(2016-04-27) Ridiculous Minions
Ridiculous Minions
Summary: Time to watch some movies.. or have conversation, you know, one and the same.
Date: 2016.04.27
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Ares Dorm

Well, folks were supposedly gathering in the dorm hub of Team Ares. Derek wasn’t going to be left standing in the cold, no matter if he had seemingly done the same himself or not. That, or just happenstance luck that he’s walking into the main hub of Ares as movie night is being prepared. If there is preparation that is, other than bodies, sofas, movies. Either way, he’s in comfy pants (sweats), and a t-shirt. It is dark and faded, some recent band or other that was big for a year or two and has faded into oblivion except to die hard fans of course.

“This is a real thing,” he asks of anyone in the room already, hopefully folks are in the room. “We should have t-shirts printed … I attended Ares Movie Night and all I got was crabs.” A grin, er, maybe too soon for jokes of that nature. Either way, he’s going to hurry over and jump over a couch, or more step lazily over it, to grab a corner spot before they’re all gone. No way he’s sitting in the middle of anyone, cause … crabs maybe.

Oh there are preparations all right, Annaliesa had been conspiring for movie night for a bit now and there were several movies all ready to go as well as ice cream, poptarts and a variety of things for munching. There’s even popcorn and soda. What there isn’t.. Is burgers. Felicia had given Annaliesa the idea of making ice cream sandwiches with poptarts as the crust and movie night was born.

Annaliesa is moving about the dorm room wearing fuzzy pajama pants and a tank top. Gotta love the controlled environment of the school, it was warm enough for shorts if anyone preferred. Hearing Derek, she rolls her eyes, because she knows what he was hinting at with the t-shirt thing. “Don’t worry, you’ll get your t-shirt when you eat that behemoth burger with Dax and anyone else you can sucker into it. There’s a mock punch to his shoulder. “You having crabs, well that’s your own issue,” she grins.

So movie night happened…finally! Felicia is helping Anna with the prep work. She too is in her fuzzy PJ bottoms and her ‘I Beat the Behemoth’ t-shirt. “Yeah, but they won’t be able to beat our time though. I’m pretty sure we set a record for that one.” she won’t mention that they totally cheated. No one needs to know that. “So what are we watching? Sci-fi? Fantasy? Horror?” she holds up a selection of DVD’s to choose from.

Dwayne isn’t sure of much these days. He’s got the new guy blues. He doesn’t know what he can or can’t wear, but he gives it a shot. He shows up wearing a pair of black shorts, a white tank top, and over top of that he wears an unbuttoned school shirt because you’re not supposed to. As he makes his way in, he looks to the others and says, “Sup guys? Thanks for the invitation.” He moves to find a place to sit where he’s not directly in the way but able to see what’s going on.

“Oh yeah, still don’t know how you two managed to eat that much, but once I convince Daxton to join my team, we’re going to own it,” states Derek settling into that corner of the couch. He is looking up at fuzzy bottoms, pajama bottoms … something. He isn’t sure of these ice cream sandwich ideas just yet, but look out when someone shows him this idea. Nope, just relaxing and gazing, Liesa getting far more of that gaze even cause, he can’t help it, jerkface. A chuckle about his issues, “Whew, I’m clear.”

A nod to Dwayne as he enters, “Sup, sure thing.” Says the guy who hadn’t invited the other and didn’t know he was coming, he just likes to help that way. Or just has a comment for everything. “I vote Mad Max Marathon!” He doesn’t quite say it with that much excitement, it's exciting for him at least. He leaves a little space for someone, just in case they want to sit by him, but says nothing, cause Felicia might still want to punch his face, forcefully.

“Dude!” Felicia greets the income Dwayne “You made it!” she gives a wave to the new guy as she shuffles the DVDs in her hands. “You have a preference for movie?” she asks him before she has to deal with Derek. Yeah she still has issues with him. He drew the short straw…figuratively of course. “No one asked you Derek.” she tells him, even though technically she asked everyone. “And about the only thing you and Dax will be owning after the challenge is an upset stomach.” she has no faith that they can pull off the challenge in the same style and fashion that Anna and her did.

Dwayne shakes his head and says, “I don’t really have a preference for a specific movie, only more a genre as it were.. I figure with a group of us, somethin’ funny would be cool to watch. Nothin’ like everyone laughin’ and havin’ fun to make for a good night.. Ya know?” he looks to the others, curious if they have any ideas of funny movies or at least what’s funny to them. It says a lot about a person as to what they find humorous.

