(2016-04-23) And Brenna Makes Five
And Brenna Makes Five
Summary: Date night and Brenna is the odd one out!
Date: 2016-04-23
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Stefanie makes her way to the docks, hand in hand with Sierra. They make there way off the ferry, smiling. Stef looks around. "Did you wanna grab something to eat or did you want to look around? I hear there's a ferris wheel at the amusement park~" The last part is said in a teasing, sing-songy voice. She even makes a playful look with her eyes in Sierra's direction.

This is all new to Sierra. Even the scent of the sea is new to her. She stares with interest at all the new sights and smells…much cleaner than what she is used to for a start. "Let us look around" she decides, squeezing that hand in hers and offering Stefanie a shy smile. "We can find somewhere nice to eat on the way."

Brenna has just returned from hanging out in the town on a Saturday night and is headed back to the school. Starting a new place on a weekend isn't the easiest of things, and she still seems a little hesitant as she looks towards the ferry. Catching sight of those getting off the ferry, she looks a bit curious, making assumptions all her own as to whether they attend Super Hero high. As they seem to her to be on a date or some variety of it, she just gives a smile to the duo and still debates whether she is getting on the ferry or not.

Stefanie nods to Sierra. "Sure." She giggles, happy. She sees Brenna and smiles, waving. She notices the girl looking out to see. Stef puts 2 and 2 together, and hopes it's not 8. "Hey…" She says to the redhead quietly. "Are you looking for Coral Springs?" She uses the official name for the school, that way if she's wrong, then the girl would have no idea what she was talking about. Stefanie has currently stepped off of the ferry, holding hands with Sierra.

Sierra is also helpfully wearing a Coral Springs jacket and baseball cap - they cost her entire allowance for six months but they /have/ to buy uniforms. She stops to smile at Brenna along with Stefanie, though she also looks rather bashful when she realizes that she is holding hands with the blonde. Though she doesn't release it. "I go to school there" she explains, needlessly, with her heavily Mexican accented voice.

Jacob is approaching from a different direction, talking with Tabitha while his hands are stuffed into his back pockets to keep him from fidgeting with them. "Yeah, I need to bring the charger next time, think I left it back in my room. Hey, who's that over there?" he adds, gesturing toward the other girls. Two of them he recognizes, one he doesn't.

Brenna is wearing a pair of jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt of plain green, no adornments on it. She does notice the jacket and cap, but the question is met with a smile. "Hi, yeah," she speaks and has an Irish Gaelic accent. (which I won't butcher by trying to type it.) "I just started, well I start Monday, I'll be going to school there. I'm Brenna, Athena team." Not that she knows exactly what that means as of yet. Brenna is nearby the ferry, Sierra and Stefanie just got off the ferry and the two are holding hands.

Stefanie gasps, letting go of Sierra's hand in the excitement. "Noway No way! I'm Stefanie. I'm on Athena team too! That's awesome!" She's bright and bubbly, this shy of doing a cheer. "Well, Sierra and I are heading into town to look around, grab something to eat. If you want to get to the school you can take the ferry back over. If not, you can hang around town too. You could come with us." She smiles, retaking Sierra's hand and giving it a squeeze. She turns as she hears voices, recognizing Jacob and Tabitha. "Hey guys! Another Athena!" She says, but tries to keep her voice down. Not many in town know the details of the school.

"Athena? Then you are like…" But before Sierra can finish, Stefanie is introducing herself. The Latina steps back out of the way of the maelstrom, looking around and offering a smile and a wave to Jacob - the guy she met on her first day. "I am an Ares" she notes softly, "Though I am not sure what that means. But, si, you should come with us. There will be another ferry." A pause before she looks at Stefanie. "There /will/ be another ferry?"

Tabitha has gone back to her usual thrift store fashion, wearing worn jeans and a long sleeve red flannel shirt with leather work boots and a black knit watch cap that's pulled down over her ears. Her hair is pulled down out of the cap on the left side, concealing her face and neck. She's walking with Jacob, the two of them having already been in town. She's nodding to his comment about a charger. "That's one plus for having almost no gadgets to worry about. I'm also free of cord clutter."
She looks over where he's pointing towards the ferry dock and waves with a big smile when she spots Stefanie. She reaches over and tugs at Jacob's elbow. "Let's go over." When they're close and she hears Stef's declaration of another Athena her grin gets wider, "Really? Sweet! There aren't enough of us as it is." She smiles to Brenna and Sierra, giving the latter a grin, "That's okay. We won't hold it against you, Ares." The four-foot-nothing waif offers her hand to both of the new faces in turn, starting with Sierra then Brenna. "I'm Tabitha, and this is Jacob. We're also in Athena."

Jacob glances over to Tabitha for a moment and nods, reaching a hand over to offer it to one of hers. Putting an arm around her waist would probably be pushing it. "Yeah, other than Metis, the differences are pretty subtle. I mean, they're /there/, but I'd have to dig out my student handbook or something. Anyway, yeah, welcome! Always good to meet new people. And I see you've settled in pretty good, huh?" he adds, turning his attention to Sierra.

