(2016-04-26) Alien Day
Alien Day
Summary: It's Alien Day and strange things are afoot.
Date: 2016.04.26
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Scene Runner: Oliver

Dark soft sand fills the beachhead of the cove, sporadically there are small motor boats pulled up on the shore. There is a public dock here that extends no more than 50 yards out over the small cove, allowing small ferries to pick up passengers and tourists to go out to the Isles of Shoals. With the tides a large harbor bell rings on the waves, heard around the town similar to church bells in some small towns. The scent of sea and the cry of gulls gives serenity to docks and beach.

While Oliver often professes that he doesn't like outdoor activities, apparently star-gazing doesn't count among them. As the days and nights begin warming up, he's more likely to be found outside when the skies are clear than he is indoors doing homework. It's an issue. Kind of.

Tonight is no different despite the cooler air and feel of moisture in it, as if it might rain…but there are enough patches through the clouds that he can look up at the stars peeking through. He's brought a yoga mat (most likely -not- his) and is laying back on the dock, his hands tucked behind his head as he just watches.

The docks are a perfectly logical place to be on a Tuesday night. Just ask Annaliesa, she'll make up something to tell you as to the reasoning behind it. The take out bag in her hand could be a logical explanation. She walks with Felicia, "You know, I thought I'd never want another burger, and today is too soon, but this Chinese food sure smells good." So it's loaded with MSG, they're kids, they'll grow out of it. Hopefully.

It was night, but maybe before curfew, maybe after, and Annaliesa doesn't seem in a hurry to get back. As they approach the dock area where Oliver is, she gives a curious look, not exactly recognizing him in the dark. "I hope you're hungry," she murmurs to her roommate. "We have enough to feed everyone in the dorm."

Felicia walks along with Anna as they move along the docks. She is pretty easy going, and any reason or excuse to get out of the dorms and school is usually good enough for her, even if it's just 'because I want too.' "I had one yesterday." of course she did. She didn't have the same issues with getting that Behemoth down that her bestie did. "But it does smell good." even though she ate once already, she always has room for second dinner "Or just Dax." she says as she glances at the back that the wonderful smells are coming from. Anna may not recognize Oliver immediatly, but she does and she calls out to the teen "Hey Oliver!"

Oliver sits up as his name is called out…or maybe it was the smell of the chinese food. Maybe both. He gives a wave to the girls as they approach and actually sits up on the yoga mat so that he can be more social. "Hi!" is offered with a smile before he looks to the bags that are being carried, "You got Chinese food? Aw, man…" his stomach grumbles despite the fact that he ate earlier.

"What brings you two out here? Smuggling delicious food and don't want to get caught?" His grin widens, "Or don't want to share?"

"Derek wants to try it. Maybe with some of the others from Ares, Daxton and Vinny and that new guy?" The burger challenge that is. It's an idea anyway. Annaliesa grins, "I told him we'd go and cheer them on. I'd like to see someone really do it." As soon as Felicia says Oliver's name, she recognizes him more, "Oh hi," she greets, lifting the bag, indicating food. "We have sustenance. Enough for all of us. We cuold sit here and have a picnic on the dock?" Looking between them, hey it's a good idea to her!

"We do." Felicia nods to Oliver "But if we were smuggling it in we would be doing a much better job than just carrying it out in the open." she would have shrunk it and put it in her pocket, like how she smuggles all sorts of things into class that she isn't supposed too. Usually she would give that exasperated sigh when Derek is mentioned, but with the context it is in she just chuckles "Of course, four guys to do the same work of two girls." she gives a wink.

It's evening, sometime after dinner and Anna and Felicia are returning from a food run. The mermaid is carrying a takeout bag from the local Chinese place, and wonderful smells come from it. It seems they have intruded on Oliver's stargazing as he is sitting on a yoga mat, the three are chatting a bit.

Oliver looks sharply to Annaliesa when she mentions Derek, "Are you still talking to him? Dude, I totally would drop him like…well, I'd drop him." Sure, he doesn't know details or specifics…just what he saw and heard. On the subject of food, though, "Are you sure there's enough?" There's a pause, "What did you get?" He might not be able to eat it, after all. "You can't smuggle in Chinese food. It smells too delicious!"

