(2016-04-26) Frumling
Summary: A Frumling comes to call
Date: 2016.04.26
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One day after school, Harold went in search of Lynzee. From the classrooms to the hubs below the waves, he and Eryaog searched high and low for Lynzee. The boy walked about looking for the girl normally while the beast in tote would follow slowly and call more than look. “Lynzee?” Would be called by Eryaog from moment to moment, or “Lynzee Cat?” A safety, one could never be certain with a girl that could indeed become a cat when she wanted. It was almost a game of trying to find her. Harold moved about with backpack that looked barely full but could be heard to clank as he walked sometimes. For it was holding some tools; hammer, handsaw, nails, screwdriver and the like.

When it came to finally happening upon her and surviving the pounce of a hug, which Harold would gladly return, he would explain. “Hey, if you’re up to it, I thought we could go work on our club?” And yes, after the day of pirate adventure, or exploration, and some discussion of enjoying the old abandoned place with hints of a club house of some sort, Harold has come prepared to at least start work on it. Eryaog has a satchel in tote. This carrying snacks and stuff, because everyone knew working on a club house could induce hunger in the workers.

Oh that Lynzee, never around when you need her! She is just silly enough and just goofy enough to be anywhere! She wasn’t in the science room, even though it was one of her favorite rooms. She wasn’t in her room or the gym, or the common rooms of the different teams. She was in the tunnel that led out to Paragon Island, and she had her nose pressed against the glass looking out. Hearing her name before turning to look at them, she already wears a smile as she does turn, and she does pounce, yes she does, but this time it’s Harold who gets the first hug and before it’s always been Eryaog.

“Hi!” Lynzee is delighted, absolutely happy to be found by the duo, and she beams happily between the two. “Do you wanna build a clubhouse?” In such a singsong way that would make Anna, of Frozen fame proud. Oh she’s excited about that. “Want to build it on our lighthouse island?” Because they own it now, you know. It’s theirs. Finders Keepers. “We can go now?” Eryaog does get his hug too, and a ruffle of his fur. “I missed both of you.” LIke she hadn’t been in class with them earlier. Harold at least. “Can Eryaog come with us this time? Do I need to bring anything? Their bags hadn’t gone unnoticed.

“Lynzee is always in a good mood,” notes Eryaog, stating the obvious as she ponders the club house with Harold. When she gets to giving him a hug, one of his large hands comes out to pet her just the same. “I can be there. When you get to the island, I will be there.” He says simply enough, how that works could be anyone’s guess, but he will be wet so it might involve some swimming. How he knows where it is most likely tied to Harold knowing where it is.

Harold in turn was glad for the hug, full hands open and holding until they both figured out when to let go. “Yes, I want to make our own area. I figure, take what we need, make something in the light house part itself for us. A nest, or something near the light, but with some boards up so we don’t get wet if it rains.” Cause staying their for long amounts of time is important and it could rain. The rest is details, protection from elements at the top of his list. A shake of his head, “I think we got everything we need.” After Eryaog said he could get there himself too. All ready to go, she just will need to do her thing. Harold pauses to pull a sleeve cuff with his hand to cover palm and wipes smudges away where Lynzee was breathing on the glass in the tunnel.

Lynzee was always happy, that was true. A sad Lynzee is too sad for anyone to see. One she had hugged Eryaog, she gives Harold another one for brief measure, because she was so used to hugging him after Eryaog. She does step back and looks thoughtful at the way Eryaog might be getting to the island, but she knew magic existed in the world and she was happy to continue believing in it. “Eryaog is magic, like me. And like you, Harold.” because she had seen him take things from his Oyster World and bring them here, that was very magic.

Watching as Harold wipes the window, she grins good naturedly. “I breathed on it,” she confesses. “You can draw on it when you breathe on it.” Indeed, there may be smudges of hieroglyphics down the tunnel. Oops. With Harold having a lot of things to carry, she doesn’t try and hold his hand, but she does ask, “Want me to carry anything?” Which was a moot point since she would be carrying Harold. Walking with him to the island so they could take off from there, she grins at him. “I’m ready.” And she wraps her arms around him because she likes the feel of it, and she zooom! She flies them over towards their new island. Or old island.

