(2016-04-29) Sorting Hat
Sorting Hat
Summary: Annaliesa plays sorting hat and tries to recruit for Ares.
Date: 2016.04.29
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Dark soft sand fills the beachhead of the cove, sporadically there are small motor boats pulled up on the shore. There is a public dock here that extends no more than 50 yards out over the small cove, allowing small ferries to pick up passengers and tourists to go out to the Isles of Shoals. With the tides a large harbor bell rings on the waves, heard around the town similar to church bells in some small towns. The scent of sea and the cry of gulls gives serenity to docks and beach.

Standing on the docks, looking around with well…let's be blunt…a fresh off the boat expression on his face is a rather perplexed looking young man.

It's Friday night, the Mass Exodus has begun. Students are leaving the island for the freedom of the town and the fun it offers. One such person is Annaliesa, she's wearing jeans, boots, a hoodie, and she's eagerly stepping off of the ferry, looking around for someone? She doesn't really see any really familiar faces, but the completely lost expression is familiar. Taking mercy, she heads over. "New to the town?" She can recognize them by now.

Chase blinks and looks around a bit his pupils pin-pricks from looking at the light of his phone, visibly dilating as he refocuses on Annaliesa, "Oh, hello…yes, a bit. Just, you know, seeing the sights and got a bit turned around." He holds up his phone and wiggles it, "Just waiting for google to catch up."

"The signal out here isn't something to depend on with too much regularity." Annaliesa gives him a wry smile. "Any place in particular you're looking for? I'm getting to know the town a little." She glances down at his phone, then back to his face, "I'm Annaliesa Brooks." Her accent is definitely not American.

Chase says, "Is there like a Burger King around? I'm kinda hungry." He shifts hands and wipes his off on his jeans before extending it to her. There's a false start before he actually gets it held all the way out when he visibly reconsiders he offer but then he gets it done and holds it out there. "I'm Chase."

Oh he's hungry. Annaliesa gets a grin on her face. "How hungry?" She hitches a thumb towards the town in general, down one of the streets. "There's a Burger Barn in town and they have a ten pound burger that if you eat it all, you get a t-shirt and the food for free!" She's a walking advertisement. "My roommate and I ate the whole thing." There's a look of pride at that, and she tilts her head, "They also have good regular burgers. I can show you the way. I'm hungry anyway. Want to?"

Chase says, "Ten pounds? That's like forty quarter pounders, that's crazy…how big is your friend?" He puts his phone in his pocket, "I'm not that hungry, but, are the burgers there expensive, I've only got five bucks on me."

"She weighs five hundred pounds, but she carries it well." Annaliesa grins. "You should meet her, her name is Felicia, she's really strong." So, she motions towards the road again, "We can walk there, and I'm sure you can get something for five bucks. Or we can go in halfers on a Bigger Burger, and side and share it. Cause even those are huge and like ten bucks."

Chase says, "Five…hundred?" He looks around then says, "That's, that's a lot…alright, yeah, let's uhm, go there."

Burger Barn
It's one of the older establishments in the town and far enough from the beach area to cater mostly to the locals since the tourists don't all get back in this area so often. The counter where orders are taken is wooden and the drinks are serve yourself kind lined along the end of the counter with napkins, ketchup, salt, straws and lids and other fixings. The floor is hardwood and has seen years of wear. Good greasy burgers and all the sides are found here, this isn't a health food establishment by any stretch of the imagination.

Tables are covered in a bright yellow tablecloth to sort of offer the room a cheerful look, but it doesn't detract from the overall age of the furnishings. There are a few booths lined along one wall and the decor sports such things as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis, James Dean, and Coca Cola products, which are proudly served in the establishment. A jukebox is tucked into an area between two booths.

"Yeah it's a lot but she doesn't look like she weighs that much." Annaliesa is pretty fair to her friend at least. The walk is down Ocean Circle, then down Main Street and a detour of Short Street for the Burger Barn. Really, it's not that far in the small town, and once there, she opens the door for them both. "What do you like on your burger?" Straight up to the counter with them both.

