(2016-04-28) KP Duty
KP Duty
Summary: More Ares have detention and the work is getting physical. A few new tot he school come in and things almost come to a fight!
Date: 2016.04-28
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At one time this served as the crow's nest and lighthouse of the fort. About the size of a small land based lighthouse, the bottom floor has been converted to a modern glass structure that serves as the seating of the cafeteria of the school. There are a dozen tables, enough to seat the entire student body of the school. Each table has four or five aluminum chairs around it, each with a view out of one of the glass walls. The stairwell up to the light and crow's nest is in the main room but is marked as off limits to the student body.

Another day, another detention being served for the three Ares students. Detention isn't always sitting in classrooms, quietly working on homework. Today its been upped a notch and consists of kitchen duty. There are dishes to be washed, counters and floors to scrub and other tasks that seem to be unending in a school kitchen. Plastic, disposable aprons have been handed over as well as latex gloves should they be needed/wanted. The head kitchen lady sits in her windowed office doing whatever it is kitchen ladies do when they are still on the clock but not actually working…playing solitaire on the computer maybe.

"Well isn't this wizard." Felicia says as she looks around at all that needs to be done. Tying the apron around her waist she picks up a pair of the yellow gloves and just eyes them dubiously, before shrinking them down and shoving them into her pocket. Ya never know when a pair of latex gloves will come in handy.

Annaliesa even has on a hairnet, because… kitchen. She looks at her glove covered hands, the plastic apron, "We totally need a selfie for Facebook, Felicia." She looks around and tries to decide on what duties would be best. "I will take the window," you know, where the kids dump their trays and she has to scrape off the food and load them in the crate for the dishwasher. "Maybe." It all looked like so much work to her and she just didn't know what to do there.

Daxton is certainly going to be wearing the gloves. He knows how gross students can be. His sleeves have been rolled up, exposing some of the bruising on his forearms. He's got a bad feeling about this, so he makes sure to not use any of his speed. This could all be done rather quickly, but it would be all him, and they'd probably just end up having to do more then. Plastic apron is tied, "Very fashionable. It'll be a new trend." A bad, bad trend.

"But I don't do Facebook." Felicia points out to Anna. She doesn't do any of that social media stuff. The closest thing she does is watching various videos on youtube, that, other video streaming and homework is pretty much all she uses her laptop for "And do you really want everyone seeing how you look in that hairnet?" hairnets are never flattering. There is a laugh at Dax's comment "Very GQ." she gives a sagenod and goes to push the dish cart to the window, before finding a sponge and some cleaner to get to work on cleaning the stove and counters. That's going to take some elbow grease so may as well be her.

*Clatter, clatter, clatter* A group of seniors dump their tray none too gently on the ledge inside the window, making sure food gets spread on the sides really well. The walk off laughing, making jokes, and Annaliesa looks back to Felicia, "Good point. It would come back and haunt me. I know it." Walking over, she lifts up one of the trays and uses the rubber spatula to swipe the food into the trash can in the hole. "You look good, Daxton, as good as one can look with a plastic apron."

Daxton mumbles back to Felicia, "You know me, GQ all the way." in his thrift store outfits. Luckily he's not going to ruin any of those today, just his school uniform. Wanting to wait till people are done before he starts on the floors he moves towards the back. He can handle the the hot dishes without getting burned, and then zip back and help up front too. There's plenty of silver ware to separate too (Just like at Lighthouse Pizza). He calls back, "Yeah. I may make this my regular look. Think they have extras I can swipe?" He's joking, in a better mood than he was the other day.

It's lunch time, but instead of joining the rest of the students in dining, the three Ares students are serving out one of their detentions doing KP duty. Plastic aprons, latex gloves and even a hairnet for Anna are worn as the various kitchen tasks are done.

"Right. You'd never get a date to prom at that rate." do they even have proms here or dances even. She knows that's what's going on at the public schools on the mainland right about now. It's all the local teens can talk about it seems. "You feeling any better Dax?" Felicia asks. She could mean mentally or just as easily the bumps and bruises he recently obtained, she leaves that up to interpretation.

