her to lead, not needing anything in the store.

Tabitha leads the way down, taking the stairs because for both of them that's a faster route than the elevator. Once down in the Athena commons, she slows down but stays floating. She likes the feeling that she could escape if she needed to, it's feeling like she has something to escape from that's got her insides twisted. She gives Daxton a chance to look around at the classic Greco-Roman style, then heads towards the kitchen. "There was a bit of everything left over. I've got a few steaks, some burgers, sausage, plenty of chicken, and at least a serving or two of the sides."

Daxton's eyes widen ever so slightly as he takes in the room. He makes an agreeing noise, "Yeah….that all sounds awesome. Whatever's rare." If he can get rare, he'll eat rare. He follows, not wanting to be left alone in case another Athena shows up and questions why he's there. "Need any help?"

"So no chicken, then," is Tabitha's response to the 'something rare' requirement. She also nods in response to Daxton asking if she needs help. "Sure, you can help. Plates and crap are over there," she nods towards some cupboards in the corner by the oven. She starts to pull the food out of one of the fridges, snagging a steak and then a bit of everything else. She also gives him a passing hip bump as she notices his nervous look around the area. "You do know that there's no rules against folks visiting other team common rooms, right?" But despite her words and the fact that she's about as much in home territory as it's possible to be here, she's still a bit jumpy herself.

Yeah, no salmonella please. Dax moves to get the plates, but will respond to the hip bump with an overly exaggerated prat fall into the counter, "Hey! Watch it! I'm delicate!" Blue eye roll, but he just gives his normal half shrug, "Sure. But Teams can be weirdly territorial. i'd rather not deal with it." Speaking of weird, he looks over at her, "So…what's up?"

Tabitha doesn't laugh at Daxton's antics. She does manage a bit of an eye roll, though. She doesn't answer right away when he asks what's up, focusing on putting together a couple of plates which go into the oven to be warmed up. Once the oven is closed and starting to heat up she floats over to sit on the counter. "No one showed up on Friday. There was no one to show up. It was all fake."

Daxton's small smile turns right upside-down, "A fake? Like…the social worker set you up?" What the hell would be the point of that?!? His head tilts, "There had to be some reason…no one would go through that kind of paper work just to upset you." The speedster leans against the counter, but then shifts to lena a hip and shrug off his backpack.

Tabitha looks up at Daxton and shakes her head, "It wasn't just me. The computers were hacked. Over sixty girls my age, all along the east coast had their files hit and had fake overtures of adoption." She and Daxton are over in the kitchen area. There's a lot of food leftover from Tabitha's beachside BBQ on Thursday and she's making up some servings for the two of them. She's sitting on the counter, not looking too great or happy, but talking with Daxton about something personal.

"One of the people in charge of the national adoption computers was there. He told me it was a coordinated effort to learn who we were, where we lived, all that sort of thing. And then whoever did it put in the effort to arrange private meeings with each girl, making us think we might get adopted. I don't think I have to spell out the massive level of creepy."

Frustration for his friend flashes across his face, "Oh Tabs…I'm so sorry. That fucking sucks." The speedster's paranoia kicks in slightly (Thanks Unit 23!), "Do you trust your social worker and this in charge dude?" He's quickly learned to never completely trust anyone in charge, always have a backup plan. "Were all these meetings on Friday?" Daxton's brain is already moving at the speed of his feet, "Do you got anyone with computer chops you trust?"

Oh, well, /that's/ an interesting time for Jacob to walk over. 'Interesting' as in 'immediately upsetting', that is. The backpack slung over one shoulder is dropped unceremoniously to the floor. "Are the /other/ girls all okay?" he chimes in, since clearly Tab herself is… well, not okay exactly, but holding it together.

Tabitha keeps focused on Daxton as he takes in and runs with what she's said. "Ms. Porter? Yeah, I trust her. She's been my case worker my whole life. She's an overly formal stick in the mud, but she'd never hurt us. And she got points in my book when she told me that she didn't keep details like where we live on computer. I guess she's enough of a luddite to prefer hardcopy." She shrugs about the other guy, though. "I don't know about the computer guy. I'd never met him before, but Ms. Porter seemed to know him. He was an older guy. Albino."