Some of the hieroglyphics down the tunnel may be hidden, secret message style, until someone else comes along to draw on it too. Harold doesn’t look back just yet, or won’t unless directed to in some fashion of course. Considering what she says, Harold agrees, “Yeah, like magic, just somehow, I’m connected to his world and make a bridge between them.” The only way Harold can describe it, Eryaog, shrugs, breathes on the glass. Harold will never be able to wipe up that part. “Eryaog is magic!” Whether in agreement with Lynzee or from fogging the glass, is anyone’s guess. He makes stick figures, maybe it represents the three of them.

“Um, just me,” responds Harold as to what needs to be carried, then she’s got her arms about him, he lets her hold her a moment, then slowly, his arms come about to hold her as she leads them to their new island. And the old lighthouse that once told ships it was there. As they set down, “So, we need rooms, maybe we could share.” HIm and her, he says, slight squeak to his voice of course, maybe Eryaog too, as a pillow and blanket all in one, but sharing with her makes him nervous. “Then some place to watch out for pirates and stuff.” Or sunsets, or dolphins, or whatever view they have up there. Repurposing the light bulb room area.

Lynzee grins at Eryaog, “You are magic, I like that you can be magic.” Though she tells him before they depart flying. “See you there, Eryaog!” The girl doesn’t doubt his words about being there when they get there, she trusts these two implicitly. Then they are off. “I’m glad you got ideas on how to fix it so it won’t rain inside.” Shelter was important. Safe and dry shelter even more so and she’s glad Harold had thought of it.

While he holds her back, Lynzee gives him a smile, happy to be this close to him. He could maybe feel her blush from the mention of sharing the room, but she nods emphatically even as she takes them to land closer to the lighthouse this time. “I want to share a room. It might be scary alone and we’ll have Eryaog to hold us and keep us safe and warm.” And each other, but she’s already headed for the lighthouse. “Ohh Pirates!” She jumps on the idea. “We can take the treasure and build the castle bigger then.” The lighthouse has gone from a broken down lighthouse, to a clubhouse and now their castle. “We’ll have a lot of adventures. We need to get food here too.”

A shrug is given to having ideas, “I just figure, we can make what we need.” By using old wood from the falling down parts to make the good parts even better. And he likes to think they’ll both have ideas for what a clubhouse should look like when properly done of course. As they walk and discuss the room ideas, Eryaog shows up, slightly wet as mentioned. “Yes, a room is good. With a light.” One thing Eryaog has learned from this world, lights in the room at night.

Harold laughs at the idea of taking pirate treasures, “Exactly. Let them try to mess with us, we’ll show those … rascals!” Or something, it's the first word that popped into his mind. “Oh yeah, we brought some for today. Just snack stuff.” A pause, he remembers what she liked about Astro Park, “No fried snickers and stuff, just from the book store.” Commissary, it’s what they called it back at his school at least. Then a thought occurs to him as they move to enter the building and climb the rounded stairwell to the top, probably discovered last time they were here. “I could bring something for warmth, like a brazier?” It makes sense to him, he’s seen plenty in his dream world.

“We can make anything we need.” Lynzee agrees whole heartedly. “And anything else you can need you can get from your Oyster World. Maybe even the catapult you had before! It would help with the pirates!” Pretending is so much fun and she is having a good time with Harold as they use their imaginations. As soon as Eryaog arrives, she smiles at him, “Good idea, we will need a light.”

“Arrr.” Lynzee gets into the spirit of things, all Piratey. “Oh good, I like snack stuff. I like food, it’s good.” She’s not at all picky. Chips, Candy Bars, Snack Cakes, Gum. As she climbs beside him, she nods thoughtfully, “I wish you and me could live out here and go to school over there. We could make it our very own home. I never had one. Then we could have the heater,” or whatever a brazier is, she’s not sure. “And we could live here together.”

