(2016-04-28) Washer Woman
Washer Woman
Summary: People meet up for some late night laundry.
Date: 2016.04.28
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Scene Runner: NA

Laundry Room
This is the laundry room, a the center is full of washing machines, the dryers line the walls. All clear front loading affairs. There are some couches here with a TV so no one has to leave their laundry unattended. In the back is a rail with stairs going down to the main facilities core to run the systems and infrastructure of the establishment. Slightly lower, one can see the panels that say, usually, that everything if functioning with locked doors leading to the facilities themselves.

It's after hours on campus. People are tending to their personal duties. Whether it is studying, relaxing, doing laundry, or whatever it is that people do at this time of the late afternoon/early evening, this is the time to do it. This room of fun and excitement is currently being used to do laundry. At least that's what Dwayne's using it for. He sits on one of the couches, or rather slumps as he has his legs parted quite a bit and feet planted firmly on the floor. He looks as though he would want to speed up time if he could. The apparent empty expression in on his features is a testament to how utterly bored he is with doing laundry. The buzzer goes off on the machine and he doesn't move. Instead, he lifts his hand up and flicks his wrist. As he does so, the lid flies open on the washing machine. Another sharp motion and a bundle of wet clothes launch out of the machine. Most of them land in the basket he has nearby. The few that don't, he gestures to and they slowly lift and fall into the basket.
The TV currently plays music videos of whatever is popular, likely because there wasn't anything worth watching on television right now.

The laundry room — the one place Mabel has no need for, and the one place Alexandra doesn't know what to do in. So why is she here? Simple: she's still mapping the facilities. The tablet is still in her hands when she stops just outside the door, brow furrowed as she peers inside - and around - the place, as if not finding whatever she expects to find in here. Clearly, that can't be Dwayne, because he /is/ here. After a moment's hesitation, Alexandra steps into the laundry room, with her everpresent companion Mabel right behind her. "Where…" She starts to ask after another look, before finally moving in Dwayne's direction. "…where is the laundry woman?"

With a spiral notebook, a bag and a text book, Annaliesa comes to the laundry room and she looks around before heading for one of the washers. Laundry.. she's got to learn sometime, she supposes. Her uniform had something green on the sleeve, something weird and green, and she throws the book and spiral onto a couch before approaching a washer, opening the lid and dumping the contents of the bag in. With a shrug, she throws the bag in after it, with a shudder. Peering into the washer, she sees the green and gags, making that almost vomiting sound before stepping back. She can't start it. She can't even add soap. Her eyes are teary because she's trying not to throw up. Dwayne's antics effectively distract her, "Will you do mine?" She means that with all of her heart. A look to Alexandra, "My laundry woman is home." Anna is wearing fuzzy pajama pants and a tank top.

Mabel follows along behind Alexandra like a lost little puppy, looking around only slightly nervously. She's still a bit twitchy from all the ocean around, but being near Alex seems to keep her calm- and it helps if she has something to focus on. What she's focused on right now is a load of laundry that she's carrying. "It's ok, Alex, really, I can take care of washing these for you, I mean, it's the least I can do, since I don't need to-", she babbles, but stops as she realizes there's someone else in the room. She instinctively steps a little behind Alex as she looks at Dwayne, shyly. "Oh, h-hello." And then she notices Anna, and brightens. "Anna! Hi! I can do yours too if you want?", she offers, helpful little puddle that she is. She's out of her school uniform, just wearing a gray sweater with green sleeves and some jeans.