She shrugs about other meetings, "I don't know any details about what's happened or not with the other girls. And no one I know is all that great with computers unless they're using them to make music." She hadn't been paying much attention to her all-around senses, so Jacob's arrival catches her off guard to the point where she gives a squeek and flies up towards the ceiling.

Daxton jumps as well, but it's because of Tabs squeak. She's got him just paranoid enough that he ends up underneath her, hands up defensively in a blink of an eye. It takes him just as long (no time at all) to realise who it is though and his fists drop, "Damn it." It's not particulary directed at anyone. He clams up though, unsure how much Tabitha wants to talk about this with other people. So any questions or comments or suggestions will have to wait. Instead he looks up at the floating girl, waiting to see what she does.

That sudden reaction from Tabitha catches Jacob off guard as well, putting his hands up palms forward in the classic 'whoa' gesture and taking a couple steps backward. Which leaves a dent in the wall, though thankfully it's heavily reinforced against such abuse. "Hey, yeah, it's… just me. Sorry." She must have registered the words first and the voice second, or something.

One of the ways Gabrielle has managed to basically keep from meeting people for most of the years has been by using her teleportation to travel from place to place in the school when she thinks she might run into people. With a soft pop of displaced air she appears right in front of the refrigerator, opening it up without realizing that there's people in the room. Leaning into the fridge she starts muttering to herself, "I know I had some apples in here… Where are they? Here's apples, apples, apples…"

Tabitha doesn't recover from her shock quite as quickly as Daxton does his, but she does operate at mere human speeds most of the time. She floats back down and settles back on the counter again. There she can be not flying but still on a more even level with everyone else. "No worries, Jacob. I was just not expecting anyone else to show up on the weekend. And the crap that happened on Friday has me paranoid." She nods towards where some leftovers from the BBQ have been laid out. "Help yourself if you're hungry."

Then there is a *POP* and an outward rush of displaced air as Gabrielle 'ports in and starts rummaging in one of the refridgerators. "Um… I think they're in the crisper drawer?" She's mildly bemused that Gabrielle shows up not long after Daxton had told Felicia about her and her dancing.

Daxton bristles slightly at the *pop*, but he's at least hear it before so he doesn't bring his fists up again. Instead he lets out a soft sigh and moves to lean against the counter near Tab, letting her run this show.

The popping effect catches Jacob by surprise as well, but he wasn't as badly wound up to begin with, so he just pauses and lets it sink in for a couple seconds. Okay, a teleporter, got it. "I am, thanks," he says, heading over to snag a plate. "Tab— is there anything I can do to help? You seem okay, but…" A shrug. He doesn't trust himself to be reading the situation correctly.

Gabrielle distractedly responds to Tabitha with a quick "Those are commercial, I need my or… ga…" then she realizes there people in the room and she slowly looks up and around the 'fridge door. The way she does it only leaves the top of the head and her eyes visible, everything else is hidden behind the door, "Oh. … … Hi. … … Am I interrupting something?"

"Oh, the organic ones are in the other fridge in the crisper drawer." Tabitha is grasping onto this oh so normal exchange as something of a lifeline. She has excellent vocal control as a singer, so the strain she's under doesn't show in her voice. But the hands which are going white at the knuckles as they grip the edge of the counter tell a different story. She offers Gabrielle a small smile as the shy teleporter peeks up over the fridge door Killroy style. "No, no interruption. Just talking. You live here, too." The last is meant as a reassurance. Jacob gets a pointed look at his comment. "Help is appreciated, although I can't think of what to do about it all. And no, I'm not okay."

Daxton's hands go up in a surrender type of fashion to poor Gabrielle. They're lost encounter didn't go so well either, so he's certainly not going to offer her any food. "Hey." Jacob gets a worried glance, both boys seem to be on the same page, worried about the musician. Tab's death grip is noted and Dax gentle elbow's her arm, "Hey, the counter didn't do anything wrong." After a beat, "Would you feel better blowing off some steam in the gym? They have reenforced bags you can wail on. I have a few hours before my shift."

