(2016-04-26) Secrets of War and Peace
Secrets of War and Peace
Summary: Brenna and Dwayne skip last hour and have a conversation. Among other things.
Date: 2016-04-26
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Training Grounds - Paragon Island

Brenna wasn't in last hour, perhaps taking a cue from some of the Ares, she had skilled the class and is now sitting on the edge of the island, looking out at the water and .. more water. She's still dressed in her school uniform though, a plaid skirt, sweater, knee high socks. Last hour may or may not be over by now, but here she is, seeming uncaring about missing whatever class it is Sophomore's have that hour.

Dwayne's in his uniform as well, having skipped out on his last class of the day, or maybe leaving early, who knows with Dwayne. He currently walks out to where she is, carrying a book of War and Peace under his arm. He keeps a firm hold of the book as he walks. Once he sees her, he smiles slightly and says, "Hi."

Hearing him before she sees him, Brenna waits until he is close enough before looking up and offering a smile. "Hey," she greets, certainly glad to see him. She notices he has a book, but she can't immediately read the title. Either way she has a guess. "Exhilarating reading?"

Dwayne nods to her and says, "Oh yeah.. Fantastic reading." He sits down on the ground and places the book between his legs. Opening it carefully, it is revealed that he's hollowed out half of the book. He has a small baggie with some rolling papers and tobacco. He begins to roll up a cigarette as he asks, "How come you aren't in class?" he eyes her with amusement.

Brenna hadn't known what to expect with the whole book thing, but as he sits down and opens it, she peers over at it, then to him with a laugh. "How clever." Who even says that word, clever, anymore? "I didn't want to go to last hour. I think it's math. Well it's math for me since I have to do catch up work and I hate math." She watches his fingers rolling the cigarette. "Are you sharing?"

Dwayne looks up at her and says, "Of course, darlin'.." he places it between his lips and pulls out the match book from the book. He strikes one and quickly lights the tip. Drawing smoke inward, he parts his lips to show the smoke barreling over itself at the entrance to his mouth before he inhales sharply and the smoke vanishes. He exhales through his nose as he pulls another burst of smoke inwards. He offers the cigarette to her with afterwards, eyes watching her with curiosity, wondering if she's going to be able to handle it or if she's going to choke her brains out.

Brenna doesn't really know what to think, but she watches him, event he way he inhales and exhales, the way the smoke plays within his mouth before he inhales it. No way could she follow that, but she reaches for it, holding it between two fingers like a pro, thumb flicking the filter to knock off the tiny bit of ash from his drag. Lifting it to her lips, she sucks in, and promptly coughs, smoke cascading out with each cough. Nope, she doesn't look cool at all. She offers it back, her other hand over her mouth. "That's terrible," she tells him from behind her hand.

Dwayne chuckles to her and says, "Yep. Nasty habit to start.. run while you can. Of course, if I can score some actual smoke smoke.. you might fancy that better. This just.. picked it up from my dad. Used to steal smokes from him all the time. It's cheaper to roll your own though." He takes it back and props it between his lips as he looks over the water, "So this place is pretty cool, yeah?"

"Pretty cool." Brenna tells him, but she does look at him a little wide eyed. He was a bad boy, she was more like a prom queen type, the two were completely at odds, but here they were, having a conversation like they were best friends. "You mean like.." Yeah, she knows what he means. "I'll try it, maybe from someone in town?" She facepalms. "I could grow you some. I.. grow plants."

Dwayne coughs suddenly. When she says that, he looks at her with widened eyes, "Wait.. you can grow plants?" he grins slowly, very slowly, and wide like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. "If you can grow plants.. and you can grow them quick, that would be super helpful. Of course, it'd have to be super secret and it couldn't be for sale. It'd have to be for personal use only." Of course the idea of mass production for sales purposes doesn't completely escape him, but for now, one has to start small. He eyes her curiously, "How long would it take to grow a full plant and do you need the seed to start it?"

Brenna gives him a curious look. "I thought I told you about it in the laundry room last night." She watches the smile before looking down to her feet and she does some little thing with her hand and suddenly there is a healthy, fully grown plant. One of which is illegal in several states. "About that long."

Dwayne says, "You did tell me that but I never thought of asking if you could do that.. Wow." He looks to the plants and then to Brenna with a shark smile, "You rock, girl.. Seriously." He leans over and stubs out the cigarette before he breaks the paper apart and lets the tobacco leaves get caught in the wind and blow away. He lets go of the paper as well and it drifts away to decompose somewhere out there.. Turning to the plants, he kneels down and eyes them closely, "Wow." He says quietly, "It's something to see first hand. You really are amazing."

"The school would tell you that I should use my powers to help myself when in situations where I will be needing it." Brenna watches as he gets rid of the cigarette, then inspect the plants. "Can you use them then? I don't think I can dry them out or anything, but you can do what you want with them." It cuts out a middle man at least. "How many do you want?"

Dwayne purses his lips for a moment as he thinks, "I think a single plant can yield about 5 ounces of actual cannabis sativa. Five ounces would last me.. a long long time. So no more than one plant would be sufficient. Of course, if you can grow a small plant with more potent cannabis sativa, than it should only yield an ounce but it'll be an ounce of awesome." He shakes his head then and says, "Of course, if I get caught, it could lead back to you. And I ain't about you goin' down cause of me. The thought was awesome.. but I don't think it's worth you riskin' yourself over me. Not over some smoke." He smirks at that, "Forget about it. It ain't worth the risk for the reward. But I appreciate you offerin' to do it." Strange that he's suddenly so protective over what happens to her. He's never been one to be a hero type, but something about her and the thought of hurting her reminds him that he's not a monster deep down, even if he's designed to become one.

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