(2016-04-28) Beachfront BBQ
Beachfront BBQ
Summary: This time the party is a total success.
Date: 2016-04-28
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A lucky run of couponing to stretch out her monthly support stipend netted Tabitha a large ammount of food which she has been saving for a proper occasion. And the good weather today has her out on the beach of Paragon Island with a charcoal grill borrowed from the school fired up with steak, chicken, smoked sausages, avacado, and asparagus all lined up getting cooked. She's also brought out the remaining salvagable beverages and snacks from her abortive attempt at a karaoke/jam session/rock band night a couple days ago. They're sitting in a few coolers near a ring of tree stump chairs cut from a deadfall tree.

Because she's, well… her, she did bring her intruments out as well as her portable amp, but there's also a regular set of speakers hooked to an mp3 player loaded with about twelve thousand songs (it's the light version of her total digital library). Tabitha is wearing her usual outdoors non-summer ensemble; worn jeans and long sleeve red flannel shirt, work boots, and a black knit watch cap pulled down over her ears with hair pulled out to hide the left side of her face.

Bruce makes his way onto the beach, enjoying the free time after classes. He's wearing school sweatpants and a t-shirt, as it's not quite warm enough for topless and shorts. The smell of food is also a siren's song as he looks around. "I didn't hear about a fete scheduled, no?"

Daxton wouldn't normally tempt fate by breaking rules just yet(If this even is breaking rules). But, Tabs' last party didn't pan out, so here he is. Being the supportive, going to end up in detention till he's a senior, friend. Dax is dressed in comfy jeans and has a random t-shirt on with his grey hod die over that. He's here, but is hanging back for now. Crowded party makes for crowded thoughts, and who wants those?

Pausing for a few moments as he steps out onto the beach, Vinny blinks a little as he sees the people present. Stepping closer, but staying a little back still, he looks around at the various people.

Brenna had come a little behind her room mate, maybe she was carrying something to help, possibly even her own drum she has. Either way, she has come to hang out at the party and she's dresses in a short sleeved light weight dress in white, the material looks almost cheesecloth-like and has a bit of a jagged edge on the bottom. She notices a few people already gathered and the redhead smiles as she approaches. "I head there was a party. The food smells so good."

Tabitha grins and waves over anyone that ventures close to the area. "Pull up a stump, there's plenty to go around." She flips a few things on the grill, then shifts the coals a bit to redistribute the heat. "I've got plenty for carnivores and veggievores. And for those in our studio audience wondering if they're breaking their detention," she gives Daxton a pointed grin, "We are still on school property." She smiles over to Brenna at the compliment. "Thanks, Irish. Hope it all turns out alright as this is my first time in charge of the grill."

The others who approach that she hasn't formally met yet get a wave, "Welcome to the Jones Affair. My name is Tabitha Jones. I am an Athena freshman who is most likely a Gemini, and I will be your host, chef, and general heckler this afternoon!

Daxton frowns slightly, shaking his head and mockingly pointing at himself. "Me? Detention? I don't know what you're talking about." He smirks and moves closer, grab a place to sit down out of the way.He then blinks, slightly surprised at Tab's last name. Huh. Everyone else gets a head nod in greeting.

Bruce smiles brightly, one of those radiant smiles that he gives everyone. "I'm Bruce. Prometheus. Pisces… I think." he says, chuckling. "If you need anything carried, let me know. I can make myself handsy." He says, before looking around.

Brenna approaches the rest of the way and has a seat on one of the logs. It doesn't bother her that her room mate calls her Irish, she just grins about it. "You have me beat, I have never used a grill before, so if you were doing something wrong, I wouldn't know. But I think as good as everything smells, you're doing something very right." She places her drum down beside her and glances at the others, "I'm Brenna, Athena," she tells them in her accented voice that makes if fairly obvious who Tabitha was calling Irish. "Me too, Tabitha, if you need any help, let me know."

Vinny stays back still, looking around at the various people present, before he mutters something under his breath, looking towards the food briefly, then moves towards the others, but keeping silent still.