There is nodding by Harold, anything they could want, they will make or acquire, in their very own way. “We could stock a bar; a snack bar!” Sort of adult, but with things they would both like. But that’s just getting fancy after all. He moves into the building and starts to climb the steps, Eryaog will squeeze in behind them of course. Keeping everyone safely in front of him.

“Food is good,” agrees Harold, “So is a home. We’ll make a home, you and I.” Cause he could share the house he grew up in, but that, it was never really a home for him. He knows what home should be, his mother taught him that much. “Yeah, we need heat,” he pokes up whatever door or hatch there is to go into the old light. Area cleared from before probably, of nests and such at least, around the hatchway that is. He goes up, offers a hand behind them. Then he sits down, “Fire first, warm up, then to building!” Its a plan! He lets them get cozy and focuses on a brazier from Oyster World.

It takes a few moments, then it materializes in the room with them. A green metal of sorts, slightly twisty in a haphazard way then, say, a sinister way. Whimsical more like it. But its green and has wood/fuel for a fire even. Like it came right out of some castle waiting for nightfall so someone could light it. A grin by Harold, that’s the easy part, the hard stuff is using the wood they find.

Then a moment later, *pop* is heard in the air, and a blue fuzzy imp thing just appears near them. It runs, or jobs in a animal like crawl with knuckles (like an ape), for the hatchway to start bounding down the stairs.

“A snack bar! I could get some things to bring.” But Lynzee would have to steal it from gardens and all, since that’s how she had learned to eat. Or like a cat, but we won’t talk about that. Fancy or not, Lynzee seems open to the idea of a snack bar for them. “Food is good.” She does love it, but that may come from it not being readily offered to her all her life. She looks back to Eryaog as he comes up behind them, “We will get Eryaog food too, what do you like? Just like the same as us?”

Satisfied it would be their home, Lynzee looks between her guy and her beastly friend, “We’re a family, forever.” Since they were all keeping each other, and that had been settled before. Climbing up and up, she lets Harold help her through before sitting down in there. It’s the Brazier when it comes that gets her attention and she smiles happily. “It’ll get warm now.” And then there’s.. Something. Something strange, something odd. She scrambles towards Harold, “Is that your friend too?” Nope, she’s a bit scared of it.

“We can visit the Village of Easton-Wind, its near the Emerald forest, they have great food.” Returns Harold on that topic. Visit, bring something back, or visit Shady Cove, bring something back. May need some way to keep it, or just get all packaged stuff, but food is good. Harold always assumes food will be around, from the life he lived, so just agrees its good, not having the full same perspective as Lynzee of course.

It will get warm, then the pop and the thing. No more than a foot high even, with a spaded tail, stubbly little wings that look to small for its body. Which it doesn’t use in favor of running the way it does on all fours. “What … no …” Says Harold who moves forward slightly. Lifting a hand he throws imagination towards the creature, and a cage appears, yet completely misses the beastly beastie. Eryaog stands slowly, “No, it is a Frumling, of the Plains tribes … they use them for spies?” Or he accuses at least in his slow manner. The cage trick failed, Harold stands, “We have to stop it, others might come to follow it.” As if, he didn’t bring it from dream, but other things might be able to come out now with this one being here. He starts to move for the stairs, pausing to hold a hand for Lynzee, to stay together, keep her safe, but see where it's going.

“Wherever there is food.” Lynzee doesn’t seem to be picky at all, she could likely eat anything and find some sort of joy in it. Packaged food is really good too! With the thing appearing though, the topic of food is forgotten all together.