With that, he makes sure there's room for the others before casually mentioning "Did you know that it's Alien Day?" He looks back out towards the sky, "Maybe we'll see something out here tonight…"

"I think Felicia has the best powers there are. I wish I could shrink stuff." Annaliesa lifts the bag a little to get the others a waft of the food, it smells really good, all sorts of a variety. Teenagers gotta eat. "There's plenty of food, yeah, for all of us. And more." When the girls eat, they eat. "And there's all sorts of stuff, I ordered some, Felicia ordered some. We've got the goods." She walks over and sits down on the dock and places the bag down between them all. "Take your pick but the sesame chicken is mine." Well some of it. "I don't think the guys can do it though, Felicia, cause that's still so much burger."

Annaliesa looks between Oliver and Felicia and gives a little shrug. "Yeah," she says softly. "We've talked and all. He's apologized. He's different, you'll see." That's as far as she goes on that. Instead, she shakes her head, going with the change of subject. "Alien Day? So, we look for UFO's or something?"

A distant spot from the island starts making it's way closer to the docks. It's not a vehicle, too small, but very quickly it become apparently it's Daxton, running very quickly over the water. Someone planted the seed yesterday. And now the speedster is testing out the theory. Apparently this is not his first try, the Ares is soaking wet as he rushes up onto the dark sand. The change of terrain is enough that Daxton trips and rolls a good 20 feet before stopping, laid out now across the sand gasping. He's disturbed a flock of birds which all cry and take off. It would be a movie moment, if the teen could get enough air to enjoy it.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Annaliesa rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Oliver rolls Alertness: Success.

Felicia couldn't agree more on the Derek subject, but Anna has heard it all from her, so she will let someone else tell the other girl. Maybe she'll listen. And then thankfully it's the food again. She hrmms at Oliver's logic "Well there is that. But I can certainly try." and were it not for the smell she would be able to do it. "There is an order of veggie lo mein." she tells him "Have at that."

The mention of it being alien day as her quirking her eyebrows at Oliver and looking over the water at the horizon a bit and then up, then back at the horizon "You mean something like that." she points at the URO blitzing over the water coming toward them. She doesn't realize who or what it is, it's dark and she has perfectly normal eyesight, until Dax hits sand and then she is dropping f-bombs "Holy fuck." and wincing as her teammate rolls through the sand a few feet from where they stand on the dock.

"That's sort of the plan," Oliver grins. "If any would show up, it would be on Alien Day, right?" He does glance again to Felicia and echoes her earlier sigh at the mention of Derek. He mutters something about not holding his breath before he leans over to look at the food, "Did you get anything without meat? The Sesame Chicken is all your's." When Felicia offers the veggie lo mein, he grins, "Thanks! I will!"

He turns quickly as Felicia points out something…is it a UFO? Is it?? Nope, it's just Daxton, running across the water and crashing into the sand. "I think you need to work on sticking that landing some."

Annaliesa doesn't mention Derek anymore at the moment, but she doesn't seem to be changing her mind in a hurry. She does start pulling everything out of the bag, grateful for the labels. There's the veggie dish there, and the fried rice that is lacking in a protein but has plenty of vegetables there. Both are handed over to Oliver with a smile, chopsticks and a spork. She takes her sesame chicken and starts opening the container. "Wouldn't it be cool to see an Alien?"

About then, she looks up and spots Daxton barreling across the water. She puts a hand over her mouth when he hits land and fumbles the landing. "OHMYGOD!" she says from behind her hand. "Are you okay?" Looking as if she is going to stand and go help him, she doesn't move yet, waiting to see if he moves on his own.

Daxton's on his back, but the speedster has wet sand everywhere. He'll flip off whoever critiqued his landing, as soon as he gets the energy to and can stop his mind from racing ahead to figure out who it was. He ran on MFing water! Not having the voice, he manages a small hand waves, whatever that means. There's no blood or visible bones sticking out and he's not crying in pain. Take that for whatever it's worth.