“Oh, alright, I’ll just enjoy whatever you all pick out,” replies Derek about not being asked, “Just don’t expect any tears when we realize he’s telling her the story because she has Alzheimer, not falling for that one again.” Would have used a spoiler alert of course, but everyone knows that movie already, no need too. “I’ll take an upset stomach, just so I can get in on the new team t-shirt we’re going for this summer.” If there are pop tarts, he will lean forward to find one (if they're on a table between the group), because they sure do look delicious. “Not that I can weigh in on it, but funny is good. Can we get that Adam Sandler western on Netflix … the Ridiculous 6?” He has no clue about it, other than maybe having browsed it on his own device and curious if it was any good or not.

Felicia looks down at the DVDs in her hands, not a comedy among them “We can do a comedy sure. Have to stream it though.” she is a big scifi/fantasy/anime geek so that is pretty much all she owns movie wise, and she owns quite a lot of them. “Are we going for that saying thing a team that laughs together stays together?” she asks in general. “Yeah that Sandler movie is on Netflix, not sure how good it is, but if it sucks we can always switch it to something else.” she reaches for the remote and for the moment sits on the arm of the sofa, on the opposite end that Derek sits at. “Be sure to put ice cream with that poptart.” she tells Derek. She may still be sore at what he did, but she can at least be civil in mixed company.

Annaliesa is good with anything. She comes back from the kitchen-ish area with a tub of ice cream and several spoons to place on the table between them all, watching as Derek snags a poptart. “Hey add some ice cream between two of them, make it a sandwich.” For herself, she takes a hot fudge sundae pop tart and starts demonstrating how to assemble said sandwich. Slather, slather of the ice cream, topping it with another poptart, good and fattening.

Only after she has taken a bite does she weigh in on anything else conversationally. “Comedy is great, works for me.” Nibble, nibble, she playfully holds hers up to Derek, “You should make one.” Totally leaving it exposed for a bite if one will be snagged. Plopping down on the sofa, she grins at Felicia and Dwayne. “Maybe if Dwayne helps Daxton and Derek, it can be the Triple D’s. Maybe they can get the burger down. I’m telling you though, bring an appetite.”

Hmmm ponders Derek loudly at the suggestion from Felicia regarding pop tart and ice cream, loudly enough and slow enough to feign it like a stage thought. A slight bob, and then Liesa says the same thing. But sandwich. “You guys are genius!” Again, enthused, but not truly overly dramatic. And he starts going to make it, but fishing hook, or dangling pop tart. Yeah, he’ll take that bite, with a grin. “Quick, I need ice cream,” he says, mouth full of that bite, and joking about mixing them together. Then he chews and swallows and tries to make that sandwich, “Ugh, Triple D, that’s gonna stick, don’t tell anyone else, it stays on Team Ares.” He eyes around, sort of to Dwayne, seeing if he buys in … what happens in Ares Dorm stays in Ares Dorm. “Okay, Ridiculous 6 it is, I’ll probably laugh, you all better say if it sucks or not. My filter is pretty bad, if it's stupid funny, I laugh.” He shrugs and tries this ice cream sandwich he’s putting together and he really mmmms, as if trying to convince someone else it's the best thing in the world, or to make someone jealous.

Felicia makes a gag face at the antics between Derek and Anna “If you guys are going to be cutesy, flirty like that through the whole movie I just may be sick.” it was bad enough before Derek was on her he’s a tool list, now it is worse. Yuck. Looking away from the pair before they start making kissy faces at each other or something she gestures to the TV. “Well Rid 6 only has three stars.” and that is barely “We can still watch it, but Minions is streaming now too. If no one can get through the first I vote Minions as a backup.” because she <3s her cartoons. Pulling a Monster from her pocket she pops the tab and sips at it.

She can’t help but chuckle at the Triple D remark. Anna and Dwayne may keep it a secret, but there are no promises that Felicia will “I’ll be sure to make huge Triple D banners and signs to cheer you guys on with, when you /try/ to beat the Behemoth.”

Annaliesa doesn’t look surprised when Derek takes the bite of her sandwich, but she follows with another bite of it herself. “Hey, it was Felicia’s idea, I give credit where credit was due. It’s a good idea at that.” She settles there on the couch between Felicia and Derek, safely ensconced amid the two. For good measure, she offers the same sandwich to Felicia for a bite too, all while giving her a kissy face. Hey, she’s at least equal opportunity cutesy and flirty.

