(2016-04-27) D-Day for Alex and Mabel
D-Day for Alex and Mabel
Summary: Alexandra and Mabel arrive at Coral Springs… this is going to take some getting used to.
Date: IC Date (2016-04-27)
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The trip hasn't exactly been strenuous - the trans-Atlantic flight in a Concentrix corporate jet means no waiting at an airport or stuck at check-ins. After landing in NYC, they even get a few days to spend in the Big Apple, before a couple of suits take the pair of young women up to Shady Cove in a black SUV (probably bullet-proof too, dammit). The vehicle pulls right up to the ferry terminal, and the men hop out to unload the bags and assorted luggage; meanwhile, Alexandra unhurriedly steps out of the SUV and peers around the area through her sunglasses. Even her all white sundress with lace trims fit right in with the pictureseque waterfront surroundings!

Mabel hesitates before stepping out of the SUV- she had fun, gawking wide-eyed at the big city, and looking out the windows of the jet, and generally just tagging along with Alexandra, but the closer they got to the docks, the more her instinctive fear of water started to act up. She peeks out of the car, dressed in jeans and a hoodie, and gulps. "… are we… getting on a boat?", she asks, nervously.

Alexandra casts a backwards glance as the men uncontinue to unload their stuff, but it is Mabel's questions that draw her attention. "Unless you have somehow developed the power of flight in the past four hours, yes we are getting on a boat." She notes, and turns back to study the ferry that's currently docked at the pier. "Don't worry, there hasn't been a single report of an accident that resulted in a capsizing of this particular ferry line. I am sure it is perfectly safe. Come on, let's take a closer look." With that, the blonde strides towards the pier, curiosity focused on the boat and ignoring the tourists nearby.

Mabel gulps again, considering for a moment testing to see if she can transform her arms into wings- then again, she wouldn't even know how to fly with them if she did, and what if she got tired and fell into the ocean? She shudders, and then carefully gets out of the car, following Alexa. "O-okay, Alex.. I mean, if you say it's safe, then.. then it's safe.", she says, reassuring herself more than anything. She moves quickly along behind Alexandra, looking where she looks.

They do quite an odd pair out on the pier, don't they? Alex is tall, slim and so blonde, and Mabel is short, curvy and… well, her hair is dark, just blueish-greenish dark. The ferry is decent-sized, as it is designed to carry tourists out to the various islands of the archipelago, but Alex is now peer out to sea at the islands dotting the horizon; can she actually see Paragon Island? That answer is no. "Nothing is going to happen, Mabel. But we may want to do something about your aquaphobia when we get to the school." Alex assures the shorter girl.

And meanwhile, the men have not only finished unloading the luggage, but one of them comes up behind the girls with their tickets. "Miss von Zeiss, Miss McAlister, here are the boarding passes. You can actually board the ferry now if you like. If you need anything else, you can reach me at my number."

Alexandra nods to the man and accepts the passes. "We will, thank you." At least she's polite about it, but then she has to add, "You may go." Back to Mabel, she wags the passes. "Shall we?"

"I-it's not a phobia if the water is actually out to get me.", Mabel protests weakly. She gives the man a polite, friendly smile. "Thank you very much.", she says, as Alexandra is probably already moving towards the ferry, and she speeds up to keep up with her. "So.. what do you think the school is going to be like?", she asks, trying to distract herself from the terrifying ocean she's getting closer to with every step.

Alexandra is indeed already striding towards the ferry, pausing only to grab her large carry-on pullman, a backpack as well as a large shoulder bag; it's a bit unwieldy, especially for someone who's probably never had to do much heavy lifting. "The brochure pictures are quite beautiful, but most of the facilities are underwater." Alex tells Mabel, pausing to spare a sidelong glance at the watery girl. "That's what I mean by needing to do something about it. As for the students… I don't know. I have never gone to an American school before." Beat. "Do you know what American schools are like?"