Trust Anna to overreact to things, but it's kind of endearing in a way, at least to Felicia. There is a nudge given to the other girl and she jumps from the dock into the ankle deep water below "That was a rough landing man." she says as she wades through the water and then up the beach to where the speedster has landed. "You okay?" she is waffling between concern that he is hurt and excitement at what the teen just did, that much is evident.

Oliver just sort of laughs as he's given the finger…he certainly deserved it. He takes the chopsticks and begins eating some of the veggie lo mein as the girls see to Daxton. He's not screaming and there doesn't seem to be blood. Scrapes and bruises are to be expected, no?" He remains on the dock to guard the food. Yeah, that's it. To guard the food. He does call out a semi-concerned, "You ok?"

Annaliesa hadn't quite stood up yet, just prepared to, just in case. As Felicia heads over, she still looks over there, concerned, but she doesn't get up yet. "You just ran across the water?" Her voice sounds incredulous, even to her. Or maybe especially to her. "How did you do that?" The food is there, in her hands, her container of sesame chicken and a spork, because she won't pretend to be good with chopsticks. "Is he okay, Felicia?" She asks her friend who has the advantage of not having to catch her breath. "And here we thought we'd find aliens tonight."

Now that Felicia's closer, she can see Dax's eyes are closed tight. Mostly because of the sand everywhere, He manages a low, but excited, "Did it…" and he then grunts in pain as he tries to shift, the wet sand around him acting as mini quicksand, trying to hold him in place. He grins, and then couphs, grimacing. "shit…" ok, he might have lots of bruising.

Dax talking, though groaning in pain has more of her excitement slipping through and she bounces a bit "You did do it!" she exclaims she is about to just grab him and lift him to his feet, but a second thought has her realizing that could be all hurty for him so instead she just offers him a hand up. "You should have told us you were going to try it. We all could have cheered you on." all being Ares in her head "Or rescued you if you totally bombed at it." well Anna could have, swimming isn't in her skill set, she can sink like a champ though.

"Probably the same way the bugs can land on water and not sink," Oliver points out. "He's not touching the surface long enough to break the surface tension of the water…so it's sort of like he's his own speedboat. I mean, that's what I'm guessing," Oliver spends too much time thinking about this stuff and studying. He does sort of pause though, the chopsticks and noodles half-lifted to his mouth, "Are you hurt?" is called before he looks to Anna. "Should we go over there?"

"Yeah." Annaliesa agrees, pushing easily to her feet and offering Oliver a hand up. "Maybe we should." She looks excited more than concerned though, grinning over at Daxton and Felicia. "I think that's the coolest thing ever. I could swim beneath while Daxton runs across it, and Derek can fly while Felicia and Fred and Vinny ride with him. We could make an awesome team together." She grins at Oliver, "And if you'd come to Ares where you belong, you could swim with me." definitely she is playing around with him though and as she approaches Daxton, she looks at him. "We have food. Food makes everything better."

Daxton's eyes are screwed shut so he can't see Fel's offered hand. Instead he manages to sit up on his own with a sickening wet noise as he pulls himself up from the mud. "Fell through twice…Wasn't sure if it would work." He then spits, trying to get the sand out of his mouth. The yell from Oliver is heard and Dax yells back, "I'll live." He then admits to whoever is there besides Fel, "I need water or something to get the sand out of my eyes…" Although food might help in a bit.

<FS3> Annaliesa rolls Magic: Good Success.

Well ever since Anna and her came up with the plan for her to carry a bottle or two of water in case she needs it Felicia is at least prepared…well sorta. "And you managed to get back on the surface?" she begins to dig through her pockets "That's awesome!" a few Monsters are pulled out, those won't work, phone, earbuds, pens, money, candy, flashlight, a few random cord chargers, a skateboard keychain, a few marbles and why does she have just the eyes from a Mr. Potato Head play set…"I know I have a bottle of water in here somewhere." meanwhile the pile of stuff from her pockets increases.

