(2016-04-26) Washtub Symphony
Washtub Symphony
Summary: Tabitha attempts to host a fun music night. Attendance is low but fun is had.
Date: 2016-04-26
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The idea for this came up on Tabitha's very first day at Coral Springs. Bev asked about doing a jam session, but from normal new school stuff to more recent drama, things kepts coming up. But in part because of the recent drama, Tabitha decided it was past time to set something up. So she begged, borrowed, or appropriated the needed equipment including a karaoke machine and PlayStation 4 with all the Rock Band 4 peripherals plus a couple extra microphones for those haromonies. She also brought down a few extra instruments besides her own and her tablet has an online lyrics library keyed up. There are even some light snacks, mostly beverages. She slapped a few notices around the school, including all four dorms, letting people know when and where and to show up if they felt the need to rock out.

Now she's sitting on one of the room's couches after getting everything plugged in and warmed up. Her battered Gibson acoustic guitar is in her lap. She's dressed in lazy weekend style, in a long sleeved pastel green sleepshirt over grey leggings and dingy ankle socks. Her head is covered with her ubiquitous knit watch cap, with the hair pulled down over the left side of her face and neck. The only burn scars visible are those on her left hand, which is currently very busy picking out the lead guitar lines of Prince's 'Let's Go Crazy'.

"You went all out," Bev observes as she enters the laundry room and takes in everything Tabitha's set up for the jam session. Her dark hair is tied back, and she's wearing a dark green camisole top with black jeans. She doesn't have an instrument with her — she tends to sing more than playing anything herself, but she settles onto one of the couches herself. It takes her a few moments to recognize the song that Tabitha's playing, but when she does it inspires her to go grab a can of ginger ale from the table, crack it open, take a swig, then pour the rest into the sink.

Tabitha gives Bev a smile and a quick up-nod when she comes in, keeping her concentration on her impromptu Prince tribute. It's not one she's done before, so she's winging it. "Glad you could make it. Pull up a bit of floor, couch, washer or dryer." She watches Bev head over to the tubs of iced drinks, then gives her a questioning look as she pour out most of a can of ginger ale.

"Pouring one out for a lost legend," Bev replies, giving a somewhat rueful smile. "He died last week. You knew, right?" Her brows furrow in concern. Tabitha -had- to know that Prince died, didn't she?

The brunette moves back to one of the couches, taking up a place in the corner of it, not far from Tabitha. "I mean, it's been a bad year for celebrities," she observes. "At this rate, I should seriously be careful what missions I go on." Because Bev can make anything about herself.

Brenna was here for the laundry, or so she thought. When she discovers it was more than that, she places her one article of clothing she was going to wash, a hoodie, on the sofa and has a seat only to look at the others in the room. "I love music." She hadn't heard about Prince, but she did know of some of his music. "Is it a party?"

Tabitha nods solemnly to Bev, "Of course I knew. This year has sucked hard for music. Prince, Bowie, Haggard, Billy Paul, Phife Dawg, and too many others. And it's only April." She puts a bit of flourish on her rendition of 'Let's Go Crazy', then comes to the end of the song. "Prince and Bowie are the big gut shots for me. Their work, their openness about themselves, who they were as people really helped me to come to terms with myself."

As others appear in the room, she gives Brenna a broad smile, "Hey there, roomie. And not quite a party, but a general music jam session. Pull up a seat and join, or just listen if that's your inclination."

Dwayne walks inside carrying a basket of laundry. He pauses when he notices the place appear different but soon shrugs it off as he heads towards a washing machine. He looks at it and the lid suddenly opens. He pours his clothing inside and glances to his detergent. It moves on its own, pouring liquid into the machine. Afterwards, he starts it up and sits on it, looking to the others quietly.

Brenna does settle on the sofa, she gives a concerned look as the list goes on about the deceased musicians. She grins as Tabitha greets her, "Hey roomie. It sure looks like a party. Or a memorial or something." Then there's Dwayne and she looks over towards him and gives a wave, "Hey Dwayne. You know everyone here?" She looks between Tabitha and Bev then back to him.

"Same," Bev replies. "But you know, I'm an actress. Tim Curry, Patty Duke, Abe Vigoda…" She heaves a deep, probably exaggerated sigh, smiles at Brenna. "I'm Bev," she says, though for politeness sake — she always assumes people recognize her. "I'm in Athena, too. Hello," she adds in Dwayne's direction.

"We could honor Bowie and Prince both tonight," she observes. "What do you think, Tabs? When Doves Cry? China Girl?"

There's a shake of his head though he replies back, "Dwayne. I'm on Ares." He looks to Brenna then, "Good to see you again." That's about all he offers for now as he lowers his head and listens to the others.

"Wait… Tim Curry is dead? I thought he was doing the new Rocky Horror remake?" Tabitha is floored by this as sets her guitar aside and gives Dwayne a quick up-nod in greeting. "Hey there. I'm Tabitha." She listens to Brenna's idea and nods, "Yeah, that can be part of tonight, certainly. I know that there's a few good Bowie songs on the PlayStation over there for Rock Band. No Prince songs, though. He was a stickler for keeping tight limits on his songs distribution. But beyond that, we can do any kind of music we want."

