(2016-04-28) Aye Aye Captain
Aye Aye Captain
Summary: A canoe serves as a Ship of Dreams, the ship of the dread pirate Captain Harold and first mate Kitty
Date: 2016.04.28
Related: Frumling
Scene Runner: NA

They made it back alive and well, after some rest and recovery. His leg was looked after by medical, as was her bruise. Not the most prominent from that day, Daxton was once again in medical as well, probably with more bruises. They still received attention and with the other group having been involved with something at the docks, the location Harold and Lynzee where for their injuries was of minor concern at the time for faculty.

So one of the following days, Harold and Eyraog find Lynzee, in the school. Harold is in his uniform, tie on. Eryaog is just his fuzzy colorful self. With a slight skip that belies the minor pain of his leg, Harold catches up with her, wherever she is headed. “So,” he announces himself, “I was thinking, we should canoe when school is done today.” He has on a backpack, both hands come up as he matches step to walk with her, taking the straps and hitching thumbs between strap and his school blazer. “I mean, I love flying to our island, but maybe to explore the coast of our island, like primitive style and stuff?”

Lynzee looks like a bit of a soup sandwich, it’s still a school day though and her socks that are usually knee high have slouched listlessly, her legs maybe too thin to keep them up. She’s carrying a book, a math book, which might just explain why that look was on her face. Somewhat perplexed.

As Harold and Eryaog catch up to her, she looks over and visibly brightens, “Harold!” As if she hadn’t already seen him in classes and stuff. “Eryaog!” Him, not so much, just outside of them. She takes the idea with an eager nod, “I don’t know how but you can show me. I would like to go canoeing with you. Do I get to row?” She’s all for the next adventure.

The two students are walking, its what students natural do when running to each other in such a serious situation as being in school. Eryaog doesn’t ponder it, he’s behind the two as everyone meets, and he reaches around Lynzee and gives her a squeeze. “Lynzee!” He expresses, taking time to cover her in fur and warmth for a moment as they two ponder their next adventure. Finally, he does let go of course.

“Of course you get to row, I don’t know who is captain or first mate, maybe we have a duel to see who is the captain? Like nerf swords or something?” Foam noodles like some of the adult gamers use in their activities. Harold is grinning, then scratches his head, “You did say you came from Egypt right, that’s where the Washington people found you? Not like, the Middle East somewhere?” Mild way to broach the glimpses he had while in her dream.

Lynzee gladly takes the hug from Eryaog, so very happily so, the warmth making her not want to let go. And so she doesn’t until he does. Then she hugs Harold for good measure, because she really likes hugging Harold. And she lingers there as long as she can before letting go. One she is standing on her own again, she reaches down and absently pulls up one sock then uses the toe of her shoe to pull the other one up.

“I don’t think I can be captain. Not yet, since I don’t know how to do it.You can be captain and teach me, then there’ll be a revolt and I can fight you with the swords to try and procure the ship.” Big words for a little Lynzee. His question bring a thoughtful look, she doesn’t try and hide from answers, too curious herself, so she shakes her head, “Oh no. I was in Egypt with the diggers and they came here and I came with them. I was living in Washington. Olympia? …Um.. Olympus? The forest there? That’s where they found me. I was a cat.”

Harold is uncertain at first, in school and all as it is, but then he melts into it. Nearly a sigh from the boy of course, no care, it's gone in her company it seems. He doesn’t worry what others think of him, the way he dresses or what he does, he has a dorkable confidence in who he is. More, uncertain at first if the faculty may say something or other and then, it doesn’t matter. Half a grin, as they unfold, he finds her hands draw his attention to her legs. Good thing they start talking.

A slight lift of brows at her plans, as if surprised, both by the words and the cunning of her plan, then “Oh, a mutiny?! Yes, you are devious Captain Kitty.” He takes a finger to push up his glasses, “Then I shall commandeer another ship and crew to hunt you down, and around the Horn of Africa, where I shall find you anchored in a river, we shall fight until one ships is claimed by the waters.” It's a take from the tales of Bartholomew Roberts, the Gentleman Pirate, who was captured at a similar location.