A glance towards the television and she shrugs a little, “Anyone want to see Taylor Lautner act like a moron? Then Ridiculous 6 is your movie.” Someone may have already seen it. “I’m keeping no secrets though when it comes to Triple D. You’re a matched set now.”

The comment on possible getting sick gets an amused chuckle out of Derek, only he knows it wouldn’t be in kind teasing to be more cutesy, so he’ll try to keep in check. But he chews away with a grin on his face about the thoughts of what could go down. Swallow, “Minions as backup it is, no arguments.” Then shifty eyes to Felicia, laughing about Triple D, and she’s the one who thought of it. “You’re lucky I’m not quick enough to throw down a tag for the pairing of you two, or you’d be in trouble.” A look from Liesa to Felica, then back, he has time to ponder some name just like that now. But ice cream and pop tarts are too good to actual spend calories or brain cells pondering what that could be. “Acting like Moron is good, and three stars works for movie night, we don’t have to pay attention to some thick plot, thanks Dwayne.” For the suggestion, because everyone sitting quietly for hours, pausing to recall plot points, is not a good group movie night. Half a grin, a chuckle even, Triple D will not be let down it seems, “Can the set be split up? Piece by Piece, sold off on eBay?”

Listening to the others talk and joke, with the movie on as ambient noise and the occasional funny scene that doesn’t need much thought to be funny causes Dwayne to have a resting smirk of amusement. He looks from one to the other, gauging their personalities, what makes them laugh and how they interact with one another. There’s a sort of admiration in his eyes at the way they interact with one another. He’s never been one to fit in with anyone, but he strangely feels at peace here with the other Ares. At hearing his name, he blinks back to reality and says, “Huh? Oh.. yeah.. I figured that way we could just kick back and have fun, you know? Nothin’ like laughin’ and smiling to make for a good night.” He says it as though he’s had experience in that sort of thing, or maybe as though it were a theory. Either way, he smiles a little easier this time. It’s not a common thing to see but it’s a mixture of boyish charm meets impending mischief, “Hell no they can’t be separated, or split up. Triple D .. always imitated but never duplicated. We play by our own rules that’s why we’ll always win.” He chuckles quietly at the sound of that.

“Good ideas…I’m full of them!” and she even has a few that won’t land her in trouble. Really! Felicia eyes the ice cream sandwich that Anna holds out to her, and despite the risk of getting Derek cooties she takes a bite of it as well, then slides off the arm of the sofa to settle next to her bestie. “Feel free to tag us however you like.” she gives a smirk, taking another sip of her energy drink. “Split you up?” the teen shakes her head. “No, you are only worth it together, not apart.” she refrains from the insult that could be implied there, no need to get bitchy or anything.

“Taylor Lautner is in this?” that is less than thrilling to Felicia but she will survive, she’ll just have to bleach her eyes later. There is a glance to Dwayne “You mean there are rules!?” she exclaims in faux shock “Or are we talking like Calvin Ball rules…because really that’s how I’ve been playing this game.”

With the bite offered, Annaliesa grins after Felicia takes a bite and like she had with Derek, she follows with a bite herself. Germs? What germs? They're Ares, germs are afraid of them! Or something. Minions is agreed on and she is good with that, so she just focuses on her food, enjoying it. "Have you got another Monster, Felicia?" Poptarts make ya thirsty! As for splitting them up, she shakes her head, No splitting up a great team and I agree with Felicia, tag us how you like, we can take it." Eyebrow waggle to her bestie.

A grin is offered from Annaliesa to Dwayne, "You know, I was thinking.. do you guys think a few harmless pranks on some of the other teams would be fun? It'd be interesting to see who they blamed it on." Because rules were boring. A quick glance to the television, "Yeah he's in it, but he plays a moron." Not meaning to offend, she looks between the others, "Well, you know, he's not all there. Maybe it's not an act," cue grin. Either way, it’ll be something to listen to in the background while we all talk. She looks back to Dwayne. “So where are you from and what do you do? Derek can fly, Felicia has the best power ever, she can shrink things, and I’m a mermaid.”

