(2016-04-24) Mending Fences
Mending Fences
Summary: Derek and Annaliesa work on fixing stuff.
Date: 2016.04.24
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The sun was setting off to the west, letting the town of Shady Cove cast its long shadows into the Atlantic Ocean. One could still see some sun touching the water out east, but at the docks, shadow of the city and the hill it was built on covering the area. The last ferry to Coral Springs High was about to leave. Derek went there, hoping to find Annaliesa. The swim was good the other day, uncertain with things but trying he wanted to see her again. If she was waiting for the ferry, it would be a perfect time.

His hoodie off and tucked over a shoulder, any good wind could knock it off, he went there to look. Hopefully finding her and coming up to pull her out of the wait by his hand. “Hey, we can find our own way back,” he says, hopefully getting her attention. “Come one, take a walk with me. We can get a bite to eat and then find get back to the dorms?” Not knowing what she had eaten earlier by any means, and just suggesting that as a reason to stay. The boy turns up with half a grin for Liesa to see if she is interested.

The weather made it better, much easier for Annaliesa. She’s not quite at the ferry, but she is near enough. In shorts and flip flops,.her legs are on display which is only the second time. The first she had been wearing a dress for the dance. She’s standing nearby the water, her hands in the back pockets of her cut off denim shorts, and she’s looking out over the waves, a thoughtful expression on her features,. When she feels his hand on her, she realizes she was by the ferry and it was about to leave. She had been lost in thought.

Without even worrying about it leaving without her, she turns to face him, tilting her head back to get a look at him. “Sure,” she agrees softly, admittedly liking the way he sort of took charge of things most of the time. “I can always swim back.” Because she can now that it was warmer. “I could eat a little something.” A very little, but still, she wanted to see him, talk with him. “Lead the way.”

A brief nod of agreement, she could swim back, or otherwise. They would find a way. “Thank you,” he admits to her, on joining him, even though he’d taken her by the hand and was nearly taking her some place to eat before she agreed. “You look good,” he admits, as one might to a friend, but his eyes suggest more. He’d noticed her legs. A few small comments as they head closer to town at best. Its when they’re seated with something small to eat and share between them that he opens up, fries at the most, maybe some chili and cheese. The appetizer that serves as a meal for some.

“Look,” he begins, taking a fry, “Everything I did was wrong.” Admitting again, he swirls the fry into some chili and cheese. “But, I can’t stop thinking about you Liesa. Maybe I shouldn’t be, but I can’t stop. It’s pretty soon, and this friendship thing, I think we could make it work. Just, I don’t know, I don’t want to make everyone mad again. I threw away what we started and I should have held onto it.” Then he looks to her, just curious if she’s along with his thoughts, or opposed to where ever he was going with them. A break and then he eats the fry before he says something else.

Wherever it was he had taken her, Annaliesa had taken a seat, sliding in across from him, and she looked down at the food he had gotten for them. No matter how much burger she had eaten earlier, that was earlier and there were fries and cheese now. Those were almost irresistible all on their own, Reaching for a french fry, she is mid dip in all that lovely melty cheese when he confesses to being wrong. Again.

Hearing him out, she doesn’t say anything right away, but she does look sort of receptive to what he is saying. “I think we could make this friendship thing work too,” she finally says softly. “I figure even if everyone is mad, they’ll get over it. It’s better than having people in our teams not talking, like you and me, and making things awkward for all of them.” She looks down at her french fry, “What we had was special, well I feel like it was, it’s not like I ride a ferris wheel with just anyone and kiss them when stranded at the top.I could have said so many things different in the Mug Shot when you asked me to meet you there. I wonder what I could have said to change your mind then..”

“Nothing,” admits Derek, reaching for another fry, but stopping himself for a moment. “My mind was thinking of you then, and has been.” The words come out easily for the moment, he changes from reaching to fry to resting both elbows on the table to look across to her. “From the first words to the kiss, to what I did, I can’t stop thinking of you. I think my mind was set then, maybe I was scared.” Then he looks to see if she still holds her fry or is reaching for one, some place to let his gaze wander.

“Would you change my mind then to not do what we did? Or to get me to not say what I did the other day. I already regret the later Liesa, and what we shared, what I’d like to share, I don’t want you to change my mind on that either. You’re an amazing girl, I was a jerk, but I just want the chance. To not be a jerk to you.”