Perhaps the only truly odd thing about how Tabitha is cooking is that she has no utensils. All of the flipping, arranging, and such is being done with extensions of her aura. This includes opening a few cans of beans and corn which she places at the corners of the grill. Add to that the foil wrapped bundles down in the coals which are likely potatoes and she's putting out a good spread.

Daxton gets a grin and a wink as he tries to forswear any detention knowledge. Bruce gets a smile as well, "Good to meet you, Bruce. I've seen you in gym a few times, but you're one or two weight classes ahead of me. For now." She flexes her waifish biceps, not even getting enough bulk to shift the fabric of her shirt. Vinny gets a quick up-nod of greeting, but as he seems to be hanging back she doesn't push with too much exhuberance.

The offers of help get a grateful nod, "I'll shout when the food's almost done. Then you can help by setting up plates and such, okay? And if anyone wants music, just grab the mp3 player and pick something out."

Bruce grins to Tabitha. "Well, when you move up to lifting cars, let me know. I'll spot you." He looks up at the sky and thinks of something. "I.. need to go in for something. I'll be back. Have fun." He says as he heads back in.

Daxton tries and fails to make himself unnoticeable. It could be the bouncing of his leg at inhume speed. Or maybe the nervous way he's avoiding eye contact with most people. Eitehr way, he glances around, Tab getting a smile back before he really focuses on the others. Brenna gets a small smile as well, "Oh, hey. The answer is yes. I can run on water." So says his bruised body.

"Hello…" Vinny offers to the others, a bit quetly, offering them a smile. Glancing out into the water for a few moments, he sighs, "Too small waves…" A brief pause as he looks around at the various people, realizing he may not know all of them. "I'm Vinny…" he finally offers.

It was certainly a unique way to cook on the grill, and Brenna seems a bit entranced by watching. "People here have the most amazing powers." Turning her head, she looks back to the others, waving to the departing Bruce. As Vinny approaches closer, she smiles, "It's nice to meet you." But something Daxton says has her eyes lighting up. "You tried! Oh that's awesome! I'd like to see you sometime. Maybe I could fly above you or something. It'd be fun."

Tabitha smiles slightly as she overhears Vinny's remark. "Surfing is something I've never learned. Although I might just have to soon." She rolls the name around in her brain a bit before making the connection. "Vinny… Anna's brother, yeah? Good to meet ya."

Then she's shifting her eyes from Brenna to Daxton and back to Brenna, "Oh, so you put the idea in his head, Brenna?" She crosses her arms and taps her foot on the ground in mock aggrivation but she can't hold onto the angry look for long. "I guess he would've tried it himself eventually, but how about we help him learn to /stop/ without turning himself into street pizza first?"

Daxton chuckles, hand rising to gently rub his chest, "Let me heal up first, then sure." He glances over towards Tab, and then very maturely sticks his tongue out, "I told you, I just didn't compensate for the change of terrain. Next time will be better." Don't make him prove it right now! "I can stop fine." Don't ask the crack in the laundry room wall!

Vinny smiles, nodding both at Brenna and at Tabitha, before he smiles momentarily. "Yes, that's right," he replies to the part about being his sister's brother. "Nice to meet you too." A brief pause, before he offers a momentary grin to Daxton, but he doesn't say anything.

"Wait, you got hurt?" Brenna looks at any exposed parts of his body, "Oh Daxton, I'm sorry about that. I never thought about stopping. Just saw how fast you could run in the laundry." She gives Tabitha a wry smile, "I really never imagined he would get hurt doing it." A smile is given to Vinny, "I met her, your sister, and I've already met you too. I remember now you telling me about her."

Tabitha nods at the comment about Daxton, "Yeah, he's one long bruise right now. I'd offer an aura massage, but well… I'm not very good at them with my hands. I doubt I'd be any better with an amorphous field of nonspecific semi-solid energy." Although she seems to be doing just fine turning the aura into simple tools and tractomorphic extra limbs. The parts of it that are working around the grill start to pull things off the hot surfaces and onto the warming shelves. "Meat and veggies are done for anyone that likes their meat still bleeding a bit. Lovers of fully charred flesh will have to wait a bit longer."

