(2016-04-26) Alien Day Two
Alien Day, Part Two
Summary: The continuation of Alien Day
Date: 2016-04-26
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Oliver had a little bit of a head-start as he made his way towards…whatever he saw and decided to track down. Not that he's the best at moving through brush, but at least it's mostly beach. Any tracks he made are obscured by the fact that they're in sand, but he definitely went off in a northerly direction along the beach.

About a third of a mile or so past the docks, there is something there that doesn't belong. A small crater has been made, the skidding across the water through the sand is beginning to be obscured and erased by the tide, but there is still a small crater with something shiny, sleek, and not-entirely earthly is there.

It's been moved, as if picked up and dropped not quite where it landed, if any can figure that out, and there are footprints leading from the crater.

Annaliesa had left Daxton and Felicia talking and had headed off in search of the thing falling from the sky. AKA, she was headed for wherever it was that Oliver had gone to. The food was left behind for the others and her steps are light in the sand. She's not exactly sure where Oliver had gone, not even a little, except the general direction, but she was fairly good at not getting lost. "Oliver?" The words are called out tentatively, but she tries not to be too loud so that if there is anything else in the area she won't startle it or alert it.. then she mentally berates herself for putting stock in the Alien Day thing. She calls a little louder. "Oliver!"

The takeout containers that he took with him are at the edge of the crater, unfinished. As the voice calling his name gets closer to the crater, it's heard and gets a response. "Don't touch that…thingy!" It's coming from a shadowy corner nearby, more footsteps in the sand leading that way. Almost, as if as an afterthought, "I'm not hurt…I don't think…" is added.

Well of course when you tell someone not to touch something… Annaliesa looks towards.. it. "What the..?" A stumbled step backwards, "What is it?" At times like this, one needs teammates. "Daxton! Felicia!" She looks for Oliver, peering towards him, "What are you doing? What happened here?" There's a whole lot of worry, she's not exactly sure what happened, but it's not good, as far as she is concerned anyway.

Felicia is about to make anouther comment about the bruises that cover Dax's arms when she hears Anna shouting. Her immediatly pops up and she looks in the direction of the shouting but can't see either Anna or Oliver because it's all dark at stuff. "Was that panic? That sounded sorta like panic to me." setting her food down she gets to her feet.

"Dunno. We should check it out." Dax is on his feet "Hold on." is the only warning Felicia gets before he dashes from the docks to where Oliver and Anna are.

It's not much but it's enough, Felicia grabs a handful of shirt and she shrinks just in time to keep from being an anchor to the speedster. For those few seconds she is flopping in the wind his speed creates but as he stops she lets go, dropping to the ground and upsizing herself beside him "That's. So. Awesome." she has to say it.

"Uhm, I touched it…and it kind of lit up some…" Oliver says in the shadows but when Annaliesa calls for Felicia and Daxton, he steps out and calls, "No! Don't…" he knows that he isn't the only curious one of the group.

It's…kind of Oliver. If Oliver had large, glowing blue eyes, darklly scaled skin, a horn-like brow, and clawed hands and feet. He actually doesn't look like anything 'of this world' at the moment…certainly nothing he's ever turned into.

He's still wearing his own clothes, so there's still that, and despite the sharp, white teeth, it's his voice and intonation.

"Yeah. Uhm."

Hearing Oliver, Annaliesa looks towards where he is, but when he steps out, she squeaks, stumbling backwards enough that she lands on her butt in the sand and scrambles backwards in a crab motion. "It has Oliver! It has him!" Of course that's the first thing she thinks of, but it sounds like him. Hearing Daxton and Felicia, she doesn't take her eyes off Oliver, but she motions them towards him.. She doesn't know what to say, no clue, but she doesn't look away.

Felicia sees Anna first, sorta crab walking backwards on her backside toward there "What has Oliver?" she moves to Anna, bending over to lift her up and plant the shorter girl back on her feet. Her eyes follow the direction that Anna is both pointing and looking it "Uhm Anna, that is Oliver." she has seen Oliver do the shapeshifting before, but this is a new form for him as far as she knows "Since when have you been able to do weirdo creatures?" she asks as she takes in this new and unusual form. After she asks though she takes a step back "Please tell me you don't have the glitter flu again." she is so not getting that again and that would explain this new shape. The glitter flu making a persons powers do random things and stuff.

Running on land dries the speedster the rest of the way off, although his clothes are now stiff from the salt water. More time in the laundry room, it seems. Felicia's praise is ignored for the moment as his eyes land on the Creature from the Lagoon. "Holy Fuck." Dax notices it's wearing Oliver's clothes. And has his voice. "What the fuck did you do?" He's already scanning the area for the contamination issue. His entire posture changes, he's almost posed like he's ready to be attacked, swaying from foot to foot. Some training clicks in naturally when confronted with situations. Seems there's some of that happening here, for good or bad.

