(2016-04-27) Full Frontal Food Poisoning
Full Frontal Food Poisoning
Summary: Daxton helps Tabitha climb out of a funk caused by her failed party.
Date: 2016-04-27
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While jamming with Bev was fun, and Brenna and Dwayne were an appreciative audience, it wasn't quite the turnout that Tabitha had hoped for when she planned her night of musical relaxation for all comers. So last night she pulled the female trump card and went to sick call with a claim of a bad cycle to get out of classes for the day. But instead she's been in here all night and day in her long pastel nightshirt, leggings, and ankle socks sitting on a couch with a thick blanket and a Rock Band 4 guitar plucking out the music to every song on the game.

She's been slowly making her way through the various snacks and drinks that she'd gathered up for the hoped for participants, and the pile of empties is a bit higher than the rim of the trash can. Right now she's plucking out the lead guitar for 'All Along the Watchtower' on insanity mode, her hands working entirely on autopilot while she stares off into space.

With Tabs being cut off in the laundry room, she's not heard any of the drama that happened. So the stiff looking Daxton might raise some questions as he shuffles into the room with a laundry bag that smells strangely like ocean water. He's in school uniform, but it's not the crisp uniform he usually presents. Instead he's moving like he's in pain, although he straightens as soon as he sees Tabitha, "Hey Tabs…you ok?" There's concern in his voice, hiding in the laundry room is his schtick.

Tabitha's current drama is entirely of her own making, so she'd rather not inflict on anyone else. But for all that it doesn't see much use this is a public room, so when someone entering intrudes on her peripheral vision she lets out a sigh and starts her litiny, "Pardon the mess, but if you touch the snacks I /will/ do my best to see if I can't snake my aura behind your eyeballs and wiggle it around a bit." This rather… gruesome threat is delivered with all the energy and joy of a zombie delivering the weather report.

Then Dax asks if she's okay and she glances over. The sight (and smell) of him gives her pause and something resembling life comes to her eyes. "What happened to you? You're moving like an old man and smell like low tide."

Daxton frowns at the threat, but doesn't comment. Instead he moves towards one of the machines. "Training." That sounds….ominous. "I found out if I get a head start, I can run on water." That could explain the sea smell. "I also found out that I need to practice terrain changes more." That could explain the movement. He tosses the now stiff clothes and the rest of his laundry all into one machine. Screw separating colours. His gaze flickers over to her briefly, "What's going on with you?" He answered her, not it's her turn.

Tabitha listens to Daxton's accounting of his state, and her eyebrows do raise up somewhat at his mention of running on the water. "That sounds pretty cool. And you need to work on stopping in general as I recall." She watches him dump all of his clothes into one machine, wincing a bit. "Those are going to fade something horrid from the salt water." Then she shrugs one shoulder as the song finishes and her score is displayed. "Nothing much to say, really. I planned a party and only one person came." She watches the top scores board move her username to the number three position, then her aura grabs another can of soda from the former ice chest, now tepid water chest.

Daxton doesn't seem to mind too much. "It's all thrift store clothes." Well, not the school uniform that was in there, but the rest is. He starts the machine hop and then turns to lean against it and watch her. "That sucks. Sorry." He was too busy face planting in the sand and then finding F'ing alien tech. The teen's head tilts and he watches her lazily aura grab the can. "Is there more, or just your party was a bust?"He knows she's got other drama, that's bigger than a party.

Tabitha shrugs, "It's mostly that, but some of it is just me being in a funk over what might happen on Friday." With a flicker of motion, her aura tosses the can of soda over to Daxton. Then she grabs another for herself. She's only about halfway through the supply. She really did go all out. "The closer it comes, the more I'm working myself into a snit over the whole thing." She runs her hand through her already mussed up hair. At the base of her dark blonde strands the start of midnight black roots can be seen. These dark roots aren't at the base of her red hair."

The can is caught, he has quick reflexes. A soft smile and nod, "I can understand that." The top of the can is tapped as he tried to get it not to explode on him. "Sorry I missed it, I was busy getting detention." Like usually, it seems. Daxton studies her briefly, "Well….what do you want to happen?" he knows that's a loaded question so he gives her an apologetic look, "I'm not judging, I swear."

After a very unladylike snort, Tabitha responds. "I want it to all have been a dream. I want things to go back to normal." She shrugs as she takes a drink of her soda, then downs a few swallows. "I want them to want me. I want them to be the kind of people, the kind of family, that can be a new normal." Then she glances over to Daxton with a raised eyebrow. "But right now I want to know what you did this time to get even more detention? Do you love it here so much that you want to be stuck here all summer serving detentions?"

Daxton seems to not have as much trouble making eye contact with Tabs as some others. He listens, watching her before sighing. He ignores the question directed at him for now. Instead, "Tabs, sometimes things are worth fighting for. Even if that fighting is just getting through friday." He gives what he hopes is a supportive smile, "Me? I was at the wrong place at the wrong time." Knowing that's not going to be enough, "I tested out running on water, crashed and the others were there by the docks. Then we found some weirdo alien tech thing, so we had to call the school so the teachers could come get it." He shrugs, finally cracking open the can, "Wrong place, wrong time. Detention till Thrus."

Tabitha shakes her head at Daxton's explanation. "That… sounds a bit wild. You just have all the luck, don't you?" She pulls her legs in tight under her blanket and pats the couch. "Come sit. Laundry doesn't happen instantly. Might as well be comfortable." She smiles softly at him, grateful for his encouragement. "I'll make it to Friday, and much farther than that."