As she explains how she was found, he nods curiously himself, “Interesting, because … well, when I took the Frumling back Oyster World, and went through your dreams. I think they were speaking some Arabic language. I don’t know Arabic though, but maybe you do somehow?” Cause it was in her dream, or a memory, somehow she’s heard it before; but could be TV too. “I was just curious is all, I think there was a woman arguing and trying to protect her baby.” A slight peek over to Lynzee, as if, there could be parents out there, he doesn’t know.

Unlike Harold, Lynzee has no such compunctions on hugging in school. She was getting hugs and from Harold and Eryaog, what could possibly be wrong with that? Nothing, in her book anyway. She waits until he steps back though before she does. Cause she could just hug and hug him forever.

The mention of the mutiny makes her giggle. “Yes! I meant a mutiny, I couldn’t think of the word.” And so he had given it to her and she bobs her head, “Captain Kitty? But I;m not Captain yet. When I do though, you will rue the day! You will!” She giggles because she has absolutely no idea what she is talking about. “I’m glad you’re gonna teach me, but if my ship goes down, I’m goin’ down with it! I will sleep in Davy Jones locker if I gotta.” She grins. “And You can come visit”

The mention of her dream brings a confused look, “All the people in Egypt talk Arabic. Well most. It’s the ‘ficial language, I think?” Maybe she was mistaken, maybe she wasn’t. “I know how to talk like it.” The rest just confuses her a little, but she nods so he knows she had heard him. “I don’t know any babies in Egypt though.”

Harold can’t help himself grinning at her giggles over being pirates and all. “Wait, do we both want to go down though, we can’t well rule the seas from the bottom of the ocean.” Perplexed into a grin, “Or can we. I’ll absolutely come visit you.” He gives in, gives her a one arm hug, “I have to, I’m keeping you remember?” He likes the way that sounds. Keeping her.

At her confused look and reply, he sort of ‘ahs’ silently, his mouth opening to make the motion while he nods. “That makes since. What about Russian? Or one of those countries north of the Middle East? There was another language in your dream too, like the argument started there, but then it was the woman and the baby?” A pause, “I’m sorry to ask, if you don’t want me to, I can stop.” Cause it was in a way prying on her, and her past, that was for her to want to look into, he hoped he wasn’t overstepping bounds and stepping on her toes.

“Yep and I’m keeping you and Eryaog, so we have to just compromise and run the ship together. The ship of dreams,” Lynzee says triumphantly. “That’s what we can name it.” Because Harold and his dreams and all. It made sense to her at least. “I would get lonely without you.” She smiles, leaning in when his arm comes around her.

“I don’t know Russian though, I never been there.” Not that she knows of, even if she tries to remember, she can’t. “When Id found me, it was five years ago. Maybe I was eight or nine or ten, or eleven. I don’t know when my birthday is so he said I was ten and that’s what we did. But it was in Egypt. I don’t know a woman or a baby though. Maybe was there anything else in the dream? I never get to remember what I dream. But you can ask me cause I don’t know, but if I do know I will tell you.” She’s not hiding from her past, she simply doesn’t know what itis.

A long nod, “Yes, the Ship of Dreams!” Harold does like the idea. Eryaog does too, he comments from where he was examining something in the hall where they were, “Lynzee can make the ship fly?” That would be pretty cool. Eryaog wasn’t certain, neither was Harold for the matter, what all could she lift with her abilities. He looks at her curiously after the beasts question, then returns, “Yeah, we’ll be sure to not separate.” That’s important to him at least, so no lonely without each other.

As for the matter of her dream, Harold chews on her response to what he recalls. “I don’t remember much more, because I didn’t want to stay there too long. It's all I saw in passing through. Too dangerous to stay there I think.” Only cause he doesn’t know what damage the creature could of done in someone else's dream either. “Would you like to look? I mean, I could try entering a dream again, of yours. Maybe it will be about those people again. We can see what it's about?” If it was a memory even, “I don’t know what happens when we interact with it either.

