(2016-04-30) Save the Whales
Save the Whales
Summary: Felicia and Annaliesa come upon a beached whale.
Date: 2016.04.30
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Scene Runner: Felicia

Shady Cove Beach
The beach forms a semi-circle around the outer edge of the mainland edged with sand that turns lighter as it reaches the water. A swimming area is cordoned off with buoys and orange rope, clearly designating it for visiting tourists and the sea craft further out. Off down near the rocky area further along the beach is a lighthouse that remains lit up despite it serving as a restaurant.

Later Saturday afternoon finds the temperature warm, well warm for the coast of New Hampshire. It's sunny though and only a mild breeze blows in so that certainly helps. The nice weather has brought out the sun worshippers and quite a number of both local teens and those from CS High as well. Strangely though they aren't laying about the beach like one would expect. Instead everyone is crowded around the far end of the beach, milling around, something is going on down there.

Felicia looks quite out of place on the beach, with her jeans and long sleeve shirt. It's not because of the weather, she is just..lets say modest and since she can't swim sees no purpose to wearing a bathing suit. Hopping on one foot, then the other she removes her shoes as her and her bestie take to the sandy beach. "That was a pretty good movie." she says to Anna "I probably wouldn't have watched it on my own though." they had planeed on going to a matinee with some of the other Ares team, and now that is was over and everyone having other things to do, why not hit the beach and check out cute guys for a bit.

Annaliesa offers support with a hand to hold while Felicia removes her shoes. Anna was wearing flip flops, because she could. Instead of a bathing suit though, she has a pair of white capri's and a cute pink and white shirt. Her hair is left down for the moment, but the hotter it gets, the more tempted she is to put it up and she lifts it off her neck with her free hand. "I can't believe how pretty it is today." She looks towards where people are milling around, then back to Felicia, a grin given. "I liked it. I'm going to recommend it to Vinny, I bet he'd like it. Next, I want to see Zootopia." Settling her bag down on the sand, she glances around again, maybe looking at cute guys, or maybe one in particular. "Derek did ask me to prom." She had to get that out of the way.

"I've seen that one. It's great." of course Felicia has seen it, it's animated. She's usually the first in line to see those "I'll watch it again though, so whenever you want to see it count me in." she takes the help balancing and once her shoes are off she shrinks them down and pockets them "Of course he did." her tond is bland and unsurprised as she looks down the beach where all the beach goers are congregating "What do you think that's about?

"With the theater here in town showing only one movie every couple of weeks I bet it'll be awhile before it comes to town. Unless it's already come and gone." Annaliesa grins, expecting that reaction from Felicia, but since she was the only one Anna cared about's opinion, she had gotten it over with. As their attention shifts down the beach, she shakes her head, "I'm not really sure, but I say we go and check it out." She slips her feet back into her flip flops, because they're easy to put on and off. "Want to?"

Felicia doesn't ask if Anna accepted or not, she just assumes that is the case "I guess we will need to go dress shopping for you in the next couple of weeks." that's probably a more exciting prosepect for Anna than for her. "I'm not sure if it has played locally or not. We can always find out though." as she talks she starts to head in the direction of the crowd, so clearly she does. It isn't long before they figure out what the draw of the crowd is though, it's a beached whale. Of course people are taking pictures with it and petting it. A few though are trying to figure out how to get it back into the water and a gaggle of kids are using plastic pails to get water and splash it on the large sea creature.

Annaliesa cuts her eyes towards her bestie and grins, glad that they knew each other so well. "Yes! I want something really cute. I think he's getting something to match mine, like on some of the colors." The excitement was there though, and she was barely containing it. Even the mention of the movie barely distracts her. "Yeah, we could find out, I want to see it, if it has I can wait for Netflix or something,: As they get closer, she looks at the people surrounding before she realizes what had happened. Almost immediately, she steps back a hand to her stomach, "Oh no, Felicia.." there's pain in her voice, hurting for the animal who was scared and confused, panicked. "We.. we have to help." She can communicate with the sea life, "He's so scared," she whispers. "There are so many people here.. what can we do?"

Thoughts of movies and proms fly from Felicia's brain as she sees the huge creature on the beach and all the people that are filling thier social media sights with selfies with the thing. Anna's pained reaction has her looking to her bestie with a concerned frown "I don't.." she pauses and shakes her head "I'm not sure but come on…we'll think of something." she grabs Anna's hand and begins to push her way through the crowd..easy to do for her, "Coming through. Pardon me. Excuse us!" she shouts as they make their way to the whale.

Annaliesa isn't one to demand attention by pushing through a crowd, but thankfully she has Felicia for that. She follows behind, even adding some in of her own. "Excuse me, please," there's a plaintive plea in her voice as they push their way through. "We have to think of something, we have to, Felicia." Her hand tightens on Felicia's as another wave of anguish washes over her. "Whatever we do, we have to do it fast."

"I'm strong, and can probably drag it out to sea." Felicia starts to say "Problem though. One I can't swim to get back to shore." she would have drag it pretty far out, "Two friction burns to the whale being dragged across that much sand. Three…hmmms I'm sure there are more that I can't think of.

"You are strong, I could bring water to the shore, I could bring as much water as you needed, maybe enough to wash it back out, but there are so many people here, I wouldn't risk you or them being washed out to sea." As important as the whale is to her, people are even more so. "Maybe if you didn't drag it, but rolled it?" Still trying to figure out a way they could work in unison. "And if I'm in the water, I can swim you back to shore, but it may be safer to take you to Paragon Island from the water instead of trying to come back here to this one."

