(2016-04-27) Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild
Summary: A brief brief talk, but kinda important one.
Date: 2016-04-27
Related: Immediately after: D-Day for Alex and Mabel
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Dwayne leans against the wall in the hallway that leads to the other Dorms. He grins at Brenna and asks, "Athena, right? How'd you end up on that team anyways?"

"Athena, yeah," Brenna smiles, glancing towards the door. "I'm one of the good guys. I believe in making a difference, helping make the world a better place. I guess I don't so much have the views of the cat and mouse like you do."

Dwayne smiles warmly at her and says, "I doubt my own team does either.. I'm a freak, see? You saw how they looked at me, right? I'm just not a hero.. I don't wanna think I'm a villain either.. but.." he shrugs, "I just don't wanna dance or sing to anyone else's standards.. is that too much to ask? Or is that just unrealistic to the way the world is? Are you going to say that I should just conform because that's how we survive? That I should be a good guy?" he steps towards her and reaches out with his free hand to take hers if she'll let him. He doesn't do much contact beyond that, considering where they are. "Friend to friend.. Should I be looking to change who I am? Or should I embrace who I am?"

"Well look at it this way, Dwayne, do you relate more to Batman or the Joker?" Because super heroes were real! Brenna shakes her head, "Oh no, no way Dwayne, I don't think you could ever conform. I don't think I would ever want you to. You're you, just like you are. If you conform.. well then you're not being yourself, you know?" When he takes her hand, she meets his eyes. "Just be you, Dwayne, you're who you are meant to be."

Dwayne nods to her and leans down to kiss her cheek. It was bold and out of place for where they were, but that was Dwayne being himself. He'll deal with the consequences later, if there are any. He stands upright and says, "The Joker is all about Chaos, right? Batman is about bringing justice to those who slip past the eyes of the law. Vengeance and all that.. Honestly, I don't see much of myself in Batman. Or Batman in myself… I don't really care about hunting down criminals in the night for some justice or vengeance.. I just.. want to be able to be who I am.. without being judged.. without being trapped.. I want to be able to live free and enjoy the world without someone else's expectations of what I should or shouldn't be doing looming over my head." he offers her a smile before saying, "Good night, Brenna.. as always.. it's great to see you."

Then he kisses her, right on her cheek and Brenna lifts a hand to touch it as she listens. "I think the Joker just wants to be himself too, just wants to be able to live as he pleases. Maybe you're my joker then, and I can be happy with that." She smiles, leaning in to kiss his cheek ever so softly. "Goodnight, Dwayne. Sweet dreams."

Dwayne's eyes close for a moment and he smiles before nodding once and moving off to his room to likely dance when no one is looking.

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