“Frumling?” The word is echoed and the fear in her voice is apparent, Lynzee holds tight to Harold’s hand, and she is shaking a little, she is genuinely afraid of it. “Why is it here? There’s nothing to spy on. Why is it in our house?” She doesn’t follow Harold, “There will be more? Some other things coming too?” She puts on a brave face then moves after Harold, because she won’t let him get hurt. Nope. Not when she is near enough to prevent it. She stays with him, following, “What can I do to help?” she whispers.

“Its,” says Harold with a hint of fluster, starting to move for the stairs down with Lynzee. “Well, its like an enemy, not everyone is good there.” He could explain more, about the knights and the kingdoms he is from, and the barbarians of the plains. But his feet are moving. “I think they came because I am here.” A pause, he looks up the stairs in a pause. “Eryaog, can you watch the front door?” Their large friend nods and moves to simply jump down from the top of the light house.

Then they are moving again. “Its getting too far ahead of us. Can you find it?” They noises of it scrabbling down stairs dims as it gets further ahead, then scrabbling to get into the house part of the lighthouse even. Some of the rooms down there. Its an old two story home, connected right to the circular tower part. “Track it with magic … or as a cat?” He knows she changes, but doesn’t know if that comes with cat senses and stuff that might help them, he keeps moving for the noises they last heard.

If Harold is flustered, Lynzee knows to be alarmed and it’s working quite nicely. She bounds down the stairs with him when she realizes she was part of the reason the thing was getting too far ahead. “We can’t let more come over, we have to catch it and make it stop.” She doesn’t want their house infested or invaded. She hasn’t really thought about it on a larger scale yet,

He seems to have a good idea though, she does her thing, murmuring some words, and then she’s a domesticated cat nothing sinister, but she looks prepared to go mouse hunting. Or in this case, Frumling hunting. Once she has turned into it, she darts off after it, bounding ahead of Harold, hot on the trail of the invader. They were going to get him, she was going to corner it if she could, so Harold or Eryaog could take care of it in whatever way these things were dealt with. She sniffs the air, listening at the same time, trying ti pinpoint the location,suddenly not so scared.

“No, we can get this one back, hopefully then they can’t follow.” He continues to follow her. She leaps and bounds up ahead, the sound easier for Harold to track at first, but a cat will be more quiet once she goes too far. Eryaog gets near the door, watching the broken down parts of the house in case it tries to get out there too.

She can easily pick up its scent. Not quite an ‘odor’, something between fish perhaps and a bad egg (not rotten). The top floor has three bedrooms, they learned from their exploration, with the main bedroom having access to an attic. The attic open where the roof has started to cave, this opening continuing towards one of the bedrooms on the end opposite the tower. There is a hall from tower to this room. The master bedroom on one side, a smaller bedroom on the other with restroom between it and that last bedroom with the wall caving in where the roof started to give.

The scent leads to this room, but it must be hiding in crumbled furniture or wardrobe maybe. Its still there, perhaps the outside in this world is new, it means to go that way, but is being cautious. Avoiding the pursuers and deciding its next course of action. Lynzee may be able to sniff it out. Though she may not see it, it’s found a piece of wood to use as a club, ready for its pursuers too.

Lynzee Cat races for the other thing, catching the scent, she bounds through one room, another, following the trail. It doesn’t smell bad to her, since it’s sort of like fish and she’s a cat, so she continues on without worrying about the smell. It’s when she finally gets to the room where the thing is that she looks around for it, trying to pinpoint exactly where it is. When she does manage to sniff it out, she realizes it was armed and she darts back, making sure Harold wasn’t in the room too. If he is, she remains between him and the thing, but she’s not so fierce in this form. No time.

Hearing Harold, she launches herself at the thing before he can come in and get hurt, she hurls her cat self at the invader, and if he swings, he will hit her, but she wants to protect Harold,, and she will get up again and keep it distracted until someone can magically cage it.