They’re sticking with this moniker, the Triple D. So close to Triple H or something. Then Dwayne jumps on the bandwagon too. Ready for another bite of ice cream sandwich, Derek pauses open mouthed to say, “Never duplicated, that’s not helping.” Cause of alliteration, but that’s too big of a word for Derek. “There’s totally rules though,” then his bite is taken, just to disagree with Felicia. A grin between the two besties, a tag shall be found, and the day will be rued (<- that’s right? rue?). Not that he’s talking about who’s an idiot (in the movie), simple he’s in it for stupid silly stuff only. So yes, the donkey/burro gag will get chuckles from him. Pranks though, “Oh, yeah, totally, Athena. They need to be put in their place. I’m thinking honey and ping pong balls shall be required!” Another bite.

Speaking of shrinking things, Felicia pulls one of the tiny cans of Monster from her pocket, upsizing it as she hands it to Anna “I can shrink myself too.” she isn’t sure she would agree that hers is the best power, but she likes it. “Rules, schmules…I just prefer to make my own up.” which is basically what Calvin Ball does. “Toothpaste in Oreo cookies.” she supplies on the subject of pranks. These is a look at Dwayne when Anna asks him the most common question that gets asked in this school.

Daxton has been absent most of the day, and is only now returning to the dorms. He’s in sweat pants and his long sleeved hoodie. Arms and legs covered for a reason. Blue eyes blink as takes in the group, clearly having forgotten movie night. There’s a fidgtet as he stands there and then moves towards his and Vinny’s bed room.

Dwayne thinks about that for a short time. He smiles slowly and asks, “Would doing something and framing them to land them in detention be considered harmless? If not, can we do something like that anyways?” Dwayne isn’t watching the movie, has never seen the movie, and couldn’t apparently care any less about what’s going on in it. He’s more interested in watching the others share food: Ice cream and pop tarts. When they’re on the discussion of rules, he grins hearing their ideas. When Athena is named a target, he nods and says, “Sweet.. now to do something that lands them in detention but leads back to another team.” He grins at that.

Aha! “Athena, we have a target now. Ping Pong balls and honey?” Annaliesa is interested, curious about what he had in mind. As the other ideas get mentioned though, the Oreo's and detention, she looks between each in turn. “I think detention is harmless, I mean we’re in it all the time, and we’re not harmed from it. Just a few after schools. So far they’ve not taken the weekends away.” When the third member of Triple D walks through, she looks up, remembering the night before, she looks concerned. “Hey, Daxton, you okay? Need some Midol?” Hey it worked for pain, cramps and bloating. It could be considered swelling and it’s all she had!

With a grin to Derek, she offers him another bite of the poptart ice cream sandwich, but she leans in to take a bite of his in the process. While chewing, she takes the offered Monster drink. “Good stuff. Thanks Felicia.” So she talks with food in her mouth, fire her. “Dwayne, you never said your powers. What are they?” She’s not giving up that easily!

Dax's eyes narrow at Anna's offer. It maybe innocent, but it's not the implication. He was just going to go get a pillow to lay on when they watched the movie, but maybe not now. The speedster looks between everyone quickly (So quickly) before making a decision. "No, I'm on some heavy stuff already." With that he heads into his room at a normal pace.

Felicia is fine with getting herself detentions…framing other people to get detentions for something she did, that's not kosher "If we are framing others to get detentions for something we did, count me out." she has a line, and that one is one of them.

"Dax!" she greets when the speedster comes in "You're missing movie night!" Felicia gestures to the table of snacks "Grab some food, join us." she makes pointy gestures to the movie on the tv that they are not watching. The Ridiculous 6.

There is another gag face when Anna offers Derek a second bite of the ice cream sandwich "Guys…weak stomach over her." didn't she warn them about that. And then Anna is offering Dax female stuff and she grabs a throw pillow and lightly smacks the girl with it "Don't be silly."

As Dax moves towards his room Felicia calls out to him "We are watching Minions after this if you change your mind."

Dwayne smirks at something said but shrugs all the same. He gets to his feet and says, “Thanks for the invite to chill, y’all.. I got some homework I gotta finish. I’ll catch you guys later.” He throws up a peace sign before heading out.

“I still want to know what Derek has planned with the ping pong balls and honey.” Annaliesa grins, settling back with the Monster drink. She finishes off the poptarts and ice cream she had, but looks back to Daxton. “Well it’s in my room if you need some. Works on headaches for me too, and I don’t have Tylenol or ibuprofen so it’s all I can offer. Glad you got something stronger though.” She sticks her tongue out to Felicia, “We’re not being mushy, see? Not even holding hands.” She wiggles her fingers towards her, well the ones not holding the can.