Annaliesa is so in if they do have proms and that just distracts her a little. "Do you think Derek would ask me to prom if we have one?" Things like that were important. "Or should I just ask him instead?" Another group dump their trays and she starts rubber scraper-ing the food off and putting them in the dish cart, crinkling her nose. "Why do they put chocolate milk in their mashed potatoes before dumping it. And what the f.. I mean what was even served that was green? That's just gross." She gags a little and makes that almost throwing up sound. She grasps onto something else to talk about though. Something like.. Daxton. Definitely. "How was your workout?"

"Oh yeah. Much better." So says the yellow edges of the bruises that are visible on his forearms. Dax's assumes she means physically. "Most of the swelling is down." Daxton wisely shuts up when talk of prom starts. That's just dangerous territory, all around. He decides a little bit of speed won't hurt and the clinking of silverware accelerates briefly and then stops when he runs out. Done. Well, for now. Blue eyes blink and he looks up and to the window where Anna is, "Me? Fine. Juts a regular workout, nothing special." No aliens, no new power realisations.

Mabel slips into the cafeteria, looking a bit like a scared mouse, nervous, eyes shifting here and there behind her glasses. She seems to be new, her school uniform clean and freshly pressed, and she doesn't appear entirely comfortable in it yet. She pauses at the door, and gulps, then takes a deep breath. "Y-you can do this, Mabel. It's just lunch. Just… just grab the lunch and bring it back to Alex. Easy-peasy.", she murmurs to herself, and then, steeling herself for potential disaster, moves towards the food- forgetting to grab a tray.

"No Anna, just no." Felicia shakes her head. The teen girl shakes her head, she is a true bestie and tells Anna what she /needs/ to hear instead of what she wants to hear "Forget Derek. You can do so much better than him." if the notion of dances and proms brings that out in her bestie maybe its better if the school doesn't do that.

Giving the stove a quick spray of cleaner Felicia begins to aggressively wipe it down with the sponge in her hand "I'm surprised you were even /able/ to work out. Those docs must have gave you something really good."

The sponge is put down as Anna complains about the state of trays and Felicia moves over to frown at what she is dealing with "They are probably doing it on purpose." she points out "Want me to go deal with it?" she won't get violent or anything, but she can be persuasive if she puts her mind to it. Her attention goes out the window where she sees the new girl wandering through the cafeteria talking to herself "Huh." she says "New blood…and she doesn't seem all that comfortable."

"But I don't want to do better than him." Annaliesa tells her bestie honestly. Hey, besties are totally honest with each other. For real! Still, she lets the matter drop, because Felicia doesn't like it. Instead, she looks between Daxton and then back to Felicia. "That's a good point, because those bruises were really, really bad." She steps back though, giving her roommate a grateful look. "Thank you.. yes please." She grabs a broom and heads out to the main part, noticing the new girl. She gives her an odd look, "Hi," she says uncertainly.

Daxton can't help a small annoyed face. Girl talk is not what he wanted to be in the middle of today. Esepcially if they're going to be discussing relationships. Not that having them focus on him is better. "I didn't push anything, just some jogging and normal stuff." He was super sore, but it was better than thinking abut anything. The speedster looks up at the new girl and nods. "Yeah…she looks lost." Anna seems to be taking care of that so he moves over to take Felicia's place at the stove, since she left it to take Anna's place. The teen's sleeves are rolled up, and the bit of forearms that are showing after the rubber gloves have that distinct edge of yellow bruising showing.

Mabel jumps a little in surprise as Anna approaches her, her eyes going a little wide. "Oh! H-hi. I. Uhm. Hi!", she says, trying again with a weak smile. "Am I.. late? For food, I mean? I just got here yesterday and I don't know how the schedule works for this and I wanted to get my roomie some food but I got lost along the way and-" She catches herself babbling at Annaliesa, and blushes faintly. "I mean. Hi."

Alexandra is new to the school and the premises. One can tell that not only because she's a new face, but also by the way she is… wait, holding and tapping at a tablet as she wanders into the cafeteria. Which, by the way, she pauses at the door to glance around, as well as up at the ceiling, before tapping some more. Huh, she /could/ be building maintenance, if building maintenance hired teen blonde girls. Only when her 'survey' is complete that Alexandra notes Mabel's whereabouts, and Mabel's greeter as well. Rather than approaching the pair, she stays put to observe for the moment. And tap on the tablet some more, because clearly it wants to be tapped.

