(2016-04-30) The Druid, the Siren and the Nothing
The Druid, the Siren and the Nothing.
Summary: A Saturday night in the cafeteria.
Date: 2016.04.30
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At one time this served as the crow's nest and lighthouse of the fort. About the size of a small land based lighthouse, the bottom floor has been converted to a modern glass structure that serves as the seating of the cafeteria of the school. There are a dozen tables, enough to seat the entire student body of the school. Each table has four or five aluminum chairs around it, each with a view out of one of the glass walls. The stairwell up to the light and crow's nest is in the main room but is marked as off limits to the student body.

Already having found a table and relaxing, he studies the people that come and go. With Chase being easy enough to spot, it isn't too surprising that his eyes do glance over the other boy. That is until his own eyes shut as he holds his food. His usual ritual.

Chase goes from huddled into himself to a much more relaxed and comfortable stance once he has a platter of food in his hands. He turns towards the tables and can be seen visibly starting in one direction, stopping, turning, restarting, then stopping again, ending up looking down at his plate with a bit lip.

With damp hair, Annaliesa arrives in the cafeteria wearing a hoodie and a pair of jeans. Pink.. fuzzy.. house shoes are on her feet, quite out of place, but she looks relatively warm in that condition. It takes very little time for her to clear the lunch line and she comes through on the other side carrying one of the trays that holds a vast.. vast array of food. And a chocolate milk. She notices two familiar faces and grins as she approaches Diego, but summons Chase over too. "Hey, come join us." She never questions her own welcome at the table.

Diego does soon enough open his eyes. Spotting Anna and Chase again. Giving Anna a smile and waves before glancing to Chase. Offering a warm smile and wave to the unfamiliar one as well. Never being one to deny people a place to sit either.

Chase says, "Oh, hey…Annaliesa. Those are, ah, cool kicks." He heads over to sit at the table where indicated, "Hi, I'm Chase." He offers to Diego, "I just got here, I mean, well obviously I just got /here/ but I mean I just transferred here."

Annaliesa looks down at her feet and grins, wiggling her feet. "Just got back to the school, spent the day out with Felicia." The news is to them both, but she gives a smile to Diego. "Hey Diego, this is Chase, yeah, he's new. A Freshman. Chase, this is Diego." It's a belated introduction, but it comes.

Diego smiles brightly. "Pleasure to meet you." As he's introduced he only nods in agreement about his name. "I hope you'll enjoy your stay here then. And welcome." Grinning as he looks to Anna's shoes as well. "Ah, hope you both enjoyed yourselves." He offers about her and Felicia.

Chase says, "Yeah, thanks, I think it'll be good, I mean, that's what we're supposed to do, right?" He puts down his platter, only veggies, "So, uhm, you're a Promethean, right?" He points towards the colors.

Annaliesa reaches for the BLT first, a bite taken, she's a hungry girl and she enjoys it a lot. As she notices the choices of Chase, she tilts her head. "Are you vegetarian?" Because she had a burger with him the previous night! "I know you're not a vegan, because.. your first words to me weren't.. I'm vegan." It's amusement, she's teasing, but she takes another bite before speaking again. "We had fun, Diego," she grins. "There was a beached whale."

Diego nods. "That I am." He assures the other boy. Then raising a brow as he looks between the two of them. "Ah, cool cool." As to what, is anyone's guess. As for the last words from Anna, he nods. "Ah, perhaps I would had been able to help. Though I am sure you both managed."

Chase pulls his plate a little closer to himself and puts an arm forward, somewhat hiding it from view, "No, I'm not a vegetarian, I just…thought…that…this would be good, you know, too…uhm…a whale? Can you talk to them?" He looks over at Diego, "Are you a mermaid too? I mean, merman?"

Chase says, "Mer…person?"

Chase looks down at his plate, coloring a bit.

"I brought in some water, but Felicia pushed it back to the ocean." Annaliesa is still a little in awe of her roommate, and it tells in her voice. "But I'm sure you would have been a big, big help." She takes another bite of her food before she looks at Chase and nods, "I like grilled vegetables a lot." She nods rather eagerly. "I can talk to them." Though she doesn't answer for Diego, leaving that to him to clarify, but she notices the blush, "I'm sorry if I said something wrong."

Diego grins but shakes his head. "No, I'm not. Though I can speak to them as well. Languages are fascinating." He offers and shrugs. "But I can also use strength and other neat things to help out." He explains. Raising a brow as he looks between them, as Anna apologizes. Oblivious it seems.

Chase says, "What, no, that's…you can both speak to whales?" He looks very confused, "Are they smart like people?" He pulls his plate a little closer and picks up one of the carrot sticks holding it for a second, "Do I sound stupid for asking that?"

Annaliesa looks surprised, "You learned?" A smile is given to him, "Well whoever taught you, I'm glad that you did learn." She continues digging into her food, though the question from Chase is met with a head shake. "Oh not at all. I mean my mom can, we all have a language that helps us communicate with sea life, I didn't know Diego could though."

Diego raises a brow, "Oh, no. I only know how to talk to whales and other sea creatures that I've met. Not mermaids and stuff." He clarifies. A small chuckle at that. Shaking his head to Chase. "Not stupid at all."

Chase looks down at his carrot for a minute, "Is it…I mean, is it ok to eat fish? They're not like people to you, are they?" He's gone from a few shades warm to a few shades cool as he starts giving consideration to what knowing someone who is half-fish might mean. God help him when he meets a minotaur or a fawn…or a harpy, so many eggs, so … many … eggs.