“I couldn’t have said anything to get you to change your mind then? I sometimes wondered if I could have. Like if I could have just kissed you or something, but it seemed so… desperate, I guess. I felt desperate to keep you when it seemed all you wanted to do was let me go.” Annaliesa does have that fry in her hand, the one she had dipped in the cheese. She finally lifts it to her mouth and takes a bite, enjoying it despite the meal she had shared with her bestie earlier in the day.

The rest of what he says takes just a moment to process, she looks down at his arms resting on the table, to his hands, the ones she had held, the ones that had held her close at the campouts. That Derek had remained a gentleman to her despite the others ideas of what had happened between them. Finally, she does find some words, “I don’t want to change what happened before, I mean before we ditched school that day.” Before he had let her go. “It meant so much more to me than you even know, more than I have told you. The time we have shared..” again, she falls silent, not sure how to finish.

As he listens to what she says, and as she takes the bite, “You did get me to change my mind that day, when you walked in. I saw how beautiful you were, how stupid I was. But my mind was set on being stupid.” Derek pauses, reaching for a fry finally. To take one himself. “My mind shouldn’t of needed changing, but I knew I wanted you and didn’t want to hurt you, at the Mug Shot. When we first met, and when I said what I said.” Then he takes a bite as well.

She then talks about that day more, and he chews, swallows and follows up with a drink of his soda, through the straw that came with the cup. Not an ice chewing sort of guy, the straw works for Derek just the same. “I, I should have listened to you, let you say what you wanted. I hurt you and you closed off. But I don’t want to change anything, and I want to share time with you again.” His hand falls to hers then, showing that friendship can be worked on, but he really did want her. He is being careful, gentle with her, he knows she was hurt, he knows he can’t hurt her again. For her, not because of her bestie, or Daxton wanting to punch him, but because he did care about her.

Annaliesa looks up to him, searching his expression perhaps, not really gauging for sincerity, she could feel that from him already, but looking for any undefined emotions like the ones that surged through her when she saw him or thought of him. “I admit I was hurt, but I wasn’t broken. I’m not broken now even. I have my friends, I have Felicia and Daxton and even Fred and the others. Even you, if you would let me be your friend again.”

Instead of focusing on that part of the conversation, Annaliesa reaches for a fry with the hand he wasn’t touching, but she does look at where he touches her and closes her eyes, taking a soft breath. “I would like to share time with you again too.” Opening her eyes, she looks at him and even gives a ghost of a smile before popping the french fry into her mouth. “School is almost out for the summer, can you believe it’s already almost over? We’ll be seniors.” If they passed, that is.

“I”m not good at opening up,” admits Derek to her, just wanting to touch her for the moment. His fingers brush the top of her hand ever so gently. Content, glad, she was listening to him, he was talking about his feelings. Something he rarely did, or tried to avoid them. He was Ares through and through, go out, live a moment, figure out the details after. This was accepting some details before hand, deciding before the moment was reached. New to him.

Then a squeeze of her hand when he catches the ghost of that smile. “Right?” Summer, more so than being seniors, but he was certain. “I’ll take remedial classes if I need to.” Then he leans forward and says softly, “Catch up in summer school is easier than the regular work during the year.” Maybe he’s been there a summer, or every summer since he came to Coral Springs. “I can’t wait for summer and some vacation. I still want to, go some place.” With her, he looks at her, seeing if she’ll share her thoughts, where she wants to go. Maine was talked about once between them, even if only a quick weekend getaway.

“I’m not sure how relationships even work, but I can do friendships without messing them up too badly.” So far at least. Felicia was her bestie and Annaliesa had fun with her, but for the moment, she looks at Derek, not really sure what he wants other than friendship. “Thank you, for opening up I mean. “I’m glad we’re at least communicating and all.” Sheesh, she sounds like an adult or something.

With the squeeze, it brings her attention back to where they are touching, and the smile more fully forms. “My parents will be upset if I have summer school, but I feel like I may need it in math. I’m not doing so well there.” The mention of going some place brings a wry smile. “Me too, I’m not sure what all we’re going to be doing, but I know for sure Costa Rica to see my grandparents. You mentioned something about going to see your family. Are you still going to?”