Where is the laundry woman? The question causes Dwayne to start laughing. Yes, folks, it's the first time he's really laughed since he's been here. It's not meant to be mocking or insulting, though the context of when and possibly why could be debated. The sound is as expected, boyish yet mischievous in nature. He claps his hands together twice and says, "Oh… Oh.. I'm sorry.. The laundry women.. I must really be from the other side of the tracks because I didn't know such a thing was actually real." surely he's exaggerating just a little. He brushes a strand of hair behind his ear and says, "I'm sorry.." the tone sincere at least, "I really don't mean to laugh.. but that's funny." as Mabel perks up and says she'll do it. He claps his hands together again, "And just like that.. you have a laundry girl. Damned amazing … damned amazing.." he shakes his head in amusement, smiling wide still. He flicks his wrist then and the dryer door opens. He gestures with his hand and his clothes all pour into the dryer before it slams shut. Maybe he's still getting used to the intensity of his powers? The dial slowly clicks and grinds as it turns before the button presses and the machine kicks on. Lowering his hand, he looks back to the others and says, "Oh.. and hello back at ya.."

Alexandra's brows arch up at Dwayne's laughter. Surprise? Surprise! "You mean to tell me there are no laundry women in America?" The blonde continues skeptically, maybe just a tiny bit disgruntledly. Still, she doesn't miss the way he makes the washing machine open and close on its own, which does draw her attention for a few moments, before she turns her head towards Anna. "Yes, she has a laundry woman." She points out, gesturing at Anna as if the mermaid can totes confirm the fact. Finally, she turns back to Mabel, who's carrying around her laundry. "I think he is implying that we are expected to wash our own clothes here." She tells the shorter girl with an indignant sigh.

"Usually I get my mom to do it," Annaliesa tells Mabel, "but.. when I was doing detention in the kitchen today," She makes the mistake of thinking about it again and she gags all over again. "There's something," she waves towards the washing machine with the offending article, "It's.. green," gagging, "And.. slimy." Her eyes water and she searches desperately for a trash can to dive at. She's going to be sick. The rest of the conversation, the laughter fades to a blur as she tries to keep herself from losing her dinner. She gulps in big mouthfuls of air.

Mabel narrows her eyes at Dwayne a little as he starts to laugh. Is he laughing at Alex? Before she can get all protective, though, there's flying laundry, and poor Anna is about to lose her lunch, and her attention gets taken away. "I-it's ok Alex, I used to do my own laundry all the time, back when I needed to!", she says, and steps away, moving to lay the basket she was carrying atop one of the machines, before stepping towards Annaliesa. "Hey- you ok? I meant it, I can take care of yours. I'm good at laundry. Really!"

Dwayne says, "It looks like she's going to need your help." directed at Mabel. "Something's getting her sick." he watches Anna get sick into the trash can and concern flashes in his features. It doesn't last long though, he looks back to Alexandra and says, "I don't expect nothin' from no one really.. In fact, kudos to you for havin' someone do that stuff for ya. I ain't tryin' to say nothin' bad about it.." he looks to Anna then and asks, "What's makin' you sick, girl? Can I get it away from you somehow?"

Alexandra has evidently decided that's enough worrying about who's going to do her laundry (that would be Mabel, by the way), and also redirects her curiosity at the clearly sick Annaliesa. Not that she'll dive forward to help, rather letting Dwayne do the manly rescuer thing, while she remains safely in the background so that she can safely observe the beginning of some sort of outbreak. "Was it something you ate?" She asks from her safe spot. "Maybe you should…" Beat and frown at Dwayne. "…there /are/ doctors here, I hope. Surely we're not expected to cure ourselves here too."

Annaliesa vaguely hears the conversation going on, she looks up after managing not to get completely sick in the trash can, and finds Mabel, she gives her a grateful smile, "I put the stuff in the washer, if you could just.. start it maybe, well it needs soap." She motions vaguely to the community soap shelf. "I can dry it. As long as there's none of that foo.." she doesn't want to think about it, doesn't want to get sick. She looks to her teammate, Dwayne, who shared movie night with the group the other night, "Served detention today. In the cafeteria." Reason enough, right there. A look is given to Alexandra, "I don't like doing laundry, usually mom does it. Remember earlier in the cafeteria? There was something green on one of the trays. I guess some got on my sleeve.."