Oliver takes Anna's offered hand and leaves his food with a bit of a sigh. He lets go, however, when the timing is proper and glances over as she begins listing off all the people who can do stuff with Daxton…and be a team…and then him joining Ares. "Yeah…I don't think I'm really 'Ares' material. I'm the sneaky type…" in that he can blend into almost any environment due to shifting. "Not so much into the…in-your-face-ness, you know?" There's a little look of disappointment then, "You mean, you won't let me swim with you unless I join Ares? Really?"

Oh, Oh, Oh! Me, Me, Me! Annaliesa finally gets to be useful to someone in her team and she glances around first before bringing some water for him, some that isn't muddy but is, unfortunately, salty. A load of water is brought from the nearby body of water, looking as if it's being bobbed around in an invisible pail. It hovers over Daxton's head for just a moment before suddenly dumping over him, drenching him even more and maybe even splashing those nearby. She grins, looking all proud of herself. "There. Good as new." Yeahhhh, about that… No one ever said she was a super hero, just that she had special abilities. She notices the growing pile of things from Felicia and laughs, "What is all that stuff? You shrunk the bottled water, is it in your pockets, I think? Your backpack?" She grins with Oliver, "You can swim with me, I was only playing. I'd like to swim with you." She looks confused a moment. "You said you can only change into something you've seen. So if you see me as a mermaid, if you change into one, would you be like.. me? I mean would you look like me?" Cause weird.

Daxton couphs again, spiting more sand to the side. Inhaling sand sucks. "No, I was close to the school so I swam back and tried again." And again. He won't mention he also learned he can swim really fast too. Fel's taking too long, waiting isn't in his strong suite so he tilts his head, trying to decide how to blind walk to the water's edge to be able to wash off his face. He's blind, so has no idea Anna's doing anything. And gets no warning, "Jesus Christ!!" The speedster darts about 3 feet away, startled. There's still sand on him, but his eyes and face are mostly cleared. "Little warning next time Anna!" Salt water in the mouth, yuck. While he's bruised up, the excitement of having actually ran on water is setting in and he grins, "Holy shit, I did it!"

Felicia nods at him, not that he can see it with his eyes all scrunched up, but she is focused on her search "I would have loved to video tape that! Imagine all the youtube hits!" she finally finds the water "Here it is! It was under the box of cookies." she looks up with just enough time to see what is happening "ANNA…" she starts to shout but then splosh, the large water bubble gets dropped on his head…"no." the no is said in a normal tone since it is to late. Sure she is splashed, that doesn't seem to bother her, as she stuff getting washed away does. "Damn!" the bottle of water gets tossed at Dax as she begins to chase after her pocket junk sent floating away by Anna's water deluge.

Oliver winces as Daxton is doused with even more water…and it's not very warm out to begin with. But hey, he's less sandy now! There's some applause at Anna's handiwork before he manages a grin at her words, "Oh, ok. Good. Because I really want to try that." Her question has him pause for a moment, "Maybe. At first. Because it might be new? But then I can probably change to look like someone else." Maybe. It should be able to work that way though, right? "I might have to stay female though since I heard only the girls are mermaids? I don't want to break the laws of…" well, is it nature? "Magic?"

Of course, Daxton's excitement is a bit contagious and Oliver offers, "You did! It was really cool, too! Felicia thought you might be a UFO!" He reaches down to try and scoop up some of the pocket junk that might be coming his way.

"Hey, you asked for the water." Annaliesa tells Daxton in her own self defense, surely that was warning enough! To her way of thinking anyway. There's an apologetic smile given to Felicia before she realizes what had happened. She hurries about helping gather the lost things. At least the food was safe from the water. Was Oliver? She hears the applause and grins at him, but it fades. "But.. it'd be weird if you looked like me." It does seem to bother her but only a little. "I will think about it though." She grins about the UFO. "It's Alien Day and we're watching for Aliens. We were having dinner on the docks so we could watch out over the water. You should join us, Daxton." She picks up a potato head eye with a wtf expression, then looks to Felicia. "….Why?"