“Yeah, I don’t know how I am at friendships either, no budding bromances,” chuckles Derek with a grin to Liesa, then a pause for the moment. “Just, I know it felt like I just gave up, but I don’t want to. That’s what I want you to know, I don’t want to give up you, us.” And he smiles, that does sound adult, but he wants to let her know where he is coming from. Friendship is a good start, but being honest, to let her know he still wants her after all he messed it up, that was another start.

“I have to go see my parents at least for a week or so,” he admits, his free hand going back to eating, his other hand not leaving hers, afraid to let go of this moment at least. Not holding, just the gentle brushing at her hand and fingers. A reminder for her, he was there and, more likely, assuring himself there was something and she remained there after all he had said. Something more than a friendship. “I’ve never been to Costa Rica, maybe you could share some of that with me?

No budding bromances, that makes Annaliesa laugh softly. “Maybe all the good ones are gone. Or have boyfriends already.” There is a seriousness to his tone and she lifts her eyes to meet his again. “I thought you already had given up on me and on us.” Not that she had wanted him to though. The food and drink are paid very little attention to, the distraction of him brushing her hand, her fingers, takes most of her attention and she turns her hand over to touch his fingertips with her own. It was an intimacy they had shared before and it just felt right somehow. Now if all the other mess between them would go away.

“Are you flying there?” Anna doesn’t mean by airplane in any way. “To your parents, I mean. I bet it’s been awhile since you saw them. Do they ever come out here to see you?” Once more she looks at where their hands are touching and exhales a soft sigh. Not one of frustration, not by any means, but one of contentment. “Costa Rica is so beautiful, you really should see it.” The question is met with a tilted head and a look to him. “Share Costa Rica? Like we planned before?” Before.. That’s before the breakup.

That earns a chuckle from him, Derek had that drive, always enjoy life. She may not realize it, but she was getting more serious out of him than most. But her return on the bromance spurns at his sense of enjoyment of life and he lets it out mildly. A nod in agreement, the good ones taken, that left him of course, for any takers. “I wasn’t sure what I was doing, I just knew I didn’t want to hurt you. And, when you walked in that day, I knew I wanted you at the same time.” Confusing, he’s confusing it, too many words. He leans forward looking directly into her eyes. “I want us, I don’t want to give up on this. I need to be better, but I want us.”

A grin, he doesn’t lean back at all. “I am flying there. If you’d like to see where I come from, there is room for 2 aboard Air Derek.” Which is literally his current limit for flying and carrying more than just himself. And a slow nod also, “I would like to see it, with you. I want to see where you come from, what made you. You’re different, you know what you want.” He does, but he doesn’t separate so much between good, bad, long term short term, he has been just doing what he wants, but there is care there now, care for another.

“In not wanting to hurt me… you hurt me.” Annaliesa knows it, she also knows that he knows it. She had been hurt, but she also realizes that he was hurt as well. It had hurt him to hurt her. He was right, it was confusing, she was confused, he was confused and words were only confusing it more, even as she listened and heard what he was saying. “Are you saying.. I mean.. Do you mean that you want us to try and be together, together?”

Annaliesa does look a little hesitant at the thought of accompanying him or him her. “You wouldn’t abandon me there or anything?” At his place she means. He had asked her out several times and then stood her up, so she wants to believe him, she just finds it difficult at the moment. “When I go to Costa Rica, it’s to see my family, my grandparents. I know you didn’t want to meet my parents..” He hadn’t said so as much as he had shown her.

“I mean that,” he says, giving his lips a lick, as if organizing his own thoughts. Derek concludes the thought, “Yes, I would like us to try and be together, if you could find it in you to trust me again.” As she states about him going to visit his parents, “No, I don’t want to abandon you, I want to share that part of me with you. My old school, my old friends. Just me. Visit, then find our own adventure.” Or go to Costa Rica.

“I wasn’t ready to meet your parents. I would like to make a good impression with them, but I want to make that impression with you first. It felt like rushing into something. I want to know we’re good.” He lifts her hand, he leans over the table, “I want to know I can be good to you, but I would like to meet them. And between now and your summer trip to Costa Rica, we have time to find that. To discover more of us. That’s what I’m hoping?” Its up to her to allow him back. He bends down to kiss her hand before leaning back and brushing again. He uses a fry to occupy his lips before he does or says anything else in the moment.