When Anna heads out with the broom Felicia looks over to Dax "If I ever get that bad you have my permission to beat with a two by four." she keeps her voice low so as not to be overheard outside the kitchen "Repeatedly." she even says it with a straight face. The clatter of more trays being pretty much thrown has her turning her attention to them for a moment and yelling out the window "Rude!" maybe this is an actual detention that will make her rethink breaking the rules….Nah! "And now it's two new girls. Where are all these newbies coming from?"

Facing Mabel, Annaliesa gives her a curious look at the halting words, "You're not too late, we just work here." It's said with a completely straight face. "We're part of the kitchen staff. We have to work cause we're too poor to afford the school." Her lips quirk then and she ends up grinning. "We're on team Ares," she says a little quieter, "Doing our detention time." The second one is the truth. "So you're new then? Where are you from?" She looks over as Alexandra comes in, but her attention is mostly on Mabel.

Daxton gives a small eye roll and will ask Felicia quietly, "So I guess they're back together then?" He assumed with the antics from movie night, but it's always better to ask. She gets a nod, "Promise." Although he's not sure a 2x4 will actually do anything to Fel. He stands up and leans over to look out the window to see the second new girl as well. "huh. Yeah. Seems kinda late in the year to bring new students in." But what does he knows, he's serving detention.

Mabel's eyes widen a little at Anna's first words. "R-really?", she says, buying it hook, line, and sinker- at least for a moment before the other girl grins and explains they're actually on detention. She lets out a breath, reaching up to brush her weirdly-colored hair back a bit. "Oh! I. Wow. They make you work in the cafeteria for detention? I thought they just made you stay after class or something. I'm not in a team yet. I don't even know what they're about- but Alex told me she'd take care of that.", she says, with a smile. "And, yeah, we just got here yesterday, I'm still.." She twitches a tiny bit suddenly, then take a breath. "Sorry. Trying to get used to it. It's sort of a weird place for a school." A pause, and then she blinks, ducking her head. "Oh! Right. I'm from-" She seems to need to think about that one. "… Germany? I guess? Sort of? It's a long story.", she explains. She hasn't noticed Alexandra back there tapping at her tablet quite yet, a little bit too distracted by being awkward at Anna. And whatever it is that has her so nervous.

<FS3> Annaliesa rolls Magic: Good Success.

Felicia shrugs at Dax "I don't even think they know." she joins him in the eye rolling as she scraps food off the tray and into the garbage "I'll hold you to that." now she is starting to show her amusement. Since it is a girly thing to do she doesn't make him pinky swear or anything, just sticks to the verbal agreement. "Right." she seems to agree with the lateness of the year "Maybe they have powers that aren't uncontrolled, or dangerous?" there is a glance given to the office where the lunch lady is "Ya know, I think Anna is going to need help sweeping and wiping down tables out there. Wanna go help here?" code for lets go check out the newbies.

"I don't know if they'd make you work in the cafeteria for detention, but we're repeat offenders." Is that Pride in Annaliesa's voice? It's very possible. There's none of the hesitance in her own voice, she's simply curious, leaning in a little and touching the other girls shoulder. There's confusion on her own features though, afterwards. "That.. is so weird." She lifts her hand and without even touching her, does a sort of pushing motion in the air, like she was pushing Mabel backwards. Not enough to make her fall, but enough to make her have to step back, despite the resistance she can feel from the other girl. But she makes no contact. Even the telling of where she is from doesn't seem to bring Annaliesa out of her.. whatever it is she's doing. "What are you?"

Daxton agrees verbally, "Yeah, I'll come help with that." He's not going to be stuck in the kitchen by himself! He follows Felicia, grabbing a wet towel as he passes the sink. They can at least look busy. They walk up in just enough time to hear Anna ask the new girl that rather personal question, "Anna! That's not…" Daxton trails off, shaking his head at the mermaid before looking to Mabel, "Sorry, she sometimes asks stuff without thinking. Hi, welcome to the school."

Mabel blinks as Anna touches her shoulder, and she looks down at the girl's hand, a little confused. As Daxton and Felicia start to head over, she looks over, about to say hi, before Anna does her little air-push, and that's when things get weird. She doesn't exactly stumble back- the girl seems to *ripple*, her form distorting and going fully transparent, her school uniform disappearing into her body as for just a second she appears to be a humanoid mass of pure, transparent water, 'flowing' back away from Annaliese several inches before just as quickly reforming into her Mabel-shape. Her eyes are *wide* and frightened as she resumes her form, and her cheeks light up in a deep blush. "Ohmygod. Ohmygod, I'm so sorry, I wasn't supposed to- I don't know what happened, I'm so sorry, I should go, oh Alex is gonna be so mad at me!" She doesn't seem to be quite grasping that it was Anna that did that to her and not her glitching out.