Mabel shudders again, stepping a little closer as Alex mentions the 'underwater' part of it. "… oh god I hope they had some really good engineers.", she murmurs. She's dragging along a big backpack and not much else- then again, she doesn't exactly have many belongings, other than what Alexandra has seen fit to let her have. At the last question, she looks a little thoughtful, as she tries to remember 'her' memories of the last time she went to school. ".. well, they're not *normally* underwater, I can tell you that much. I don't have a lot to compare them to, though- I mean.. you go to classes and you hang out with your friends after and then you go home. This thing where we have to live there is new to me too."

Alexandra heaves a dramatic sigh. "Oh good. Living in a confined environment with a group of 'gifted', and possibly unstable, American teenagers who are probably more concerned with their social lives than studying. This should be educational." She lifts her chin and breathes in slowly as if to calm herself. Once she gets her bags all sorted out, Alex still has her left hand free so she holds it towards Mabel to lead her towards the ferry. Boarding is done easily enough, and Alex finds herself a window seat before stowing the luggage on the adjacent seats since the boat is far from full.

"I.. I'm sure the teachers are very good. I mean, your parents wouldn't have sent you here if they weren't, right?", Mabel asks. When Alex offers her the hand, though, she smiles gratefully- the ocean may be terrifying, but if Alex is there, she knows her friend won't let anything happen to her. She squeezes Alex's hand tight all the way onto the boar, and when they're finally inside, she's more than glad to let Alex take the window seat- she'll stay as far away from the view of the ocean as she can. "I'm kind of excited, though. It's been so long since I've been around other kids. I mean.. those scientists weren't really good company, you know?"

Her sunglasses are pushed up on to the top of her head, as Alex takes in the view through the window. For all of her acting mature, she's still a teenager, and the sun and beach still entrance her, even though she'll never admit it. Once she's seen enough, she sits back and turns her attention back to Mabel. "Parent, my mother. Singular." She corrects. "The scientists were terrible and rude, poking and probing you like that." She tells the other girl, then furrows her brows with a serious expression. "If someone is mean to you at the school, you tell me, alright? That includes the teachers."

Mabel ducks her head. "… right, right. Sorry, I keep forgetting.", she says. Poor little watery tart still likely misses 'her' parents, so it's a bit of a common slip-up for her. She nods her quick agreement at her assesment of the scientists. "*Literally* poking and prodding me. It was gross." She blinks innocently, then. "Why would anyone be mean to me? I'm sure they'll be nice.", she says, then smiles, trying to relax despite all the ocean around the boat. "The brochure made them seem really nice, anyway. As long as the only tests they give me are the type I can answer with a pencil, and not ones that require weird equipment and me living in an oversized test tube for a year."

"Because everyone is trying to establish their position in the school's pecking order." Alexandra points out. "Putting you down means they're higher up the ladder." Someone's been reading up on social behavior of teenagers! "Besides, can you imagine a school where every student is 'gifted'? Everyone there is going to have a superego and some level of superiority complex." Case in point. There is a sudden rocking motion, causing Alex to pause and peer out the window. Ah yes, the ferry is casting off.

Mabel lets out a little 'eek' when the boat moves and she suddenly, literally, flows next to Alexandra, going liquid and reforming in the blink of an eye right next to her. "Oh god oh god hold my hand Alex?", she begs, the potential superegos of her soon to be fellow students momentarily forgotten. Well, if this is how she's going to react every time, coming back out here on the weekends is going to be interesting.

Alexandra doesn't panic - she's so composed that she simply doesn't DO panic. But that little watery display is enough to make her violet eyes widen in alarm. Yes, the hand is taken, tightly grasped even. "Puddles!" She whispers harshly and glances about to make sure no one saw that. "You can't be seen doing that in public! Calm down. Slow, deep breaths." Alex will even demonstrate for her.