Annaliesa isn’t exactly sure what to say, she still had those feelings for him but at the same time she was so uncertain of everything to do with him, besides those feelings. “I want to trust you again. I do. I will try/” Because as much as she was hurt by him, those things she felt wouldn’t go away. “I will get away to go with you to your home so I can see all of the places that mean the most to you/ It’ll be fun.”

“I’m sorry you felt like I was rushing things with my parents. I told you before I didn’t really know how relationships work, and I still don’t. But I know some of what doesn’t work now too.” Certainly not inviting someone to meet the parents and assuming there was more than there was. She watches as he kisses her hand and sort of curves her fingers to his cheek or chin, wherever she could reach, before withdrawing them. “You don’t have to meet my family to go to Costa Rica, I can show you around there without ever crossing their paths. Maybe Vinny’s though.”

“Thank you,” returns Derek with sincerity, she was willing to try. Oddly, this was a better feeling than when they first met, this was more him opening up to her and they both being honest with each other. It would help the hurt maybe, or help them help each other. Or him just to be the better guy. Then he shakes his head as he listens to her talk about her not knowing how relationships work. He takes another drink from his soda.

A swallow, “No, I think you know better how they work, that's something I need to work on Liesa. I’m learning what doesn’t work, but you can tell me.” He shrugs, that sounds way to mature too. “We can figure it out as we go along.” Setting the drink down for the moment, he does another shake of his head. “No, I mean, I’d like to meet them, we have time to work on whatever us is at that time, but I would like to meet them.”

Annaliesa was definitely willing to try, she was willing, because she felt what they had was worth trying for. The food is given her attention briefly and she takes several bites of cheese fries, enjoying it better now. “I really don’t know how relationships work, I honestly don’t, Derek. But with you, I’m willing to learn together. No telling if we get it right or wrong somewhere down the line, but this is how we can improve on it, by just keep trying and failing until we find what works.”

There’s no more mention for the moment of him meeting her parents. Instead, she gives a grin after swallowing a bite of her cheese fry. “Felicia and I ate that huge burger at the Burger Barn. That ten pound thing they have. We even got t-shirts for it.” She tilts her head after dipping a fry in cheese and holds it out to him playfully, offering him the bite. “I think I am going to be full forever.”

That statement of hers, Derek takes to it, he likes it. They can keep trying, trying to get it right. No one needed the answers good or bad, and they were open to figure it out. He doesn’t comment, but the smile that touches at the corner of his mouth hits a new level of comfort. As if they were truly on the same page, through it all, good and bad. And being there, agreeing, or just going forward in the same direction, that is where he wanted to be. The comfort shows through in his hand hold of hers, the brushing slows, just a thumb over her hand, his fingers slip around to simply hold her hand as they eat and talk now.

Surprise on his face, amused and surprised, “What, the whole thing, just you two?” A pause, “I’ve wanted to do that for a while, but I just can’t eat that much.” Cause, no bromance, alas. And 10 pounds of meat is too much even for him. But he gives a chuckle, “Hope the chili fries don’t push you over the edge. I think we’ll need to work off the extra calories, when you think you’re ready to move.” Nothing as to what it could be to work them off, open, assumptions could be made No actual thing to do, but he’s still amused about the t-shirt. “You’ll have to sport that with some pride around the school now.”

Pretty sure they could figure things out as needed, Annaliesa does let the matter drop there, at least they were comfortable with each other again. It was a better start than they had even the first time. From holding out the fry to him, she waits, then when he doesn’t take it, she doesn’t seem to mind, she just pops it in her own mouth instead. “I love chili cheese fries,” she tells him after chewing it and swallowing it, “So I don’t think it’ll push me over the edge.Nothing that tastes this good could be bad.”

She dips another french fry and waggles it a little in the air and offers it again to his mouth with another playful smile. “If I have to exercise it off, you have to also, so better eat up instead of making me eat it all.” Hearing about him wanting to try it, she grins, “I think up to four people can eat it and get shirts, you and some others from Ares should give it a shot. I will cheer you on from the sidelines, and then we can wear our matching shirts.”

