(2016-04-25) Entitled Zebras
Entitled Zebras
Summary: Daxton and Brenna get to talking….
Date: 2016-04-25
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It's after dinner and Daxton has yet again excused himself to try to get some homework done. But this time he's in the laundry room, the steady thumping of the machines seems to calm him. He's curled up as much as someone his size can he on the couch with a book resting on the edge of the arm of the furniture. The pages turn fairly quickly, he's either speed reading, or not actually reading at all. Eitehr way, the nervousness from earlier is gone. Although he does pause to rub the back of his neck.

"So scratchy," Brenna tells no one in particular as she walks in carrying an armload of her school uniforms. She tilts her head to scratch her neck on her shoulder, "So itchy." Heading directly for one of the washers, she drops everything at once into a single washer. It's not overloaded, but she peers down into it to make sure there was enough room before she removes her hoodie she wears over her regular clothing. Once everything is inside, she looks around the room. "Soap, soap.." she isn't prepared for this at all. It's then she notices Daxton and she smiles, brightening. "Oh hey," she looks towards the machines. "Are you doing laundry? Do you have extra soap?"

Daxton doesn't jump when she enters but he does look up, hand on the back of his neck watching her. His head shakes before he responds, "No, but there's some generic stuff on the shelf over there." His hand lifts and points in the direction of said shelf. His shirt's been untucked and the tie removed, so he's messy, but still in uniform. "There might even be fabric softener, if you need it." If her clothes are that itchy, that is.

"I think they feel starchy. I like.. well I don't like scratchy things, I guess." Absently, Brenna reaches up a hand to scratch where the collar of her shirt had rubbed all day. Walking over, she collects the soap and the fabric softener, opening both to give a tentative sniff. Once she's sniffed both, she waits a moment. No sneezes are forthcoming, so she pours some soap in the washer. Then she adds the fabric softener in the correct location. For good measure, she adds a bit more before closing the bottles and returning them to the shelf. "Thank you," she tells him as she starts the machine washing. Now that she is not occupied, she gives him a closer look, noting the disheveled look. "How are you feeling? I sort of gathered earlier you weren't feeling the best."

Daxton makes an understanding noise. "Well…fabric softener will be your friend then." He watches her, before letting his eyes drop to his book. History. Yuck. "No prob. This place can be confusing sometimes. Glad I can help." He clears his throat, feeling her eyes on him and rubs the back of his neck, "I'm alright, really. I'm just.." Oh, how to say this? "I'm still adjusting to everything. I didn't really come from a good situation." At least, he assumes not. Blue eyes flicker up, but they lower almost immediately to her shoulder. "I don't sleep all that well is all." His own shoulder raises in a half shrug, "I'll eventually pass out." Maybe. Oh no, what if that's one of the powers they gave him?

Brenna looks towards the washer, "I hope so, it'd be nice to have a few friends around here." She hops up to sit on the edge of the washer, letting her feet dangle as she continues conversation with him. "Adjusting can't be fun, but not adjusting has to be the absolute worst." Her teeth toy with her lower lip and she shakes her head, "Have you tried warm milk and counting sheep?" Maybe she's joking, there's an impish sparkle in her eyes. "Passing out should definitely be the last option."

Daxton snorts, messing up his dark hair, which promptly falls back into place. "Yeah…I've tried a bunch of stuff. It's not falling a sleep that's really the issue…" He frowns, realizing he's kinda telling her too much. So he joke,s "Yeah, but if I pass out, then everyone can draw things on my face. How else will I even reach my artistic potential." He smirks, which only showcases his boyish playful looks (They're there, he's just usually scowling). "Friends are good. Vin's a good guy. Sometimes a bit of a killbuz, but a good guy. And Felicia's awesome to have as a friend too." The book is closed and tossed to the cushion next to him and he readjusts to face her better. Not that he's making eye contact or anything.

"Oh," Brenna jumps right onto that one. "You can fall asleep fine, but you wake up. Is it dreams? Nightmares? Pain? Tossing and turning? Strange place?" The list could go on and on but she stops as not to offer him excuses. "Do people still draw on faces?" She laughs. "I could try, or I could make an ivy plant wrap around your feet so when you wake up you fall or something." Not that she would, but she has the ability. "Vinny has a mermaid sister, he said. Felicia is fun. Dwayne is a nice guy too, he just doesn't know it."

Daxton blinks, so many options she throws out there. "It's…complicated." That's a terrible;e answer. He chuckles, eyes going to one of the machines that buzzes, "I don't know. But it's my only chance of ever participating in art." They dart back briefly, "You can control plants, huh? Cool." He sounds like he means that. "He does, Anna. She's nice." He just nods, taking her word on Dwayne.

Complicated was a very weighty word, but Brenna has pushed enough for the moment so she follows where he leads, conversationally. "Anyone can do art. Haven't you seen that paint splattered nonsense? I bet you'd be good at it, you have artists hands." Whatever that means, she doesn't clarify. "Maybe you were an artist in a previous life." She looks over at the buzzing machine too. "Yeah, plants. And I can fly. And talk to animals." She grins. "Never trust cats. Ever." So that's out, she looks back to him. "What do you do? Vinny is like a dog. Only not."

Daxton frowns now, but it's more a confused goofy look and he looks to his hands, "I do? Why do you say that?" He chuckles, but then sobers when it's hard to tell if she means that or now. "Flying huh? That's pretty cool. Are cats dicks when they talk too?" Vin's like a dog. That has him blink and he decides to just leave that, "I'm fast." That's the easiest way to explain it.

