(2016-04-25) Stealing War and Peace
Stealing War and Peace
Summary: A group of Ares means trouble, right?
Date: 2016-04-25
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"Don't worry, I have earplugs," Vinny replies with a grin to Daxton, before he offers a grin to Felicia. "Or hear too well?" he offers, before he adds, "It'll be fine." Looking to the schoolbook momentary, then up again.

It's after lunch during the school day, some students have classes, others maybe study hall. The juniors have a free period. The library is quiet, as is required, students solo, or in pairs or groups scattered around working on schoolwork…or at least pretending too. That's pretty much what the trio of Daxton, Vinny and Felicia are doing. Sitting at a table quietly talking and not doing work, even if there are books on the table in front of them…well in front of Dax at least.

Daxton points at what Fel says, the young Vinny is too old. The speedster grins, his legs starts to bounce, replacing the tapping of his pencil, "No, that would suck. I'll get earbuds, man. You shouldn't have to have ear plugs ion your own room." Felicia's confused look is either missed or ignored.

Apparently the sophomore's have a free period also. Brenna walks in with Dwayne, turning to look over her shoulder as she steps inside, he holding the door, "Thanks," she grins, all bubbly. Of course Dwayne is one of the Juniors and on team Ares while Brenna is the Sophomore and on team Athena. Her school uniform doesn't reflect the colors though, it's basic without the colored ties or socks. "Want to go to Paragon Island after school is over? I heard it's fun to explore there." It's then she realizes there are others in the library and she waves, "Hey, we're the fng's." Something she had been calling the duo since they first crossed paths.

It's all Ares at the table with Dax, Vinny and Felicia and as the pair approach with Brenna giving her bubbly greeting, Felicia turns her head to look between the pair "That whatsit, whoseit now?" she asks, having no idea what the other girl is talking about. She gives a glance to her tablemates to see if they have a clue.

"F.n.G. ? It means fuckin' new guys.. or girl in her case." Dwayne thumbs towards Brenna as he offers a nod to the others. "I'm Dwayne. Just got in a few days ago." He glances at Brenna suddenly and asks, "What's Paragon Island?" he shakes his head, "You know what.. I'll find out the fun way. Yeah we'll head there after school."

Vinny blinks a bit as he hears Brenna's words, "The Who?" he asks, after a few moments of pause. Looking quite confused, until he hears Dwayne's explanation. "Ah…" he replies, looking between the two. "It's a pleasure to meet you both. I'm Vinny…"

Daxton frowns, unsure if that's some slang he's missed. But then thankfully Fel's missed it too. And then it's explains and he still looks slightly baffled. "Ok. Hi?" The bulky teen loosk between the two newcomers, "I"m Daxton." Vinny's already introduced himself, "This is Felicia."

Seeing the confusion, Brenna just looks amused until Dwayne explains it. "Yeah, he's Dwayne and I'm Brenna. No relation." Not that him with his dark hair and her with her red are even hinted at being related, especially her with her accent, but she throws that out there anyway. She doesn't explain what Paragon Island is, mostly because she doesn't even know, just heard it bandied about. "Hey, Vinny, nice meeting you." She grins. "Is it short for Vincenzo?" A smile is tossed about to the other two. "Daxton, Felicia. Nice to meet ya. I'm on team Athena, Dwayne is team Ares."

Dwayne nods to each as they're introduced and says, "I'm sure I'll see you around." He eyes their group and then looks back to Brenna, "But I ain't tryin' to get all up in your business. It was good to meet you folks. Maybe we can all get together and chill sometime or somethin'.." he shrugs and then gestures to Brenna, "I'm a go look for a book or two.. It's what people do in libraries I hear. Figured I'd try it out." He smirks at her before heading to do just that.

Felicia ahhs at the explanation "Got it." she continues to look between the pair of them. She probably has seen Dwayne in passig now that she thinks about it. They do share a common room being Ares an all. As Daxton introduces her, she raises a hand to waggle her fingers at them both. Relation? Why would she think they were relation…it's a question she leaves unasked of course. "How are you liking the school?" she asks them, she's relatively new herself so is curious how the even newer ones are getting along. A grin is offered to Dwayne at his friendly suggestion "We totally should. A few of us are planning a movie night. You should join in." she glances around when he mentions looking for books "Try not to get lost." she then offers a wink, cause that's how she rolls.

Vinny grins, "Welcome, both of you," he offers. Watching the two new arrivals for another few moments, then back to the two he was seated with. He doesn't say much more, looking a bit curious about the answer to Felicia's question.

Daxton's eyebrow raises slightly too, bvut he'll not ask the same thing Fel's wondering. "We're just wasting time." Well, Vinny's probably not. But seems Dwayne's got his own mission as he turns away from the departing Ares to look at Brenna. "I think we're all fairly new."