“Exactly,” grins Derek, “Its just too good to be bad.” He almost smirks again, as if playing between good and bad there, then a catch, he doesn’t let himself fully tease that way. He doesn’t mind teasing, but this was Liesa, and something entirely new. “Best in town.” Maybe only in town, only regular chili cheese fries that is. And he was enjoying them.

The second waggle get his attention and he chases it to eat it, leaning over the table. Eyes on her when his teeth find the fry of course. Then a bite, and another. Though, as he chews, he doesn’t let her hand away, he grabs for her forearm to keep it there, so he can nibble on her finger a little too. Closer to suckle, a soft kiss at the end. “Mmmm, just the way I like these fries. Right when I thought they couldn’t get any better either.” A slight pause, a feigned dramatic sigh, “I suppose I have to be better with Daxton now, so we can get some t-shirts. You and Felicia will come cheer us on right?

Annaliesa doesn’t really get all the innuendos, well some fo them she does but not all. This one, she kind of does and she gives him a smile. They had shared some pretty intimate moments without going past the point of no return, but still, it had never gotten that far. Yet. When she holds out the fry and he takes it, she looks to his lips as they press against her fingertips, kissing some of the cheese off of them.

She can’t look away, nor does she want to, it’s when he sighs dramatically that she manages to look back at him instead of their hands or his lips. “I can say I will be there cheering you on, I can’t promise Felciia will, but she may after all, an Ares team task, she’s usually in. I can’t wait to watch the two of you try.” Done with the food, she laces her fingers back with his again. “Are you ready to get out of here for now?”

Maybe knowing she was watching, he lingers to enjoy the cheese. Or Derek just likes the taste of her and it probably is more of this latter that keeps his lips there. It was beyond food now to simply enjoying the company. Food an excuse to sit together and look at each other and rather irrelevant to what was going on between them. So his movements are slow, deliberate, to taste her, kiss her fingers, suckle at the cheese. The sigh captures his attention and he looks at her eyes, his own opening slowly as if lost in just that moment.

“I thought you’d never ask,” he says, scooting out of his chair/bench to get up, not taking his hand off hers either. “Felicia can be stubborn, and I think that’s good. Level headed for us all.” At least as concerns this relationship stuff, he was glad someone else could point out his pig-headedness when he had his blinders on, just maybe. “No, you know, you have to take me to your favorite spot in Shady Cove. We have a little sun left, we could watch it set?” Or start to watch it set, no telling where they could end up of course.

Annaliesa does seem riveted to the touch of his lips to her fingers, the way his tongue felt against the pad of her fingertip as he licked the cheese. It created a maelstrom of emotion inside her, equal to when he had kissed her before the dance they had gone to together. As he opens his eyes, she meets them with her light, icy blue eyes that belied the ice with the warmth there in their depths.

It’s the agreement he gives that has her sliding out of her own seat, hand in his, moving to stand more beside him than across from him now. “You want to go down to the beach and watch the sunset?” It was what he had asked, but she seems to be thinking about it even as she is echoing him. “That would be fun, we could sit there and watch it, but the lighthouse kind of gets in the way. Want to fly over to our island and watch from there?” Their island, it was a place they had spent time together, so she mentions it.

Sunset, he was in for that part, the specifics up in the air. They walk, the warmth from her eyes playing away at his own thoughts. Melting him despite the color of ice they seemed to hold, that tinge of guilt for how he had hurt her, renewed strength to not hurt her again. “Sure, watching from our island should be good.” Bonus, they can set on the west side of the island, catch it finish its journey beyond Shady Cove even, where here in the small city on the side of a hill, it was already in shadow, lights coming on. It would be cool to, bigger bonus, nice spring evening. “Let me have the honors?” To fly them.

He’ll wait of course, they can walk out of town to where no one will see them when they take flight, but there, he will put an arm around her. It’s not needed, he could use his energy to hold her, to lift her with him. He just wants his arm about her as they take to the sky. “I wish I could swim with you, like this.” Like her flying with him. As he turns towards the island they had camped on when they first really started to discover each other. He aims for the beach that had started on, luckily it is on that west side. And no one is renting as tomorrow is a weekday, and off season so no tourists.

Annaliesa loves the way he calls it their island. Keeping her fingers laced with his, she heads out with him, towards a more private spot where they can take to flight. As his arms come around her, she once more looks at him, glad for the feel of the strength supporting her as well as the warmth from his embrace. Taking a deep breath, she inhales the scent of him, the scent she hadn’t even known she had missed. “Please,” she tells him in response to his question of honors.