The excitement from Stefanie takes her off guard for only a moment before she laughs in delight. "That sounds kind of fun, I've already been to the school and found a bed but it's not much fun there on the weekends when you don't know anyone. I met a guy named Dwayne who goes there, he's new too. So we decided to be the fng's together." Looking towards those approaching, she lifts a hand in a wave, "Hey, I'm Brenna McCormick." She grins, "If I miss the ferry, I could fly back but I may get lost." Regarding the others and the introductions, she nods to each in turn, "It's great to meet you all." There's another look between the foursome, and she asks innocently, "Date night?"

Stefanie smiles and nods. "I understand. I'm glad you found a room, though. And there are more ferries going back and forth. We're not stuck here." At the question of date nate, she smiles to Sierra and shrugs. "You could say that."

So many reasons for Sierra to blush so she is doing so. A nod to Jacob's question. "I have met some nice people" she admits before glancing at the one that is holding her hand and nodding to Stefanie's words. "My first" she sighs, "But I am happy to share it. Oh, you can fly, Brenna? I am terrible at it. I would get lost and then crash." A curious look at Tabitha. "Are Ares all bad? I met Felicia for a small time but that is all. But the things I hear around school are not very nice." At barely five feet herself, Sierra is surprised to be taller than someone else - namely Tabitha. "I think I am the odd person out now" she smiles to all the Athenas."

Tabitha lets her right hand settle into Jacob's, grinning at Brenna's last question. "Something like that, yeah." Stefanie's added admission to the same gets a raised eyebrow and a half grin at the Sunshine Girl. Then she's nodding to Brenna's comment about flying back. "Yeah, that's what a lot of my fellow fliers do if we're pushing curfew. I can show you a really good spot nearby where you can take off from without spooking the locals. And it's got a good natural navigation pointer for finding your way back to the islands."
Sierra gets a grin and a shake of the head, "No, Ares folks aren't bad. But in general there does seem to be a tendency towards hotheadedness, stubbornness, and a willingness to say 'screw the rules' if there's something that needs doing. That's usually the distinction between an Athena and an Area in the placement tests. Athenians tend to view the rules as something to work with, so we /usually/ get in less trouble. Usually." She grins at Stefanie at these words.
"You've already got a dorm room, Brenna? I don't suppose it had a bunch of ratty old musical instruments on the wall of one half?" This is her unsubtle way of trying to find out if she's got a roommate now or not.

Jacob grins, glancing over toward Tabitha. 'Something like that' indeed. To Sierra, he nods and offers a little half-shrug with his other shoulder. "And it's just for the moment, anyway. Tomorrow it might be you and all your teammates and just one of us, say."

"I can fly, I have wings." Brenna reassures, but for the moment they are nowhere to be seen. "Well most of the time." She looks between the others, "I don't know about Ares, maybe Dwayne was in there. I don't know if he said though. I don't know the other houses." The offer from Tabitha gets the girl a smile. "That would be great, and maybe pointing me in the direction of the school. I've not been there enough yet." She tilts her head about what the room is and looks uncertain, "I don't know, I don't think I have a room in the Athena dorm yet, but I will let you know once they assign me one."

Sierra smiles shyly at the sight of Tabitha and Jacob holding hands…so sweet. She squeezes Stefanie's softly before asking. "I do not know any of the places in the Cove so if people have time to show me…and Brenna…around then we could get some food too?" She really has no idea how date nights work. "I am not hotheaded" she pouts at Tabitha…and looks like she is about to stamp her foot and hold her breath too if she is argued with. "I will meet the rest of my team one day but I think they are usually in detention."

Tabitha's eyes widen when Brenna mentions her wings, "Really? That's cool." She also nods about the dorm room thing. "No worries. We'll be neighbors of one form or another. I'm just wondering how long I'll be without a roommate. Doesn't feel right to me having a whole room all to myself." She leans her head over to briefly rest it on Jacob's arm. She then nods to Sienna with a smile. "Of course. The town's got the usual 'city planning done while drunk' layout that's pretty common in the coastal towns around here. But it's not too hard to get a handle on. And plenty of places to eat."
Sierra's insistence that she is not a hothead is watched and her only response is a deadpan, "Of course you aren't." Then she shrugs about Ares folks and detention. "There was a specific thing that happened a couple weeks ago that landed a lot of them in long-term detention, yeah. But I think they're just about done with it. I saw a few of them out on the town yesterday for the arts and music festival."

"Unless they snuck out of /that/, too," Jacob points out. Hey, if they broke the rules once… "Speaking of food, did you want to go get something before we head back? I've still got some reading to do but I was hoping to put it off till tomorrow."