As Dwayne moves to leave, she looks up, confused, “Yeahhh, somehow I can’t see you too worried about homework. Hang around, I’ll stop asking about your powers. Have some ice cream, some poptarts, make an ice cream sandwich out of it or something?”

“You mean you don’t know?” Felicia asks Anna “Ping pong balls and honey…isn’t it obvious?” she seems to know what Derek is talking about, but doesn’t seem to be willing to explain it herself. “Your idea Derek. You tell her what you do with them.”

Felicia looks between Derek and Anna, pointing a finger between the two of them “Don’t make me separate you two.” the says in a humored threatening tone “I will turn this couch around right now.” she can’t help but chuckle at that.

“Homework?” the girl guffaws at that one agreeing with Anna about the excuse “I wonder if she would appreciate being called homework.” she gently gives the girl next to her an elbow nudge as she suggests that Dwayne is leaving to meet with a girl and not do school work.

Taking the last offered bite from Annaliesa, Derek has a hoot over the Terry Crews showing up as one of the brothers in the movie. And, he won’t say it, but yeah, the part where Terry’s player admits his racial identity and only just learning it gets a laugh too. A smirk and a wave to the departing Dwayne is offered, then feigned shock with Liesa’s return. Derek couldn’t be too concerned about homework either.

Then a snigger about the couch turning around. “But, she started it,” throws in Derek to contribute perhaps, even if not asked too. “It's a sign, everyone leaving, this movie is only for me. Should of went with Minions I think. Am I really this much a dork, to be one of the only people liking it?” And actually paying some attention to it.

“Did not! He’s touching me!” Annaliesa plays along, slouching a little on the couch between Derek and Felicia. She takes another drink of the Monster before glancing towards the television and smirking at something that happened. She outright laughs over something else. She does look at Derek though, then Felicia. “What am I missing with the ping pong balls and honey thing? Is it sort of like tarring and feathering?” So confusing.

As Dwayne departs anyway, she gives a bit of a shrug, looking at Felicia with an innocent expression. “Hey, I didn’t know it was code for anything.” Her lips find a smile though, “But that makes sense. He’s not a bad looking guy.” So he was good looking, but she doesn’t say that around Derek. “Don’t you think so Felicia?” Hint. Hint.

“I don’t care who started it, I will finish it.” she smirks at the pair of them. Felicia really hasn’t been paying attention to the movie, there is only so much stupid she can take, and it she hit that mark ten minutes in. “Should have done Minions.” she nods, thinking that is probably the smartest thing she has heard Derek say in a while.

If Derek isn’t going to explain the pingpong ball thing she guesses she will have too “I’ll tell ya later.” though Derek is still free to do so, just to save her the trouble.

Felicia furrows her brow at Anna and her hinting “Huh?” she looks after the departed Dwayne and just shrugs “I guess?” yeah, that’s not the sort of thing she really pays attention to. “Is he? I’ll look at him later and get back to you?” she may flirt at anything that moves, but she really have never shown any particular interest in dating, much less getting serious.

A chuckle, then a now, “Yeah, totally, she’ll make a scary mom.” As if it was an open discussion, about Felicia, and the way she responded answers the question that had come up. Not really, but Derek plays off of it that way for now. Then, it's on him, the practical joke, “Yeah, something like tar and feather. It involves honey and then ping pong balls. One is to cover with honey, drop the balls, like Kermit the Frog. The other is to fill the balls with honey to the point they’re ready to pop, then let them found out how easy the break by, you know, putting them in a cupboard and letting them fall.” He could probably go a few more ways, but they all end in honey on team Athena. Derek goes in for another bite, but suspicious looks between Felicia and Liesa when there is talk over someone not being bad looking and the verdict out, suspicious something is afoot at the circle K.

“How about balloons then? And Honey? It seems like it’d be easier to get them to fill and to break and scatter the honey than ping pong balls.” Annaliesa doesn’t quite buy into the filling them with honey. “They usually just smash is all.” A ping pong pro she is not. Tossing a grin at Felicia, she nods along with Derek. “Yep, scary mom material right there. I think you have it down better than my parents when Vinny would cross that invisible line in the back seat and get his hand or his book or something on my side.” Poor Vinny.