Chase says, "Peanut butter and banana." He trails along after her, his boots thunking on the ground, the heels striking then scuffing as they hang loose, untied. "What do you usually get?" He shuffles through the door quickly and up to the counter.

Annaliesa crinkles her nose, "Uh.. Bacon, mustard, pickles, onions, tomatoes? Anything like that? Mayonnaise?" There's a curious look to him. "Maybe they have peanut butter and bananas for a side order or something." It's weird to her. "But I'm willing to try about anything once." She looks between him and the menu board that has nothing such as peanut butter and banana burgers.

Chase looks up at the board too, "Oh, they don't…well, yeah, I don't want to cause a problem, what you said is fine too. I'll eat just about anything, I mean, beggars can't be choosers, right?" He digs in his pocket and pulls out the folded over bills, they've been in there long enough to compress to a little tube that he pulls apart. "You're sure it's ok to split a burger?"

"A bacon burger, loaded, cut in half, side of fries, ketchup and two large.." Annaliesa looks at him, "What do you want to drink? I want Dr. Pepper." A nod is given and she pulls out some money too, "I'm sure, you sure half is enough?" She tosses her cash on the counter and grins. "Chase, I like that name, it's cool."

Chase says, "Dr. Pepper is good, and yeah, I like Chase." He hands over the cash and puts his hands behind his back, then a moment later hooks his thumbs into his pockets instead. "Thanks. Your name is like, pretty."

Once the order is placed, Annaliesa pays her half with his, and leaves the change for him to get, or a tip if he doesn't. The compliment to her name in response brings a smile. "Thanks, I get all sorts of nicknames. My bestie Felicia calls me Anna, Derek calls me Liesa, someone even once tried to call me Nali. I ended that one." There's a look around, "By the jukebox? Maybe we can play some music too or something?" Leaving it to him, she looks back in time to see the drinks, and picks them both up, offering him one of them. "So," the big question. "Where do you go to school?"

Chase says, "Same place you do, I think, at least if your friend is a clue." He picks up the change and pockets it, takes one of the drinks and heads towards the jukebox. "What do you like to be called? I mean, I like Chase, but what do you like?" He gets close to the jukebox and looks it over, "Oh, its one of those, can we not sit next to it? I mean, go ahead and start something up, but the ones with the moving bits inside…I don't like them."
Chase says, "Well, I will be going the same place you do. Next week."

"Oh really?" Annaliesa brightens, walking over with him, her own drink in hand. She looks a the jukebox then him and grins, "Too loud for conversation if you sit too close?" She selects an option, Chasing Cars, then looks around and finally settles on a booth nearer the entrance and further from the jukebox. "Coral Springs it is then?" She doesn't say it loud, just enough for him to hear, whenever he joins her.
"I guess I like Anna better, from my friends, if someone wanted to shorten it."

Chase nods, "Yeah, I only found out a little while ago, so still a little." He spreads his hands, "You know, right? But, yeah, Anna is cool, I think Annaliesa is prettier though, is it ok if I call you that if we're not in a hurry?"

"I would like it if you called me Annaliesa, no one does. Even Vinny, my little brother, he calls me Annie." Annaliesa rolls her eyes, showing how she feels about that particular nickname. As for the school, she grins, leaning her elbows on the table after placing her drink down and scooting it over to the inside edge, so it wouldn't be spilled. "I've been what I am all my life, but I only started school like a little over a month ago here. I came from Costa Rica. Where are you from?"

Chase says, "I don't think I ever changed, but nothing ever happens to me, so it's hard to notice it." He takes a drink of his soda, his eyes following hers as they roll then recentering. "I lived near Philadelphia, or I was, I guess I'm from around here now. I'll have to learn how to say chowder."

"You got taller, surely." Annaliesa grins at her own cleverness. "You don't live in Philadelphia anymore? I mean I guess my home is still there, but my parents moved here to town to be near me and my brother while we go to school here." The food is delivered and she crinkles her nose. "I don't like seafood."