That's enough observation, because the tablet goes down and Alexandra is heading for Mabel and Anna. "Excuse me, what are you doing?" She asks, no, wait, /demands/. Stepping up and interposing herself between the two, Alex pulls Mabel behind herself protectively. "Don't try to push my friend around. You will have to go through me first." She's speaking louder, but not in an overtly aggressive way - more of a calm staredown sort of manner.

Well since Daxton beat her to the chiding of Anna all that is left for Felicia to is facepalm at it all. She can be quiet tactless herself, but even she is not that bad. The wavering, flowing thing that Mabel does in response to whatever Anna did gets no reaction, watery mass in vaguely girl shape, no big deal. When said girl starts to freak out though she starts to look perplexed "Sorry? For what?" she asides to her teammates "What is there to be sorry for?" did she miss something. And then Alex is stepping in and getting all protective, which pretty much creates the same instinct in her. Back stiffening she takes a step forward, not quite in front of the shorter Anna but she goes for diffusing instead of hostility back "Hey let's take it easy. She didn't mean any harm or be pushy or anything." she says, in a calm but firm tone. There is a sideways glance to Anna "Right Anna." she hopes she is right, this could get ugly otherwise.

Annaliesa is just as confused and as Mabel sort of ripples back and her clothes disappear and she looks like water, the mermaid can just stare at her. More like gaping at her. "You're water. Like composed all of water?" She moves as if she is going to do a complete walk around, around the girl, but then there's Alexandra and was that Daxton? She turns her head and looks at her teammate. "She's water." Okay, that was a repeat, "I control water." There, did that make more sense? "I pushed her, kinda, but I didn't touch her." Dragging her gaze back to Alexandra, it's all Anna can do not to look around her to Mabel. "She's water." A frown mars her brow, "I wasn't going to hurt her, I just think that's the coolest thing ever!" She peers around Alex now, back to Mabel. "How do you hold together?" As Felicia comes to her side, she looks at her bestie. "Right," she says, suddenly realizing something there needed to be diffused. "I'm sorry, I just.. that's just the coolest thing." The apology goes to Mabel though, then she looks at Felicia again. "Sorry."

Daxton frowns, but it's about the situation, not Mabel's waver reaction. "No…you're fine." He hopes? Unless Anna did something to her? "Are you ok?" The speedster frowns harder at Anna, "So? Leave her alone. You're freaking her out." He holds the glare until Anna gets the apology out and then he turns a more concerned eye to both Mabel and Alexandria, "Sorry, probably not the best first impression. I swear we're not bullies." He's tensed though, ready to zip in-between the two protective girls. He's already got bruises, what's a few more?

Mabel looks both surprised and embarrassed as Alex shows up out of nowhere to protect her, and she instinctively moves up behind the taller girl, peeking around her shyly. She just looks confused. "S-sorry Alex, I don't know what hap-", she begins to say, thinking this is all her fault somehow still, and sort of shrinking into herself as Felicia comes to Anna's defense and things might get heated, but it's Anna's words that cause her to freeze, eyes going wide and frightened. "Y-you control water?!", she gasps, and then clings to Alexandra. "Alex I hate it here there's water everywhere and there's girls that *control* water too this is the *worst* place!", she cries. Poor little puddle.

It's either Felicia's attempt at defusing, or Anna's apology… or both. There is a brief look of uncertainty on Alexandra's face after shifting her gaze from one girl to the next, followed by a backward glance at Mabel. "Are you alright?" She asks of her much shorter friend, and since Mabel starts to *cry*, Alex now looks decidedly unhappy and reaches back to take her hand in a reassuring clasp. "Calm down, Puddles. She said she doesn't intend to hurt you." Her gaze returns to the pair of girls, and now includes Daxton as well. "And I am /sure/ she means it."

