(2016-04-24) Checking Out the Town
Checking Out the Town
Summary: Dwayne and Brenna have some food then explore a little.
Date: 2016-04-24
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Burger Barn

In accordance with being the fng together, Brenna had invited Dwayne to the Burger Barn to get away from the school and the people who were all strangers to them both. "So, I met a few from Athena, which is my team I guess. What about you? What team are you in?" She opens the door and steps inside as the aroma assaults them and her stomach growls. "Food. Want to sit away from the jukebox, so we can talk?"

Dwayne looks around the burger joint and sniffs the air. The scent of meat and grease brings a small grin to his lips. Finally, he looks to Brenna and says, "Yeah that sounds cool. This music ain't all that anyways." he moves towards a table and takes a seat, sliding in and grabbing a menu, he eyes it for a moment before saying, "Oh.. right.. Team Ares."

"I heard from someone that there were two girls at the school who at the ten pound burger." Brenna just shakes her head, "So much hamburger, all of the burger." She slides in across from him in a booth seat and picks up her own menu. "Avocado burger sounds good to me. Want to share a milkshake?" Wait would that be weird?

Dwayne pauses from his reading the menu when she asks that. He looks over the top of the menu at her before he considers, "Actually that sounds like a good idea. I wouldn't want a whole milk shake and those things aren't exactly the same the second time around." he sets the menu down and says, "Burger, Bacon, Burger, cheese, pickles lettuce tomato, ketchup, mustard, Holy Shit!" he exclaims in excitement and says, "And fries, what?!" he sets the menu down, apparently deciding what he's getting. "Ten pounds of burger, though.. I mean, I could probably do it with a little help.. but man… that's gonna be a rough night."

Someone comes around to take their order and she places hers for that avocado burger, add grilled onions and bacon, loaded. A milkshake, but she lets him decide on flavor. "What kind of milkshake do you want?" Brenna lifts a hand and tucks red hair behind an ear. "Yeah I don't know about eating that much burger. Ten pounds has to be more than a stomach can hold."

Dwayne looks to the server and says, "Strawberry." he looks back to Brenna to see if that's okay. Afterwards, he says, "I don't know.. I'm sure I could do it.. but like I said before, not so sure how the next night's gonna be, ya know? So how are the people on your team? I ain't met none of mine.. Not sure I'm gonna fit in all that great but.. at least I'll be not fittin' in around others like me, ya know?"

Dwayne adds with a sudden smile, "Like us."

"Strawberry is perfect." Brenna does seem rather agreeable to it for sure. Once the entire order is placed and the waiter heads off with it, she focuses on Dwayne. "I don't know how it would be the next night, but I know I don't want to find out either." She offers a shrug. "I met one from Ares too, a short little Mexican girl named Sierra. She's dating a girl from Athena by the name of Stefanie. And I think Tabitha from my team is dating Jacob from my team too." Typical high school stuff, everyone is matching up together. "Yeah, like us," she smiles at his sudden one, a warmth creeping into her cheeks. "We could go touring after this. The town, the school, anything."

Dwayne nods to her and says, "Yeah.. that would be cool. I'd like to see what else this place has to offer." he leans back in his chair and puts his hands behind his head as he looks around the place briefly before looking at Brenna, "So the teams are all pairing up with each other huh? Guess that's cool. I don't really know one way from the other around here so keep feedin' me the information." he grins slightly before adding, "The town is off limits after tonight right? So we could go check out the town together."

"As far as I know, the town is weekends only. It's what I was told after the interview with Badger." That would be Honey Badger, the head mistress of the school. (Nope, no relation, just a twisted sense of humor on the part of the head wiz.) "So we could go explore the town, I would like that a lot." The shake is delivered, along with a soda, in case there's a genuine thirst or anything. Two straws are deposited into the milkshake. "We could walk around, it'd be fun."

Dwayne leans forward, taking a sip of the milkshake. He nods slightly afterwards, approving of the flavor and texture. He looks to the window and says, "Walk around huh? I'm good with that." he eyes her for a moment before asking, "So do the people around the town know? Did Badger say anything about that?"

"I know the ferryman knows. There are a few that know but for the most part, we're a secret society, I guess?" Brenna leans forward and takes a sip of the shake after seeing his approval. "Mmm," she approves as well. The food arrives soon after and she cuts her burger in half to make it easier to handle then thinks better of it and cuts it into fourths before lifting a piece for a bite.

Dwayne picks his burger up whole. Some of the sauce drips onto the plate as he leans forward and takes a large bite of the food. He groans from his throat as he chews the food. He doesn't set the burger down, he's only just begun his rampage. He puts his elbows on the table to prop the food up near his face. As he finishes chewing the first bite, he says, "Good to know.. I'll have to make it a point to not be the one that lets that cat out of the bag." he takes another bite, the lettuce crunches as he chews off another piece.

Brenna doesn't exactly take another bite of her food, she just watches Dwayne eat for a moment before she realizes she was staring. And staring she was. She blushes and looks down at her own burger. "Sorry, just, you know, seeing someone enjoy food.." Now where was she going with that? She draws a blank and just closes her mouth. There's a glance around the room so she doesn't stare again before she finally manages to say something else. "This song is pretty good." Chasing Cars, by Snow Patrol.