Mabel does not, technically, need to breathe. Really, all she needs to survive is regular weekly infusions of the chemical from the lab, a multi-month supply of which is tucked away in one of Alexandra's bags. But, still she breathes in, the motion serving to at least make her think she's calming down. She even blushes (which the scientists at the lab are still mystified about how she does that), and clings to Alexandra's hand. "I-I know, I'm sorry, I just panicked.. sorry, sorry.." She looks around nervously, but looks like she was lucky enough to not have been seen. "I h-hope it's not a long trip."

"I think it is… 45 minutes or so." Alexandra frowns as she squints her eyes and peers at a schedule posted on a nearby wall. "This boat makes four stops in total, the school being the last." Glancing back at Mabel, she tilts her head. "Maybe you should try taking your mind off of the ride. Think about something else, something else without lots of water. Maybe… a volcano. A volcano in the middle of a desert. On the moon." She suggests, veering off to silliness for a moment.

Mabel groans at hearing how long the trip is, and leans closer to Alexandra for comfort. She blinks at her when she goes silly. "Alex! You know, I'm *pretty* sure I couldn't survive either of those, either!", she protests, but then can't help but giggle a little. "No, I think I'll think about a nice, landlocked state. Like Kansas. Or Nebraska. Or, ooh, I looked it up once- South Dakota! There's a point there that's the further point from the ocean anywhere in the United States. Even the closest ocean is over a thousand miles away!", she says, and sighs. "I wanna go there someday."

Alexandra gives Mabel a 'are you serious?' look, including a twist of her lips. "The ocean isn't the only thing that's a thousand miles away from South Dakota; /Everything/ is a thousand miles away from it." She deadpans - except when Alex does it, it's never followed up by a smile of any sort. Giving the other girl's hand another squeeze, the blonde shakes her head. "I'm confident mother will eventually come up with some sort of containment suit that is able to sustain your molecular coherence, even when exposed to large volumes of water. Until she does, you just have to be careful."

Mabel huffs a little. "I'm not sure what part of 'going to school in the middle of the ocean that can kill me in minutes' qualifies as 'being careful'.", she murmurs, then sighs. "But, okay. I'll be careful. I just.. just have to stay distracted. And.. and try to tune it out. It's like.. like nails on a chalkboard, though, Alex. I mean, I can *feel* the water."

"I have plans to keep you safe. We just need to find some raw materials when we get there. I'm sure the school will be happy to provide them." Alexandra seems quite confident of that. In fact, she seems quite confident of everything, period. "You do realize if there is ever a breach of the underwater facilities, more than likely everyone trapped inside will drown, right? Which means you are not at any more risk than anyone else there, if that makes you feel any better."

".. you know, Alex, I love you, but 'don't worry, everyone else will die too' is not the most reassuring thing you've ever said to me.", Mabel deadpans. But then she smiles, and sighs, looking down at her hand holding Alexandra's. No, she's not letting go til' they're back on solid ground. "But I know you'll keep me safe. I just.. just have to get through this trip. That's all."

The reassurance isn't the best, really? "No? I find the thought somewhat comforting." Alexandra shrugs a shoulder. Is that a deadpan too? Yeah, it's difficult to tell. Turning back to face forward, she leans back in the comfy chair and close her eyes. "Just close your eyes and relax."

The ferry ride takes longer than it actually is - certainly that's the case for Mabel! But eventually the grueling journey is over, and the two young women disembark, to be greeted by one of the school staff who's been expecting them. They're taken to the administration level, where they spend a good half hour completing registration and going over basic classroom orientation, before they're pointed below decks to the temporary rooms until such time when their teams are determined. Anyone running across them will be able to tell these two are brand new: for one thing, neither of them is in school uniform - Alexandra is wearing a white sundress with sunglasses pushed on the top of her head, and Mabel in simple tee and jeans. Moreover, both are carrying luggage, the former with a pullman, a large backpack and a large shoulder bag, while Mabel just has an oversized backpack.

Mabel looks a bit shellshocked as she follows Alexandra around like a lost puppy, keeping close to the taller blonde as she tries not to hyperventilate. ".. so.. much.. water.", she whimpers, then quickly looks apologetic at Alexandra. "S-sorry. I know. I'm trying! It's hard to block it out when there's so much of it. It.. it'll be ok. It's going to be ok. I can do this. It's.. it's safe here.", she says, repeating the last bit to herself a couple of times to try and convince herself.

