(2016-04-24) Two Girls, One Burger
Two Girls, One Burger
Summary: Felicia and Annaliesa accept a challenge.
Date: 2016.04.24
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Burger Barn
It's one of the older establishments in the town and far enough from the beach area to cater mostly to the locals since the tourists don't all get back in this area so often. The counter where orders are taken is wooden and the drinks are serve yourself kind lined along the end of the counter with napkins, ketchup, salt, straws and lids and other fixings. The floor is hardwood and has seen years of wear. Good greasy burgers and all the sides are found here, this isn't a health food establishment by any stretch of the imagination.
Tables are covered in a bright yellow tablecloth to sort of offer the room a cheerful look, but it doesn't detract from the overall age of the furnishings. There are a few booths lined along one wall and the decor sports such things as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis, James Dean, and Coca Cola products, which are proudly served in the establishment. A jukebox is tucked into an area between two booths.

Date day! Annaliesa was a tiny bit early though and she was already waiting at a booth, the one near the jukebox. Tapping her flip flop clad foot to the beat, she's wearing shorts and a t-shirt, her hair pulled back in a messy bun to keep it off her neck. There's a drink on the table in front of her, the ice melting and condensation running down the glass. It's finally warming up a little.

"Okay, who are you and what did you do with Anna?" Felicia asks with her usual good humour when she comes over to see that her bestie is dressed for summer weather instead of her usual warm clothing. She herself is sporting her usual jeans and longsleeve shirt with its wide neck so is slips off her shoulder. Though it is flip-flops today too. Sliding into the booth across from her she looks around the restaurant a moment and then back to Anna "You order food yet?"

"I did. And milkshakes too." Annaliesa looks proud of herself for it. "I got us that huge burger so it's coming on two plates. You know the one they have as an eating challenge? It's massive." She flaps her shoe a little bit, letting the sole of her flip flop wobble a little to slap the floor. "I can't believe it's gotten so warm. It was finally warm enough for me to go for a swim. It was cold though, but not freezing."

Felicia huhs at being told what was ordered "What are you trying to do, get me all fat?" she is joking of course that has never been a worry for her and with the Ares training and workout schedule she would really have to try and try hard to gain weight. "So what do we win if we eat it all?" she glances toward the wall with pics of the people that have completed the challenge successfully "Besides that.

"Yep, I am going to get us both fat. Besides you already weigh five hundred pounds, what's a few more?" Annaliesa grins and looks up as it arrives at the table. It would need to be cut into pie slice style to even be manageable! She widens her eyes and slinks down into her seat a little, "I didn't know it was soo huge! We need more people from school to help us. No way can we eat that." She looks over the dill pickle spears at the top. "I bet Vinny could do it." With a glance towards the championship wall, she shakes her head, "I guess a refund on the amount? Maybe a shirt?"

"Yeah but that's all…" she pauses a moment…she really doesn't know how it works really "muscle? Bone? Skin?" Felicia shrugs, she really needs to figure that out one of these days "To bad Dax is working. With the way he eats he could have half of it gone before we even had two bites finished." she comments as the burger is set before them. It is certainly getting some stares and shouts on encouragement from the customers "Is Vinny busy?" she asks as she looks from the burger to Anna. "A shirt? Huh? I like shirts." she smirks.

"I don't know. I'm hungry but not that hungry!" Annaliesa looks at the burger, the way it's all cut for them already. "We maybe should have planned better for this. Like.. invited Dax and Vinny with us. Or Derek." She cuts a look to her bestie, but hearing the cheers, she grins, "Know what? You could shrink bites for us so we could do it. I'd like a shirt. I don't know where Vinny is, but I could text?"

"I don't think anyone has ever been that hungry." Felicia states, looking around at the shoutouts and giving a wave "I didn't even know this was the plan." surprise! "Maybe yeah, but it's to late now." her eyes narrow, but they have that mischievous glint to them at her suggestion "Are you saying we cheat?" she leans across the table and whispers the question "Okay!" she's on board, her morales have always been a bit loosey goosey. "Eat what you can. I'll take care of the rest." she won't be able to shrink Anna's bites without getting caught, but she can do hers easily enough.

Annaliesa had sprung it on her and she looks a little sheepish, "It was an impulsive decision." As she awaits the verdict from Felicia on cheating, she takes a rather large (huge) slice of burger onto her plate, along with a dill pickle spear, before looking over at her, and offering a nod with a grin. Yep, she was saying cheating. With a bright smile, she lifts the slice in a toast, "Here's to defeating the behemoth." And she takes a bite, doing it as quickly as she can. "I'm glad I skipped supper last night."

Felicia takes one of the slices and does the same toasting action, but it doesn't get put on her plate, it gets shoved into her mouth, quite unceremoniously. The whole big slice of burger. And with her abilities she can make it fit. It brings quite the amused reaction from those watching and she gives a wave to the encouragement. After chewing a few moments she grins "Hope you skipped breakfast too." she says around her mouthful. If heroing doesn't work out maybe she can have a career in competitive eating.