The bottle is caught with minimal fumbling, "Thanks!" That's at Fel, but then Daxton glances to Anna, "Thanks too." The water is opened and he rinses his mouth out. The speedster is already shivering, so what's more water really matter, right? He's excited enough that he's actually making eye contact when he talks to people, almost like he's forgotten briefly not to. The bouncing soon starts, "I wasn't sure if my feet would be big enough, but it worked!" He was afraid he was going to have to wear lizard shoes or something weird. He laughs, eyes jutting to Fel searching the water for her junk, "A UFO? Why?" Anna answers that though, "Aliens, huh? Cool." He's 15, he'll never say no to food so there's just some nodding as he steps over to see if he can find any of the missing stuffs before they eat.

Felicia is mostly concerned about her phone being washed out to sea so that's what she went after first. Thankfully the case it is in is water resistant at the very least, but she just shoves it into her pocket as she collects the Monsters and money "It's not weird Anna." she points out, as she takes her stuff from Oliver "Thanks." she tells him shoving that stuff away too. "It's awesome!" she knows that first hand. "You should totally let him copy you Anna." she has Oliver's back in this one. "It was a gift." she answers Anna as she takes the eyes, and that's all the explanation she offers about that for now. "Of course Dax." she chuckles at the alien thing "Only you were an unidentified running object." with the situation with Dax over and most, but not all of her stuff returned she moves to the dock and the food "You want the kung pao or the mongolian beef?" she picks up the two containers, letting the speedster decide first.

Oliver won't melt if he gets a little splashed. He might get a little cold, however. "Well, how about this," he offers. "I'll try to -not- look like you as quickly as I can." He hands back some of the stuff he managed to scoop up, "Is there some sort of Hello Kitty requirement that I'm not aware of?" is asked when he hands over one of the items…apparently 'Hello Kitty' themed. "It shouldn't matter about your feet as long as…yeah, you're going fast enough. And no UFOs yet, but it's Alien Day as Anna said, so…I mean, wouldn't you show up today if you were an Alien?

He walks with the others back to the dock to retrieve his veggie dishes. "A URO. That might count." He tilts his head at Daxton, "Are you an Alien though?"

"You're welcome." Annaliesa tells Daxton cheerfully, glad to have rescued him and all, whether he thinks she had or not. She hands over the eyes and looks around for more. The marbles are missing, they sank likely. She looks over to Felicia again, handing the eye over. "A gift. Uh.. huh." She grins though, "We need the lips now too though." Walking back over to the food, because there are priorities, she has a seat, "I could share some sesame chicken. Maybe." Though she is still contemplating what Oliver is asking about. "Maybe," she tells him too. Looking to Daxton, she grins, "Are you an alien? I'm not. I may be alien to some, but I wasn't born on another planet."

Daxton just laughs and answers Oliver first, "No? It's way better to catch everyone off guard." There's little debate in the hungry teens mind, "Kung pao, if that's ok." But he comes back to Oliver, the smile dropping slightly, "No? I'm human." Why would Oliver even ask that? The idea of him being alien is just….too much and he shakes his head, he's got enough rama, being alien isn't on that list. "I was born in Florida." Which now that eh thinks bout it, is kinda like being an alien. The food is opened and he glances at it before looking to Anna's food and the teen nods. More food is good. "Do we have forks?"

An oh! comes from Felicia as she takes the HK themed brush from Oliver. "I wondered where that went." does she even know what all is in her pockets? Probably not. "It's the Ares way." catching people off guard she means as she hands Dax the container of kung pao and a spork. Anna gets a fishy lips face at her comment "And the rest of the set." Since everyone is denying being an alien she gives a smirk "Totally an alien over here." she grabs a pair of chopsticks and prods herself with them "Greenblood like a vulcan and everything." she is of course joking about that.

"Don't they say that 'Aliens can look like anyone'? Oh, wait…that's a psychopath." Oliver teases and grins at Felicia before he digs into his lo mein. He quiets as people start talking about their birthplaces. Maybe he's just really hungry?