She just gapes a bit at Felicia. “You mean you didn’t notice? What about Derek here? He’s hot.” Annaliesa blushes, having blurted that right out. “I mean, and Daxton, the Triple D have got it going on,. You have to notice them.. Right?” Surely she wasn’t the only one! Once more the television thing is looked at, but she doesn’t bother with it, or even pretend interest. “Anyone want some popcorn/”

“Balloons are too pliable.” Felicia explains “And that would take a lot of honey…and honey is expensive. So forget the ping pong balls and honey.” of course she has already removed herself from the pranking some team or other. “Come up with something else. Like gluing all the furniture to the ceiling.” of course they would need her for that one. Easier to glue furniture to the ceiling if its shrunk, but then that points the prank right to her.

Looking at Derek and his auspiciousness “What?” she has no clue what that is about and the Anna is asking her about the hotness of Derek. Leaning forward Felicia looks at Derek for a long moment, eyes going up and down. “He’s okay.” she gives a shrug. “Daxton has nice eyes.” but then again her favorite color is blue, Anna probably knows that, so she is biased in that regard. She has even said it was the only reason she picked Ares, because their color was blue. “Popcorn!” she hops up from the sofa and goes to get some of that.

The plan is hatched then falls short, “It was only an idea. Glue or tape outside their doors it is.” For something. Derek has to do something now. Prank’s mentioned, its like a challenge now, one he seems willing to take up. Either as a team, or flying solo, maybe literally flying solo. This is followed by more of a chuckle as the mom comment is agreed upon by Liesa. Of course, Felicia is beyond it to return enough to keep going, let it roll off like water. Which makes it less fun to try another comment of course. All part of her plan most likely.

Then a dead face, slightly slack jaw. “How could you completely objectify us like that, color of our eyes, probably talking about our buns.” As if he would be ashamed to even think of doing the same. And good thing popcorn is brought into it, otherwise he could easily just be called out on the topic. “Popcorn good call … way better than ping pong balls, far more sticky. It should involve something springing it on them before school.” A slight chuckle at that idea.

Annaliesa laughs, “I couldn’t imagine the looks on faces when the furniture was found glued to the ceiling.” She knows it’s really not a plausible idea, no matter how humorous it is, but she enjoyed the imagery. “So what do you suggest Derek? Nothing that will hurt anyone, just something funny.” Rising, she heads over for some popcorn also, the microwave kind.

Starting it to nuke, she turns and looks back at Felicia, “So you like blue?” A brief grin tossed to Derek, Oh yes, we do, but no more than you do us.” A wink is given, but she doesn’t head back over yet. Instead she studies Felicia, “I mean I knew you liked blue, but Daxton’s eyes? I admit, they’re gorgeous,but I didn’t know you noticed.” There’s a thoughtful look given towards the door he had disappeared behind, “I hope he’s okay.. He landed pretty hard last night.”

“Buns?” Felicia gives Derek an odd luck “The only buns I talk about have cinnamon in them and frosting on top.” A nod is given to Anna as she takes a spoonful of ice cream “You knew that…at least I think you knew that. Didn’t I tell you that?” she can’t remember, she might of “I said nice…and there just eyes, geez…” she rolls her own at Anna as she too waits for the popcorn to finish up. “You can get get those ideas out of your head.” she tells her bestie brandishing the spoon at her. It is said with good humour, though she is serious about it. She will not be set up she is fully capable of landing a guy, if she wanted too and she doesn’t. Thank you very much. “He was forced to go the medical last night. They checked him over. He’ll be fine.” she assures Anna.

“Yeah,” ponders Derek listening, “I heard those dorks that hang out with that monster made visits to medical at some point to the other day, wonder if he was there when they came in.” Cause that clearly lets everyone know exactly who he was talking about, he was pretty specific there, /those/ implied of course. All he can say about medical, but he is curiously looking at Liesa and the talk of Daxton’s eyes of course, or the talk between besties. Something he won’t get into, whatever that is. But pranks, “Confetti or glitter, something that doesn’t hurt but is hard to get out of hair, and hard to get off clothes.” A pause, “Like over that archway of theirs to their dorm, and string or something to trip them. Sprinkle a little on each one walking out. They all have glowing powers I think, glitter would be fitting?”