"Oh I skipped breakfast, but only because I spent the night at home last night and poptarts was all there was. I love poptarts, but not the hot fudge sundae kind. Not for breakfast. I blame Vinny." Because Annaliesa does that a lot. Even Anna gawks at the eating of the whole slice and she looks towards the others reacting, "How can I compete with that?" She grins and shoves a big bite in her mouth but it's definitely not as graceful as Felicia had done. She chews on it forever.

"Those are great to make ice cream sandwiches with." Felicia grabs Anna's drink and takes a sip to wash down the rest of her first slice. And then it's on to slice number two which she puts a few of the pickle spears on "Totally his fault." she'll side with Anna on that one. "You really can't." she says with a laugh "Come on people. You can make more noise than that." she says to the customers that have stopped eating themselves to watch the attempt. And in the next slice goes, she has to use two hands to shove and poke the massive slice of burger in, but again she does it. When she gets her mouth closed around it, her cheeks are all puffed out like a chipmunk and she lifts her arms, giving a few pumps of a fist as she chews a bit "Best idea ever!" she says after taking another gulp of Anna's drink. "Can we get a refill." she lifts the glass and gives it a shake.

Annaliesa definitely knows she cannot compete at all, but she does manage to take a third bite from her own slice. Then a fourth and fifth and sixth. As the crowd gets into it, she pops the last bite into her mouth, finishing off one of the slices before reaching for a second one. No pickle spear this time. "I never thought about ice cream sandwiches with poptarts. Maybe we could make some in the Ares Dorm." As Felicia finishes the second, she applauds, getting as into it as the crowd is. "She's amazing!" The drink is brought as Anna digs into her second slice.

Thankfully it is just the burger the girls have to finish and not the fries and milkshakes that were ordered with it. Even shrunk the food does take up space in the stomach, and Felicia's isn't /that/ big. "I saw it in a show. I tried it a few times while in rehab." she takes a third slice and throws a few more pickles on it "The smores ones are good for that too." she gives a thumbs up to Anna "You keep that up and you may show me up yet." in the mouth the slice goes just like the first two and once that is down she goes for another with an exaggerated sigh, playing to the crowd for cheers. "We totally should. Watch some movies and have poptart ice cream sandwiches." and the fifth slice and she nods at Anna's compliment "I am." she says as she chews away. This is a food contest, manners be damned!

It's already filling Annaliesa up, but she's taking one for the team, she has to do her part. The second slice is proving to be too much as she slows down though. The first was almost as big as a regular burger all on its own. Still, she powers on, another bite, chewing, chewing. "My jaws hurt," she grins and takes a drink from one of the cups. "Movies, Ice Cream, how about tomorrow night? I'll bring the pop tarts and ice cream, you bring the movies and pop corn." She takes another bite, sloooowing down considerably. "I can't do a third," she warns, still amazed that Felicia is downing so many."

The teen nods at that one as she shallows her fifth slice "I hear that." Felicia rubs at her jaw. Even if she is shrinking the slices down as she shoves them in she still has to open really wide to get them in. And it is totally the shrinking of them that is allowing her to pack them away. "I don't know, we may still be to full from this," she gestures what is left of the burger "to even think about ice cream or poptarts." she has already taken care of the pickles so she just has the rest of the burger to get down "You're did great though!" she is surprised that Anna managed to get two slices down. "They will probably have to roll us back to school!" she laughs, finding that mental picture hilarious. And the shoving the burger into her face continues, until it is no more.

"I don't know how you manage to get the slices in your mouth," Annaliesa grins, taking another sip. Not too much, she is already full. "Oh good, really hope they do roll me back, I was worried I was going to have to try and walk back and that'd just be terrible." She pats her flat belly and takes a deep breath. "So. Full. You're right, we may still be full from it next week." Still, she watches Felicia finishing it off. All of it. "You totally carried this team…"

Chew. Chew. Chew. Felicia collapses against the booth's back, hands going to her own belly she gives a groan, though winks at Anna. It's mostly an act "I don't think I will ever eat again." she waves to the crowd as they begin to disperse now that the show is over. "So terrible." she sniggers reaching for her milkshake and a few fries to dip in it "And it sounds like I will be carrying this team back too." if Anna is so full she can't walk that is.

Annaliesa is definitely really, completely full. She leans back as well and peers at Felicia, catching the wink and grinning in response. "Looks like I get a refund and we get a t-shirt!" She's definitely excited. "Couldn't have done it without you." Her own milkshake remains untouched. She's not going to manage it at all. "You can roll me back. Or shrink the food in my belly," the last part is whispered. They are given the t-shirts and the money and Annaliesa grins, "Wait, we have money, I suddenly feel good enough to go shopping. Let's go get some jeans to wear with our new shirts." And with that said, she leads the way out, suddenly all recovered at the thought of shopping with her bestie.

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