Harold is slow to follow of course. When Lynzee enters stealth mode, the Frumling is confused, not knowing she is there. He does hear Harold coming though. She sneaks into place, or waits, cause Harold is catching up and running into that room. The door is open. It leaps from behind the wardrobe, standalone wardrobe, aimed at hitting Harold. Swinging its club. Hopefully it doesn’t hit Lynzee who pounces at the little beastie. Whatever happens, its enough to buy Harold time, and his reaction is to summon Emerald Knight armor, at least a sword and shield.

Lynzee only has one thing in mind. He was a knight, he said she could be too, in his Emerald world, but as soon as the thing comes out when Harold arrives, she pounces, deflecting the club from Harold to buy him the time he needed. She is hit, of course, but she’s not dead. Yay! She gingerly moves over beside Harold though, rubbing against his let, mewling softly. He was safe, she just had to make sure he stayed that way. She can’t talk, but she can continue making her cat noises as she rubs against his leg.

Its all a quick motion, catching the Frumling by surprise, even as it hits her with the club and she deflects its course. As she scrambles to her feet, gingerly, Harold moves to get his shield over the Frumling. A makeshift cage. So he can slowly roll and catch it in his hands. “Lynzee, are you hurt?” Harold asks, one hand on the imp-like creature, the other reaching for her as she mewls softly. Concern there. Even as he holds the little creature, aiming it ‘away’ from him, its away from him. It lifts a hand and points, sending a little wave that hits a wall. Causing it to warp, then crackle. It has more talents than just the physical, and none yet used on them. They’ll have to do something with it, but his concern is on her for the moment.

Lynzee just mewls again, she doesn’t change back into her people form, instead she watches Harold, but as the wall warps and crackles, she nips at Harold gently, just wanting to get him away from the thing. Where was Eryaog?!! She hisses at the creature and looks as if she is going to jump from Harold’s arms towards the thing again if it poses an imminent threat to him. She’s protective of him, and she’s not going to allow him to get hurt.

As she hisses and nips, it turns and tries to get at her, spinning in Harold’s grasp as it dangles in the air. This causes a misfire again, a warp bolt comes from its hand and hits the floor this time. The floor cracks near Harold, splintering under his weight. “Don’t look at it, it’ll try to get you,” suggest Harold, starting to move as the floor crumbles near where it hit. His own foot slipping, causing him to stumble and skin knees on the floor as he scrabbles to get away from that area. He takes a cut along his shin, but gets nearer the door. He looks back, or around, making sure Lynzee was able to jump away too with her reflexes. “If someone dreams, I can take him into that dream.” As a thought, ideally his own dream, but maybe harder to sleep while holding the little beastie. Then from outside, there is the wound of large bits of wooden house being hit by a hammer maybe. The sort of hit where the hammer goes through, then a head peeks in near the falling apart wall of the room. It is Eryaog, who scaled up the house to see how they were, sensing perhaps the danger.

Lynzee cat screams when it tries to get at her, but it comes out more as a hissing screech since she’s a cat. It’s not a pretty sound. As the floor becomes unsteady, she jumps from Harold’s arms and lands rather unceremoniously in a heap near the edge of the crumbles. She can smell the blood from his cut, iron in the air, so she lifts her head and looks towards him. She was tired though, she’d been hit and she doesn’t feel well. She gets to her paws and stumbles further away from the little troublemaking imp. Lynzee cat can sleep for Harold, he can go in her dreams. She curls into a ball and doesn’t seem to pay attention to the sounds of the hammer. Nor does she realize Eryaog is there as she closes her eyes. Lynzee cat’s can sleep very well thank you. It’s what cats do.

Whether intended or not, Lynzee doesn’t turn back into a person while sleeping. She remains the cat, curled into the ball. The dreams that go through her mind are of a foreign place. It’s foreign, because everyone speaks a different language. Was it Swedish? Something similar? No wait, it was Russian, if one were to be able to identify such things. There is chaos, so much chaos. The talking switches to Arabic as a woman speaks it in rapidfire succession, barking orders or commands, as she looks around the room. It makes little sense, none of it makes sense, but dreams rarely do. (ok done)

While she drifts away, Eryaog enters into the room, careful of the other unstable wall and the floor itself. Made aware simply through the link he shares with Harold. In there as Harold struggles to keep the imp from looking at anyone to make a target, Eryaog moves slowly to pick up the sleeping Lynzee cat. To cradle in his arms. Harold eventually drops his knight sword, which returns to Oyster World. Two hands keeps the imp away from others. A few more warp bolts are shot off, but only damage is minor to the lighthouse itself.