Chase says, "Do we go back home after? I mean, don't we, you know…do things?" He makes kind of a flutter with his hand, then catches himself doing it and puts his hands below the table, only to come back up when the food arrives, "I think the world gets smaller aound me, but yeah, I meant, nothing ever really happens to me, but I still do stuff, you know?"

"I guess there's college and stuff, or.. you know, super hero stuff, the different leagues. We can.. stay and do stuff yes." Annaliesa hasn't really thought about it. "I'm a junior, but school is almost out, so I'll be a Senior soon." She takes a basket with her half of the burger, his has its own half and the fries are in a third, between them. "What sort of stuff do you do?"

Chase says, "Oh, I'm just starting, Freshman, but that's cool, being a senior. I mean, you must be pretty good at…whatever, right?" He looks at his burger then picks it up and taks a bite real quick, puts it down and takes a drink of soda then wipes his mouth and says, "So which team are you?"

"Oh nice, that's good. So when school starts again.. Monday or after the summer break?" Annaliesa reaches for a fry and dunks it in ketchup before eating it. "Oh I don't know. I mean I only started here recently. I.." She drops her voice and leans in, "I'm a mermaid," she says softly, then leans back and shrugs. "Definitely not a super hero." Another french fry is eaten, "Team Ares, we're ah.. in detention a lot."

Chase wolfs his half of the burger, like, it's there, then it isn't. He takes another drink as she says she's a mermaid then he pauses. His eyes flick to the right, then back to her, then he leans just a little to the side to look under the table like he might have missed looking at her legs. He straightens back up and says, "How…" He stops then says, "…can I ask you how that works when we get back to school? I was thinking Metis, are they cool?"

Annaliesa is in awe at the speed in which he eats. She cuts her own half of her burger in half and slides one of the quarters to him, leaving half for herself. "I had pizza for lunch, I'm not real hungry." But she still doesn't eat hers yet, instead taking another french fry. She grins when he looks beneath the table and she turns her feet in circles, showing the two separate ones. "Sure, you can ask me anything you want to." As for Metis, she nods, "Oliver is Metis. He's dating Grayson, from Ares. He's a nice guy. Oliver I mean. Grayson, I don't know so well. Ares though, they're really good."

Chase says, "I hadn't eaten, I just got off the train, and then had to take a bus." He starts in on the fries stopping to talk, "So, like, what kind of people are in Ares? You seem nice but it sounded like they were kind of fighty."

"Fighty? Nah, we're pretty solid, all of us. No one's been in a fight here that I know of. Not with each other. Felicia, Daxton, Dwayne, Derek, they are the person I hang with the most. All Ares." (And all rp during the daytime - and some nights - so that makes it convenient for rp) "We call Daxton, Derek and Dwayne Triple D." She grins. "Basically, we act first, think later. Like we know if something happens that needs us, we go do it before getting permission, pretty much. I mean we also get called for team missions and it works. We work as a team. Rosa and Grayson are also Ares, but I don't see them as much." Annaliesa eats part of her burger, but not as fast as him, a few bites.

Chase seems to be in the 'chewing is for chumps' camp of connoisseurs. The fries just get pushed into his mouth, it shuts, then he swallows. "So, like, you don't have to be a good fighter? I thought that was what Ares was all about, you know, god of war and all." He takes another drink of his soda then eyes the fries. He sits back a little bit, putting his cup near the edge then folding his hands in his lap under the table he leans forward to sip between talking. "I've never really been in a fight before."

"Oh I hope not." Annaliesa confesses a little wide eyed. "I don't have the kind of skills one would use for fighting. I can uh.. I can sing." Mermaid, siren, singing. "I can swim. I can control water," the last one is spoken a little quieter. She takes another fry then waves him on to them, "I'm finished with the fries." She finishes her part of the burger though. "I haven't been in a fight either. We rescued Daxton and brought him to the school, but the faculty took us along for that one."

Chase shifts a little, bringing his hands back above the table, then the fries start vanishing again. "Neat, can I hear you sing sometime? I can't sing, I mean, I can, but I shouldn't, like, ever." He taps his fingers together a few times while starin at them, then offers, "I can play piano. I'm not like, real good, or anything, but I can read music and play along if it isn't too fast."