"We're totally not bullies." Felicia says running with what Dax has said "If anything we are the anti-bullies…though really there isn't much bullying going on around here, so if that were our job we would totally be out of it." she's rambling, she does that sometimes. Glancing around Alex to Mabel she reaches to grab Anna's arm and pull her forward "You don't have to worry about Anna here. She's a mermaid, she /loves/ water. Born and raised in the stuff ya know. Her brain kinda derails when she hears the Puddles nickname that Alex calls Mabel…she grabs the wet cloth from Dax quickly so she can go wipe off that dirty, dirty table over there before she bursts about how adorable that is.

Annaliesa does at least try and look innocent and for the most part she is. There was no intention of harm, but she had pushed her a little bit. And she did look threatening maybe with that broom.. wait, she'd dropped it. Probably better off down by her feet. Catching the glare from Daxton, she frowns a little, "I planned on leaving her alone Daxton." She looks hurt he would even think she would deliberately hurt someone. "It was an accident." Mostly. "I didn't mean to freak her out." Then she made her cry and she gives her a sympathetic look, "Oh no, I'm sorry. I won't do it again, I promise." With a grateful look given to Felicia, she nods, "I do love water. I would never hurt her, I wouldn't." The Puddle nickname is too cute and she looks between them. "Are you both related?"

Daxton just gives a disbelieving look back to Anna, clearly she didn't plan on leaving the water girl alone, she did something to her and then starting excitedly grilling her on what she was! He sighs as Felicia takes his excuse for being out of the kitchen. A small head shake and he looks to the two new girls, offering a low, "Sorry." The speedster turns to return to the kitchen, his presence doesn't seem to be helping anything.

Mabel sniffles, clinging to Alexandra's hand. It's a bit funny how her tears just roll down a bit and then get reabsorbed back into her face. "I-I'm f-fine.", she tells Alex, trying to smile, but it just comes out trembly. When the others assure them that they're not bullies, she starts to calm- though she still clings to Alex. She gives Anna a slightly dubious look at this whole 'I love water' thing. "I.. I don't like water very much. It's.. not good for me.", she says, but doesn't go into further details. A hydrophobic water elemental. Named Puddles. Yup, the future of humanity is safe in her damp little hands. "Promise you won't hurt me?", she asks Anna, with big wide eyes. She looks to Daxton and Felicia, while still clinging to Alex's hand. "S-sorry, I didn't mean to freak out. It's all just a little bit overwhelming. I'm M-mabel.", she says, then blushes a bit at stumbling over her own name. "Mabel. My name's Mabel. This is Alexandra. It's.. nice to meet you all?", she offers.

While Alexandra is still holding Mabel's hand, the latter's rollercoaster emotional state from crying to apologetic to… making introductions?! That just makes the blonde roll her pretty violet eyes. "That is not how…" She starts to explain to Mabel, but since Felicia and Daxton are mozying off, that leaves Anna in Alex's field of fire. Attention, we mean attention. "No we're not related. Puddles… Mabel is my…" What? Science project? Pet? No, she settles on "…friend." Beat. "You are a /mermaid/." She points out next, unreadable curiosity on her face as Alex studies Anna, peering down at the other girl's legs. "I don't see a tail. Some sort of cellular rearrangement? Your name is Anna?"

Felicia wipes the table it really wasn't all that dirty, but the act gives her a chance to get control of herself. She is just way to excitable at times. And this was one of those times. There is a glance over to where the group stands to see that the crying has stopped and that Mabel is done with the waterworks. As Daxton passes her she hands the towel back to him giving him a bit of a shrug in the process.

"I'm not going to hurt anyone." Annaliesa tells them again, tells everyone, Daxton included. It's Mabel who captures her attention too though, holding it. "You're made out of water, how can it not be good for you? Does it make you spread all out or something?" The way a river feeds into the ocean or larger bodies of water, losing itself. Maybe? She's no expert on water though. "I promise I won't hurt you." She frowns a little. "I wouldn't hurt anyone." And ya know, this is a weird school, so she adds, "Or anything." Just to cover her bases. Then there's introductions and she offers her own name, looking between Mabel and Alexandra. "Yeah, kind of. I'm Annaliesa. Felicia and Daxton call me Anna. Derek calls me Liesa." So many variations. Looking down at her own legs, she shrugs. "I am a mermaid yeah, and I'm magic." It's the only explanation she gives. She looks back between Daxton and Felicia, "These are my team mates, Daxton and Felicia, she's my roommate and best friend." Trying to get them back over near her at least, with the protective Alex there.