"I could maybe request a room with you if you want a roommate?" Maybe! Brenna nods emphatically to Sierra about the tour of the town. "That would be great. My parents made sure I have plenty of money, so food.. that would be great, I love American food." There's a look around but there are too many people and a look of disappointment flashes in her eyes. "I can't show you right now, but I will show you sometime." With a grin she leans in, "I'm a fairy." Though she doesn't really get that there are dual meanings to that in the States.

"You are not from America?" Sierra asks Brenna. The accent means nothing to her. She doesn't watch any movies in their original language anyway. All American is American to her. Sure there are some differences but she can't tell a Canadian from a Floridian…or an Irish girl. "The food is not very spicy" she frowns, "But there is a lot of it. I think I will get very fat before my school is done." Nodding to the others she smiles, "Let us get American food."

Tabitha nods her agreement with the idea of food. "There are a few good places for food in town. Lighthouse Pizza, which is at the actual old lighthouse up the hill. Then there's the Burger Barn, Wok This Way, and Mug Shot coffee house." With each name she points in their general direction. "There's also a carnival and arcade over that way," she points towards where a ferris wheel is visible in the near distance. "They've got the usual assortment of junk."
Tabitha's accent is almost identical to that of the locals, but she did grow up not too far up the coast. She smirks when Sierra mentions getting fat. "Don't be so certain. The school's physical training isn't likely to give you the chance for fat. So where to… pizza, Chinese, burgers, or deli style?"

Jacob lets go of Tabitha's hand so she can turn and point things out. "We should check out the Ferris wheel later," he suggests, "get a look at the lights over the water." As for food selection, he simply shrugs; any of it's good with him, let the newer girls decide if they like.

"If I get fat," Brenna looks down at herself, "Then maybe I won't be able to fly." It's a long time until she reaches that point though, if her figure now is any indication. She gives a friendly smile to Sierra, "From Ireland. What about you?" The accent of the other girl certainly isn't American, or so she thinks? As the different options are mentioned, she nods, "All of those sound good. What do you think is best?"

"Mexican" Sierra replies with a smile to Brenna. "This…" she indicates the world around them, "…is so different to what I am used to. So much space. Let us try pizzas. Americans seem to love their pizzas so I would like to see how different they are here. Though I would like to try all that food one day…and rely on the training to keep me only dumpy instead of fat." That put down of herself gets a playful slap on the arm from Stefanie. "Sorry" she apologies to the blonde before looking back to Tabitha and Jacob. "Lead the way."

Lighthouse Pizza

Tabitha shrugs, "I'm partial to the burgers, but it's all tasty to me." Then Sierra is the first to voice a specific preference so she waves towards the beach. "To the lighthouse, then!" She and Jacob lead the others towards the pizza place. On the way she points out an arrowhead shaped headland. "That's the flight landmark I mentioned earlier. The point is lined up almost perfectly with the school, and it's got good concealment.
There's a short wait for a table, it being the weekend and all. "A few students from the school work here on the weekends. Don't know if they're working tonight, though." She listens to Brenna and Sierra talk about where they're from, then shrugs. "I'm from just up the coast. A local girl, more or less."

Jacob nods to Sierra as the group heads in. "Okay, but you need to return the favor one of these days, help figure out where the really good Mexican food is. If there is any around here." He's pretty sure there's a difference even if he doesn't know what it is, exactly. "So, let's see, pizza. Half and half? Do they do quarters?"

"Mexico. I've never been. I've been a few places though, but this is my first time to the states. I think I am going to like it here." Brenna walks with them to get the pizza and looks interested as Tabitha mentions being local. "Oh good, you know all of the good places around here to hang out then?" There's definite interest there in hanging out with people in all the fun places. Looking out towards the flight point, she takes note of it. "Perfect, thank you."

Sierra also takes note of the arrow and peers off into the distance at where there is possibly an island. "I find it hard to stay in a straight line" she admits with a frown before they reach the lighthouse pizza place. "Mexico City to be exact" she adds for Brenna. "So I do not see much of the ocean." A curious…and confused look for Jacob. "Half and half?" A shrug as she picks up a menu and looks it over. "If I find any Mexican food that I can be proud of, then I will take you there" she nods. "Are we allowed to cook in our dorms?"

Tabitha nods, "Yep. Each of the team dorms has a kitchen in the common room. I usually just go topside to the cafeteria, though. Not sure why, but ever since I got my powers I eat enough for six of me." She slides into her seat as they're brought to a table and shrugs. "We can get a couple mediums, that way we don't have to worry too much about mixing tastes. Although I'm basically good with anything as long as it has extra mushrooms." While she's talking, her aura reaches out under the table and gives Jacob's chair a bit of a scoot so they're sitting closer together."

"The ocean is pretty, I've flown over it enough." Brenna looks at the menu but then her cell phone rings. After checking it, she looks between the others. "My ma, I'm going to take this," she tosses a twenty on the table, after all she offered to help pay. "I'll catch up with you all later." Heading for the door, she answers, but looks back to wave all friendly to the others.

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