"Oh, is that what they were for? I thought they were for sneaking behind the stacks and making out," Brenna rolls her eyes, she wasn't serious. Well, mostly not serious. Walking over though, she checks out one of the computers, doing a quick search for a particular theme of books. "I like it so far, but today was my first day of actual classes. They take it pretty seriously here." As Dwayne gets invited to the movie night, she grins over at him, completely missing the wink given from the Ares girl. Once she found what she was looking for, she looks at Vinny, "Thank you, it's different here." Then to Daxton, who gets a friendly look, "Oh good. I'm glad we're not the only new ones."

"You mean that's not what they are for!" Felicia exclaims to Brenna, which earns her a stern look and a verbal warning this time from the librarian. "Sorry." she whispers loudly to the woman in charge but then gives her usual "Huh." to the group she is conversing with "And here I've been doing it all wrong. Guess I will have to find some place else to so all my making out at." its one of the few times where it is hard to tell if the girl is joking or not "Between us Vinny has been here longest." she does nod at Brenna "Very seriously. It's near to the point a girl can't open her mouth without getting a detention." or maybe that's just her.

Vinny shakes his head a little as he looks to the girls, looking between them for a few moments. After a few moments of pause, he shakes his head a little bit, before he adds, "And I haven't been around too long, really…"

Dwayne comes back with four copies of War and Peace. He sets them on the table and begins to put them into his bag. He looks to Felicia and says, "Movie night huh? Sounds interesting. Count me in." He shoulders his bag and looks to the others, "Well then, was good to make your acquaint-tan-ces." He carefully annunciates the word. He smirks mischievously, "I'll catch you guys later." He glances to Brenna then and grins, "See you after school." He moves to head out of the library.

Daxton's eyes roll at Felicia, but he's not surprised at her response. Brenna gets a nod, "I think they have a pretty big influx of students throughout the year." Even if the year is almost up. Dwayne gets an eyebrow lift, he downs;t say anything until the fellow Ares leaves, "Did he just steal 4 copies of the same book?" People are so weird.

Brenna laughs, glancing towards the stacks, then Felicia, "Well, if they'd let us get by with it." Cue suggestive eyebrow waggle, but there's amusement in her eyes. Hearing the Gestapo at the front desk, she rolls her eyes and heads over to find some books on plants native to the area. "I don't mind detention, gives me time to do make up work for missing when I was traveling so much. But only in school, not after school. If it's the last part, count me out." Watching as Dwayne makes his selection, four identical books, she laughs, glancing between him and Felicia and the date they just set. "Sure thing, see you after school." They likely don't have a lot of classes together with the one year grade difference. With a grin to Daxton, she shrugs, "I don't know.. maybe he's just a klepto?" A nod about the influx of students. "I've already thought about getting a job at the end of the school year and staying around."

Vinny pauses as he sees Dwayne head out, before he looks back to the others again now. "We've all got something we need to catch up on, school-wise, I suppose." There's a brief smile as he looks to Brenna again. "So, where are you from, if I may ask?"

Felicia sticks her tongue out at Dax when he eyerolls at her. She's /so/ mature. "I wouldn't be surprised." about the books, but very few things surprise her anymore, which should be unusual given she is only a teenager, but that's the case. The comment from Brenna has her looking back at the other girl, and the eyebrow waggle has her giving a wink to Brenna as well, then she is explaining "It's after school detention. If you are lucky its a classroom one. If not its cleaning the gym equipment or doing yard work in the training grounds." grabbing her satchel she gets up from the table "I think I will get a head start to math class." she tells them "I'll see ya there Dax." she gives a wave to Vinny "Nice to meet ya Brenna." with that she is heading out, before she gets a detention for being to loud.

Daxton let's his blue eyes start to his math book and blank homework page. His legs have been bouncing , but have picked up to an unnaturally fast speed. He doesn't seem to notice. He's glances up when people talk, but there's not actual eye contact before he looks back to his book. "Maybe. I'd just think that there would be better things to nab, if one were going to." And why steal books that are free? Fel gets a hand wave, "Later."

"I was born in raised in Ireland, but I spent some time in England, France and Germany, with family. My parents still live in Ireland though." Brenna has a seat in one of the chairs so she can talk quieter with the others, without getting caught. Catching the wink from Felicia, she grins, "Well I will be careful not to get detention then." Then she's leaving and a wave is given over, "Nice to meet you too, Felicia." She looks to Daxton, "I wonder what he would want with four identical books? Is there some sort of book swap in town?"

Vinny nods a bit as he hears that, offering another smile. "Sounds like interesting places," he replies, before he waves to the leaving Felicia. "See you later," he offers, before he looks back to the others, "Maybe he wasn't paying attention to the books?"

At the question he looks up and gives a half shoulder shrug, "No idea. Even still….4 is gonna alert people." People as in who? Dax then sighs, reaching over and closing his own math book before rubbing his face, "This sucks." the math? The Library? Another sigh before he clarifies, "Sorry…I'm just tired and this isn't working." He flashes both a quick smile before looking back at his now closed book.

