(2016-04-30) Family Expectations
Family Expectations
Summary: Alex and Max meet in the lab, and realize they both bear family expectations.
Date: 2016.04.30
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Scene Runner: Oliver

Science class. The refuge for some students. As most people stay out of the classrooms after school, and especially for the weekends, it is usually a quiet spot. Which is why Max is here. Sitting alone and reading about genetics.

It's only been a few days since Alexandra arrived at Coral Springs, but she's been tirelessly mapping the place in addition to starting classes. So yes, she knows where the lab is - and even though it's after class time, the blonde pops in and immediately starts looking around the place as if she left something behind. Beneath the benches, behind the shelves, pushing chairs aside, as she gradually makes her way to poor Max, whose tranquil study time is about to be interrupted.

Max seems quite enthralled by the book he is reading. Though as Alexandra slowly comes closer he blinks and looks up. Another blink. "Oh. Hi."

Clearly, Alexandra didn't even realize there is someone else in the lab, so when she hears a 'hi', she stops dead in her tracks and looks up with a blink of her violet eyes. "Oh." She replies awkwardly, but quickly recovers, a hand lifting up to brush a lock of platinum blonde hair back from her face. "Hello. Did you just come in? Or… were you already in here?"

Max chuckles as he studies the girl. "Oh, I suppose I was here. Didn't notice that you came in though." He admits, along with a slightly awkward smile. His accent might sound a bit foreign, though it might be hard to place it. Brushing back his own hair as he focuses on the other person. PErhaps due to surprise that anyone would walk in here. "Oh. Are you looking for someone or something?" He asks, as he doesn't seem to notice any intent to study, from the looks of her.

Alexandra's own accent is not overwhelming, but to the trained ear it's obvious that it's European - Germanic to be precise. "I… am." She answers somewhat distractedly, unaccustomed to being surprised before she can get her brain back on track. "Yes, in fact I am. I am looking for…" Again she trails off as she glances around the immediate area. "…some sort of container. Air-tight container, something like a scuba tank, maybe, large enough to hold approximately 50 to 60 litres of liquid." Beat. "Do you know if there is anything like that in here?"

Max does seem to find the accent interesting at the very least as he smiles to her. "Nice accent." He offers. As for what she is looking for, he tilts his head. "Hmmm. There might be, over there." He offers with a gesture towards some equipment. "Though most things might be locked away, so students can't ruin them."

Alexandra tilts her head, curious about the comment about an accent, because she's sure she doesn't have one. Presently though, she needs to focus on the task at hand. Following his gesture, she moves towards the pile of equipment, and carefully peers at them to see if she can find a suitable container. "That does sound like a reasonable precaution." She opines while looking. "But that might make it more difficult for me… hmm." Finding something, she picks her way to the back of the pile and examines a four-foot tall gas bottle. "This might work." She turns to the boy. "Do you mind giving me a hand with this?"

Max chuckles and studies her a bit. "What do you need it for anyhow?" He asks, leaning over his chair a bit. Though as she find a gas bottle, he rises. "I can try. I'm not really the brawn type." He admits, but hopefully he can at least give her a hand. Moving to stand next to her, to help out.

"It's to protect a friend, in case this facility is ever compromised." Alexandra answers without really explaining it, because… it's way too complicated. She points at all the random pieces of odds and bits laying around the bottle. "Just… move these out of the way so I can get the bottle out." Meanwhile, she's already stepping in to move a couple of the lighter boxes away. "What is your name?" She asks during all of this.

Max raises a brow, "All righty then." He says and won't ask for more. A lot of different people here after all. Helping with moving things out of the way. "I'm Max Elucar. You?" He asks. The last name being huge within science, though he doesn't really seem to pay mind to it himself.

Clearly, the blonde girl recognizes the name, as there is a pause in her heavy lifting. "You are related to Warren Elucar?" She tilts her head curiously. Sure, most teens probably don't pay attention to who the Nobel Prize winners are, but Alexandra is not just any teen. "My name is Alexandra von Zeiss." Like his, her surname is a known quantity in both scientific and corporate spheres.. not to mention those following superpowers.

Max nods, "Yeah. My dad." He explains. Raising a brow about her parents. "Ah." Recognizing the name, and perhaps knowing some of the history attached to the last name. "What is that like? Two parents like that. I don't think mine have any superhero names." Even if all of the Elucars have some kind of powers.

Parents. Plural. The mention of both of them brings a frown to her otherwise composed expression. "Annoying." Alexandra says with a sigh, as she returns to moving a couple more boxes. "People who know my mother always come with expectations. And those who know my father…." She purses her lips as the boxes are dropped on a table surface. "…speaking of father, I met yours at a gala in Cologne two years ago. I do believe I acted like a fangirl." Her brows furrow at the memory.

Max grins and nods. "I know about expectations." He agrees. As for her father, he nods. "Fear." He suggests. As for his father, he grins. "Ah, I see. He's got a silver tongue. Not literally though." He offers and smiles. Big shoes to fill. As well as not perhaps being as much of a fan as she is. Even if he somewhat admire the accomplishments.

"I was thirteen at the time, so I can blame the immature behavior on age." Alexandra points out. She stops talking now that the gas bottle is freed up, and the blonde studies the heavy bottle for a moment before shooting a sidelong glance at Max. "You said brawn isn't your specialty. What is it that you do?"

Max grins, "As all Elucars, I read minds and make others unable to. Then sent it back stronger. Though I also am able to work like a magnet. I can send things flying or bring them in. Same with powers. Amplifying them or nullifying. Even objects. Energy transference, so to speak." He explains, shrugging a bit. "How about you?"

Alexandra cocks her head to one side at Max's question. "This." She replies, then turns her attention to the gas bottle, stretching out a hand towards it. The metal bottle shudders where it stands, then with a heavy thump it slowly lifts from the floor. "I am literally a magnet." The blonde girl adds. As her upper body pivots, the bottle floats across the lab towards the front door. "Don't read my mind though."

Max grins and nods. "Awesome. I will try not to." He assures her about reading her mind. "I can also make a power link. Share powers and stuff." He adds, watching as the bottle floats. "Scared of what I might find, or just scared of your liberty being stolen?" He asks, a hint of playfulness at that.

"I'm not scared." Alexandra shoots Max another sidelong glance as the bottle floats to the entrance, and is slowly lowered to the floor. "I just don't like people looking at my private stuff. Like someone with X-ray vision looking right through my clothes." She furrows her brows unhappily at that thought. "There isn't anyone like that here, is there?"

Max grins and nods. "I won't go looking. And I have no clue if we do. Don't think so." He answers, not having considered a x-ray powered person. The thought does seem to amuse him a bit. "If there is. I hope that they don'tt stare right at you."

Alexandra is the sort of girl with unshakeable composure, but that last comment brings an uncomfortable blush to her cheeks, something she thought she's grown out of since she's little. "If they did, they'll be sorry." She tells him firmly, and turns to head for the door - with the bottle lifting off the floor again. "I will see you later, Max Elucar."

Max smiles and nods, "Until next time then, Alexandra." He offers, not sure if she wants him to add the last name or not. Knowwing about the family legacy. Letting her leave while he moves back to the table with his book still there. "I'd be happy to see you again. Fun to talk to."

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