Vinny gets a quick look and grin, Dax is kinda proud of the running on water thing. It's the first advancement he's come to since coming to the school. His hand drops from his chest, none of the bruises are really visible, but he's wearing jeans and a long sleeved hoodie for a reason. "Not bad, Brenna. Really." he's lying, if the smirk is any indication. "I'll be able to stop next time." Tab's comment has him quirking an eyebrow, but he'll wisely keep quiet. mooing burgers? He's in. The speedster stands up, only wincing slightly get himself a burger.

"Ah yes, I remember," Vinny offers with a smile to Brenna, before he pauses a little at the mention of meat still bleeding. There's a momentry pause as he moves to get himself something to eat now, otherwise keeping silent.

"I can wait a bit for mine." Though she does eat meat, Brenna is tempted by the veggies. "Do you have tomatoes?" Maybe not grilled, maybe just sliced or something. She rises and gets a drink for herself. "Can I get a drink for anyone?" She opts for ginger ale for herself. She still gives Daxton a worried look. "If you're sure." But she may not believe him from that look he gives. She gets some sort of veggies, standing nearby Vinny. "Where is your sister tonight?"

Tabitha turns back to face the grill again (she's had her back to it this whole time) and starts to dish up food. Her aura pulls the foil wrapped potatoes up from inside the coals, splits them then sets them on a plate next to butter, bacon bits, and melted Velveeta. The cans of beans and corn get their steaming contents poured out into a pair of bowls (with actual serving spoons to use). Plates and utensils are in a small box next to various bottled condiments.

She grins as Daxton and Vinny come up for their bloody meat, flipping them their choice of cuts (burger, steak, sausages), "Should've known the guys would line up for meat with some life still in it." Then getting Brenna her grilled veggies. "We've got tomatoes both grilled and cold. I like just about anything grilled, but some folks just like to toss a slice onto their burgers. Also, I'll take a lemonade while you're getting drinks."

Now that the food is mostly cooked, only leaving a few bits on the heat to get cooked well done, she cools the charcoal by the simple measure of sucking out most of the heat. Then once everyone else has gotten their meal she serves up a small plate for herself. Much smaller than her normal meal portions.

Daxton scoffs, "Fear tastes good." He'll be happy with whatever he gets, he's a growing boy. He looks back towards Brenna, "I am. I've had worse, it's cool." Unfortunaly, that's true. Once he has his bloody meat he moves towards where the drinks are, grabbing whatever is there.

Vinny waits a few moments after having gotten his food, resisting the urge for a brutal attack on the food. Taking a few moments to eat a bit more properly, he keeps quiet for the moment as he listens to the others, expression rather thoughtful.

"I love grilled food. All grilled food." But for now, Brenna takes the vegetables. Tomatoes, avocado, asparagus. Even some potato which she decorates with the available ingredients. There is a whole spread of food and Tabitha is cooking it all on a grill. Steak, burgers, sausages, vegetables. All on the training grounds at the beach area. Tree stumps are on end for seating and coolers of drinks are also available. She has a seat again once she has her food. With a look to Daxton, she seeks reassurance, she finds it, for now, and nods, "I want to watch sometime."

Tabitha is holding court over the grill that she's been cooking at since shortly after classes ended for the day. Everything is finished cooking except for a few items which she's letting reach well done for anyone that might like their meat to resemble boot leather. She uses her aura to reach to the table with all the extras and fixins to snag some seasoning for her sausages and some bacon and melted cheese for her potato. Those two items and a lemonade are all she's taking for herself. She gives Brenna's remark a grin and a thumbs up, "Food is good. Grilled food is best. This is fact." She claims one of the tree stump seats, folds her legs up into lotus position, and starts in on her food.

Word gets around quickly when something like this goes down, and Jacob has been looking for another break from the books anyhow. "Grilled food is not the best thing, it's the /only/ thing," he declares, whistling as he gets a better sense of what's on offer. "I don't suppose there's any green pepper in the mix?"