Moving with Eryaog, Harold lays down in this room, least the imp do more damage. Waiting a moment for the boy, the beast just holds the cat. Harold is quick to be gone from the room. Entering literally into her dream of the strange foreign place where an argument is taking place. He has the imp with him, appears in full armor, but once there, in the worlds of dreams, he opens another portal to step back to Oyster World. Spending the better part of an hour getting the imp to someone who can deal with it. A friend he has in that world, that looks mostly human. A true Emerald Knight, letting him know where the imp went and was found. Then Harold lays down to sleep himself, such that he comes back to reality sleeping.

Where he went … perhaps really gone, perhaps in some way he is Eryaog and the two joined. It remains a mystery, but the injured cat and the cut Harold relax. They will come to later, in the clubhouse area, near the old light of the lighthouse. The brazier now lit, and both asleep in the arms of Eryaog who took watch over them. He stays in the real world it seems unless Harold pulls him through. Whether or not Lynzee comes to first, once he stirs in the warm of the three of them, Harold looks for her, reaching an arm to nuzzle her, “Lynzee … you’re hurt?”

Lynzee catches bits of Harold there, he was a knight and he was the only thing familiar but then he is gone as quickly as he had been there and she’s stuck in her dream. The arguments continue rather vehemently, the woman holding a little tow headed baby in her hands. Lynzee can’t understand what they are saying even though she knows the language. Why? It seemed important to learn what was being said. Try as she might, there is still nothing to be understood. She moves, it hurts. The baby cries, Lynzee cat mewls. “Harold.” Lynzee says. “Mewww.” The Lynzee Cat says instead.

Where was he? The dream fades away and there is blissful silence, only warmth. Warmth and softness. Turning her face towards it, she feels fur against her skin. No wait, the fur was hers. No, some was hers, some was.. “Harold?” No, he had skin. Eryaog has fur. Then she hears a familiar voice in it all and Harold was saying her name.

Blue eyes open, she is still a cat but her eyes open and she finds Harold. And Eryaog. Harold was hurt and she lifts her head, trying to lick his wound, trying to help him. He was hurt. She meows softly before she suddenly turns back into Lynzee person. There’s a bruise blooming on her side around her rib cage, she moves a hand there to lift her shirt and look at her skin. “I got hurt,” she tells him plainly. But she looks at his leg. “And you’re hurt.”

Those fleeting moments of her dream remembered, Harold couldn’t risk the Frumling doing some sort of damage in her dream. He didn’t know what would happen, if it was some other world or her mind, and no need for it to send a warp bolt through her dreams. But those voice, he didn’t know them, and the baby, what he caught, was curious to him.

Then, it didn’t matter. They’re tucked up with Eryaog as pillow and blanket, a mass of color around them that is warm and soft. She tries to get to his wound, his leg, but its far away too, and they’re tucked in arms. He reaches for her, as she turns to Lynzee person again. Hand cups her face, affection pours from the boy. “I know, we’re hurt. I was worried.” He admits, searching her eyes, seeing that she is honestly okay now. Looking for the bruise, he barely touches her side of she shows him. More just her. “We can go back in a little bit, its gone for now. We’re safe, our home is safe.” She may have said that out loud, or maybe she thought it and the thought lingered in her dream. He picked up in passing through it even, or she shared with him some how. The way between dreams tricky like that sometimes.