"No," Bev says, shaking her head at Dwayne. "Tabitha and Brenna and I are in Athena. The 'I'm in Athena, too' was for Brenna. But it's nice to meet you, too." She pauses, blinking at Tabitha. Squints. Covers her face with one hand. "Sorry. Not Curry. Alan Rickman. They're both British and old…" She has the grace to look a little embarrassed at this. "Tim Curry's fine, I think. But, I mean, you must know the tabs for When Doves Cry." Pause. "Tabs," she adds with a grin.

Tabitha grins at Bev's slip, wiping her hand across her forehead in an exagerated gesture of relief. "Had me worried, there. But yeah, Allan Rickman dying sucked too. He just had one of those voices that gets you right here, y'know?" She pats her stomach a good space below her navel when she ways this." Then she nods firmly at Bev's last comment, giving Bev a 'what were you thinking' look. "Of course I know them. This is /me/ we're talking about."

"I figured as much, but one must make sure," Bev replies, a touch of haughtiness in her tone, though it's matched with an amused and literal twinkle in her eye. "C'mon, then. Ba-badum, bum, baaa-badum, bum…" Her vocal intro to the Prince tune is on key, though a little slow of tempo, more akin to the Diamond White cover than Prince's original. She stops after she sings these few bars, though, letting Tabitha take the lead.

Tabitha swaps out her accoustic for her trusty electric 8-string for this one. She doesn't even need to look at it to put her hands in just the right places, such is the time she's spent with this battered beauty. It even looks to have burned at some point. She picks up the tune as Bev sings, mixing in her voice at times where harmony is called for, but mostly using the extended range of her 8-string to play the parts of the song that were originally not guitar.

When the last chords fade from When Doves Cry, she pauses long enough to look over and give Brenna a quick wink before making a couple adjustments on her guitar's controls and flowing into the opening chords of David Bowie's China Girl.

Bev raises her brows as the first song finishes. Yes, they sound darn good together, and she is clearly pleased. She gives Tabitha a thumbs-up, grins at the others (for all that they are clearly focused on laundry), and then joins in on the new song at just the right moment. "Oh-oh-oh oh-oh, little China girl…"

Tabitha responds to the thumbs-up with a brow-waggle since her hands are rather busy. This song takes a bit more concentration as she plays, because she has to switch her guitar's tone on the fly between measures and verses. But she keeps up, and maintains her backup vocals as well. When the song fades out she does a brief flourish strum to close it off, then sets the instrument aside so she can get up and head towards the drinks. On her way past Bev she floats up a touch and raises her hand for a high-five. "That's a damned good start."

Bev grins, leaning over to return the high-five. "And given the songs were both written for men," she observes, "we're doing even better." And Bowie's voice, at least in China Girl, is fairly low. Bev had to go alto — it's not her usual range, but she's a pro. "So, what are your favorite songs to play, hmmm?"

Tabitha nods her agreement with the remark about the song's vocals, then grabs a bottle of lemonade to swig. Partway through the bottle she pauses to gargle a few scales just to be extra classy. She shrugs at Bev's question while tossing the first bottle and snagging another. "I'll play just about any kind of song, classic to country. But while I do sometimes feel the need to be more lyrical, most of the time I'll hit the heavy side of rock. Alice Cooper, Ozzy, Motorhead, AC-DC, Otep, that sort of thing." Then she gives a shrug as she ducks her head over her new bottle. "And my own stuff, of course."

"Of course," agrees Bev. "I'm not sure I know Otep… but the others all have songs I like. Crazy Train. That song just gets in your head." Her own repetoir leans toward weird covers, which they've discussed before, and Selina Gomez, Demi Lovato… her sisters in Disney. "So, what have you written?"

Tabitha remembers talking with Bev about covers and genre-shifted songs. She gets a tiny grin as she thinks about some of the songs that she's been working on with the band. Some of them are right up Bev's particular alley but she doesn't want to let them out of the bag too early. Instead she goes over to the instruments and picks out her synth, setting it up on its stand and doing a few quick settings checks. Then she brings out a borrowed bass and holds it in her aura.

"Okay. It'll be missing a little something without the band backing me up, but I'll do what I can." She starts the tune out on the synth, then when she comes in with the vocals her aura starts to play the bass as the backdrop to the piece. Her concentration on the instruments is total but there's still enough left for her to be loose and free on the lyrics as the song requires. When it's over she lets out a long breath, glad to have gotten through it without incident.

(for the curious: https://youtu.be/HzhLj8UMOkE)

Bev gives a low whistle when the song is over. "Nice," she says after a moment. "A lot of 80s influence… not so much metal, but… maybe some Bananarama in there, Divinyls…" She nods slowly. She pauses a moment, then starts to sing the chorus, adding a flourish of her own to some of the words, and a hint of her own personal light show. "We kill the lights and put on a show… it's all a lie, but you'd never know…" She finishes the chorus, goes silent for a moment, then nods once more. "Very nice."

Tabitha's eyes light up in a smile at her appraisal once the song is finished. "Yep. It's going to be on our second album, which will be a mix of EDM and harder metal. I decided against playing one of the harder pieces because middle of the dorms. Some of the chords could do some damage." She listens to Bev put some of her own spin on the chorus, grinning the whole time. "I'm glad that you like that one. It's good since the lyrics are mostly your fault."

Bev's expression grows bemused. "Well, I think Stef and I would both lean away from any actuality of the title," she says, then winks and rises. "Let's get together on this again soon," she says. "I'm starting to lose my energy — you know, after dark and all. I'm sorry."

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