(2016-04-29) When You Know You Are Alive
When You Know You Are Alive
Summary: A trip to the Emerald Forest sends the two on a future quest.
Date: 2016.04.29
Related: Frumling
Scene Runner: NA

Friday, after school, partly cloudy. It was back down to 50s again, threatening lower overnights. Summer was teased at, but Spring seemed want to remind everyone it was still around. Harold had gone to Lynzee’s room. The plan to dance, but then, the reminder of the Frumling. If one thing came, what other things could come. As the ocean sat cold above them for now, dark with the clouds covering sun far overhead, they decided to visit the Emerald Forest and track down what they could on the one Frumling. So, they laid down to sleep, Harold sending a wave of empathy for Lynzee to help her be tired so that he could bring them together.

In the Emerald Forest, it was a warm yellow sun overhead. Somewhere beyond the streams of before. Between the thick of the forest and towards the plains that lie to the east which he had discussed. That warm sky, pale blue to yellow overhead, cast warmth into the forest, much better than the cool skies over Coral Springs High. A light seed or cotton drifted down from trees, floating freely in the world about them. It could almost be a late autumn day if this were Earth. Eryaog was with them. Harold had knight gear with him, just prepared for anything.

As they let sounds of the forest surround them, acquainting themselves with Oyster World once more, he reaches to take Lynzee’s hand. “Okay, they usually live near the Wicker Dales, but are used sometimes as spies by the barbarians of the plains. We could go and see what they are up to, see if they’re doing something. But there is also a man, Rantor, Chief of the Cardinal Winds, that may be able to divine how it got through. When I brought in the other one, the Knights said he may know if someone else is opening such a portal. Or he could ask the Winds?” Both viable options and much less his adventure than it is their adventure. And, picking one, maybe they could figure out how to outfit Lynzee for the adventure, if she wants more gear and such.

Lynzee was content in this world, but she was also curious. There were so many things to see, so much to explore, so many unnamed adventures to be had. It was going to be so fun here with Harold. Maybe she was really back in her bed sleeping, maybe this was as real to her as if it were her world, either worked and she was happy just to be with him, whether they were investigating or exploring. As he takes her hand, she smiles at him, glad he was in his knight gear, he looked the part of dashing hero. A look to Eryaog too, making sure he was fine, and the trio was off.

“Are the barbarians of the plains that they spy for.. Well who do they spy on? Are they mean?” You have to be prepared for things like this. Surprises could happen. She discovered that when the Frumling had come to their world. “Maybe we should ask the Chief. Cause the winds tell a lot, don’t they?” She seems to fit right into this world, her imagination as vast as the world itself.

“They spy on the City of Spires,” explains Harold as he looks around, still holding her hand. “The Emerald Knights are the bastion of the Emerald Forest, guarding the city against the Wild Kingdoms to the West and North. One of those kingdoms, the Nongli, live and roam the great plains just west of here. There are a few cities between the forest and where the barbarians roam. When they roam close to the forest, the people will send word to the knights. So they use the Frumling to sneak beyond the forest towards the city. They can somehow read their minds to see where they have been.” That is, the Nongli interpret the thoughts of the Frumling to learn what the beasts have seen. Harold is direct with the information, moving towards Eryaog. Climbing up, he offers a hand down, so they can ride on him.

“Rantor has a spire in the Crystal Hills,” he helps her up, so they can both sit on his shoulders enough to travel with him. Once there, and adjusted, Eryaog takes off quickly, enough that they truly feel the wind in their faces. Topping speeds faster than a cheetah when he really opens up, one of the fastest things in the realms, this part of them at least. “I hope they do, hopefully he will speak to us. I think you should do the talking when we meet him. I’ve already taken a favor from him, he will be more open to listening to you?”

There’s so much to take in and Lynzee tries to remember it all. So many different and new names, but she thinks she is understanding it right. Reaching up, she takes his hand and climbs aboard USS Eryaog. Once settled there, she grins at Harold and ruffles Eryaog’s fur. “Well maybe we could find out about it, Crystal Hills sounds really fun. As long as there aren’t scary things there anyway, but with Harold the Emerald Knight, she was safe.