Before he digs in, Daxton grabs a few veggies too. he moves to sit between Brenna and Tabitha. With a mouthful, "This is so much better than…the mess hall…" The speedster studies his food as he eats, enjoying the yummy.

Settling down with her food, Brenna gets to eating it, quite happily. She looks over at Daxton with a grin. "I think so too, I love anything that's not cafeteria food." Happily eating on a tomato. When Jacob arrives, she lifts her ginger ale in greeting. "Hey." she says between bites.

Tabitha smiles to herself as everyone seems to be enjoying her efforts. Then Jacob appears at the food line and gets a smirk, "What timing you have, to appear at just the right moment to chow down." There's a bit of snark and sarcasm in her voice, but really not a lot. She uses her aura to cut up her sausages and feed herself, although she lacks her normal vigor when attacking sustenance. When Jacob has gotten his food together, she pulls another stump chair over close to the one she's sitting on and beckons him to it. If he sits there, she leans over and gives him a quick peck on the cheek.

Daxton admits quietly, "I do miss my mom's cooking." It's a little homesick sounding, but he doesn't dwell. A deep breath and he forces a smile around another bite. Blue eyes glacne around to the group. Jacob gets a nod of greeting, but his mouth is full.

"Clocks are /very important/," Jacob retorts. "I found that out the hard way." He grabs a little bit of a lot of different things, waving to Brenna and Daxton along the way, and of course he takes the offered seat. The next gesture, though? That catches him off guard. Grinning and keeping one hand on the plate to steady it, he turns to face Tabitha more fully. "What was that for?" Well, she's cracked the secret of how to get /him/ glowing, that's for sure.

Brenna eats some more of her food, most of it that is, and she rises to get rid of the trash from her meal. Once she has finished, she returns to have a seat on the stump again, and she picks up her drum. Seeing the kiss, she looks over at Daxton and grins, "I think I have a little laundry to do."

Tabitha shrugs and grins when Jacob asks her about the quick kiss. "What? I need a reason?" She focuses her attention on her food again for a minute before deciding she's had enough for now. Oddly enough her plate isn't even empty from her first serving. She sets the plate aside and smirks over at Brenna's laundry comment. But she does note the drum and reaches over with her aura to bring her own instruments within arm's reach. Checking over her choices she pulls out a flute. "Good food, check. Good company, check. Good music… incoming."

Jacob's comment has him looking up. Daxton nods slowly, those words are possibly the most true thing he's every heard. Clocks are very important. But probably for different reasons than Jacob's. Dax catches the kiss out of the corner of his eyes, cementing something in his mind before he nods to Brenna's comment. "Yeah….I might too." He gets enough third wheeling around Anna and Derek, so the speedster stands with his plate.

Jacob shakes his head. "No, see, I was hoping to know what it was so I could do it again." And then since the other two were nice enough to help them have a moment, he leans over to return Tab's gesture in kind, before starting in on his plate of food at last. "So what's on the playlist tonight? No, on second thought don't tell me."

Brenna grins at her roommate. "I will play next time. I really do have to go for now. I have nothing clean to wear tomorrow night and I have plans to go to town. I have to wash some things." A smile to Jacob and Daxton, "I will see you both later."

Tabitha shifts her gaze from Daxton to Brenna and back, with a questioning look. "Laundry?" Then her questions are derailed by Jacob returns her gesture. After a pause for blushing she nods to Brenna about things to do for tomorrow. "Yeah. I've already got my 'Sunday best' ready for heading back home tomorrow." Maybe this is what's putting her off her usual appetite. "At least the trip won't take long, what with the whole flying at mach 2 thing." She grins brightly as she thinks of something. "That means I can procrastinate and not leave until about five minutes before my meeting!"

Oh no, Dax wasn't joking! He's not playing third wheel! Brenna's not leaving him alone here. He shoves the rest of the burger into his mouth and throws away his plate. Tabitha gets a supportive smile after he's down chewing, "Just remember, one thing at a time. Small goals. You made it to here, you'll make it to tomorrow." His hands are wipes on the seat of his jeans, who needs napkins? Mayeb that's why he's in the laundry room so much! Eitehr way he waves to the two before following Brenna.

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