Daxton's turned to go, but when Mabel pulls herself together to make introductions he looks back and offers a soft, hopefully encouraging smile. "Hey. No foul, this whole place can be overwhelming." Fel just gets a head shake as she hands him back the wet rag. Alexandra also gets a nod, but he'll not be pushy. This was a rocky intro to begin with.

Mabel is an enigma, her moods as mercurial as the ocean. Or, well as a large puddle. Who even knows what governs her moods- she's 99.9% water, so it's not like she has hormones to deal with. Though Alex might recognize her attempt at being friendly as just her trying to put on a brave face instead of breaking down and crying in front of strangers (bit late for that, Puddles, already happened). Notice that she hasn't let go of Alex's hand yet, clinging to it for dear life. She tries to relax at Anna's continued reassurances. "Y-yeah, I..", she starts to explain to Anna, but then pauses looking to Alex as if for permission, unsure whether she should be telling them about her particular wierdnesses. Especially those that might be deadly to her. Then again, if they know, maybe they can avoid accidentally dunking her in the pool or something. She hesitates, waiting for her friend to give her the go-ahead or not. When Daxton speaks, she gives the boy a little smile and a nod. "Yeah. This is all pretty, uhm, new to me."

Rocky is totally right, and even now the tension isn't completely gone yet. Names and introductions given out will ease that to some degree. Alexandra looks from once face to the next as Anna points out the names, and releasing Mabel's hand after one more reassuring squeeze so she can lift her tablet and resumes tapping away. In fact, the tablet is lifted to evidently snap pictures of the three new faces. "What are your surnames?" She asks along the way, clearly to keep their information on file or something. "My name is Alexandra von Zeiss." The blonde adds, and spares another glance at Mabel. "I think we should explain just a little to avoid future incidents. Mabel is 99.9% water. But at her current stage of development she is at risk of losing molecular cohesion in large volumes of liquid." Beat. "So, don't push her into the pool."

<FS3> Felicia rolls Size Change: Good Success.

At the introductions Felicia returns "Yeah, I'm Daxton. He's Felicia." she is joking of course, and Anna already pointed out Felicia was a her. "It was new to all of us at one point." she glances around at the gather group "I don't think any of us has been her more than a few months really." As Alex lifts the tablet to take a picture, the girl is suddenly not in the frame. She's downsized herself so that all Alex is getting is empty air. The girl is now eye-to-eye with Mabel. Someone doesn't like getting thier picture taken, the shrinking and the slight scowl shows that. She will give her last name though "Carlyle. Felicia Carlyle. Of the Ithaca Carlyles." not that they are famous or wealthy or anything, they are just a perfectly normal middleclass family. She's just always wanted to say that. "Well considering we don't have a pool, that's easy enough to do.

Oh pictures! Annaliesa fluffs.. Ohgod. She had on her hairnet. She hurriedly removes it and looks down at her plastic apron and manages to scowl at the picture as it's taken. "It's new to me too. I guess some of the Juniors have been here since ninth grade, but I'm not one of them. My brother goes here too." Crossing her arms, she frowns a little, but she doesn't say anything more about the picture. Instead, she gives her whole name. "Annaliesa Brooks. That's A-n-n-a-l-i-e-s-a B-r-o-o-k-s." She flicks her hair over her shoulder, trying to give some order to it now that the hair net is removed, and she bends down to get her broom, so she can look busy. "I won't hurt her and I won't let anyone else hurt her if I'm around. She seems really nice."

Daxton's frown returns, suddenly uncomfortable with Alexandria and her tablet. He's had enough files made, there doesn't need to be another one. "Ok, no swimming." And keep an eye on the weather. Fel's reaction makes him feel a little better and he just says, "I'm gonna go switch out the dishes so we don't have to make up today detention." And again, he turns to head back to the kitchen.