He's busy eating and quietly listening when there's a streak of light in the sky. "Guys…what was that?" It was probably a falling star, but…ALIEN DAY! "I'm gonna go see…" and he's bringing the Lo Mein and Fried Rice with him. "Be right back…"

Sporks, but Felicia seems to have that in hand and Annaliesa grins, doing a kissy face back to her roommate. "I didn't know you were born in Florida," she tells Daxton. "That's pretty cool. It's more tropical there than here." A bite of her chicken is taken, she rather enjoys it too. Just minding her own business, seeing the streak when it happens, and she stiffens. (No more Delilah's coming to town! Hide the Derek's!) "What was that?!" As Oliver says he is going to go off and explore, she nods hesitantly. "Right behind you," she offers her support, but makes no move to get up from her food.

Daxton's eyes roll at the girls antics, he's on his second mouth full before he realises Anna's talking to him. He nods, still a little soggy, "Yeah, me and my siblings were all born on military bases." A true army brat. There's his half shrug, "Yeah, I guess so." defiantly warmer. The speedster leans forward and snags some of Anna's chicken, eyeing the direction Oliver went. "It was probably just a falling star." That probably doesn't help poor Anna.

"Only if they are pod people." Felicia says to Oliver "You're the one that can look like anyone." she points out to the shapeshifter with a snigger. She pokes and stirs at her chinese food with her chopsticks before taking a bite of it. The streak of light, then Oliver running off has her huhing and then shrugging her shoulders "Don't get snatched." she calls after him. She laughs at Anna, this time ignoring the rolled eyes. At least they aren't flirting with each other! "Florida is nice…I hear." she sends a quizzical look to Dax "The same one or different ones?"

Annaliesa willingly shares the sesame chicken with Daxton, giving him a grin as she does. The whole falling star thing is just sort of glossed over by her not addressing it any further in that way. "Well I hope Oliver is going to be fine." She will go and check on him, really she will. "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," she tells Felicia. Yeah, Daxton. "Like, real siblings?"

Daxton chews and swallows before answering, "Different. We moved around a lot." He holds out his container if either girls wants to nab any. His eyes do drop though and there's a touch of something, maybe sadness? in his voice, "Yeah, I have a brother and sister, both younger." He swallows, it's been three years, he has no idea how they are, beyond the brief yelling match he had with his father when he first arrived here. Easier to focus on eating.

"He can take care of himself." Felicia assures Anna. "He can turn into a bear for pete's sake." and she has the picture to prove it. There is some peering at his food but she doesn't do anymore than look before taking a bite of her own "As opposed to fake siblings?" she questions Anna, wondering what brought that question on and why would Dax mention it if they weren't real. Maybe she notices the brief glimpse of emotion, or maybe she is just really curious, either way she is asking "What made you decide to try to impersonate a speedboat?" change of topic, whether it is needed or not.

Annaliesa doesn't ask, but she can sort of tell Daxton was either sad or.. something, so she definitely doesn't ask. Sometimes it was easier not to. Easier for Daxton at least. Looking towards where Oliver left, she nods, "Yeah but it's Alien day, what if there is an alien or something?" I mean really. "Wait, that means he could be an alien also too then." She grins at Felicia, "I mean.. like that Unit. If he thought of any of them like siblings, that's all." She looks towards where Oliver went. "I think I am going to follow him." Putting her chicken nearer Daxton, she stands to go in search of him.

Must be Dax's lucky day, booth girls are letting him off the hook with that one. But then Anna drops that doozy on him and he physically winces, eyes darting away to look in the direction of the school. Unit 23. Ouch. He just silently chews on the food until Anna's gone before he quietly answers Felicia, "Brenna asked if I could. I didn't know so I figured I should try it and see."

Felicia didn't think of that and even if she did she is smart enough not to have brought it up. A frown is shot at Anna and her tactlessness as she goes off in search of Oliver. "Sorry about that." she apologizes for her bestie and exchanges her mongolian beef for the chicken that Anna left behind "Brenna?" for a moment she is confused "Oh the new girl from the library." so many new faces coming and going its hard to keep track of them all "Well you took that challenge and nailed it."

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