Felicia snaps as Anna's ideas get her own brain working "Do it, but can you control it so that it is flowing under the whale." she makes a pushing down motion with her hands "You know give it a cushioning, lessen inertia to make it easier to push." she looks around at all the people, out to sea and then back to Anna "You can follow me out and yeah you can swim me back to Paragon Island when this guy is safe." she gives the whale a gentle pat.

Annaliesa rests a hand on the whale, kneeling down briefly by its eyes, maybe communicating with it in some way, offering reassurances, the plan was sound and she was certainly going to do what she could with Felicia to help. "I can, I can make sure it's beneath her." Another glance at the people, then Felicia. "Trust me, I won't let anything happen to you." She steps back only a little, enough so she can start building the water to bring it in. The waves are rising and rising, maybe getting the attention of some of the people out to the sea instead of on the whale. "We can do this.."

"We got this." exuberant Felicia is back now that they have a plan in place. She begins to hurry around the whale, shrinking as she goes to up her strength. The smaller she is the stronger and more durable she is, she she is going to need all the strength she has. Whales are freakin' heavy. As she circles she weighs the options, pulling a Hancock is certainly out of the question…rolling is a great idea, though the fins could get in the way. Waiting for Anna to pull in water to cushion the whale gives her plenty of time to consider all the options.

It seems that the crowd has figure out that something is a foot and begin to back away a bit to watch what the two girls plan on doing.

Annaliesa watches Felicia shrinking, realizing that now was the time, she lifts a single hand, the other reaching for the whale, and she calls in the water, the wave swells and and grows until finally, it crashes near the shore, she controls it to sweep beneath the whale and around it, to draw it back, to carry it back out to the ocean. Careful, she keeps watch of Felicia, already moving closer to her, running her hand down the length of the whale so she is nearer her bestie, ready to sweep her to safety when needed.

When waves come in the push things and when they go out there is that pull. Felicia decides to use that to their advantage. As the wave Anna pulls in begins to recede and pull sand and anything caught in its wake back into the ocean the strong girl pushes against the whale's head. With the combination of strength and the water creating a more inertialess surface for the whale to somewhat glide over, the whale moves, a few feet at least. The movement makes the creature lifts his tail and slam into on the beach, sending water and sand flying in all directions. "You keep the water coming and I'll keep pushing."

Annaliesa isn't going to give up. The whale is heavy, the resistance was against the water, she could tell, but she uses the momentum from Felicia and the movement of the water to help her in pushing. "I will," she reassures, already creating another swell, and building another after that, so they could keep coming in, one after the other. The water crashes around the whale, making a sweeping motion beneath it, helping cushion the way while assisting in helping to draw it back towards the deeper water.

As small and invulnerable as she is, Felicia is also no longer 500+ pounds, which makes staying on her feet with the waves surging under her feet harder, but she manages that feat, just as well as she manages the pushing the whale as the water recedes back into the ocean. It only takes a few waves and well timed pushes to get the large creature into shallow water "Anna," she calls to her friend as she wades into the water, jeans quickly getting soaked "a few more pushes and she should be out far enough to swim on her own." which means it will be time to grap the teeny titan teenager.

The water keeps coming, wave after wave, and as Felicia gets it to the deeper water, Annaliesa moves in with her, hearing her call her name. Her flip flops are gone, lost, but she doesn't care. She keeps on with the water, but an arm goes around Felicia's waist, prepared to scoop her up as soon as the water sweeps her off her feet also. But the whale is getting to safer waters, and it looks like it's going to be a success.

It's getting to the point where the whale is doing most of the work and her movements are churning the water around them. One more gentle push and the whale is off, swimming on her own and off into deep water of the Atlantic, there is a tail slap sending a wave of water surging toward the floting Anna and the small, Hobbit sized Felicia "We did it!" she crows as she gets hit in the face with that wave of water, causing her to splutter and choke a bit at the saltiness of it..and the fact that she shallowed some…gross!

Annaliesa continues with the water until the whale is free.. she hears some celebrating as soon as it's free and turns to capture Felicia quite easily. Since they are still close enough to the shore, she brings her back without having to do a heck of a lot of swimming, but they are both where they started from instead of Paragon Island. She stands on the shore with Felicia somewhere beside her and looks triumphant before throwing her arms around her, "We did it!"

Despite her inability to swim Felicia has no fear of the water so there is no flailing or grasping of Anna as she is taken to shore. "We did!" she is just as exicted about it as her friend and is bouncing excitedly as the taller at the moment Anna hugs her "We're awesome!" or more awesome actually

Excited, relieved, Annaliesa steps back again after managing not to tackle the now smaller Felicia. "We make a great team." She is now barefoot, but she doesn't seem to mind, "You still have your shoes don't you?" Remembering she had shrunk and pocketed them. "And all your things?" She grins, looking back out as the whale continues on to deeper water. "I can't believe you could push him like that."

The girl is soaked from head to foot. Her curly hair nearly hanging straight from the weight of the water that drips from it. When asked about her things she pats her pockets and gives a nod "Should be fine." jean pockets tend to be tight and her hoodie pockets zip up, so safe there too "Why not? You know I am plenty strong." she lifts an arm to flex her muscles, and while she doesn't have as many as her strength implies she is toned from her workouts and the training the team does.

Annaliesa is just happy they had done it, and things had worked out. "I guess we should go back to the school and get cleaned up. It's been an interesting day. Tomorrow is burger day," she grins, hooking an arm with her friend if Felicia allows it. "Tonight we can veg out in front of the television at the dorms and think of what else we can get into tomorrow."

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