"I like eating fish." Annaliesa confesses, but she looks uncertain, "I mean.. some of them are idiots." She shrugs, but looks down at her plate. "Oh hey, I forgot something, be right back."

There is a small grin on Diego's face as well. "All things have a mind and thoughts. As long as you manage to treat it with the respect it deserves, I doubt a dead animal would mind becoming nutrition for another. It's what they do themselves as well." He suggests and shrugs. Nodding to Anna as well, as she runs off. "See you soon!" He offers. A bit surprised at the sudden departure though.

Chase looks down at his carrot, "How about vegetables, they don't have minds, do they?" He's definitely a few shades lighter than he started when entering the room. "I don't think I'd want to eat something that thinks."

Diego grins, "They do. To some degree. Usually before being plucked up. A lot of plants can communicate through pheromones and the like. To warn others of bugs or similar. Fruits and such are usually carriers of seeds, so perhaps not quite as talkative as trees and plants." He suggests, another shrug offered. "I was actually raised by them, and animals. I suppose I'm part oak."

Chase puts down his carrot, "Oh." He thinks for a few minutes, "So, like, everything, everything." He looks down at the carrot for a few more moments then says, "That must suck, having to hear everything talking to you."

Diego shrugs. "Somethings don't directly speak. But they can leave their own story as well. Like rocks." He suggests. "And dead things usually don't. As long as I treat each meal importantly it is quite fine. We all do what we need to survive. Though all things are equal."

Chase says, "Still, that's like, a hundred time worse than naming a turkey." He eyes the carrot for a bit then picks it up and eats it. He swallows then says, "So, you're like a dryad or something, or a treant?"

Diego chuckles and nods, "I suppose so. Human soul, created from a seed. So I suppose that I technically am one of those. However I am a shapeshifter as well. So for now, when I handle missions, I go by Druid."

Chase says, "Oh, that's a cool name. Do we all get one of those?" He looks over at Annaliesa and her sandwich, "Do you have a code name? Yours is probably pretty cool too."

It's then that Annaliesa arrives back and she has a seat with a fruit cup. Once settled, she looks at Diego. "You go by Druid?" She hadn't known that. "I don't have a byname or anything yet. What about you, Chase?" The sandwich is offered over to Chase. "When I get one, I hope it's a cool one."

Chase says, "Oh, well Chase is already kind of a by-name, but I guess if I ever do a mission I'll need a code name, right?" He thinks for a little bit, "I'll probably just go by a letter or number or something."

Diego nods, "Yeah. I've not done much, but Diego doesn't quite sound as good." He offers and smiles. Grinning as Chase seems excited about the names. "Yeah, I think they are a good way to separate between active duty and relaxing." Grinning about Chase's codename. "Think others will find one for you. It's what happened to me. I'm one with nature and am human, as far as they can notice."

"As long as it's not Ariel," Annaliesa says with a crooked smile. "I mean mine, not yours, Chase." But something he says catches her attention, "Your name isn't really Chase? What's your real name then?" She nods to Diego, having spoken to him some about what he does and his beginnings.

Chase looks back down at his food and picks another flayed corpse and puts the carrot stick in his mouth. "No, yeah, Chase is fine." He says, "I don't really do much though, maybe they'll call me Nothing." He thinks for a little bit and looks down at himself, "No, probably not."

Diego smirks, "How about we call you Siren then?" He suggests and grins to Anna. Then looking at Chase. "I am sure that you do something. Else I'd doubt that you would be here." He offers and shrugs once more.

Annaliesa works on the fruit cup she had collected, eating the pears from it, then the peaches, in that order. The cherries are completely skipped over, she doesn't seem to like them or she is saving them for last. She frowns, "Why would someone call you Nothing? That would just be rude, most people here are pretty nice." A blush rises in her cheeks. "Siren?" She knows what he means and shrugs, changing the subject. "Are you going to prom?"

Chase says, "Oh, cause, you know, nothing ever happens to me." He picks up a few tomatos and eats them, while looking between Annaliesa and Diego on the prom question.

Diego blinks, tilting his head as Anna blushes a bit. He won't say anything for now though. Hearing about prom instead. "I don't know. You? I am sure someone's asked you to join them." He teases and winks. Then glances to see if Chase is going.

Chase points to himself, "Freshman."

"Unless you get a Junior or Senior date. Or crash it." Because that totally happens. Annaliesa looks at Diego and shrugs a little, a smile there all the same. "Maybe.." she hints that possibly someone has.

Chase says, "I don't know… breaking into places doesn't seem really, heroic, you know? I mean, that's sort of, the other thing."

Diego raises a brow, studying Anna, "Now you've got me curious." He suggests and chuckles. Glancing to Chase as well. "Well, depends on your reason for breaking in perhaps." He tries to suggest. "Or you just act charming enough and someone will bring you along."

"I guess this is a school for supers, some may not decide to be heroes. Some may. Some may decide to.." Annaliesa shrugs, "I like to hope everyone is." There's a glance to Diego and she shrugs a little helplessly. "Derek asked."

Chase says, "Oh, yeah, I guess…" He pushes his salad away and just drinks the water, "Anyway, that's cool. I think I'll wait my turn, I mean, I've got three years till my prom."

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