Oliver winces as Annaliesa falls back and he pauses, not moving closer. "Uhm…It's me," a clawed hand lifts to scratch at his head almost sheepishly. "I just touched it, honest! It lit up and then it felt like…" he has to think about it, "Like I just sort of shut off. My powers, I mean." And he ended up like this. Those glowing eyes look between the others, "Is it really that bad?" He still doesn't move any closer. "So. Uhm. Not sure if that thing did this or what." There's an exasperated sigh towards Felicia, "No glitter flu. I don't even know…I mean, I don't know how I could have done this myself…"

"It's not!" Annaliesa insists, knowing full well it couldn't possibly be him. He could turn to things he had seen before, she knew the rules. "Wait! Was.. what did you touch? Was it an alien? Was it? You look like an ALIEN Oliver. An Alien! Your eyes are glowing! You have.. are those claws?" Yeah, she gets to her feet with Felicia's help but she forgets to thank her yet. "Can you.. I ean will you turn back into you? Can you?" Powers gone? What? She was freaked out, of course she was. "What thing was there, Oliver?"

Looking from Dax to Anna Felicia shakes her head "Take a breath people." all this freaking out just isn't something she is kosher with. Especially since it can get people hurt very quickly "Of course it's you Oliver." she assures both the shapeshifter and hopefully Anna at the same time "What exactly does an alien look like Anna?" she then moves forward to the edge of the crater and pulls the flashlight from her pocket, shining it down into the hole "All good questions. Start with the what did you do and/or touch one."

Daxton frowns, taking a moment to shoot Anna a glare. "Stop it, that's not helping!" His eyes land of the object and he moves closer, not close enough to touch (cause F that), but closer to see if there's any markings. Does it appear alien, military? "Felicia, point your flashlight over here." And as he looks he'll add, "Someone call the school. This needs to be quarantined so no civilians can accidentally find it. And none of us have powers that can move it without touching it." Well, that he knows of. His eyes glance upward, scanning quickly to make sure there aren't any more falling alien ugly makers.

"It is!" Oliver insists, his hand lowering with a sigh. "I touched the thing in the crater. It…it fell out of the freaking sky!" Like a UFO? A piece of space junk? He looks at his hands when she points out the claws, "Yeah…I mean…built-in picks for the guitar?" Surely it's Oliver if he's joking?

Any smile fades though when she asks about him turning back. "Uhhh…no. It's kind of…weird. Not like when I'm wearing cotton, but like…I'm naked." Like he's never been before. Even though he's wearing clothes.

Glowing eyes look at the others before he climbs down into the sand crater and reaches down to pick up the item. He pauses before muttering, "What else can happen?" before he picks it up — it fits easily within his hand and seems to be made out of a similar, shimmery purple-black like his own scales. "I guess we should bring this back to be looked at? And quarantined? I don't want to be quarantined!" It was bad enough with the Glitter flu.

He climbs out of the crater towards the others when the thing in his hand begins to light up with strange symbols. It's dropped once again and it stays in the sand, glowing, until it opens up like a sort of flower. There's a light as it opens up and then, a projection flickers into being in the center. A robed figure, looking similar to how Oliver looks now, is there, moving only slightly, and speaking in a language that certainly doesn't sound like an earthly one. It's very 'Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope'.

"Don't yell at me!" Annaliesa demands of Daxton. "I'm not a baby." She is scared, but she's not a baby. Looking from the thing in the crater to Oliver, then to Daxton, she shakes her head, "We gotta tell someone from the school. Someone has to come take care of this." Maybe a touch hysterical, "I don't know what Aliens look like Felicia, but I've seen Men in Black." Then Oliver is joking about it. "Why are you all so relaxed? This is bad!"

The flashlight is pointed in the direction that Dax indicates and she is looking in that direction too, but of course the word naked gets her attention and she is looking at Oliver all perplexed "Your clothes didn't change with you?" he explained to her how his powers sorta works "I thought they always changed with you." except that weird cotton restriction of course. "Well so much for no one touching it." she mutters to Daxton, handing him the flashlight a moment. "Anna," she moves back to her besties side, before the girl totally looses it "Focus. This isn't MiB. You have your phone right? Call the school. Get some faculty down here." as far as why she is relaxed, that's just how she is, cool under pressure, not the panicy type..unfazeable and stuff.

Daxton throws his hands into the air. "God damn it!" Why would Oliver pick it up again! Anna gets another look, somewhere between annoyed and apologetic. Her hysterics aren't helping, and didn't he just suggest calling the school? Instead he focuses on the hologram, shaking his head. There's no way for them to know what's being said, unless Oliver was given some kind of innate knowledge of their language. The speedster looks up to see if that's the case. Hopefully this isn't a one time play, or going to self-destruct at the end.