Dwayne slows his chewing as he perks an ear to listen. He has a bit of ketchup on his lips and he flicks his tongue out to snag it. He nods his head suddenly and says, "Yeah.. Good tune. Pretty chill.. When this song comes on, makes me wish I had someone you know?" he shrugs then and takes another bite of his food. He chews it hungrily and appears to ravenously enjoy it. He chews it like a typewriter moves, left to right. He pauses as he notes her burger in front of her and asks, "How's your burger?" though his mouth has some food in it still so it's a bit muffled.

Oh yeah, Brenna had a burger too. Lifting one of the wedges she takes a bite, then slides her basket closer to him. "You can have a piece," she tells him after she has chewed and swallowed. "It's really good, you should try it so you'll know what you like best here." She looks towards the jukebox then him and smiles, "Yeah. Have you had a girlfriend or anything before?" Because girls like to know these things. She leans forward to take a straw in her mouth to take a drink of the shake.

Dwayne nods to her and asks, "Me? Pshhh.. of course.. I mean.. Yeah I had a girlfriend. Didn't work out though.. but it is what it is.. politics and all that." he reaches over to take her burger and leaves his cryptic message the way it is. "How about you? You leave a lucky guy behind when you came here?"

The way he scoffs just makes Brenna look at him with a contained smile. "Sorry it didn't work out for you. I guess mundane people won't ever understand people like us." She waits for him to take some of her burger before taking another wedge of it and taking a few bites. She almost chokes, coughing at least after she had swallowed. "Oh, no, no boyfriend. My family is too weird to bring anyone home to actually meet."

There's a moment where he considers her apology for it not working out for him. He watches her curiously before he reaches forward to take one of her slices of burger. "Burger pizza.." he says with a wry smirk on his lips. He arches a brow when she mentions her family being weird and he adds, "Well, even if you don't bring him home to meet the family.. ain't you ever had a boyfriend? Someone who's all about you? Takes ya to the movies and out to do stuff and all that?" for some reason, he seems legitimately curious about this.

Milkshake, music and all that guy in front of her, Brenna was enjoying herself even if he was asking her question she was embarrassed to answer. "Yeah, my da wouldn't let me date and threatened anyone who would even attempt it. Then I went to visit family in France, England and Germany and it was in the last one that one of the teachers from here found me talking to the animals in the zoo. I just never really had time." Sure that was it. Brenna looks a little sheepish. "So no, I guess not."

Dwayne nods to her before leaning forward to take a sip of the milkshake. He eyes her as he takes the sip before sitting back once more and saying, "Thanks for asking me to come out with you. The food here is good." he smirks slightly before adding, "So you been all around then.. Man.." he shakes his head, though he looks as though he's impressed, "I ain't never left much from my hometown down in Florida. Kind of a mix match of everything there though.. vacation state .. you got your natives like me.. then you get the people that move from all over the place thinking we're some promised land or something…"

"I was born in Ireland. I have to say it's so beautiful there." Brenna smirks at the mention of those who came to his home state and the reasoning for it. "I guess everyone always has dreams of better places. Maybe it's sort of up to the natives to see to it that the people who come aren't disappointed." She takes another bite of her burger, finishing half just as James Blunt comes on the jukebox and sings You're Beautiful. "I'm glad you came out with me. So next month or so when school is out, what are you doing for the summer?"

Dwayne chuckles suddenly and responds, "Hell, I don't know.. I gotta get through school before summer.. after that, don't know.. Maybe see if I can my hands on a motorcycle. Fix it up, go riding." he finishes his burger and the cleans his hands with a napkin. He takes a few pulls from the soda to quench the thirst before looking back to Brenna again and saying, "Love the wind in my face."

"I may stay here and get a summer job somewhere. Badger mentioned some of the kids would be doing that. I don't want to go back after just getting here and we'd have use of the training grounds and the dorms of the school too." Brenna motions towards the door. "I saw an amusement park. Want to go ride a coaster or a ferris wheel or something? Feel the wind in your face until you get the bike you want?"

Dwayne gets to his feet and holds his hand out to her to her help her up, "Now you're speakin' my language." he grins at that and adds, "Yeah, let's go check it out. Sounds like a good time.. And maybe I'll get a side job in town with a mechanic or something.. don't know."

Brenna does leave money for the food and the tip before sliding out of the booth seat and getting to her feet. "Let's do it." As they walk towards the door, Eagles starts singing Hotel California. "You're a mechanic? That's a good profession, an honorable trade." Says the daughter of a pub owner. "It's not too far to the amusement park, it's down at the beach."

Dwayne shrugs at her description of honorable trade and says, "It just makes sense to me.. you know.. the world is chaos in its purest form. But machines harness that and create purpose. They allow us to reach beyond what our forms were meant to.. That and it just makes sense really.. I mean.. gear turns this way, other gear turns that way. There's no exception." he pushes the door open and turns to lean against it so she can move past him. He takes a moment to appreciate her passing him by before he moves to walk beside her and crosses his arms in front of him, "What kinda work are you gonna be lookin' to get?"

"Huh. I never thought about it like that before. I guess it does make sense. Everything works together for the greater good though in an engine." Brenna muses as they go to the door and she steps through, unaware of his observation of her. She looks at him in time to catch the crossed arm look. "Maybe a greenhouse. I'm good with plants."

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