Suddenly, Eryaog takes off. Zooooooooom Zooooooooom. Lynzee giggles and holds on tight. Her hair whips around her face and she laughs with delight, not letting go of Harold’s hand, just loving this experience with him. “But he don’t know me and I don’t know what to say to him. What do I say? What if he don’t like me?” She does look a little uncertain about questioning him.

There is no comment on things dangerous in the Crystal HIlls. Simply, it was neither the forest nor the plans, what was there simply was. Though if Harold had visited this individual before, there was no reason to assume outright or untoward danger at least. “Hopefully we can.” Harold agrees with her on finding something out at least, and then they are off.

The slow Eryaog now the Quick. In part, he too uses hands in his sprinting, knuckles to the ground as he goes through trees towards the opening of the plains. Hills visible in the distance as the crest the tops of those rolling hills in the forest. One can see rainbow colors of the hills (similar to Rainbow Hills in China) in the distance, probably the destination. As she giggles in delight, Harold puts his neck up with pride, sharing a smile at the joy she finds being here with him. “I don’t think he likes anyone, but he doesn’t hate anyone either. It’s simply being nice and you’re the nicest person I know. He knows great magic of this world, he might be able to cast a spell for you to see how the Frumling got to our world.”

A couple more hills and the colorful ones are near, Eryaog goes as the crow flies, no winding roads for him. Up hills, up steep parts, jumping down into valleys even. Absorbing the impact, it's a soft ride for the Lynzee and Harold. Those couple hills and she can see a dark spire rising up, looming over the hills around it, most likely there destination. “I’m sure you’ll do fine.” BUt they slow in their approach, only if she is ready.

The colorful hills, those are for sure the things that got Lynzee’s attention first and foremost. She was excited about being here with him but the thing she liked most was just him showing her things around there. His world. Eryaog’s world. She holds on tight to the running beastie, but she is having the best time. It’s as they get closer to the spire that she gasps, and as they slow, she looks at him, “If you think I can do it, then I will try, cause I think you’re the smartest person that I know.”

It was surely an adventure, the spending time with him, the places they went, from Pirates to Frumlings, it’s the greatest adventure she had ever been in her young life. As they slow though and get nearer and nearer, she takes a deep breath, poofs, turns invisible, then comes back to visibility and smiles sheepishly. “Oops, when I get a little scared sometimes that happens.” She grins. “I’m better now.”

They slow as they near, until the ride down a low hill towards the entrance. An archway made of something like mammoth tusks. Which leads to a small courtyard of the spire, and then its doors. The spire dark grey, some windows up its twisty surface. “I think you can, and you’re the kindest person I know Lynzee. That is smarter than me.” Cause kindness had a great value to him.

Harold is about to get off but she poofs and repoofs. He chuckles a little, “Its fine, you’re always better even when you’re invisible. You’ll be fine.” Then he offers a hand to help her down, Eryaog makes effort to help them both down as well. “Lynzee cat, it is good to be scared, it is when you know you are alive.” Says the beast offering some parting wisdom.

Harold will lead the way to the door. There is a mallet hanging and a gong like device to ring in. That done, the large double doors will enter into a long hall, nearly too big to be in the bottom of this spire. At the end is an old being, human looking, but blue of skin. No facial hair, including eyebrows, but long white locks flowing from his features. He is swathed in numerous robes or cloaks it seems, swaddled in a way, on a throne at the other end. “Come young ones, present yourself, tell Rantor what it is you seek.” They can walk to do just this, the closer one gets they realize the man has no eyes.

Lynzee gets down with the assistance of Eryaog and Harold both, she lands flat on her feet and takes Harold's hand. The large imposing spire is before them and she tilts her head back looking up and up at it. It does look a little intimidating but she is brave with Harold there beside her and the words of wisdom from Eryaog help increase her courage to face the unknown.

Watching as the mallet is used, she grins, cause it sounded really fun, but she continues on with him, through the double doors and inside. The hall is loong, but she doesn’t seem to focus on that. It’s the older man inside who greets them that gets the bulk of her attention and she tightens her hold on his hand.