And somewhere along the way is Jacob, parked in a corner with a book. Not because he wants to, because he needs to; it's been a challenge to keep up with the standard high school class load on top of the, uh, special circumstances. At least there are different places to hang out and break up the monotony a little. Or, in this case, get distracted. "Want a hand with those?" he calls over to the new arrivals, setting his things back into a backpack and offering a friendly wave.

Alexandra frowns as she turns to glance at Mabel over her shoulder. "Are you going to be alright?" She sounds either annoyed or concerned - probably the latter, although to anyone else other than Mabel, it might be misconstrued as the former. Before she can continue, her attention is drawn to the young man sitting in the corner, with the offer to carry their bags. "Finally, somebody with manners." The blonde murmurs, then adds louder. "Please." Alex inclines her head at Jacob, carefully allowing her pullman to stand upright so he can come over to take it from her hands.

Mabel nods weakly at Alexandra. "Y-yeah, I just.. just need to get u-used to it. It's just.. so *much* of it.", she murmurs, and closes her eyes, taking a deep breath. She jumps a little when she hears an unfamiliar voice, and steps to hide behind Alexa a little, peeking around from behind her to look at Jacob, then gives him a shaky little smile. "Oh, h-hello. Thank you."

Jacob offers a more careful wave to Mabel, catching on to the jumpiness but not yet sure what's driving it. Is it him? "No prob," he says to Alexandra, reaching down to pick up the Pullman. And he wasn't kidding, either, he hefts the thing up on one shoulder like it weighed no more than a rubber band.

This is Coral Springs High, where freaks and metahumans come to study. The fact that Jacob can lift her luggage so easily doesn't come as a surprise to Alexandra, but it does draw a curious gaze from the blonde as she attempts to form an initial profile for the young man. "We have been told to head to one of the temporary rooms… if you know where they are." She explains to him in slightly accented English, clearly expecting him to know his way around and lead them. She does, however, tilt her head at him curiously. "You're also a student here, I assume?"

Mabel's accent when she speaks is pure American. "Thank you.", she repeats, trying to smile at the boy, but remaining where she is, mostly protected behind Alexandra. She definitely seems off-balance, her eyes darting here and there, but it doesn't seem like it's Jacob that's setting her off.

Jacob furrows his brow, leaning down to snag his backpack with the other arm, then gestures toward another corridor. "I think down that way? There's where mine was, not sure if they have them all in one place or not." He was a little distracted himself those first couple of days. "So, you two get teams worked out yet?"

Before she follows Jacob, Alexandra turns another backwards glance at Mabel. "Come on, Puddles. Tune it out." She tells her, a reassuring hand is offered to the shorter girl, and she'll only move once she has Mabel's hand in hers. Following a few steps behind the strong boy, the tall blonde only allows her curiosity to show as they walk through the corridors of the underwater facility. "No, we haven't worked out the teams at all." Alex replies after a short pause. "As I understand from the school documents, that's… decided by the presiding team captains?"

Mabel seems to relax as Alexandra uses her nickname and offers her hand, and she takes it eagerly, clinging to it as if it was a lifeline. She shakes her head as Jacob asks about teams, but lets Alex answer for them both. "Are.. are you on a team?", she asks, trying to distract herself from whatever's got her so worked up.

Brenna arrives from the Sea Hub.
Brenna has arrived.
Dwayne arrives from the Sea Hub.
Dwayne has arrived.

"Something like that," Jacob replies, shooting Mabel a quick grin when the nickname is brought up. Now /that/ sounds like something that's got a story behind it. "Yeah, I'm with Athena. Don't worry about it, though, they're all pretty good."