Daxton nods, sipping at the drink before he winces and pushes off the washer. Stupid bruises. "Yeah…it wasn't just Ares this time at least." Slow for the speedster, he makes his way over and drops down next to the tiny girl. "Small goals, yeah? Make it to friday. Make it to Sat. Pizza on Sunday." He chuckles, closing his eyes briefly as he tries to find the most comfortable way to sit.

As Daxton comes over to sit and tries to find a comfortable position, Tabitha extends her aura out under, behind, and around him. She feeds energy into it, making it thicker and softer like sitting in a warm gel chair. "So who else was there if not just Ares? I'm guessing the usual suspects were in attendance?" She is careful not to make any of Daxton's hurts worse, then she smiles and nods. "Small goals. Also, pizza on Sunday? Sounds like a date."

Daxton tenses, as he does whenever anyone does anything liekt hat to him. But once it becomes apparent it's just an atral hug he relaxes. he even drops her a quiet, "Thanks." He nods, eyes opening to look at her, "Mostly, yeah. Me, Felicia, Anna and Oliver." His blue eyes blink, taking in that last bit. That's not what he meant. "I don't think I want to fight Jacob and Violet over that. Maybe just a friend hang out?" He might have before, but between seeing how much she likes the other two, and Felicia's deflating of any thoughts that maybe he could date someone…Yeah. She gets a soft, almost goofy smile and he sips more of the soda before shifting and wincing. He really is one giant bruise underneath his uniform.

Tabitha reaches out her hand to place it gently on Daxton's arm as he tenses. Her voice is low and gentle, "Don't worry, Dax. I won't repeat my mistake from the last time. You'll always be safe around me." She smiles at his thanks. "My pleasure." Then he's blinking and almost stammering about the word 'date'. She responds to his goofy smile with an enigmatic one of her own. "Then don't fight them. Appearances to the contrary, there's a lot of me to go around. I'm neither posessive nor jealous in that regard. Besides, two friends hanging out… that's what a date is to me." She winces in sympathy when he does. "Have you been to med bay yet?"

The speedster's body is vibrating and he looks from her hand to her face, "It wasn't your fault. I've got some…issues, It's not you." He smirks, laced with self deprecating humour. "I think maybe they had me in some suspended sleep or something." He's not really sure, but he almost has panic attacks about it if he dwells too much. Her explanation just has him blinking more. He's unsure exactly what she means, but if it's just friends… "Okay?" The affirmative sounds more like a question, but he moves past it, "I work in the afternoon, but we can get lunch, if you want. you can fill me in on what happened over the weekend." His blue eyes go back to her hand on his arm, "I did. They gave me some stuff for the swelling and pain, but…" There's a touch of hesitance and the leans forward , pulling his caller away. near his collar bone, reaching upward is the tale tell signs of yellow bruising edging in. He must have hit his chest or shoulder /really hard. The chain from his dog tags are visible as well, usually tucked safely away under his shirt. "It's kinda big."

Tabitha's chuckles and returns to leaning back in the corner of the couch in her blanket. "That's what all guys claim." She gives him a bit of time to take in her meaning, then nods about the pizza. "Early lunch, then. I should be getting back sometime Saturday night." She gives him a narrow-eyed gaze when he says he went to med bay and got pain meds. "And you're taking those pain meds, right? Here… Master Nathan tells me that protein intake helps speed up bruise healing." Another extension of her aura reaches over to the table and lifts up a plate of deviled eggs and holds it in the air between them. "I'm pretty sure they're good."

Is that a faint pink creeping into his cheeks? Yes, yes it is. Dax's collar is dropped an he turns to take a long drink of soda. "Yeah. Why wouldn't I?" He doesn't actually like to be in pain. An eyebrow raises, "You think? Am I going to end up back in med bay?"He looks from the eggs to Tab before reaching for one. Mayeb he's testing to see if it's cold (The can wasn't particularlty) or mushy.

Tabitha shrugs when he asks why he wouldn't take the meds. "Some guys I've known were the type that thought that 'toughing it out' was the way to go. So I've gotten in the habit of checking, just to be sure." She shrugs about the eggs, "Well I made them, and I followed the recipe. And hard boiled eggs are really hard to screw up, right?" She makes a show of being hesitant to reach for one herself, then scoops one up and pops it in her mouth. They're still chilly and edible. "Eh, not bad."

Daxton lets out a soft breath and chuckles, "I don't really have anyone to impress." And honestly, who would be impressed with not taking pain meds? If they're not impressed by the bruises them selves, who cares? He watches her take one and then laughs at her show before eating the one in his hand. He's a teenage boy, he's always hungry. So it's quickly chewed and swallowed, and then a second is grabbed. "They're good." Even if they're not, it's food and hopefully not going to kill him.

Tabitha has a couple more eggs, then realizes she's actually not hungry but just thirsty. She wishes she hadn't gone through all of the lemonade she brought, but at least there's still plenty of soda. "Eh, you don't need to impress anyone except yourself." She grins as she says the eggs are good. And no, they won't kill him. Almost certainly maybe. Now that she's no longer in her funk, Tabitha looks around the room and lets out a breath. "I should probably clean this mess up."

Daxton's nose wrinkles, clearly he doesn't impress himself just yet. He looks around the room as well, nodding slowly, "Want help?" She's fed him, he can clean this all up pretty quickly. He reaches for another egg, if he's goon get food poisoning, better to do so full frontal, right?

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