At the urging, she walks forward, “Hello Sir Rantor,” Lynzee greets in the only way she knows how. Surely Sir would work here. She dips her head as if consulting royalty. “I am Lynzee Winfield, and this is Harold Wynfield.” Except she pronounces them both the same, not aware that she is spelling it wrong. It’s then she realizes he has no eyes and she gasps, looking away from his face, feeling weird. “We… um.. We..” she tries again. “We’re from far from here, but one of the Frumlings, he came to our world,” she says softly. “He tried to hurt us. Can we stop them from coming?”

Slowly he walks with her, Harold clinks a little on the floor. Whatever armor he has on, the odd green ‘shell’ like armor, has something low on his feet enough to give a hint of a click as he walks. Not loud, it doesn’t vibrate or echo at all. He walks with her, then lowers himself in a bow too as she greets the man.

The old blue figure breaths in deeply, scrunching its face as if its nose itched, humphing out a breath in greeting as she introduces herself and explains why they have come. A slight lean to the right side and it taps at an arm of its chair, giving a ruffle of a wave to the layers of multi colored hues of those several robes it seems to wear.

The ‘eyebrow’ area lifts after he sits in silence a moment, as if ready to return comments, then it humphs out a breath of air once more. A scrunch then of nose and mouth and it leans to the other side. “Lynzee of far from here,” he rasps a little, then inhales, to clear his throat, “You may stop anything, but what you seek is the way.” As if that all makes sense of course. “This can be found, but I require the feather of a Great Roc. Do you wish to undertake this task?”

The Great Roc! Harold had told her about their nests the last time she had climbed the tree and she frets over it momentarily. They were heroes though, kind of, they went to a super school. Lynzee shares a look with Harold, she wants to do it, does he? They had the chance to save the world. Or at least their little corner of it. There really is no other response to give.

“We will do it, we will undertake the task” The response is given and she once more dips her head forward. “If you will trust us with such an important job, we won’t let you down, good Sir.” Once more she looks at Harold then the man again. “How long do we have to complete the task?”

Catching the look, Harold turns to Lynzee and gives her a hint of a nod, confident in them and agreeing he will go if she does explain to Rantor that they will indeed to it. After that look, he focuses on the warlock there before them to see how he takes the response from Lynzee.

As he listens, Rantor lifts one brow over the nothing that is below it. Curious to what she says, he lifts a hand towards his face. The robes fall back to reveal his arm, covered in runes of power maybe. The man puts a thumb to his lips, and with a lick, he holds it up. As one tastes the wind sometimes. And then, yes, one can feel hints of breezes, if they really try, in this great hall. In fact if they’re really quiet, they can hear it rushing about the spire above them, a faint noise down here, the buzz of wind as it hits large chimes. Or echoes between two windows. Barely, but it's there.

“A week, a week’s time,” he says, thumb still up, but slowly lowering this to the arm rest once more. “That should be enough time for the wind to seek out and find traces of the Frumling and how it traveled to your world. Once you know that, you should be able to stop them from travelling there again.”

Lynzee seems to be taking this seriously, her expression is solemn, unlike usual. Quietly, she listens, even sharing a look with Harold when he looks her way. Glad they were in agreement on doing the task as requested, she keeps her hand in his even as she dips her head.

“A week. We will have it for you. We gotta go back for school, but we’ll come back every single day.” Unless time passed different in the Oyster World. Could a week last a day? Could a day be a month? Again, she dips her head, bending also, to bow. “Thank you for letting us help and showing us the right way.” This wasn’t any playing pirates. This was saving the world! Well, in her mind anyway.

A smile is given back to Harold, she had noticed the runes and she wanted to see them closer, to maybe learn more magic, but maybe another question for another time. She was ready, she turns, “We can go now, we can go find the Great Roc feather.”

She agrees, and Harold is good for that. Rantor nods his head, “Certainly, you’re help will be appreciated.” Whatever he needs with the feather that is. He seems to settle back into his chair, asleep maybe. They can leave of course.

Harold turns with her, “Yes.” He considers that as they walk back to leave the spire, to meet up with Eryaog once more. “Maybe we can find a book with advice. I think there used to be giant birds in the Pacific Ocean that they used to catch, when they first sailed there?” He offers the thought, to keep them on track there.

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