"How very undemocratic." Alexandra notes dryly at Jacob's assurance that 'they're all pretty good'. As it is, Jacob is leading the way down one of the halls, carrying a pullman on his shoulder while Alex and Mabel follow; the tall blonde girl is dressed in a flowing white sundress, with sunglasses pushed on to the top of her head, carrying a backpack as well as a large shoulder bag, with one hand clasping Mabel's and effectively pulling the latter along. Mabel is dressed in simple tee and jeans, also carrying a large backpack. It's pretty clear the two girls are new students who just arrived (y'know, luggage, no school uniform, so on).

Mabel is letting herself be pulled along by Alexandra, clinging to the other girl's hand tightly and looking a little shell-shocked as they walk. She's trying to focus on the conversation, though. "Are the teams, like.. I mean, like, by.. powers?", she asks, almost whispering the last word, apparently unused to thinking about that sort of thing. Maybe she didn't read the brochure much. Or maybe all she read was the whole 'surrounded by water' part and after that it was all just the Kill Bill siren in her brain and a partial blackout.

Dwayne snickers as he makes his way inside with Brenna. As he overhears the voices down the hall, he pauses and glances to her. The others wouldn't know where they came from so all is well. He gives a thumbs up before tucking his book of War and Peace under his arm a bit more firmly. As they walk and intercept, Dwayne sidesteps so not to impede. Assuming they just got here, considering they look like he did a few days ago, he sucks air past his closed teeth and says, "Ooooh.. tough break.. Gettin' here on a Wednesday.. still got like two days of class before the weekend." he offers a quick smirk right afterwards though, "Anyways, welcome y'all." he glances over at Brenna to see how she'll do.. because she's way better at randomly saying hi than he'll likely ever be.

After hours, Brenna is wearing something other than a school uniform as well. Some gauzy dress of sort of like cheesecloth fabric clings gently to her frame, the shoulders thin straps, totally unsuitable to the New Hampshire weather this time of year. Hearing the voices ahead, she looks at Dwayne then the approaching trio. "We're no longer the fng's I think." The words are an aside to her companion. A smile given to the others, "Hi, welcome to Coastal Springs." It's Coral Springs. She's new, and apparently forgetful.

Jacob shoots Brenna a quick grin and shakes his head. "Ah, nah, you'll always be the probie in my book," he teases. Yeah, right, he hasn't been at the place that much longer than she has. "Still, two days is better than four, right?"

Alexandra slows down when new faces intercept their progress - new faces that draw a curious quirk of a delicate brow, while her violet eyes pass over both Dwayne and Brenna. "Coral Springs." She corrects Brenna's naming of the school, followed by a tilt of her head. "I can only assume you are also new to the place." Then the tilt goes the other way as her eyes move on to Dwayne. "Presumably you as well. That's… interesting." There's a beat as Alex turns to Jacob. "How many students does the school accept each term?"

"I-I'm kind of looking forward to class. It's been a while.", Mabel chirps out, nervously. At least all the new people distract her from whatever's got her so nervous. She's still not letting go of Alex's hand, though. She smiles a little at Dwayne and Brenna, though, waving with her free hand. "T-Thanks."

Dwayne grins at the trio and nods once, "Well alright then. Lookin' forward to seein' you folks later on then. Don't wanna hold ya up if your on your way to the rooms. Sure you itchin' to relax and all that 'fore class starts." he jilts his head upwards as if to say good bye or whatever it is that jilting your head upwards means. He moves past the trio and turns to walk backwards, curious to see if Brenna is going to break away from him here or continue with him.

"It's better than four," Brenna tells Jacob, grinning a little in response. He was someone she'd actually met before too. As one of the newer girls corrects her, she laughs in a good natured manner. "Oh that's right. Sorry, I'm from Ireland, I get my C-words mixed up sometimes." A look between the two females. "I'm Brenna, this is Dwayne, we're both new, that's right." Only just realizing she was hindering the trio, she steps with Dwayne. "I'm team Athena, maybe I'll see you around?"