Jacob bites his lip. "Yeah, that was the wrong word. Sorry. I mean— I mean, I don't know what to do, either. Except be here for you. We all will." Right? Daxton's on the case, as usual, and Gabrielle's… well, she's new. "It's a rough time all around," he says, leaving it open for Tabitha for whether she wants the extra company right now.

Gabrielle nods then slowly disappears behind the fridge door. The she closes it, dashes to the next refridgerator and snatches the door open to put it between herself and the group again. As she rustles around in the crisper she says, "If you want a work out we can spar… I've seen you working with swords before, right?" Her volume is low enough that it might even be hard to hear for people not paying attention and she's so caught up in the stress of having so many people around she's not really catching on to the stress in the air. At least today she's not completely running away; she must really want those apples.

Tabitha does ease off her grip on the counter when Daxton points it out to her. Good thing that most surfaces in the Athena dorm are marble or it likely would've already been damaged. She shrugs at both the offer of the gym and then Gabrielle's mentioning her swordwork. "I… don't think I'd be safe actually doing anything like that right now. I've broken enough equipment here already." She looks over at Gabrielle and sees the mild confusion in the girl's eyes, which isn't hard since it's about all that can be seen of the teleporter.

"I got some very bad news on Friday. I thought I was going to be adopted, but it turned out to be some kind of hacker scam." Then she nods at the other girl's question. "And yes, I use swords. My styles are FMA and Kenpo, but I'm always open to learning more. Just…" she looks down at her hands, which are still shaking. Even her aura doesn't seem to be able to remain stable around her body.

Right about then there is a semi-loud *DING* from the oven timer.

Daxton's not gonna push it. Instead when the oven dings he pushes off the counter and moves over to get the food out. He's working some things out in his head, so he stays quiet for the moment, letting the teammates talk.

While they talk, Jacob finds a chair to turn around backwards and sit down on that way, arms folded across the back with his chin leaning into them. "What's FMA?" he asks, before the sound of the oven timer draws his attention again for a moment. "And I'm up for some sparring too if you want some more help with that."

Gabrielle finally comes out from behind the fridge door with an apple in each hand. Unlike many apples these are dull looking and much less than perfect. But that's what happens when you don't have a coat of shiny wax and they've never been touched by pesticides. Without saying another word she goes to the sink and starts to wash them with a little vegetable brush. But she's perked up and listening for Tabitha's answer to Jacob's question about FMA…

Tabitha actually jumps when the oven dings, startled by something that normally wouldn't even shake her startlement needle. She lets out a breath to try and calm herself and smiles her thanks when Daxton retrieves their two plates of now reheated steaks and sides. She's glad that the conversation has drifted away from her specific situation. "FMA stands for Filipino martial arts. Escrima sticks, knives, swords, bare limbs. It has some cross-over with kenpo. It's the styles that Master Nathan has been teaching me. We tried to train yesterday, but… it didn't go well. He says he's a fast healer, at least." Yeah, she winces at the memory.

The hot plates are set down quickly, All the yummy food filling the kitchen with it's good smells. Eyes quickly flicker over to Gabrielle, Dax is unsure if the smell of the food will make her ill. He doesn't know how allergic she is. Something thatTab says has the teen stop, frowning like he's almost remembering something, but it flits away., This has been happening to him more and more, and it's really frustrating. Instead he forces a small smile at Tab, "Drinks?" He motions to the fridge, he'll get them if she wants.

Jacob sits up straighter now, gesturing with one hand toward Tabitha. "Escrima sticks. I've heard of those." Somewhere. And his food is slowly cooling over there, he'll remember it again in a minute. "And hey, you had an excuse for an off day. I'd be having an off day for sure."

Gabrielle finishes washing her apples and starts to cut them into wedges, not reacting at all to the smell of the other food in the room, or even turning around to look at the other three. She hasn't checked out from the conversation thought as she says, "Sometimes I doul wield too." Then the crisp sound of an apple being bit into marks the beginning of her snack.