"Oh sure! I love singing." Annaliesa confesses, "You can. I like dancing too. Some of us at the school are getting together a dance team. Felicia, Stefanie, not sure who else." There's interest at the mention of the piano. "So a keyboard or something that would be neat. Tabitha plays instruments. Not sure who else. You're going to love the school though. I mean I think you will." She sips her drink as the waitress comes around to get him a refill on his, leaving a completely new one in its place. "What else do you like to do?"

Chase says, "I write, a little, and I play on Steam. Do people at the school do that, play video games I mean?" He starts drinking his refreshed soda, "I mean, I'm not like obsessed with it. I could stop playing if you guys don't, but, can we?"

"Oh for sure, as soon as classes are over for the day, we have free time. It's pretty simple. We have regular classes along with training on Paragon Island and in the gym, but after last hour, we get dinner or whatever. We have a common room for each team and then two per dorm room. I like Facebook, but I only recently learned about it."

Chase says, "Oh, cool, good, that's cool." He looks immensely relieved as he takes another sip. "So, like what kind of dance team, like cheerleaders?" He spends a minute thinking about it, "That would be neat, I mean, I bet you could do all sorts of crazy things."

"Not cheerleaders. Though I think some of the girls may have been cheerleaders before. I wasn't. I was home schooled before coming here. It's a culture shock." Annaliesa grins, "It's just dancing. Can you dance? You could join," she tilts her head, looking him over, "I could teach you if you don't know how. You should totally join Ares."

Chase says, "I can dance a little, like a very little, but I mean, not in front of people, and not with a … well ……ah, yeah, so Ares…like, what do you guys do again?" His color has shifted a few degrees to the warmer spectrum.

"We obediently follow the rules, we're never late to class, we never have detention and we are the epitome of model students," Annaliesa lies, unable to keep a straight face, amusement dancing in her eyes. "Well, maybe not all of that. I have two more days of detention to serve next week." Her lip may just pout a little at that. A smile is given though. "We're just the nicest people though. So you'd fit in, you seem nice. And we like food."

Chase says, "Yeah, food is good." He takes another drink, "And you seem nice and all. So, I'll definitely talk to your guys."

"Good, I think you'd fit in nicely." Annaliesa tells him in a matter of fact manner. She sips at her own drink, "So, you take the ferry back to the school, if you want to get your temp dorm room. Once you decide on a team, you get your regular room, so sometimes the sooner you decide the better, so you don't have to move so much."

Chase says, "Thanks, that's realy, really nice of you to say." He puts his hands back down in his lap. "Everyone here…isn't as pretty as you, are they?"

Now it's Annaliesa's turn to blush and she tucks her lower lip between her teeth, uncertain how to answer that. "Thank you," she says after a brief silence. "I don't know how to answer that without sounding conceited.. or like I don't think I look alright. My friends are nice looking, I mean, I don't know.."

Chase says, "No, wait, I meant…" He roll his hands, "I mean, they all don't wear like, spandex, do they?" He glances down at himself then looks anywhere but at anything, "I'm not really…spandex material…it would take, you know, a lot, and…" he putters off running out of steam.

Relief washes over her. Saved! Annaliesa gives another sheepish smile. "The team uniforms are kind of form fitting. They're really.. well they're not that bad." The words are meant to be reassuring.

Chase says, "Oh, maybe I could wear them under my clothes, or something. Is is just your team that's like that?"

"All the teams have their own colors, but all of the uniforms are the same. Ares is blue, Athena is red, Metis is green and Prometeus is yellow. So choose the color you think you look good in." Annaliesa tells him with a smile.

Chase looks down at himself, "Oh, I guess, blue. The rest sound really bad, I mean, yellow?"
Chase says, "Anyway, thanks, for chipping in on the burger, and like, everything else. I guess I'll see you at school between classes every once in a while."

"Blue it is then." Annaliesa rises. "Are you done here? We could head out and I could show you the way back to the ferry if you would like?"

Chase says, "Yeah, thanks… I should probably get back and figure out what is where so I don't look like an idiot at school."

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