Mabel would probably make note that whatever that green stuff is, clearly it's Anna's kryptonite- at least, she would, if she was devious. She.. is not. She *is*, however, helpful. "I'll take care of it!", she chirps at Anna, smiling reassuringly at her, and then skips off in the direction of all the clothes, humming to herself. She's being helpful! She likes being helpful. As she moves, she reaches out towards where the soap is, which is.. way out of reach. Except her hand just keeps going, arm elongating until it easily reaches the detergent, grabbing it, and bringing it back. She then sets about happily pouring some into Anna's machine, before she turns to do Alex's laundry too. Busy metamorph is happy metamorph, it seems.

Dwayne shakes his head and goes back to sitting on the couch, spreading his legs apart and planting his feet flat on the floor. He watches the music video on the television. His ear perks slightly to the words of the others but figures that this is usually the time when he fades from discussions. He reaches into his leather jacket and pulls out some form of E-Cigarette. He pushes the button on it and vapes a few times. There's no scent from this one and he's taped off the lights so there's no glowing. He slowly exhales through his nose to dissipate the vapor more effectively so that a cloud isn't seen. He tucks it back into his coat pocket again.

Oh, so Dwayne isn't going to help poor Annaliesa! Alexandra lofts a brow as the young man goes back to watching TV without further comment, studying him for a moment before pursing her lips at Anna. "Yes, I remember. As I was saying, you really should see a doctor. Get disinfected and vaccinated. You shouldn't be walking around the school in your condition." Because, spreading zombie virus. Then out of the blues, she asks, "I thought you said you are a mermaid, an aquatic humanoid species. How…. does your mother wash your clothes?"

Annaliesa gives Mabel a grateful look as she walks over to do the laundry. "Thank you," she says with relief, exhaling a sigh. She looks back to her teammate but he seems to be watching the television. "Are you okay, Dwayne?" She sits down on the couch, "I will go to med bay in the morning. It'll give me an excuse to miss classes and detention hopefully. Maybe I won't have to do kitchen duty." Hey it's a hope. "My mom is a regular mom too. She's a mermaid. Her mom is a mermaid. It runs in the female line of my family. My brother Vinny? He goes here, he's not like me at all. Neither is my dad or grandfthers."

Mabel looks up from where she's stuffing Alex's clothes in the washer. Oddly, there's none of her own clothes in there, it's just Alex's. "… wait, so they have washing machines under the sea too? How does that work?", she asks, looking confused.

Dwayne clenches his fist and holds it up to Annaliesa for a fist bump when she mentions going to sick bay to get out of class and detention. "Now that's using your head." he grins suddenly at the notion. "Respect." he nods afterwards and shrugs slightly, "Yeah I'm alright.. Just …" is about to actually open up? … "Nah nevermind.. it's nothin'.." nope. He glances to Anna and says, "Tell the others I said thanks for the invite. Sorry I left when I did.. I had my reasons." he looks back to the television then and watches it, though it's apparent he's not really watching it. It's more a matter of having a place to direct his gaze so that it isn't on a person.

The question Mabel posed is pretty much what's on Alexandra's mind, so the curious gaze continues to rest on Anna. The latter's declaration that she will go to a doctor, at least, takes care of one of the current concerns. The exchange between Anna and Dwayne is likewise observed, but it's clearly a private conversation, so Alex moves to join Mabel at the washing machine that she's currently stuffing. "Let me take care of the rest, Puddles. You shouldn't be handling my… dedicates." She lowers her voice and tells Mabel quietly.

Annaliesa offers a fistbump in return, but she adds the little explosion at the end with a grin. "At least I didn't do the Big Hero 6 one." There's a nod to the more personal turn, "I get it, but you're one of the team, you need to know we have your back. One of us, One of us." She wears a teasing smile, but she looks back over to the others and grins. "My mother can be normal too, with legs. We can live in either one, in the water, on land, but if we want to see my dad and brother, we live on land. My parents moved here to Shady Cove for the duration of our schooling, so we get to see them every weekend." Then she asks the total girl question. "Who all is going to prom?"