"Well look at them." Brenna looks down at his hands again, tilting her head. "I mean I'm not really a judge of it. Maybe. But you seem to always be moving. Energy or something. If you focused it all in your hands, mayne you would create masterpieces?" Her lips twist into a grimace. "Cats are assholes. They're lazy and they like to lie a lot. And they act like they're better than everyone but they eat from the garbage," she rolls her eyes. "So you're fast?" she grins. "In what way?"

Daxton does as instructed, eyeing his hands. He doesn't see it. Th cats thing though, that makes him laugh. He nods, "In just about every way." One moment he's on the couch, the next he's moving at super human speeds and is next to her , sitting on the washing machine. "If I have enough room I can go up walls and everything." He's not really bragging, more justifying why he should be here. Everyone else seems to have such string powers, moving fast is nothing compared to flying! His feet kick slightly, he really doesn't ever seem to be still.

In the time that it takes for the breeze to flutter her hair, Brenna hears him talking from beside her. Before she had even realized he had moved! "Whoa!" Yeah, she's impressed and she grins, "Do it again!" The cats are all forgotten by now, the artist thing is forgotten. "How do you do it? What makes you so fast?" She looks down at his feet kicking, then back to his hands, "No wonder you can't stay still, I couldn't either if I could move that fast. Maybe that's why you can't sleep too. Maybe you're just always needing to be in motion?"

That gets a chuckle, "I don't know exactly. They changed something in my head, drugs and stuff…my perception of time is different than everyone else's." Who's they? He doesn't elaborate. He likes that explanation better than what he's come up with, "Maybe." An then he's on the other side of the room, leaning against a wall with a crack in it. Daxton, tilts his head, "Your turn."

"They changed something in your head?" Drugs and stuff? Brenna's eyes round slightly. "That's pretty bad." Fortunately, she doesn't ask for an elaboration, since she sort of gets that 'they' could be a great number of people who she wouldn't be classified to know about. Then he's moved off again and she shakes her head, grinning. "That's like really fast." As if he didn't know. Then he's calling her out though and she contemplates that. "Sure," she looks to the crack in the wall behind him and a sprout comes out before blossoming into a pretty white rose. No thorns. "I make a great tomato garden."

Daxton forces a small smile and shrugs, "It's ok. In the past." But that could explain nightmares, if he's been having them. There's more nodding and an honest grin, "Yeah." Blue eyes widen and the flower is studied as it grows. He even does a very unmanly thing and leans in to take a sniff. "I wonder if we have gardens around here? You should totally ask if you can grow one. Or an apple tree!" He doesn't even know why, but that sounds awesome, picking fresh apples. He glances back in her direction before looming over to sit down on the couch again. He doesn't want to assume and sit right next to her again, that was for show. "So…cats are assholes. Any other pets i should know to stay away from? Guinea pigs? Iguanas?"

"You can pick the flower." Or leave it as a conversation piece. Either way, Brenna looks thoughtful about the garden. "We should make a community garden for the town. Wouldn't that be fun? I wonder if we could make on at one of the islands I saw when I flew back here the other night. We could make some trees and some other things." Honestly, her ideas are all over the place and she bounces between them. Her washer stops and she hops off, gathering her clothes. "Zebra's are very entitled," she confesses. "And they hate being in the zoo. They want to be treated like horses, only better." Gathering them, she walks over to a dryer and shoves the lot into a single one before starting it. "And Lions.. they just always think about eating and territory. They're a little grumpy. Prairie dogs talk way too much."

Daxton has to ask, "It's not like…going to hurt you are anything, right?' he doesn't know what kind of connection she has to the plants. "I bet that would go over really well." He lets her bounce, they're all fine ideas. The animal talk gets him to grin again. Powers like this fascinate him. "That's great. So stay away from lions and cats.'

"You know, come to think of it, Lions are cats so maybe that's why." Huh. Brenna shakes her head and walks over, plucking the rose from the wall before approaching him and dipping into a curtsy, presenting the rose to him. "Now you put it between your teeth and break into a tango."

Daxton takes the flower with a smirk, "I'm afraid I'd disappoint you with my tango moves." Instead of his teeth, the flower gets tucked behind an ear. He's clearly not one of those guys that worries about appearance. or maybe he likes looking pretty! The crack gets another glance, "Will there be a plant there now forever, or just till you tell it to stop growing there? Like, are there roots and everything?"

"There are roots, the plant will be there until it's taken out or the crack is fixed the the plant gets snuffed out." Brenna looks back towards it and smiles, but she doesn't make another grow in its place. "I can teach you the tango." She laughs. "Or an Irish jig, if you prefer." Brenna drops onto the couch beside him, not expecting him to take her up on either of the offers. Looking at the flower he had placed in his hair, she gives a nod of approval. "Thank you." She looks over at him. "For no cracks about Doctor Dolittle."

Daxton eyes the crack in the wall, head tilted as he listens to her. But her offer has him blink and turn to actually look at the red head. "Teach me?" It's a very deer int eh headlight guy reaction, "I…uh…" And then thankfully she's sitting and changing the topic, "No, no cracks. You have an awesome power. Anna can talk to sea creatures too, you should compare notes. Maybe dauphins and cats are alike?"

"Can she? I think that would be interesting, I've never really tried before. Maybe I could ask her about it sometime." Brenna notices the reaction to the offer and her lips quirk in amusement, but she lets him off the hook by not mentioning it again. "Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I think yours is pretty amazing too. Can you run so fast you run over water?"

Daxton chews on his lower lip, "I don't know…never tried." Guess what he's gonna be doing tomorrow during free period? "I like the…non fighting powers."He shifts, sighing and then starts to stand, "I should go….let you finish up. I'll catch ya tomorrow, ya?"

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