Jacob doesn't exactly have a hand free right now to wave to Brenna, so he contents himself with a nod instead. "I'm sure I will. See you on the wrong side of the tracks, man," he adds, looking to Dwayne. Because he just looks like that type. Ares, if he had to guess. "Oh, you were asking about the teams?" he adds, remembering Mabel's earlier comment. "No, it's more a personality thing, powers are kind of all over the place. And, number of students— I don't know. Does seem like there's been a lot lately, I don't know how common that is."

"I know we will." Alexandra inclines her head at the departing pair, echoing Jacob's comment before turning to follow the latter along. His commentary about how the teams are decided now grabs her attention, drawing a furrow to her brows. "If that means Mabel and I will end up in different teams, that'd be absolutely unacceptable. I'd have to file a complaint and request for an appeal."

Mabel gives another shy little wave to Dwayne and Brenna as it seems they're leaving. "N-nice to meet you both! I'm Mabel!", she calls after them, but she doesn't stop from continuing to follow Alexandra. She ohs at Jacob, looking thoughtful a moment, but then blinks in surprise at Alexandra. She smiles a little at that declaration. "I'm sure they'll let us both be in the same team, Alex.", she offers.

Brenna just looks a tiny bit bemused by Alexandra, "An appeal?" It's more a musing observation, but she shakes her head giving Jacob a wave again and a smile to Mabel. "Nice meeting you, Mabel, welcome to the school. I look forward to getting to know you!" And with that, she heads off with Dwayne.

Jacob nods to Mabel, and eyes Alexandra. "Yeah, I'm sure. I mean, the teams are supposed to be a— you know, team-building thing." He doesn't actually know if there's a hard-and-fast rule about preference, but it seems like they'd make allowances. "So which room have they got you in?" He was pointed to one when he was the new guy, but it might have just been the nearest one, or they might have just been giving him one less thing to worry about.

Alexandra nods to Mabel, then follows Jacob until they reach the temporary rooms area. "They said Room 2. That one." She points out a door on the right after a momentary scan of the few doors. Finally letting go of Mabel's hand, the blonde pulls out the keys that were handed to her, unlocks the door and steps inside. The temporary rooms are presumably smaller and less furnished than the regular dorm rooms, but there's still a big window filled with water and sea life. Alexandra takes a moment to survey the place, visually checking the room out to make sure everything is in order, before turning back to Jacob and pointing at a corner. "You can leave the luggage there." She tells him, and then finally asks with a lift of her chin. "What's your name?"

Mabel gulps as Alexandra lets go of her hand, watching her fish the keys out. "Don't worry Alex. We'll figure it out, ok?", she assures the blonde, before peeking into the newly opened room.

Jacob nods to Alexandra, heading over and setting the Pullman down. Still nowhere close to winded, of course. "Jacob, hi. Alex and Mabel," he repeats, filing the information away in case they wind up on his team as well. Or even if they don't. "So, see you guys at breakfast? Cafeteria's up on the top level."

"Jacob." Alexandra tilts her head ever so slightly. "Do you have a surname?" Beat. "Where I come from, we properly introduce each other with our full names." Which is probably why she didn't even offer a name to the pair they come across in the hallway… because it's not 'proper'. "I am Alexandra von Zeiss." Yes, if there's a name that should belong to a supervillain, this is it. "And this is my friend and charge, Mabel McAlister. Thank you for your help." She adds, but still looks expectantly at Jacob. For his last name, no doubt!

Mabel MacAlister may, or may not, be a good hecnhwoman name, but either way she's sticking by the potential supervillainess. "Thank you very much for carrying that all the way here, Jacob.", she says, softly, trying to smile at the boy, then looking around the room.

The boy slips his hands into his pockets, his backpack slipping down off his shoulder and dangling around his elbow. "Foster. Uh, Jacob Foster. Good to meet you, Alexandra von Zeiss." Well, it could be worse, it could be the 1940s…

"Nice to meet you, Jacob Foster." Alexandra dips her head properly at the boy. "We will see you at breakfast, then. Thank you again." She notes to him as she slips her shoulder bag off and puts it on the nearest bed.

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