The only parts of Lynzee’s dream she seemed to remember were the ones involving Harold. Mostly, because she remembered him in the current world and the dreams, well they may have been just that. Dreams. Either way, she doesn’t recall them, so she doesn’t work on trying to. They were both hurt and she looks down at herself again, fingers delicately touching her bruised skin. Then he is touching her and she lifts her eyes so she can look at him. Of course there’s that pain in her eyes, it did hurt, but it was manageable.

“I don’t wanna go back yet. I just wanna stay here with you and Eryaog until it doesn’t hurt. But you need a bandage on your leg. I saw you get hurt and I couldn’t stop it from hurting you. I’m sorry.” Indeed she was glad their home was safe and she smiles. “We got rid of the pirate, didn’t we? We did good.”

“We can stay here for now,” agrees Harold, no concern about dorm’s or curfew and such. Not sure if or how it was enforced. They have the warmth of Eryaog and a fire and the company of each other. “I saw you do that, thank you. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to stop it from hurting you Lynzee.” The boy does look at her eyes, his hands even more gentle at her and the pain in her eyes. As if he could just take it all away and that power will always just be beyond him.

“We did good, Lynzee. The pirate is gone, our home is safe.” He’ll lean over to try and kiss her forehead. His leg is indeed hurt as she pointed out. And Eryaog smothers just a little, he can’t help it. “The world is safe. I don’t know what it would of done here, if more had came. But I think there is less magic here than in the world it comes from. It could have been really bad. We did good, we make a good team.”

Lynzee is content with just staying here for noiw. School seemed so far away from what they had just found here in the lighthouse. “How come he came over here? I know it would have been bad, but why did he come here?” She’s not sure why or how it crossed over, but she didn’t like it. “He broke the floors and stuff and the wall. It’s broken now, but we can fix it. We can make it better.”

When his kiss finds her forehead, Lynzee closes her eyes and smiles and suddenly her world seemed brighter. The smothering attention from Eryaog is welcomed, she’d never had a parent or someone who cared about her so much and cared that she was hurt. She sits up more, leaning forward so she can see his leg, wanting to see if he was okay. “Can we fix it?” Or at least clean it. “Did we bring water?” More worried about him, she does lean down, crawls down a little, and kisses his leg by the cut, like she’d seen parents do for their kids on television, wanting to make it better for him.

Considering how it did come here, Harold turns it over a moment in his mind. “I don’t know. If it followed me, or what. I think we have to investigate it.” He says that solemnly, like go to Oyster World and track down what could be happening. Solemn yet full of confidence. The boy might be small by a few standards, but he had no lack of that determination and belief in what he could do and what could be done. He knows he’ll go look and is sure because of his conviction, they’ll find an answer if they look hard enough.

Then she is up, leaning over and down to his leg. He has no clue what is going on, but he gets very nervous all of a sudden like. HIs heart literally skips a beat, then she kisses his leg softly. “Yeah. Yeah, we have some.” His voice is slightly shaky, “Water.” He leans up to look at her, “We can fix it, rest a little, drink a little, then figure out getting back to school.” He’ll have to admit what happened and get it looked at there. He is assuming water for drinking, not his leg. Eryaog stirs himself to reach for his satchel, turning and opening them a little to the cool night air. Slowy a hand reaches near Lynzee with said water bottle, he does watch out for the both of them it would seem.

Lynzee nods as solemnly as him, it was something they may have to check in to so they could see what caused it and how to fix it. There couldn’t be more of them overrunning the islands or the school or the towns. It could be an epidemic and it could cause a big load of trouble or maybe even someone dying since the things knew magic. So many thoughts in her mind, and all of them about him or their problem they needed to solve.

After she kisses his leg, she sits back up and reaches for the water that was offered. “We gotta wash off your leg,” she tells him softly, “It looks like it hurts.” Intent on doctoring it if he will let her. She smiles to Eryaog for the water though “Thank you,” The words are given to the creature but her attention is mostly on Harold. “Are you sure you’re okay?” Not sure how bad it was, but her own movements are careful, she doesn’t want to hurt him worse than he is.

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