Prom? Yeeeah.. On that note! Dwayne flicks his wrist and throws the door open on the dryer. His clothes dump into the basket and he brings the basket to himself. He holds it with two hands and says, "Well that's my cue. Good night everyone. Sleep well and all that shit." he heads out of the laundry room.

Mabel blinks at Alex. "… your.. delicates?", she asks, quietly, even as she pulls out a pair of panties from the pile of clothes, and then it hits her, and she drops them back into the basket, blushing furiously. No, the scientists that made her still don't know how she manages to blush. "Oh! Oh, right, right, sorry Alex, you just.. let me know if you need me to, ah, I'll… be over here, then?", she stammers backing away, embarrassed. A glance to Dwayne and Anna, and her eyes widen a little. "Ohh, okay, that makes more sense." She seems about to ask something more, probably something along the lines of 'so do you all actually wear seashells as bras?', but then there's the question about Prom. Dun dun dunnn. She gulps, blushing again, and watches after Dwayne, wishing she could run away too, before shaking her head at Anna. "I haven't thought about- I mean, I don't have a.." She glances at Alex, then ducks her head, and looks back to Anna, "… a date, or anything. I'm.. not sure I get to date anymore, anyway. So… yeah."

Alexandra frowns and turns her head as Dwayne flees. Good, she doesn't need a guy around when she's putting her underwear into the washer, now that she's taken over for Mabel. Now she's focused on her stuff that the conversation about proms and dates passes right by her - or maybe she's just not particularly interested. Or maybe, she /is/ interested enough to briefly turn to the girls and opines, "This 'prom' ritual is a strange American custom. One day someone will have to explain to me why it's… as Americans say… 'a big deal'." See, she'll even do air quotes for that, before going back to shoving more of her clothes into the washer.

Annaleisa remains on the sofa, she stares at a big crack in the wall with a small green plant growing out of it before she looks towards Mabel and Alex. Dwayne's departure doesn't surprise her, so she doesn't mention it. "I'm hoping Derek asks me to the dance. He's in team Ares too. Derek, Dwayne, Daxton, we have Triple D. They're all really fun." She looks between the two. "Girls can ask guys too, someone should peg down Dwayne there and ask him." There's a speculative look, maybe she's trying to play match maker. She looks surprised to Alex. "Dances are fun! We're making a dance team here. Me, Felicia, Stefanie from Athena. Can either of you dance? We could choreograph something to do at Prom, it would be a lot of fun. And in town, there's a teen dance club."

Mabel shies away when she notices that speculative look from Anna. "Oh, n-no,I can't.. I don't.. uhm.. dance.", she says, steppin back lightly. The part about asking someone to prom with her just makes her duck her own head. "I'll… let you know if… if anyone asks.. uhm.. Me.", she murmurs, then looks back to Alex to see if the blonde is all done with her unmentionables.

Alexandra has indeed finished filling the washer with her things, the lid is closed and she is now peering at the controls. "What do these numbers mean?" She murmurs unhappily. A prospective supervillain, stymied by a diabolical appliance! Reaching for the dial, she turns it mid-way, just to be safe. "I have had ballet lessons since I was six." Alex points out - not that it necessarily answers Anna's question. "All these names you mentioned, can you point them out to me? I would like to document them properly."

Annaliesa hadn't meant to embarrass Mabel, and she gives her a sympathetic look, "Maybe you could learn to dance sometime. Everyone has to learn sometime." The washer goes off. Well it finishes its cycle, and she walks over, opening the lid. She peers inside, worried, but there's relief when nothing green is visible. She takes the things out and heads for the dryer, looking at the controls. "That looks good," the setting that is. She smiles at Alex. "Daxton, he was earlier in the cafeteria, I don't really know his whole name. Dwayne, that's the guy who was in here just now. Derek," the last name is given dreamily. Then she gets her phone and shows a picture of him. "Derek VanZant. He can fly."

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