“I maybe can, I don’t know though?” Lynzee does look a little uncertain. “I can try and make our ship fly. Like in Peter Pan?” She grins. “You need some fairy dust, do you know any fairies?” She’s kidding. “I can try though, to make it fly, if you want.” Because what could be cooler than flying ships and Harolds and Lynzees?

After only minimal consideration, Lynzee bobs her head, “We can go do that. You can go in my dream if you want to. I like when you’re there, that’s the only part I remember about my dream was when you was there.” Holding her book close to herself, she glances towards Eryaog then back to Harold. “Do you think I could remember it if you were in there too? So maybe you could tell me what happens?”

A nod of enthusiasm from Harold. “Yeah, we can try. If you need to practice and get better, we start with the canoe!” See, full circle, his earlier idea and now flying ships. It all goes together. She gets a hug of that one arm, which he left around her, whether the stood in the hall or got back to moving through the halls again. “We go to town and get one, our canoe.” He means buy one, he probably has some high limit credit from his father, paying the problem to go away.

Uncertain of course about the dream idea, he goes from serious to slight smile with her agreement. “Maybe, I mean, I can tell you what happened in the dream. You may remember the dream itself, or it may cause you to remember something from real life?” He offers and continues, “And you, if I’m there, I think it's easier to remember. It makes dreams lucid. I think they go to whole other worlds, and sometimes what people dream, those memories, they somehow become part of that world. Or the world imprints on the memories and holds them. I didn’t make the Emerald Forest, I found it, and now I’m tied to it.”

“Okay,” Lynzee tells him happily, glad to be able to go get the canoe with him and try new things. As always, she’s readily agreeing to adventure. She smiles when he squeezes her again, even putting her free arm back around him as well to walk with him down the hall. She has to stop by her locker to put in her book, but then she’s free for the day with him.

With the whole dream thing, Lynzee nods, but it’s hesitant just a little. “Maybe I would remember if you’re there. I wasn’t looking anywhere but at you when you were in my dream the last time. Because it was kind of scary not knowing anyone.” Maybe she had that sense, since she hadn’t remembered the dream, but maybe the sense of being lost, or in the unknown. Or maybe she always feels like that all the time. “If you will go with me, I know I will be safe.”

Harold will shift, from arm about her to holding her hand as they converse, and when she agrees to the canoe flight adventure attempt, he gives her hand a squeeze. He lets go to touch the small of her back while she puts her book away. “Yeah, I’ll go with you. And probably just do that, look at me. If it's more a memory anyways, well, it will keep us from interacting with what’s going on, you know.” He turns to walk for the stairs and then elevator down, so they can go to Paragon Island and, like most students do, escape the school to go to town or wherever.

“Sort of like dream paradox. If it's a memory, it plays out, but once we interact with us, it changes to the moment so it's not really a memory any more.” Seems he’s thought way too much about this stuff, but then again, it's his power, in a manner, to interact with dreams. “No matter, what, let's stay together, dreams or not, keep each others safe. I think that’s what we do keeping each other.” Keep each other safe, that rings in his mind, smile on his face. He walks with her, towards a place where she can fly them to town to find a canoe and such.

The two do head down to the island and then over to the mainland. There are canoe rentals of course, so he gets the option whether to rent or buy, and then they are given life jackets because safety first. Once that is decided, the two are able to go out on the water, it’s calm for now the wind isn’t up or anything as of yet, so it’s relatively peaceful.

“I like staying together like this, Harold. Cause I don’t want to be away from you anymore.” He was her rock and she was his wings. They just fit. “Do you want to make us eye patches out of my jacket? We can wear them and be pirates on our ship of dreams, if you want to.” Perhaps they had also stopped and changed along the way before going to the mainland, so they didnt go in their uniforms. “We’re going to have so much fun all through summer, aren’t we?”