The microwave beeps and Annaliesa takes out the bag, setting it on the counter to grab a bowl to pour it in. “I know, Felicia, I know. You don’t want set up with someone, I get it.” Opening the bag, steam comes out, making the air smell so good, and she takes a bite before pouring it in the bowl and offering it to Felicia. “But..” she grins, “Ok, I won’t try and set you up with someone.” And she won’t, she’ll let it go. Mostly. Though at the mention of Daxton, she nods, “I am glad he will be ok.”

With a look back to Derek, she motions to the bowl, “Popcorn time.” But that gives her an idea. “What about filling their rooms with that popcorn, or is it called peanuts? That packing stuff. Or wait, their lockers? That’d be harmless and simple right?” Though glitter is even better. “Yeah or glitter or something, but I don’t want them to think we’re making fun of them with it, since they’re shiny and all. I don’t want to make anyone feel bad.”

Speak of the devil, or at least his blue eyes, and he appears. Well, Dax's door opens, anyway. Out comes the speedster with his gym bag. Seems movie night is being replaced with a work out. He walks regular, no need to zip out, but he does glance at whatever is playing on the TV. He doesn't recognize it.
He nods to the group, not making eye contact, "Have fun guys."

"Except Channing Tatum. You can totally set me up with him, cause yum." Felicia and just about every other straightish female out there would willing be set up with him. Popcorn! As Anna pours it into the bowl she grabs a handful before strolling back to the couch and dropping back onto it. She is totally fine with Derek going airborne, but since he is on the other side of the sofa that isn't going to happen. The continued talk of pranking has her attention going back to the TV and she makes a face at the stupidity that is being portrayed on it.

"Oh hey you decided to…" Felicia starts to say as Dax comes back in, then she notices his gym bag "go to the gym to workout?" this is perplexing behaviour for the teen girl. Sure, she likes to work out too, but it's movie night, priorities an all. "You can work out anytime. Movie night only happens…" she really hasn't been here long enough to determine that "How often does movie night happen?" she asks of Derek and Anna.

“You could set me up with someone,” offers Derek with a grin, “She’s on Ares, that’s your team, maybe you know her, could put in a good word for me.” Okay, maybe too soon to be joking and all. And she has a brilliant idea, as he reaches for the popcorn to take a big hand to shovel into his mouth. “Mrpfh” he says nodding, probably agreeing. Then a chew and swallow, “Totally, peanuts in their locks would be good. Wish we had someone who could just teleport them in there.” Or phase them. And Daxton is calling have fun. “Dude, we’re trying, you can pick the movie?” He knows Ridiculous 6 is not everyone’s favorite, though he’s watched it all so far while the others ignored it.

“Are you kidding? I’d have to share Channing Tatum with you then, because if I was ever that close to him, I wouldn’t be letting him go.” Annaliesa is kidding. Really this time. “Well except his wife and all.” There is that. Following over with the popcorn, she sits back down, holding it so both of them could get to the bowl, but she takes a handful herself and munches it. As Dax passes through again, she watches him, concerned. This time she doesn’t say anything to make him feel awkward, just lifts her empty hand in greeting.

Derek is given a look at his teasing, “I’m working on it, give me time.” That whole setting up business that is. “But Vinny isn’t interested as much as I try to get him to give you a second look.” She grins, tossing a single piece of popcorn at him. Lifting her legs, she sits cross legged on the couch, nudging him with her fuzzy pajama clad knee. “Or we could skip out on the pranks and concern ourselves with things that are worth getting detention for. I have a whole week to serve now,” she laments.

Daxton smirks, but there's no real humor in it, "I missed movie night for three years, one more won't kill me." There's a shake of his head, "I'm not in the right head space. I'll just be a crab." Or so he's been told. His gym bag is hefted onto his shoulder, which makes the speedster wince. His bruises have bruises currently.
An eyebrow lifts slightly at the mention of pranks, but he doesn't question.

“A whole week, must of been something good, jealous …” Laments Derek in his own way. He is so far behind lately, he hasn’t had any detention yet this week. It happened, he’s becoming a studious student or something. Hopefully that doesn’t get out on FB or twitter. “What, this old thing, this is like the inaugural annual movie weekly throwdown.” And what the what, did he study or something, how’d he know there is no such thing as a first annual … He will be shunned in some circles for actually learning while at school. He tries for the popcorn and misses, fuzzy pajamas may just throw him off, just a little (lot). “Well, hopefully he comes around, cause … bromance.”