"I don't have tentacles!" Oliver insists. That much he knows. "I mean, only when I'm an octopus…" He looks at the projection as well and blinks at it before he looks to the others. "Uhm. Any idea?" The projection plays and then ends, the pod closing back up and the lights fading out. He looks to Felicia, "No, they didn't change. These were the clothes I was wearing. It's like…I dunno. Like I'm lighter?" Not physically, If anything, he looks a bit denser. He then looks at Daxton, "You touch it? I bet you can run away before anything happens?"

Because teenage boys are wise.

One thing in all this is probably very, very apparent. Annaliesa is decidedly not going to touch it. There's no temptation there at all. Her phone, she looks at Felicia and frowns, but takes it out, making the call. "Guys. I'm a not some crime fighter. Up until like a month or so again, I was a mermaid, swimming in water at home with my mermaid family. I don't do these things. I don't even know what all this is." She does try and at least focus to carry on a conversation with whoever answered.

Felicia would really be eating this up with Anna wasn't freaking and Daxton wasn't being all, paranoid(?) about the weird object. She loves this scifi stuff. With Anna focused on the phone call she can focus on the important stuff "Tentacles would have been cool." she asides as she crouches down in front of the object that the hologram projected from "Don't worry. I'm not going to touch it." the yet goes unspoken. Removing one of the pens from her pocket she does use that to prod the thing, hoping she can get it to play again.

Daxton doesn't think that's how that works. "If it sucked out your powers, if could do the same to me. Then I wouldn't be able to run away fast enough." Dax stops the urge to point out that none elf them really know what the hell to do. Except maybe Fel, who's poking the thing, "Just…wait." He's hand twitches though, ready to try to yank her back and away if it starts glowing again. "Isn't there someone in the school that's all language based?" He thought he heard a rumor about someone who could speak and crack any code, or something.

The pod doesn't do anything when poked with a pen. It might, if poked hard enough, sort of rock a little in the sand. The glance that Oliver gives is classic 'Ollie', "Really, Felicia? Really?" Tentacles? "This is bad enough and now you want to bring hentai into this? Or are you just thinking of those things from 'Galaxy Quest'?"

Clawed hands reach up to scratch at his nose…or what seems to be where his nose would be.

"So…maybe it was kind of stupid to touch something that fell from the sky…but…" Too late now. He looks back to the others and asks again, "Is it really that bad?"

The girl hmmms as she looks at the glowy orby thing, Felicia was asking to much to have it just pop again at the pen prodding. "Maybe? There could be." she doesn't know every or their powers, but she may have heard similar. The question from Oliver has her smirking up at him. She knows what hentai is but she shakes her head "I was thinking more Cthulhu actually, but good to know what you are thinking." she looks between the two guys and being the Ares and being the spontaneous creature she is palms the orb, power sucking be damned.

The orb is smooth to the touch, almost stone or metallic in texture, but it's slightly warm as if there's a heat source. Or it's alive. But nothing happens. It's just like a stone in the sand. No power-draining, no forcing any strange shifting. Nothing.

Daxton's jaw tightens and he's instantly at Felicia's side. Not that he'd be able to move the half ton girl, but he'd damn well try if he needed to! But thankfully nothing happens and he sighed, frustrated. He doesn't even bother to swear instead, "I'm going to check the perimeter." Not that he thinks there's anything there, but it will stop him from glowering at everyone. And lord knows he's not answering Oliver's question.

When nothing happens…nothing at all Felicia frowns. "Well that is major suckage." she looks at them both focusing on Dax a moment "Perimeter? Now's not the time for math homework." she doesn’t know all that military lingo, but does know a bit about geometry, so that's where her brain goes. She bounds to her feet but leaves the stone in the sand. "I don't think it's that bad Oliver." she tells him "You look like a Jamba experiment. Fit right in with Stitch." and of course she goes there too, she is a cartoonaholic.

Oliver sits down in the sand and puts his head in his hands. "Oh, man…Grayson is going to freak…" and there's the end of anything that was burgeoning there. "I didn't see anything else…" is said, but then Daxton is off. There's another sigh before he looks through his scaled hands at Felicia, "Stitch?" It takes him a moment but there's a faint smile. "You know, I'd rather not be stuck like this…" and, almost as if his wish was granted, he begins to shift back into human-looking Oliver. The shift is slower than usual, as if his form is reluctant to take another form after the initial liberation.

Daxton stops, glancing over at Fel, "No, the perim-the area." His head shakes softly before he looks over at Oliver. "We'll get this figured out man." and then he's off, making a lap around the area, keeping an eye on the sky till the teacher show up.

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