"Drinks? Hells yes. I should have a massive pitcher of lemonade in there. Bring it all to me. You can have some of my soda if you want. It's on the labeled shelf." Tabitha doesn't want a glass, she wants all of the lemonade. She accepts her plate and because she doesn't want to get down from the counter holds it suspended in her aura. Small extensions of her aura are shaped into a fork and knife and she starts taking small bites.

She nods to Gabrielle, "I almost always dual wield. I've started learning how to adjust my balance when using weapons of different sizes or types." She hunches her head down in a gesture of shame. "That's what Master Nathan was trying to teach me yesterday. I… forgot my sword wasn't a knife and sort of… stabbed him. So… a bit more than an off day." Yes, she stabbed her sensei who is also the person responsible for funding her orphanage. Yay team.

Daxton's hands twitch as they talk about weapons, almost like he's got the ghost of something there. But then drinks are requested, and that's a much better thing to focus on. A glance to Jacob, salient asking if he wants anything before he brings the pitcher over to Tab and a can for himself and Jacob if he wants one. He just assumes that Gab will not.

Jacob catches the look from Daxton and nods. Oh yeah, he doesn't need one quite yet, but he's going to. "Oh," he says, flatly, getting up and walking over to offer a hand to Tabitha. Sorry, he mouths silently. It's what he's got to offer for now.

Gabrielle looks over her shoulder then slowly turns around to face the group, even if her eyes are somewhere around everyone's toes. "My practice stuff is all blunted. But that has to be so scary, to stab someone on accident." She takes another bite of an apple wedge and chews slowly.

Tabitha doesn't bother with a glass, instead taking the pitcher in her hands and drinking straight from it. She nods to Jacob and Gabrielle. "Yeah… at least nothing vital was hit. And normally he'd have no problem parrying me, but I wasn't holding my strength back." She hides her expression of shame behind the lemonade pitcher by drinking more. "So that's why I'm leary about sparing in my current state." She looks over to Daxton as he finishes handing out drinks. "You alright, Dax? Seemed like you were having a thought there for a minute."

Caught!The speedster smirks and then shakes his head, trying to deflect, "I know right? I was almost dangerous there for a second." Oh look, yummy food that isn't pizza! His blue eyes stay on the food only diverting to the can to open it. Any internal drama is blocked as he shoves food into his mouth. The great silencer.

Jacob heads back over to get started on his plate, drumming the fingers of one hand on the table while he picks up munchies with the other. "Okay, well…" The obvious thing would be to suggest just leaving out the sword. So, he decides to go one step further. "How about something besides sparring, then? Round of airball or something."

Gabrielle nods, "Well, I always need sparring partners. But I have to go now that I have the apples. Bye." Yeah, that's kind of nonsensical but at least she stayed and talked for a while, better than she's done over most of the last year. With a pop and a spark of light she disappears, presumably back to her room.

Tabitha smirks at Daxton's deflection, willing to let him get away with it this once. Then she shrugs to Jacob, giving him a soft smile. "I appreciate the ideas, but until I manage to shake the feeling that I'm about to be abducted by some kind of kidnapping ring targeting teenage orphan girls, I think I'm going to stick to staying inside and focusing on less physical activities." She takes a few more bites of her food, managing to force them down around an almost total lack of appetite. "Besides, I've only got about two weeks before my band goes into the studio to record the master for our first album." She offers Jacob a warm smile, "I'm grateful for the effort, but… yeah." Gabrielle gets a quick wave before she vanishes.

Oh boy, let the speedster get away with it once, it's like an open invitation to never answer any deep questions. Dax just nods, not going to push any more of what happened. He'll need to poke around about finding someone with some computer skills though. He now has two reasons too, and helping Tha is an easier excuse than finding out stuff about himself. He will offer , "Just running might help. It usually helps clear my head." And she can do laps in the gym, safe inside. He's quickly finishing off his meal, the time slowly creeping closer to when he's going to have to leave for work.

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