Speaking of non-bromance though, “You could crab all you want. I’ll still laugh at the funny parts.” Says Derek with the insensitivity of trying to be sensitive and listen to someone who wants to crab. That he warned he’ll still laugh no matter how serious something got in the room was sensitive in its way.

“Yeah but this is movie night with us, it’s our first one.” Annaliesa offers gently. “And school is almost over for the year, some of us will be going places, we’ll be separated some. Don’t you love us?” She does offer a genuine smile, it holds warmth, and more than a little concern. “Just know you’re one of us Daxton, we’re here for you, if you will let us be.”

There’s a nod to Derek and a grin, “Oh yeah, you should have seen it. Daxton ran on water. Is that not the greatest thing? Then we saw an alien. Like tentacles and everything and glowy eyes. He was wearing an Oliver Suit.” Because she had seen MiB and she insists it was all weird. “We found an.. Alien box. On Alien Day.You missed out, Derek. And just for knowing about it now, you have to serve detention with us.”

Oh….not helping. Derek just gets a blank stare from Daxton and then the speedster sighs. "Maybe next time."

It's Anna's turn to get the slightly baffled blank stare, "I'm just not in the mood, okay? Next time." Hard to tell if he means it or not. He looks like he's going to say something else, but then sighs again, shaking his head.

"Have fun."

“What,” says Derek with curiosity about Oliver or someone in an Oliver suit. “So Oliver wasn’t a person, but some tentacle monster wearing human .. skin?” That completely has his interest. Then a pause, “Wait, I’d do detention, but I’m not pulling a Fred. Not gonna show up just to show up or anything. I’ll fly by the windows make everyone jealous I’m not in there.” Which would probably land him right in there if he did it. They will have to see if he tries that stunt or not now. Running on water is cool too, had his attention, just tentacle monster steals the show a little, for Derek at least. And Daxton is gone. “I get we’re trying to include him, but the boy has to want it too.”

There is more eye rolling from Felicia as Derek makes a bid for being set up. Though she does have to give a bit of a chuckle when Anna throws her brother at him. “Can you blame Vinny for not going for it.” she gestures to Derek “I mean look at what he would be getting.” she sticks her tongue out at Derek.

It takes all of her willpower not to facepalm at Anna and Derek both their behavior toward each other and them trying to coax Daxton into staying. When the topic goes to the happenings of yesterday she does throw in her two cents “It was all very Star Wars meets Men in Black. The rock even played a hologram recording like R2-D2 did in A New Hope.”

As Dax once more refuses to join them she glances at the others, though waits for the morose teen to head out before speaking up again “I think I should make sure he is alright. I think I may have said something last night that upset him.” she sometimes does that, with her mouth sometimes going faster than her censoring mechanism it happens. Passing the remote to Anna she gets up and goes after Dax “don’t watch Minions without me.” she says as she heads out the door as well.

“Okay,” Annaliesa tell Daxton, watching him go, worried about him but unable to do anything about it. “I’m not sure why he doesn’t want to fit in, but I can’t make him want to.” She eats some more of the popcorn, not so much losing her appetite. It was food, food was good.

“It was all very sci-fy-ish.” It’s not a word. It is now. Annaliesa isn’t so much into it herself, but she’d seen movies. “I don’t even know how it ended, I admit I freaked out a little bit. I did call for the school though and we got busted for our trouble.” The detention thing she had mentioned. A nod is given to Felicia when she heads off for Daxton, but she doesn’t know what else to add. Then it’s just her and Derek and she’s suddenly sitting far too close to him on the sofa. “Popcorn?” she offers brightly.

Open mouth shock at the tongue sticking out of Felicia, Derek is completely flabbergasted, his pride nearly wounded. Then a squint of eyes and a playful smirk, pranks could happen in house too. No comments. “Jeeze, I miss all the good stuff, and this all because Daxton got hurt running on water? He summoned aliens?” Cause it all made sense now. “A rock and a box? I need more story, later then.” Cause Felicia was going to go help Dax somehow. “Stick to your points, don’t look into his blue eyes too much.” Then he sticks his tongue out, he can tease too, and no, no interest in matchmaking, that’s all for the Vinny teasing.

And the space is closed on the couch. “Popcorn?” Like that’s the last thing on his mind now, cause fuzzy pajamas.

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