"My favorite is Ireland, then Germany, then England then France. I mean the food is good in France, but that's about it." Brenna plops down her book on plants native to the area and looks between the other two. "I don't know, really. I'm not sure what he wants with the books but maybe he won't get caught. I'm not ratting him out." Watching as Daxton closes his book, she looks concerned. "What isn't working?"

"Trouble sleeping?" Vinny asks a bit quietly to Dax, before he looks over to Brenna. "Well, I have heard some parts of France are quite lovely," he offers.

Daxton chuckles humorlessly, "My brain, apparently." Vinny gets a nod, he'd know the speedster sometimes tosses and turns the whole night. He does that half shrug he does, "It's ok." He tries to brush off their concerns, "I'm sure I'll crash tonight and it'll be fine." Or he'll crash into a wall again. One of the two. He glances to both, but doesn't make eye contact, "Besides french fries and crepes, what's french food?" He knows fries aren't french, but he's trying to draw attention way form his lack of brain power due to sleep.

Trouble sleeping? Oh Brenna does pick up on that and she gives an even more concerned look. Especially when his friend seems so worried about it. "Oh there's a lot of good French food. Ratatouille is French cuisine." Or so she believes anyway. "Have you taken anything to sleep? There's like natural things you can take, herbs and stuff. I could make you some herbal tea that would knock you out." She grins. "What do you think?"

Vinny nods as he hears Daxton's words, offering the other boy a quiet smile. "Okay… If that doesn't work, I'll hit you over the head with a book or something," he offers, before he looks to Brenna. "Maybe her idea is better?"

Daxton's head tilts, "Isn't that a movie?" It's food too, but yeah. His boyish smile drops at her next question though, "No…no drugs." His head shakes, the military cut that's growing out sways and he fidgets in his seat, "No…that's ok though. I don't….knocking me out isn't an option." This sin't the way he wants this conversation to go. "I should go see if I can get this done." The teen goes from sitting to standing in an instant (almost like he used super speed or something!) and reaches for his book.

"I think it's a Disney movie. But it's food too." Brenna tells Daxton with a smile. She grins, "It's not drugs, goofy. I mean herbal as in herbs. Like.. plants and stuff. It's what I do, make plants grow. I'm.. a fairy." Another eyebrow waggle. "Like a real one, I mean." Because there are fake ones. Not. Then he's standing and she shrugs, "See you later."

"See you later," Vinny offers as Daxton starts to head off. Looking a bit concerned, before he blinks a bit at Brenna's words, "A fairy?" Sounding a bit curious now.

Daxton seems uncertain, "It'll just…calm me right, not like knockme out, right?" His fingers nervously twitch against the book in his hand. He blinks, but then inhales and nods. They have mermaids, why not fairies. He doesn't move off just yet, wanting to hear the answer about the herbs.

"If I wanted to knock you out, I'd hit you upside the head with one of the books Dwayne took." Brenna reassures with a grin. "Of course it would just calm you. I wouldn't hurt you. I know plants really well." She nods to Vinny. "A fairy from Ireland, imagine that."

Vinny offers a grin to Brenna as he hears that. "Well, you just fit in among all of us other weird people here," he replies, with a grin. Looking back to Daxton, a bit carefully for now.

Daxton seems rather nervous about the idea and finally just nods, "Let me think on it, ok?" He manages a nervous smile before nodding and telling them both, "I'll catch you both later." He walks away at a very normal pace, which might be an indication of how tired he is to Vinny.

"Okay, you think about it." Brenna tells him before he leaves out of there. She watches him a moment before looking back to Vinny. "Are you calling me weird?" Trying to look serious, she fails when her lips twitch with amusement.

Vinny grins as he hears that. "I just call you as weird as me, or Daxton, or my sister, or anyone else here," he replies, with a chuckle.

"Is it a case of 'we all float down here?'" Brenna grins, "Except we're all weird down here? Who else lives beneath an ocean, right?"

"Mermaids does so, at least from time to time," Vinny replies a bit lightly, before he adds, "I'm sure there are others too, but I don't know them."

"Oh yeah, Mermaids. I heard they exist, but I've never seen any before. And I've seen a lot of things in Ireland." Brenna gives a curious look. "What do you do? What sort of power?"

"Me?" Vinny pauses for a few moments, before he shrugs a little. "Nothing too exciting. Smell, hearing and sight, and my reflexes are fast. Like a dog, I believe." A small grin, before he adds, "Not as fancy as some of the others, but still."

"Like a dog? So does that mean you can turn into one? I always wanted to shapeshift, I have my wings, but I can't shift into anything but what I am." Brenna looks curious. "I can talk to animals though."

Vinny shakes his head a little. "No shapeshifting, unfortunately. That would have been something quite nice, I think. My sister does some shapeshifting, though." A brief pause, and a grin. "Talk to animals sounds quite nice."

"Maybe you can still learn it?" Brenna is a firm believer in the art of learning magic. "I am sure there is someone who could teach you." She does look intrigued, "She shapeshifts? Into what?"

"Maybe someone can help. I don't know," Vinny replies, before he offers her a brief smile. "A mermaid. It runs in the blood in the female side of the family."


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