The flight enjoyed, Harold will always enjoy that, her taking the two of them off and away. It's bought, Harold doesn’t even consider the idea of renting. Truly making it their boat and all. Then they are off and out. A different view from town, being on the water itself, not flying from Coral Springs to the nearby island where they found the lighthouse. “Think we can guess which way to go to find our island, or head towards school first?” He’s talking about going miles by water of course. Lots of rowing, unless she tries her flying thing, but they still need to row away from town and all before she even tries that.

“Eye patches, brilliant. Okay, I can try to summon something from Oyster World, if you want to save your jacket?” He feels bad cutting it of course. He is out of uniform, wearing a red hoodie/breaker jacket, with white drawstrings for the hood. Out of date, but new just the same. “Non stop adventures this summer! I want to try horseback riding. I’ve been … well, too afraid. You know, it could throw me or something.” Says the kid that rides Eryaog as a mount sometimes.

Lynzee doesn’t even realize money has to be used for virtually everything in the world. She’d always lived without it, never having bought a single thing in her life. Money was simply non-existent to her. Either way, they had a canoe and they were out on the water, sea wind in their hair, taste of salt on their tongue, the feel of the oars or paddles in their hands. “I think we can find it. Or even another island with a buried treasure.” Or maybe their island had a treasure.

She nods emphatically, “You can bring us eye patches and pirate hats. And we’ll pretend we have hooks.” Her own coat is more like one of those paper things, but it’s warm enough, even out on the water. “We can go horse riding. You don’t gotta be scared with me there. We’ll be all safe and sound. We will.”

Rowing out is easy currently as well, even as oars bite down into the dense water to help pull them along in a sort of glide over the rocky surface of the ocean, the current itself helps with tide moving out. “I hope we find some treasure. Arrowheads, old spanish coins, anything. I didn’t bring shovels.” He ponders that thought half a moment, pulling his oar as a gull flies overhead and cries to the wind, the bird heads for shore and food.

He pulls his oar up then in thought. “It won’t quite be pirate hats and patches, just some clothing we could cut up is all.” Pondering a moment what he will bring, explaining, “I haven’t seen any pirates there, but maybe I haven’t looked far enough? We could head to the ocean there someday, another adventure.” Then he closes to pull some off-green like fabric, it's what comes to mind and comes to him. They’ll have to suffer green eye-patches for now, but it will save them from cutting up their own clothes.

“Ohhhhhhh!” Lynzee sings, “Oh, a pirate's life is a wonderful life, a-rovin' over the sea, give me a career as a buccaneer It's the life of a pirate for me. Oh, the life of a pirate for me!” She grins, wondering if he will join her. “Oh, a pirate's life is a wonderful life, They never bury your bones, For when it's all over a jolly sea rover
Drops in on his friend, Davey Jones. Oh, my good friend, Davey Jones!” It’s fun being a pirate and Lynzee is taking to it well.

The colors don’t seem to bother her in the slightest. She looks at the material and bobs her head. “I like green, it’s pretty. Now we need scissors or something sharp,” And there’s even more and she’s excited. “We can explore! We can! We can ride all of the seven seas.” Or something.

And Lynzee bursts into song, a good song, one Harold may sort of know, but not all the lyrics too. He laughs, then listens. And when she finishes, “Maybe you were born to be a pirate. You weren’t kidding about prepared for mutiny. I think the men … and women … will take orders from you.” Which for them, that would mean Eryaog, but hey, the beast is liable to change sides. He’s already soft to Lynzee as it is (okay, he’s soft to everyone it seems).

“Ah, knives, we need pirate knives!” That is something he can get, but it takes longer to find two. So he rowed while she sang then went silent. Finally after a minute, two knives on belts. Like pirates could wear, but the belts are orange instead of brown, and the blades seem like real seashell, not like a real world pirate would use at all. The hand guard has little seashell spike things as if for protection fancy and functional as if made for that other world. He hands one over, “See now we can make our own.” He looks from his side of the green cloth, offering here the other, looking at her side, back to his. “Eyepatch race!” He will say before trying to cut his side with the knife to make an eyepatch, starting when she does of course.