Mabel relaxes a little more as Alex explains her situation- probably better than Mabel herself might have been able to. "MacAlister.", she chirps, as Alex is going for surnames. "My name, that is. Mabel MacAlister." Who knew sentient puddles had surnames? "And yes please. No pools. Or ocean. I don't even like bathtubs much.", she says, and smiles sheepishly. "Luckily it turns out I'm sort of self-cleaning. Don't.. ask me how it works, I'm not really sure. I just kind of go with the flow.", she says, then giggles a little at her own lame joke, because she is a huge dork. She also seems to have calmed down to the point where losing contact with Alex doesn't send her spiraling down into panic again, so that's a plus. As she sees the way the others react to having their pictures taken, she bites her lip a moment. "Don't mind Alex. She's just very, uhm.. organized.", she says, instinctively defending her friend's own particular brand of weirdness. She gives Anna a shy smile as she says she's nice, though. "Aw. Thank you. And sorry again for freaking out." She lets out a little 'whew' when Felicia confirms no pools. "Oh thank goodness. It's bad enough with all the ocean around me. I can feel it pressing in on me, it's like a constant low-level headache.", she grumbles.

Good. Two unhappy faces, and an empty frame. Except for the empty one, unhappy faces don't bother Alexandra as the tablet is lowered and named typed in. At least, Anna's and Felicia's names are, and Daxton gets an "unknown origin" tagged after his first name. "Can't wait to see the yearbook." The blonde muses to herself as she finishes up her profiling, and shoots a sidelong glance at Mabel for explaining her actions. "I am just keeping a record of the people here, Puddles. And before this I was mapping the place and identifying all the rooms and doors so we won't get lost. I'm just trying to be efficient."

If this picture taking keeps up Felicia will probably beat Daxton to the dishwasher, but it seems that for now Alex does't take a second chance at getting one of her. Anna's reaction to getting her picture taken makes Felicia laugh and the there is a bit of a snigger at the self-cleaning joke that Mabel comes up with "That's handy." and since the girl didn't know that there was even such a thing as sentient puddles of water the fact that Mabel is one and has a last name, well none of it is any more surpising than the rest…which isn't surprising at all to the unfazeable shrinking girl. "Get lost?" she blinks at Alex and Mabel, but decides to not touch it, even though she doesn't think the place is that confusing. "Well I hope it helps.

"What about algae?" Annaliesa has to ask, because stagnate water that self cleans has to have something. "Chlorine? Sucker fish?" Hey, it's a legitimate question, kind of. "Oh it's okay, I kind of freaked out myself." So Mabel is water, "What powers do you have?" the question this time is directed to Alex, because she was very curious as to the duo. At the explanation, she grins at Alexander, "I like you. Efficient is good. I get confused on the people too, so if you publish some sort of book and listing the powers people have, that would be great." Was she joking? It doesn't look like it. She grins at Felicia, "Sometimes the fun is in the getting lost, I think." Then to Daxton, "I think I'm going to sweep some." Hopefully this day is almost over.

Mabel gives the rest of the group a look, once Alexandra explains what she's doing, as if saying 'see what I mean?'. She then beams up at the taller blonde, her expression affectionate, before looking after Daxton when he leaves. She grins at Felicia, then glances at Anna. "No, no, none of that. I mean, they tried putting a fish in me once but it was pretty uncomfortable for everyone involved. Especially the fish. Apparently I'm not very hospitable to life. Well, I mean, *other* life. Why did you guys get detention anyway?", she asks, curious now.

Oh, it's good Dax's is already out of ear shot. A who's who might be good for Anna and Alex, but there's several students who would not be happy about that. Dax's included. It only takes the speedster a few moments before the dishes are done and put away.

Funny how Anna was the one who got Alex riled up initially, but now the mermaid gets the blonde to quirk a brow (of approval?) when she actually agrees with her need for efficiency, and plan to compile a record of people. But wait, first there is Mabel-science(tm) to be explained. "Ambient moisture." Alexandra states simply and factually. "She continuously and subconsciously recycles ambient moisture at a low rate." Now that she's done with the tablet, it's held in both hands behind her back as the blonde glances about the cafeteria. "Anna… may I call you Anna? I've been told that my special power is to make people feel uncomfortable." She pauses and tilts her head at the mermaid. "I like you though. It's rare for people to appreciate efficiency."

Felicia has no interest in the science of Mabel's powers and she certainly doesn't want to get another kitchen detention or have to stay any longer than she has too. "Lost is fun." but that's not what was perplexing part to her. "It was fun meeting you all." she might even mean it…either way it certainly wasn't boring. She then bounds off to help Dax in the kitchen. No reason to make the speedster do all the heavy lifting…that's kinda her job.