Then they are on their way, the flight all too quick, but she loves the feel of the wind in her hair, it felt like the fingers of water when it rushed through her hair underwater. “You control energy, you could protect yourself under water, leaving it so you could breathe. I’m betting you could anyway. It would be worth a try, but only if I am there to help you.” She seems genuinely excited to be able to help him with it, if he lets her. “I would love to show you my underwater world in Costa Rica.”

She asked pleased, he was more aware of his arm around her, holding her closer to him, somewhat assisted by his control of energy, in only giving it that heroic feel of one arm out to fly and one arm to hold her close. His nostrils flare, not knowing her scent as she had known his, but starting to learn it, now given to such details. Like her eyes, he knew they drew him in, but it was the ice in the blue, the flecks of color that made them her eyes. She was distinct, a rare creature. Now he was proud to have her tucked at his side as they flew, and his chest swelled, letting his nostrils fill with her scent.

“I could try, to go underwater. To see if my energy could somehow give me enough oxygen to go where you go,” he says as they slowly touch down on that beach they had first gone to pick berries. There is a log, drifted ashore. Fallen from this island, or another, brought by the waves. A perfect perch for the two of them. Or at least him, he moves to sit, pulling her with him. A slight tug, she could sit on his lap or on the log itself. “We can practice here, see if I can.” A beat, “I’d even ask one of the teachers if they could help me learn that. So I could see you underwater world. I bet its always warm in the water down there.” It sounds like an adventure, he is certainly enticed now. Half attention to sunset, half just on her alone.

And it was.. Such a Superman moment, that heroic time when he comes to save the day and swoops in to rescue the girl before flying up with her in one arm, the other extended. She was content there, trusting him not to drop her. Putting her life in his hands was the easy part, it was her heart that was more hesitantly given. Without actually speaking of that, her crystal blue eyes look at him with that unspoken depth of emotion. “We could practice it here, but I much rather you ask the teachers about it first, because I don’t want you to get hurt in any way. We can practice after you have spoken to them.”

Annaliesa watches as he settles them down nearby the log, and with her hand in his she is easily taken to him, drawn anyway despite the link of their hands. There’s no objections as she settles on his lap, she leans in to gently press her lips to his cheek, closing her eyes and inhaling. It was the familiar, the Derek who had held her on the rides at the amusement park, the same guy who was holding her now on their island. “It will be fun to show you, once you learn. If not, maybe scuba gear?” But she knows it wouldn’t be the same. She looks out towards the setting sun, “Isn’t it beautiful?”

“Okay, we’ll see,” grins Derek, just living the moment. He isn’t the sort to ask, he’s the sort to just try something first. So they can work on that. Trying to swim under the water versus trying to ask faculty. And it doesn’t matter, as now they sit side by side just looking at the water, catching the sun before it dips over the horizon. Beyond New Hampshire and onto states further west where they can enjoy it too, here in the East they just get it first is all. “I want to see your world too.” Underwater, not just from the tunnels. If his energy could help him there, it would be pretty awesome.

“Maybe, yeah,” on scuba gear, but now she brings the sunset into focus, he puts an arm around her, to bring her closer. “It is beautiful.” He says it softly, his eyes more looking at her. That hoodie, which was thrown over a shoulder, he takes hand away from holding her hand, to offer that over. “Here, it’ll keep you warm.” If she wants it that is. He isn’t focused on that so much as her eyes.

“Yeah I would really like to try it after you’ve talked to someone about it, one of the teachers. Just because I don’t want you to get hurt at all.” It would devastate her so completely. Especially if it was her fault! As the sun begins setting, Annaliesa leans her head against his shoulder, watching as the colors spread like long, pastel fingers all tinged with gold and royal purple. It brings a catch to her breath as he recognizes the beauty too and she turns her head to share the moment with him, to see it in his eyes,

Seeing him looking at her though, instead, she blushes, realizing he had called her beautiful. As he offers over his hoodie, she leans up enough to draw it on over her shoulders tucking her hands into the too long sleeves, and wrapping it all around her, warming her with the scent of him. As the sun sets further and the world on this side darkens, she gives her attention back to him. “Thank you for bringing me here.”

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