“You think so?” Lynzee brightens, laughing as she sings the little song on repeat for a moment. “Mutiny, Arrr.” because to Arr is pirate. “Oh I don’t need people to take orders from me. Just to sail along with me on the ship of dreams.” With the fabric resting on her lap after he had handed it over, she rows happily, singing while he disappears again. Then he is suddenly bringing her a knife and she grins, “We’re real pirates!” Because shell knives make it so.

Then there’s a race and she’s cutting into the fabric with her new knife and she has put the oar down so she can work on this and making it look good. An artist she isn’t, but she does give it a shot, cutting strips and a triangle connected to them so she can tie it over one of her eyes. “Do you know any good pirate songs?”

“I see you know the first letter of the pirate alphabet, matey, but do you know the last?” Cause she’s talking about Arrr’s. Cause cloth in hand, he’s not rowing for the moment, they are adrift at sea. Where the current may take them. “The Ship of Dream,” says Harold with emphasis, taking to that name. “We could paint the name on the side. I think you can get like fiberglass paint or something.” There must be something so it doesn’t chip away so easy. He’s not certain though, new territory. “Totally real pirates.” As they plot cutting out green eye patches and all.

Harold isn’t an artist either, but he can sort of get the shape, and cut a string to tie it around his head at least. It may be close in the race, he slows a little to avoid cutting himself. Whimsical as the knives may look, they’re still just as sharp as they are in the real world after all. His tongue comes out as he follows lines in his head for the cutting even. Bending over low to really take control over his part of the cloth, he sits up to pause in cutting as she asks about songs. “Yo ho, yo ho, 15 men on a dead mans’ chest and a bottle of rum for me.” He sort of sings that, not sure if that’s one song or two mixed together. “That’s, uh, Long John Silver, I think they sang it in the Disney movie one.” A slight pause, “I’m not much of a singer, sorry, hope I didn’t hurt your ears.” A slight joke, he knows he’s not good, but she didn’t cringe either.

“There’s a last letter to the pirate alphabet?” Lynzee is curious about it, but she doesn’t have any guesses, she just continues cutting, not even realizing they may be drifting off course, likely not even thinking about it much. Of course the current will take them where it will, ocean currents did that often to boats, especially small ones. Still, she continues cutting, trying to get things just perfect, because that was important.

She glances up and sees his tongue out and she grins in response, though she can’t stop herself, she leans in and presses a kiss to his cheek, just completely enamored by him in the moment. “I like your singing, you can sing to me all the time, cause it’s good.” She finally finishes without cutting herself even, and she beams happily as she works to slip it on and cover one eye, and tie the strings around her head. “I’m glad I came here and met you.”

“Arr it was in the beginning, Arr it is in the end,” says Harold flatly, then grins, trying to finish his eyepatch. He cuts the string separately, and when he ties it, one side has a dangling end and he doesn’t think to cut it off even. Instead he gives it a try, to he can adjust it to fit just right. It covers his left eye. Right before he looks up to tie it on though, he gets a kiss, grins and squints. Sort of a ‘what was that for’ but grinning as he likes the affection just the same. “Thanks,” he says sheepish, then tries the same, a kiss to her cheek, close to her ear. Settling back to fix the patch in place.

Pursing his lips to the right side about his singing being good, it takes him a moment to settle and accept her words. “Well, okay, I’ll try singing more than. I’m well versed in singing the alphabet.” Then again, who wasn’t, but he knows it at least. “I’m glad you came here too.” Checking out her in an eye patch, he grins more, “You look dashing Kitty. A fine pair we make.” Then he looks around, they are a little off course, but they can still make out marks at least. “Oh yeah,” he recalls his oar and starts to paddle back for the island they were heading towards. “Full steam ahead First Matey!” She said she didn’t want to be captain yet.

“Arr, Arr Matey.” Lynzee giggles, having fun with it. With him. She adjusts the eye patch, trying to make it stay in place while it keeps slipping upwards. When he leans in to kiss her, she blushes but the vibrant smile is so apparent. She liked the kiss, she really liked the kiss. A hand comes up and she touches where he kissed, and if she were one of those glittery Athenians, she would be glowing right now.