"Oh sure, you can call me Anna." It works for Annaliesa! As the others head off for their duties, she starts sweeping, not wanting to get caught not doing her work and getting more detention too. She does keep talking though. "You tried putting a fish in you? I bet it tickled." The science of it evades her too, but she appreciates it allt eh same. "Oh, well I guess it kind of works. As soon as you got in front of Mabel, well I felt pretty uncomfortable. Do you like doing that? Making people feel like that? Mabel seems to be immune though." So many questions!

Mabel doesn't volunteer Alex's actual power- she figures it's Alex's thing to share, not hers. "Well, Alex has never made *me* uncomfortable.", she declares, and smiles widely. "She's the best." She then wrinkles her nose. "It didn't tickle, exactly, it just felt sort of.. wrong. I'm not entirely sure how my body, uhm.. works, really. It's all just sort of instinctive to me. Alex has tried to explain it to me sometimes but I'm not nearly as smart as she is."

"I just read the detailed lab report." Alexandra tells Mabel. "All 1,100 pages of it." Lifting her chin, she turns back to Anna. "Mabel is different, because she's my responsibility to keep safe. And I don't think it's good to be too comfortable; how can people get better if they don't push themselves?" At long last, she moves from her spot and glances around the cafeteria again. "Speaking of getting better, is the place closed? We're still looking for food." She walks past Anna and comes to a stop, then turns back to the mermaid. "Why are you all in detention? And… that?" Alex gestures at Anna's broom. "That's terribly inefficient."

"Oh." Annaliesa ponders over the fish thing. "Well I'm glad you don't have the fish anymore then. I guess you're sort of magic like me. It's how I breathe under water too, I guess, since I don't have gills or anything even when I'm a mermaid." She doesn't try and guess at the science of that either, it just is. "I would never read 1,100 pages of a lab report, no matter what. I couldn't imagine it." There's a look between the two girls as Anna continues sweeping. "We were off school property on a weeknight instead of waiting for the weekend. But we were getting Chinese food from town. Then we saw an alien so we had to call the school and that's how we got busted. That time anyway. Ares, we get in trouble a lot." She shrugs, grinning about the broom. "I think part of the punishment is that it is inefficient. It's more work this way. I really should be getting back to the kitchen before I get even more detention or they forbid me from going to the town this weekend."

"No, I'm pretty sure I'm all science. I mean, unless it's like that saying, err.. sufficiently.. sufficiently.. oh! Right! Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.", Mabel says, and grins. "I think Einstein said that." She wrinkles her nose up at Alex. "1,100 pages? Even *I* wouldn't read that much about myself.", she says, then grins again. "But I'm lucky you did." She then looks to Anna, eyes widening. "Oh! Yeah, I'm sorry, wouldn't want you to get into more trouble because of us. I'll see you around in class, maybe?", she says, before turning her attention back to Alex. "I think the food's over there. Pretty sure it's not all gone."

Mermaid. Sweeping the floor. Alex opens her mouth to say something, but closes it before she does (desperately resisting the urge to say something about her sweeping tail). "We will… leave you to it then." The tablet is swung around to be clasped in both hands /in front/ now, and the blonde will move in the direction Mabel pointed at wherever the food might be!

"You're not too late to eat, just get in the lunch line," Annaliesa directs them towards the opening down at the end. "They have pretty good food, but then again, I like food." She just looks a little confused at the Einstein thing and nods, "I guess.. you know, a couple of months ago, I was just a mermaid. With my mermaid mom, my mermaid grandma, my human father and brother and grandfather. Now I'm something weird, something out of place. I am glad to be here with others who may feel the same way I do, but sometimes I miss just being what I was before. And definitely not a scientist." She grins. "I will see you both later, for sure. It was so good meeting you both." She grins at Alexandra. "Hopefully I'll see you when I'm not in detention."

Mabel gives Anna a cheerful little wave goodbye, apparently completely over the whole 'being controlled by a magic mermaid' thing by now. "I think we're all a little weird here, yeah. It's nice to not have to hide it so much." She doesn't mention what she might, or might not, miss. It's complicated. She then turns to walk with the taller blonde. "I like her. Even with the whole water thing.", she tells Alex as they walk to the cafeteria line. ".. should I pretend to eat here too? I mean.. it's not like I have to keep my weirdness a secret while we're here, right?"

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