“You can sing anything you want. There’s lots of good songs I heard. What kinds of music do you like?” She beams with pride at looking good with her patch. “And you’re the most handsome captain ever. I like your patch. I like even without your patch.” She takes her cue from him though and she picks up the oar and paddles with him, following his lead. “Aye, Aye captain!” Unable to stop smiling even if she wanted to.

Even as he sits back down to his rowing seat, Harold lifts a hand a little, like it wants to follow her hand when she touches where he kissed. Uncertain why his body seems want to move in unison with hers, not yet at least. He does chuckle about the Rrr jokes, then, “And Arrrrr least favorite vegetable is … Leeks.” Cause, boat and … a pause from Harold then another chuckle.

“Well, I like you both too, the eye patch is pretty cute. We need full pirate costumes matey,” he grins. Still paddling his boat, she aye, aye, captains him and on a whim, he splashes a little sea water from his area to her area, just to be playful, not to dash the girl in sea water at all. “I like dance music, like electronica.” He thinks he sounds like a dork when he talks about it, “And, there is french jazz electronic stuff I like. I’ve been listening to Nouvelle Vague, but I don’t think I can sing it like they do.” He would say who sings, but the group uses various singers from time to time, no set ‘singer’ per say. Just they all sing good.

Lynzee sees him lift his hand and wonders what he will do with it. But then he drops it and she can only paddle right now with both her hands, so she doesn’t hold his hand even if she wants to. The splash of the water towards her oar makes her laugh though, but not as much as the Leek thing, and she ‘Arrs,” again with a totally fake scowl, that makes it even more comical with her eye patch she wears.

His mention of the music, the different kinds, has her widening her eyes, “I don’t even know what you’re talking about.” Nothing specific like that, nothing she had heard anyway. Or at least that she knows of. “Maybe we can dance or something sometime. Is there a place to dance? Maybe in the gym?” She brightens. “Oh Oh! In our home! We can listen to music there and sing and dance and clean and be a family.

“Hey, alls fair in tweetle beetle puddle paddle battles!” Exclaiming to her Arr scowl, as Harold splashes a little again then gets back to rowing for their island. No matter what, its their boat, they have to get it out there now. Before they can go back to school. “Maybe you could try flying the canoe?” He ponders, pausing half a second in his strokes, but returning so they don’t start going in circles too.

With him rowing again, they talk of music and he considers. “You can hear it some time. I’ll bring it to listen, next time.” Simply to stay focused on island for now, not going back to dorms at all. “There is, in town I think, but we can do the gym first. Practice our moves, then show off at the club.” Which could be funny, but he’s serious. Like just practicing and they’ll be pro overnight. Overconfidence again by the young boy, but it sounds like a blast, dancing with her. “Clean … do you like .. cleaning?” He wouldn’t of thrown that into fun, though he can clean, he keeps his side of his dorm clean, he probably has a clean roommate too, but he keeps his side clean.

“I could try.” Lynzee looks a little nervous about flying them but she knows they need to get their ship to their island. She doesn’t do it right away though, she continues rowing for the moment. “I will listen to your music, or we could go to your Emerald Forest and listen to it there too, cause I like going there with you. And we can practice dancing too in the gym or my room since I don't got a roommate yet. But we can go to the place for dancing in town too.” Not worried about overconfidence, because she chose to dance with him and he chose her too.
“I don’t know if I like cleaning. I guess so, I’m a cat, cats like clean things.” At least she does when she is a cat!

Rowing as the go, Harold nods, “Only if you want to try. We can stay sea pirates, no need to conquer the skies just yet.” As Air Pirates. A slow nod at first about dancing and her considerations, it slowly increases and then, “Yeah, okay, your room first. Then to the gym or the club thing. I wonder if they have some competition ever, I bet we could win a trophy!” A slight pause in that rowing as she considers cleaning and cats. That completely makes sense, that’s where it came from. She is rather feline. He steals a look that way, yep, definitely feline.

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